I'm currently experiencing a bug that gives me huge lag spikes every time I play and makes the game unenjoyable This never happened to me in OW1. Whenever I start up OW2, I get huge lag spikes (> 1 second) whenever I have to "process" a new hero ability. That includes left and right click, shift, e, and the ultimate. For every hero. The only way to make the game sort of playable for me is to go into the practice range and use every ability on every hero, including their ult. This takes around 10 minutes and is very annoying. Even after doing this however, I still get huge lag spikes in game for unknown reasons. It makes the game unenjoyable. I can play the game sort of normally like 80% of the time, but that 20% when a >1 second lag spike occurs is infuriating. It's definitely not that my settings are too high or that my specs are too low. I have all graphics on the lowest possible settings, and I have 8 GB of RAM while the game uses at most around 1.5 GB (I checked in the task manager). Does anyone know a fix for this?


Have you found a fix? This has been an issue for me for a while


The bug where you can’t see anybody on your friends list and it says you don’t have any friends


Anyone else’s internet go down for 30 seconds right at the beginning of trying to join a competitive game? It’s like Overwatch is literally DDOSing my Network.


Same here. Tried many times sadly in comp and now I'm on 7 day cooldown for it.


Every time I try getting Into a game It shows “failed to connect to server” been 4 days and I can’t find a fix. Anyone can help?


Same. Tried many times sadly in comp and now I'm on 7 day cooldown for it.


I was in bronze 2 i lost a few games bc my team was bad i got demoted cool i can do it again im a good deva . Problem though I CANT GET OUT OF BRONZE 5 BLIZZARD GAME IS FUN WHEN IM GETTING COUNTEED BY EVERYONE AND THEY MOM STILL PERFORM AND NO RANK UP . I'm always carrying my team as deva win or lose my average kids is 20+,40+ect each game it can change between these numbers it's ether one or ther I'm always performing well as my role when sometimes I ahwv to beg my team to heal me or not to push with out me I got i been since yesterday trying fix this issue or rank up again no silly mw I'll just watch everyone else ascend and I stay in bronze hell it's getting boring washing a whole team no effort then it happen to me bc my team members aren't play there roles, cough coigh the new or old the healers and dps that like to push with no tank in front just wanna play with my friends i can't if I'm a bronze 5 loser.


Xbox - mouse cannot rotate 360 degrees right in pc pool. Hits an invisible wall. Completely broken and happens on every xbox


I need your help I can play for 1 game and i can play for 4. But after sometime the game video input just stop. But only the video input is stuck. I still hear the game. I can move and shoot. But i just cant see it happening. I updated my drivers I dont know what to do. Its happening Only in OW2 started for the past week and a half Ryzen 7 2700x 16gb 3200 Gtx1080 Unpolished game..


Why is my acc not merging, is says the acc is merged on my ps4, when i log in on my pc its not and myh little number tagline is different, how do i fix this


cant recieve text to play, trying for hours


Your rendering device has been lost crash ​ I have no idea how to fix this crash, it's random I heard it has something to do with your driver (mine are fully updated (using AMD if that helps))


can you guys fix your servers? and stop punishing us for your mistakes? I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SEE THE CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN! https://youtu.be/1WuqX38ZnB0


Voice Chat Bug? Since I installed overwatch 2 my voice chat feature has been gone. I can join voice channels however I cannot hear people nor can I talk myself, next to my name there is a mute icon but I can't toggle it off by clicking and the key bind for unmute does not work either. All my in game settings are how they should be and my default device settings are in check too. In my microphone properties I have also unticked the 'allow applications to take exclusive control of this device' setting as I read that sometimes other apps kind of steal the Mic from overwatch. In my pc settings where I allow apps access to my microphone overwatch 2 does not appear there at all, some troubleshooting guides say to make sure it is on there. Does anyone else have this or a similar issue? And ideas? As you all know comms are pretty essential so this sucks!


