Dinosaurs going from giant monsters to mere livestock has to be the greatest nerf in the history of this game

Dinosaurs going from giant monsters to mere livestock has to be the greatest nerf in the history of this game


*Looks over at eagle* ”mere livestock”


This made my character chuckle.


This made my character write "This made my character write "This made my character upvote."".


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This made my character feel appreciation for the validating replies and updoots.


I watched a falcon character swoop in and abduct 20 baby ducks these past few months. The dinosaur class is alive and well. It just adapted.


They got bored with dominating the land and switched to ruling over the sky




This cliche is so tired. There are like 10K plus dinosaur builds currently in use and only like 3-5 of them are livestock. A lot more of them are apex predators. Just because only the Ostrich build has the megafauna trait doesn't mean the guild isn't viable anymore.


Only three to five of them might be livestock, but they are 70% of the biomass. [Src](https://christiankull.net/2019/11/01/biomass/)


Emus, Cassiwaries, and Condors also have the megafauna trait. And one of them can fly


Cassiwaries are also the scariest active class there is


I don't know, the emu class managed to defeat one of the mod groups in the Australia server. Cassowaries are scary, don't get me wrong. But they've never managed to take down an entire mod group.


The "Great Emu War" was just 3 very incompetent mods going up against an emu invasion with a machine gun. Although the mods managed to kill lots of emu players, it was declared a loss by the human player community because they were frustrated by the mods' incompetence. So not really a victory for the emus. On the other hand, a cassowary actually kill a human player when he accidentally initiated pvp with it.


It’s a shame that the Elephant Bird build got banned, it was such a cool build.


Funny enough, it’s the birds cited as “the most dinosaur-like” that embarrass their class the most.


Nerfed to extinction, literally. The devs are so biased on humans. Gave them all the overpowered stuff. But when you play a human character you'll find out that there's so many bugs too. Have you been through all the work related side quests? They're side quests but they're mandatory as hell. Can't progress the game without it.


So which is it? Humans have so many defects and weaknesses that they’re unplayable, or they’re a meta-ruining top tier deserving of extinction?


Humans are pure unbalanced jank


Humanity discovered an unintended use of game mechanics and specc'd into the Engineer class.


Humans are meta defining top tier, but they're not fun to play. I regret not picking beloved pet cat at the class/race selection screen.


Humans are so overpowered they have their own game on top of outside, with their very own mechanics, quests and defects. Humans are so unbalanced that they are straight up playing a different game.


Por que no los dos?


Porque el primero implica que los humanos son patéticos y necesitan mejorar su construcción, mientras que el segundo requiere un nerf. (Because the first implies humans are pathetic and need their build upgraded, while the second calls for a nerf.)


As a group humans are op as individuals they are pathetic


Humans together strong


That doesn’t answer the question.


Wasn’t my comment. I just made a joke and you took it seriously I guess, then I gave my take on what they might’ve meant. You’ll have to wait for a response from the person you responded to initially


It seems like an interesting balancing idea from the devs. They decided to nerf humans' intelligence buff but do so by tying them up in difficult, time consuming side quests which seem alluring but all too often are a waste of time, and ultimately drive players away from choosing the human class in later play throughs. Obviously that only works if you've tried playing as human and get a poor start.


Well there’s about 100 million homeless humans on Earth, so you have a 1% chance of rolling as homeless.


Humans are a SSS tier class. The thing is that like in every game like this there are a bunch of scrubs who assume that playing a top tier class will make you a top tier player and then get upset when the real meta is being the best human player. These players complain endlessly. Some of them decide to PvP with other human players even though cooperation is the actual S tier strategy. Others just don't want to put in the actual work it requires to keep the human guilds running but want the benefits of being part of those guilds. People also often don't put ranks in skills because they think that training and school are boring sidequests even though all good human builds require them and then realize that they screwed themselves but instead blame others. Though to be fair you don't choose where you spawn and so some people end up spawning into areas full of gankers and do kind of get screwed, so I understand some complaints.


I thought this was more about biological weakness (chronic back pain, mental illness, sunburn, sleep deprivation, etc.). But you do make a valid point against “work-related sidequests”


A lot of the time it's not because they think the school sidequest is boring, it can be because some human mains actually suffer a lot of debuffs from mental ilnesses, making the sidequest many times harder than it's actually supposed to be


Kinda both. The class is a bugfest that's still broken as hell. It's just a bad design choice. Not fun to play against and not fun to play as.


