I think it looks weird can someone help? It’s supposed to be a fly with crow wings staring at crows. (The crows are blurred)

No point of real focus. Too much free space on top and bottom left.They have no eyes. Make eyes real dark with orange dot for reflection.


No point of real focus. Too much free space on top and bottom left.They have no eyes. Make eyes real dark with orange dot for reflection.


Ok so the whole idea here is that the fly has given himself crow wings to fit in with the crows. We are essentially seeing this scene through the flies pov. That’s why they are blurry and non detailed (because the fly isn’t really part of the conversation the crows are having). So it’s supposed to make them feel foreign and distant from us. Then I gave the fly crow wings to symbolize someone changing theme selves to fit in with their peers.


Very interesting idea however I don't see it there. To make it work you could bring horizon up and make them further also you could put discarded fly wings in empty space to bottom left. Still you need point of focus.


This is an awesome idea, but I agree the focus is not on the fly as it should be. The fly is nearly off the page, so it should be a bit more center to indicate the fly’s POV. Also, the crows are bigger than the fly which directs attention to them instead of the fly. If you were to push them farther away (and therefor smaller) it would take some of that attention away. I like the idea of discarded fly wings off to the side.


To me they don’t read like crow wings, so I wouldn’t know without your explanation. I would think it’s some kind of bug. One of the issues I see is the fly is too close to the border so it’s details escape the attention. The first thing that attracted me was a lack of birds’ eyes. The only question I have when I look at the piece is “why the birds have no eyes?” and to me it’s kind of a central topic instead of the wings. I would suggest emphasizing the fly by changing the composition and moving it from the border and finding a way to define the wings.


In other words I gave them no eyes to make them less detailed.


I would have made the crows smaller to make them seem farther away. So it looks as if the fly is looking from the outside in. Other than that it looks good


I feel like there are some perspective issues with the fly




Bird wings are closer together! [Here you go](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/591081455187263618/1021999549537058897/D11D5D7F-C757-4D77-B482-C6700BEE8A3B.jpeg) The wing tips/big section can be angled outward if you want, but generally they look heart-shaped and compact. Edit: [example of wings more splayed out](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/591081455187263618/1021999252924272701/6ABDC534-1896-40C1-A402-376C241761B3.png) art by cheasegary