My Game just disconects me at random. Before now, it was because there was an update, but now it just happens randomly. Game disconnects me, asks me for my e-mail and password, I write them down, THEN the game "Searches for a game" and "Loading" and then it comes back to the asking me for my e-mail. Is someone had this problem too? if yes, do you know how to fix it? I'm on a PC if it helps.


**Subject: Issues with Overwatch2 & Nvidia 980ti - Annoying fix.** A game launch issue.. For some things I haven't covered in the video. When this game was just "Overwatch". It launched every single time with no issue. Soon as it patched to Overwatch 2. These are the symptoms I have had since Day 1. I'm hoping this video makes it to the Dev's, or if someone can help connect me to the right place to share this data. They may want log files, perhaps some of you are experiencing the same issue? Latest Nvidia drivers (and a few previous versions, same issue) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb6iu6BqhWQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb6iu6BqhWQ)


Ever since release, I have had three consistent bugs that have made it difficult to play this game. First: when I try to launch the game, it says “ENTERING GAME” then after a bit says “lost connection the game server” and sign me out. I can put in my credentials again or just exit to desktop and relaunch the game which makes it attempt to load again. If I do this over and over again usually, after a few attempts, it will load me in and I’ll have no problems. But sometimes I can spend half an hour trying to sign in and it won’t work. Second: When I try to load into the training grounds I get to the hero select screen, but no matter what I do it won’t load me in or let me leave, then after a few seconds it will put me back into a loading screen, then into the hero select, then loading screen and hero select once more, and finally an infinite loading screen. I have only been able to get into training grounds twice. Once after several attempts to unlock online games. And second after I had nothing to do one night so I just sat there closing and relaunching the game to try to join training grounds again. Third: Similar to the second one, every now and again when I join a random online match I will get the hero select to loading screen bug until I’m locked in an infinite loading screen. At first I thought many pc players were having this issue but to see no one else talk about it recently makes me wonder if it’s something on my end. I haven't experienced any other server issues other than those listed. Game runs perfectly fine in match or training grounds. I've tried scanning integrity of game files several times to no avail. And this may just be coincidence, but I haven't been able to sign in at all since the 10/25 update. I've tested my internet and everything seems fine, even when overwatch 2 isn't working. Is this happening to anyone else? And does anyone have any possible fixes?


The game crashes and its suspending me for 8 hours. Why the fuck am I being punished?


Still getting lc-208 since yesterday.


it's November 26 and I still can't launch the game :( anybody know how to fix this? It's locked on playing now but the game never launched


Stuttering oh the stuttering!!!! No idea why my system has any issues with this game


> Detected video drivers are older than recommended. Please consider updating them. self.overwatch2 Is there anything I can do about this at all? Since the update this morning I can't reliably play the game anymore. RTX 2060 with Geforce Game Ready Driver 522.25 (10/12/2022).


Anyone still getting lc-208? I’ve had it since this morning. All my friends that were experiencing it have managed to get through and I haven’t seen anyone else post about it in a several hours


Yup I'm still getting it everytime I launch the game all my friends get right in


when i try to jump it opens the chat box, even when all the keys are unbound for chat and jump.


My Halloween update has been just getting sent back to release week. endless queues and then login error-208. I have to admit it’s quite horrifying. great update devs! - a totally not disappointed healer. (ps5)


As of rn October 25th, it’s showing me log in error and failed to connect to game server. On my switch. Is anyone else experiencing this rn?


Yup since the Halloween update 3.5 I was able to log in twice right at first, booted both times and now can’t log


It seems to be working now it had to go thru two updates for me


Imma see if it works now, my switch didn’t automatically update so I had to update it myself so let’s see haha


I’ll try my switch but it’s still not working for PS


my account is in this endless account merge loop. i’m an xbox player, can anyone please help me? i’ve reinstalled the game and re-linked my account and nothing works. the queue just constantly going up and down


Game keeps crashing on switch after Halloween update when trying to access main menu


Invisible red orb bug is cool


ummm I just lost all of my gathered Overwatch Coins on login... It wasn't a lot but sucks to lose two weeks of progress randomly in an update


Bastion's Medal Victory Pose does not show up for me in the hero gallery and the numbering is all messed up. Has this happened to anyone else?


