Create 1000 LLCs and have them all report your profile to each of these services. State that your employment history has been hacked or some shit. If enough people do this sort of stuff then these stupid services will cease to serve any meaningful purpose


Ure onto something lmao


That seems to be like a good idea for business. TWN-GTFO as a service.


How do you have them report your profile to the services lol


You pay like 50 a month or some shit


How does one know they even have their information on the work number. As far as I know I have never signed up with them, or filled out any forms for them, but I have worked for a lot of big companies, and I always fill out the forms and background checks they ask for.


Your employers report your information to Equifax. You can request a copy of the report. By the way debt collectors have access to this too and use it to trace people. It's appalling how much of our information is out there without our consent.


Employers actually report info to credit bureaus?🤔 WTAF


Of course, that's one of the features of TWN. Literally like a credit bureau for jobs. You can get a copy of your data and see for yourself. This is also the point of background checks. If you freeze it you may be good to go. But take a moment to read the details about freezing: it may mean your files won't be updated, but that if you agree to a background check with your prospective employer, they will be allowed to view what's already there. Either way get a copy and stop flying blind.


Let's say you're concurrently working J1 and J2. You dont put J2 on your resume. You get an offer at j3. How could that employer find out about your J2 if not through TWN?