Are they going to blame this one on being DDOSed too?


This whole game is a joke ..in queue again


Constant unexpected server errors. / Removed from games / constantly put back in queue


You fucked up again. I was playing, I went out to update the game. After restarting the game, you can't play because there are several hundred players in the queue.A bunch of amateurs.


Hi everyone, I"ve just make a four win in a row but when my rank was supposed to up after 7 wins my rank has remained the same, deleting my history game of the day in my career. I've ranked up between 8 and 8:10 PM just when the event started ... think i just fucked up my streak or just i'm at my rank elo (used to pass 2 rank each time) thx for your responses Bye


It isn't a confirmed rank up, it is a rank readjustment based on your skills in the last 7 games. If you played exactly the same, you wouldn't rank up


but why my historic has been cleaned ?


Random audio cuts while in game.


"Whoops! Something broke. Give it another shot" loop, can't even play because [battle.net](https://battle.net) keeps requesting update...


Account merge won’t start My account merge won’t start after trying to merge from ps4 to pc it says account changed in red and each time I launch the game it asks me to confirm my account after that I click to confirm it and it says account changed so the que won’t start it’s been 2 weeks now since this started happening I contacted blizzard twice and got left on opened twice?! Does anyone know a fix to this or if it’s at least a known issue at blizzard? I really want my skins and items back.


The game keeps disconnecting the server in the middle of my comp games and when I come back I find that I have been given a penalty. I know my wifi connection is fine so I don't understand what could be causing it, and honestly, it's infuriating to be given a penalty for something that's not even in my control.


Ranked placements are far from being fair. There is no explanation me being in the worst possible rank (Bronze V) and there are posts from other players which saying that there is no ranking up from Bronze V due to some bug or sth. From what i have learned this was supposed to be solved in recent patches but there are still people claiming that they are stuck on Bronze V.


On startup, the game remains in black screen, gets the loading image and then freezes and sometimes freezes in the main menu when starting. Never says the application is "Not Responding" on Task Manager but you can only close it from Task Manager. Only thing you can do is reopen the game multiple times and once it loads in the background picture and theme music (not the game launch music) then it never freezes while it's open.


I can't even download the game properly, the download always gets stuck at "Update battle.net" Is there some kind of solution?


Me too and I've tried all the troubleshooting :( nothing


Me too, I've got no response until now :(


Still missing all my cosmestics and stats! Ughh I've loss hope


same. i'll never buy the battlepass since I don't know if blizzard will randomly cause me to lose my progress.


Game crashes every 5 minutes it seems on ps4.


Stick drift in menus to extreme, fix it with a stick drift changer pls


Anyone experience an increase in lag today? It was brutal.


when will they fix the shop not showing up, since there is an event coming tomorrow i would think they would have prioritized this in hopes to sell the new overpriced skins


Lost 80,000 leagacy coins and it will not let me get out of bronze 5 even after winning 7 straight. I’m murdering down in this shit hole but I will not let Me climb


my game keeps crashing after 3-5 minutes without an error, makes the game literally impossible to play. Updated GPU driver, closed down all unnecessary programs still happens.


Seems obvious, but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?


yes i also tried to repair it


Maybe the windows event log will be able to provided an error code you can Google.




and then you suspend me for queueing competitive after i had to restart game to try and fix it :- ))


Lc 208 error ruin my last comp round


black screen when alt tabbing on pc clicking into any other app just stops the game from working


Why does my post constantly get removed by spam filters. Made a post explaining how to access in game aim practise rooms which got removed too.


Been getting lc-202 all day. Tried switching from PS5 to PC. Opened my ports. Reset my router. Now getting a warning I’ll be suspended if I keep leaving games … Haven’t had any problems until today.


dude this is me but it started last night, did it end up fixing itself for you? should I try to uninstall/reinstall?


Just received a suspension because the servers crashes 5 minutes into a competitive game…. Are the PS4 servers to unreliable to play comp?


I won all 7 of my tank placements and got placed bronze 5 then I proceeded to win another 7 games and was again placed in bronze 5. Is this a bug? Is there something I’m not seeing? If I win another 7 games and am still in bronze 5 I will be uninstalling and moving back to csgo


Contacted Support about the inability to log in for 2 weeks and they just said they are working on it and should be fixed at some point… I never get fed up but this is ridiculous


Has anyone done the account merge, and then told it is finished and complete. Then restart your game and you’re back in queue?




My highlight intros for each hero no longer correctly play the random option. When I get potg in a match, the highlight intro that plays when random is selected is the standard hero select cutscene, rather than actually picking a random option from my purchased highlight intros. I can only play a specific intro if I manually select it beforehand, but then I am limited to that single highlight intro only, until I go back to the hero customization menu and manually change it again before every match, which is very tedious.


Well, and where are those double experience points that were supposed to be this weekend? Can't you guys do anything properly?


Hello and good evening; I have a major problem: when i launch overwatch 2, an abnormal, robotic and shrill sound is present. It reverberates heavily and sounds a bit like something you would get from a bizarre feedback loop. It goes from these weird bleeping sounds to no sound at all. (Video at the end) It makes the game completely unplayable. Important note: Overwatch 1 worked without any problems and i have had these issues since OW2’s first beta Any other games and discord/youtube do not have any audio problems - it is an issue i am solely experiencing when i launch overwatch 2. I already contacted blizzard support and they don't give a shit about my bug. Here is the list of things I did to try and fix the problem (without any success) \-Restarted my computer \-Reset my computer from scratch (hard format) \-Switch from w10 to w11 and back to w10 \-Reinstalling and repairing the game \-Checking and updating drivers \-Tried with an other headset \-Tried to switch all audio options (in game, and on windows : audio enhancers, drivers…) \-Flashed the bios Here is my configuration : AMD Ryzen 5 3600 16ghz RAM DDR4 3000MHz X470 Gaming PLUS MSI NViDIA GTX 1660 Super SSD Samsung 256GB / SSD Samsung 500GB Here’s a video of what my problem looks like (well, more like sounds like) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVKGt4D4ayQ&ab\_channel=MilanDOSSANTOS Hope you can help to fix my sound, Best Regards.


anyone else getting lag/consistent 5fps drops for just a second every few seconds? didnt have this at launch, no performance issues or anything other than what was caused by the launch issues. i went away for two weeks and then came back to this. i just updated gpu drivers to the latest ones but i doubt it would be because of that, maybe? i have a 980ti in case it matters.


keeps crashing and freezing mid game idk y


For some reason I can’t see text in custom games please if anyone knows how to fix this tell me


can't turn right on mouse xbox


Doesn’t currently support mouse and keyboard on the Xbox edition as far as I’ve seen




No stats for season on ps5


Torb isn't missing, why say that both him and bastion are missing?


still to this day i can't set Anti-aliasing setting to ultra(high-smaa).. it get's reset to high(medium-smaa) jaggies are pretty obvious on native 1080p


Is anyone else trying to get ranked but thre game resets your win counter before it hits 7?? This has happens to me twice today and once yesterday. I just won what would have been my 6th game in a row and it just pops up as my first win towards getting ranked!


Should I click on the merge account button? Basically I have 2 OW1 accounts, PS4 account(all my skins and golden guns) and a 17 hour PC account (has a few skins) and both are linked to the same battlenet account. I just logged in yesterday and it's showing my PC progression on PS4. I'm afraid that my PS4 progression has been permanently overwritten by my PC one. I know a lot of people have faced the same issue by browsing past reddit posts or blizzard forums but has there been any updates or success with this particular issue??


My Brother is getting a ' NP-104627-0 ' (it is zero or O) error when trying to connect to the game. Google says this is a (Sony) Cloud storage issue, but I've yet to find a that isn't "restart ps5". He did restart, has uninstalled game and reinstalled game, but no go. Any suggestions?


Can we please stop having server crashes for no reason. Ive been banned from competitive for 24 hours already because of this


I haven't been able to get my game to launch since it came out. Not a single time has the game even booted up for me and i've tried every youtube video / forum suggestion out there.


Playing comp, placed in bronze 5, rank up into.... bronze 5. What ever keep playing and skip to silver 4, play my 7 and go to.... silver 5 wtf.


Dual screen, Fullscreen display for OW2 and was for OW1, sometimes the game changes focus from the game to **anything** open in the background and minimizes the game. I did not alt+tab, but it acts as if I did. I can't replicate it, and it rarely happens, but it's consistently annoying. What's the fix?


Tried to merge account from Xbox to my new PC one. Somehow I got the lvl1 PC account in my Xbox instead, and my whole 5 years of progress, skins, sprays, and everything is "lost". Idk what to do since now every time I log in, be it on Xbox or battle.net it just shows that new account but there's gotta be a way to retrieve it... Right?


I'm having the same issue and would love to hear if anyone resolves it..


I'm having the same issue, just waiting for people to chime in or update if they have successfully gotten back their console accounts... why am I being punished for purchasing 2 overwatch games back when they didn't have cross-progression and I linked both to the same battlenet account???


For real, if I'm linking both accounts it should only be logical that I'd prefer keeping the most progress...


Still getting constant stutters/hiccups on high settings 144+ FPS.


Rendering device was lost, occasionally get it. I have a 1070


Every time I launch OW2 it opens in windowed mode even though I keep changing it to fullscreen. Does anyone know how to fix this cause its getting annoying to keep having to change it


Literally last round of a comp match and I get the LC - 208… ironically cannot reconnect to the server until the game timer ran out and then get a 15 minute ban for a game we were heavily winning… smashing work on this game so far… Try to submit a ticket to get this fixed but alas the ticket system doesn’t seem to want to work today🥹


Just wish I had my hours back for my characters


Same. All my stats from OW1 have pretty much gone after merge. They are random up and down shit now lol


Went from 105 hours on mei to 57 I’m kinda upset like was it that hard for blizzard to get this shit right , instead they wanted to be lazy and shut down the servers before 2 dropped without even a good 2 weeks prior to fix their shit. A lot of people lost everything and they got told they can’t get anything back by blizzard support


they shouldnt have shut down the old servers anyways, i mean this game is supposed to be a sequel not an "update", shoulda kept it up till ow"2" was stable, or kept up anyways since "its not the same game", so people who prefer it could still play what they bought. FYI i do prefer ow2 when im actually able to play it


I feel you. I had about the same for hours on just Mercy (my main) and now it says I only have like 25 hours or some shit now. The “launch”, a.k.a update has been awful.


Just got kicked out mid game in comp because of server errors and now I got suspended how can I get supended because your servers are potatoes


They need to suspend penalties till they fix the servers


Not so much as a technical issue, but this has been getting very annoying for the past week. Ever since the merging accounts, I thought abt switching over from playstation to pc. I already merged accounts on my playstation, getting back all my cosmetics. When I downloaded it on pc, I was expecting my stuff to transfer over, but turns out I do not remember what information I used for [battle.net](https://battle.net). I guess when I merged accounts on pc, it went over to my playstation and saw that both accounts were on the same new account, realizing my old account was just gone. Now I do remember my ign, so if anyone can try and help me get that old email/password back I would really appreciate it.


Since launch I can't play the game. It always crashes somewhere around 5 mins or sooner. I have high end PC. (I7 12th Gen, 3070, 16 gb dual ram, clean updated windows 11, latest nvidia drivers) Is there no fix for this?


Stats progress doesn't count on PS5. I can't check my overall stats on OW2, shows some random numbers.


Matchmaking is pretty busted, most matches are so one sided it is not even funny.


if i play matches before my account merge is done will i lose all my old skins?


Ever since todays update my pc crashes whenever it’s time to select a character. Anybody else having this problem?


Game randomly crashes during a match. Just says “Rendering device lost. Application closing.” Don’t know if it’s specifically an Overwatch 2 thing, but it doesn’t happen on any other game, and Overwatch 1 was fine. I’ve been banned from comp for 8 hours now cause I crashed 3 times in one game, which I then lost.


Let us know if you figure this out. I've tried pretty much everything I can find from Google or YT, but nothing seems to help. I'm sometimes getting this instantly after opening the game and sometimes I'm able to play few hours without problems.


Blizzard needs to suspend penalties until they fix the servers.


I'm not sure if this is a technical problem or not, but I read it had happened to other people before. I was placed in Bronze 5. I've played a decent amount since then. By the time I get 7 wins, I've had a decent W/L ratio. I just completed 9 competitive games (7-2) and was placed in Bronze 5 again. Is this supposed to happen?


Have they fixed the loss of account progress after the merge yet?


Mine merged and was supposed to carry over my OW1 career profile stats. It kinda did but they were sorta messed up. The stats have gone up and down since then. Never right. Ugh.


free selection in ranked games. so people are picking 3 tanks 2 healers, really kills the vibe.


Game randomly freezes on loading main welcome screen and/or on start of a game. Particularly annoying if it crashes upon entering competative as it counts as leaving and the penalties are increasing.


Everytime I try to open my game it says that "the application have found an unrecoverable error" it's like this for 2 weeks and I have try everything to solve this


I can’t merge accounts. Stuck on the same number or gets low and then bounces back up to like 7K again


Is it possible to report players? Saw my first blatant hacker and haven't even gotten to 10 matches yet


Is anyone else unable to change the 'Playback device' for sound in the 'General' section of the Sound options? I change mine to my headphones (like having default sound set to speakers for my internet tabs etc.) and then it goes back to default when I exit the menu. So the only way to change sound to the headphones is to change my overall windows sound to headphones, which makes everything else go through as well..


Career profile stats are still not updating, PS5


You guys still missing all of your ranked stats? Hasn’t logged a single game for me this season and I’ve placed support and dps and working on tank Probably have 50-75 games so far LOL


Playing on Switch, and career stats still won't update to reflect my time in-game. Anyone know a way to fix?


Does anyone else have other players their character spazzing out? Like they have seizures while walking, weird body ragdolling while they're alive? Makes it impossible to hit people becaues you have no idea where they are


Yes. I can only fix it if I fully restart. Not sure what causes it.


Im still banned from competitive due to server connection issues. I’ve written 2 tickets, both more than a week old now, with no response to either. Inb4: “why would you keep playing if you knew you were having issues” (I was trying to fix, thinking the issues were my own cause, I also didn’t know that after 5 bans it was season wide) And also: “it’s your own fault for playing a new game and expecting it to be without bugs” (the game that preceded it never gave me these issues, and this game has been in dev for 5 years) :/


Not your fault at all and Blizzard should suspend penalties until they can fix the servers.


another shitty patch last night that did nothing or just made things worse. It's almost the end of October and Blizzard still hasn't fixed their piece of shit spaghetti code. Let me guess, another "ddos attack" is about to happen again soon when everything breaks once more?


why does the account merge queue keep resetting aftering reaching 0?


did you ever find a fix for this?


I merged my battle net account to my Xbox account and the skins aren't there


Same issue here and I don't have the merge button on PC anymore so I have no way of, like, re-initiating it


yeah that's the same issue I have, I contacted support 3 days ago and still waiting for a response.


The response I got from support was "we can't help you so we forwarded this to the developer team and we'll be closing the ticket".. So I have no way of knowing if that actually happened haha. Wonder what your results will be.


lc-208 error here on XBOX series S ... It is intermittent … I opened a ticket… if you are having the issue I urge you to please open a ticket ... I have worked in IT for 20 years for New York State … I supervise the DDI team for the whole state of NY … I know how these thing work on an enterprise level… unless they get an influx of tickets for an issue when it is sporadic or just still impacting certain users (not the whole user base) they aren't going to give it the appropriate attention I have no issues with my setup it is on their side believe me I have worked in networking and servers for 20 years My setup is as follows so you can see it is on their side \- I have the NAT ports opened correctly \- I get 40 latency an 20 Individual statics though the OW2 stats in game \- I have a top of the line cable modem and router - I am hard wired with CAT 7 \- I have tried putting my XBOX console in the DMZ no change \- I have tried QOS on and off no difference \- My bandwidth is 343 up and 11.5 down from the router (same numbers when speed testing via XBOX tool) \- My NAT type is open on the XBOX - I use google for my DNS servers ( & \- I have reset my XBOX and reinstall the game from scratch \- I reset my cable modem, router and XBOX multiple times no change


Wait how do you open a ticket? I made a post and it got removed but basically since the update yesterday I haven’t been able to get on to the game once every-time I try to click A to get onto the main home page it says “finding server.. entering game” then just says login error… LC-208 I’ve tried everything :( (Xbxo series s)


player characters teleporting around the map when ping is good.


Been pretty entertaining and terrible


Ever since first day of ow2 ive had a really bad ping (around 80-180) and this wasnt an issue with ow1 nor does any other game have ping issues.Ive tried to fix the issue by lowering my texture settings etc, tried to enable AMDs antilag which seemed to just make it worse somehow?? I put my fps from 120 to 60 and that seemed to help but to be honest it feels really bad playing with 60fps.After trying all of these ''fixes'' the ping seemed to be a bit lower but now the game is sort of stuttering my media(?) as in all the media thats playing while im playing the game lags for like a half a second including the game itself and its literally unplayable when this keeps happening ever few minutes.Ive updated my drivers and windows i dont know what else to do.Like i said i dont have these issues with any other game so it cannot be cause of my internet.I'm probably gonna reset the settings and try to reinstall the game. If these methods dont work im hoping someone here could help me out. I'm not good with computers so i have no idea if the things ive been trying can even help its just what google told me to try. Edit: tried to uninstall and tried to scan the game, the scan would get stuck at around 14% and not do anything so theres that now too... Edit2: There was a new AMD driver that just came out, i installed it and it seems to have fixed the stuttering, also the latency seems way smoother now, hopefully it stays that way and my issues are fixed.


Characters freezing then suddenly teleporting to another spot in the map and u get killed because of this lag issue


Do you mean they just shoot in one direction and then disappear for a second before coming back? Because I am having a lot of that.


Everything works, then suddenly everyone stands still and stops doing what they r doing for like 2 seconds and then teleport to where they have moved to within that 2 seconds and everything that happened within that time period still happens but I’m left there confused.


That's my issue too


Yea I'm still seeing that happen in my game. I'm playing on the Ps5 and its been like that ever since I've started. Makes it hard to kill enemies when they rubber band all over the place only to appear back with another enemy and kill me.


hey it's hard to even heal my teammate sometimes like poof


yea when i play the all role I seem to always get the support role. I go to heal an ally and poof gone and trying to boost them is hard cause i have no idea where they are until they pop back and then we are all dead :(


exactly I know for a fact that a good deal of defeats are backfill 30s before the end or because nobody on our team can find anyone. A flying Genji that hit then disappear from the map made me laugh from the absurdity


game just freeze middle of game it happens me since ow2 beta, didn't fix it yet and there is several people has same issiues


Same. The video freeze but i can hear the game still runing normally in the background. Im this close to formatting my pc


yep, I've got the same issue. whats your graphics card by the way?


i got 1080


Hmm I thought it'd be graphics card related for some reason. Most people have this issue on gtx 1050 ti and I have a 1060. Also I found a temporary fix: when you launch the game go in task manager>details and set overwatch's priority to realtime.


i've tried it but didn't work for me


Can't access the options menu in game as when I press it the game just freezes.


Is anyone else receiving unexpected server error occurred as it tries to “enter the game”?


Happened to me and my friends in the middle of a comp game. Happened three times yesterday and again today after we teamkilled right before the overtime expired. Completely cancelled said games.


Twice now I've lost all game audio. Cuts out with an audible thud. The first time it came back but this time I've restarted the game. Still had discord comms so must be a game problem.