Incredibly badly designed, but so broken that they’re top tier anyway? So what exactly does that call for? Light nerfs, mass extinction, or fixing of the design flaws?


This is bacteria's game and we're just playing in it


>The devs are so biased on humans. I have to disagree with you there. There are literally hundreds of thousands of variations of the Beetle class. They've been around since before dinosaurs, and are, by mass, the most populace class on the whole Earth server cluster. Does seem like it would be kinda boring to play, though.


I always thought bettered were the default tutorial, tons of people don’t every do anything other than the default


Humans are still a new character class when you talk about the whole update history of the game. They seem like an OP class right now but all the player activity with this class is why there is the climate change game updates.


Dinosaurs are not nerfed to extinction, many of the flying NPCs that are not insects, are dinosaurs.


Human gameplay is affected by wayyyy to much RNG to actually be fun. I mean, you can get permanent stat debuffs while your character is still being rendered before spawning in, how bullshit is that?


It’s boring as hell, it was kinda fun b4 the Industrial Revolution event and way back when most of the map hadn’t been discovered by humans it was pretty fun.


Seriously. The fact that a human’s intelligence skill level is inverse to their chance of reproducing has to be a huge bug.


Arguably the human class is not OP, as far as physical traits go. Can't run very fast, no armor, no sharp teeth/claws for hunting, not physically strong, marginal sense of smell, OK eyesight. Maybe we're a test by devs to test the INT and cooperation trait? No other class in the previous metas was so transformative to the game environment.


We're not op on paper, but because our INT stat is so rediculously high we've found ways around most of the problems with our build. We've essentially used exploits to become OP because we're smart enough to figure them out.


Humans have stupid good stamina. And they are the only class capable of making ranged attacks past 10 feet that are any good. Also human senses are actually really good. Human sight is really only beaten by a few bird players. Hearing is actually really good as well, only a few animals are better - really, the main reason why people don't realize how OP human hearing is is because of dog mains being even better at it. But most animals aren't as good at it. Humans also have a shockingly good sense of smell but again dog mains make them look bad. Though humans are actually better at smelling a lot of things which is why humans are better at avoiding rotten food and such. Humans are also above average in strength and thanks to good Dex it is effectively even higher.


I mean theoretically speaking, how long will the game be supported? For all we know it will go billions of years, and our "meta" would be a tiny blip in the larger scope of the life balance.


cause we're just better


> Gave [humans] all the overpowered stuff. I respectfully disagree. Obvs its ideal to have a character with a human brain. But humans aren't the fastest, strongest, biggest, etc. Plenty of other animals are overpowered in comparison to human class. Lots of animals that could kick our butts, outrun us, etc. The work related side quest exhaustion debuffs basically cancel out the buff you get from having a human brain.


Humans are the fastest, biggest, strongesst. Need to go fast? Catch a plane. Need strength? Use a machine or a weapon. Need (for some reason) to be big? Equip armor. Humans can adapt to almost any environment with their high intelligence stats, and that makes them the most op class in the game. They can steal almost any special ability, like the ability [Thermal Vision] that snakes have. That makes them extremely versatile and op.


But a human can't BE those things. I can't transform into a play to fly away from a lion chasing me. The lion is going to win.


But you can prepare for the fight and bring a gun with you and the lion will have no chance. It's the intelligence+tool use that makes humans OP


I fuckin hate whoever picked the neocortex in the evolution tree


Just remember, we now get to eat those dinosaurs for a McChicken stamina boost.


The dinosaurs guild that once were the supreme rulers of this earth map , are now owned by a guy of Colonel Class.


Ok I hear the human main had bad ass exhaustion hunting in it's early builds but it's primarily exhausted from walking in late game.




Good Bot!


I got some ass exhaustion


Humans can still do it its just the dev increased the weapons available so mase exhaustion hunting dead content


Oh humans can still do it, you just need to unlock the [marathonist] skill. Not many people do it nowadays because they have the [Fat] debuff. It's pretty harmful, but most of them don't care.


I liked my pet T-Rex - why’d they have to nerf it into a chicken?


Honestly, that whole class was too damn OP, a nerf was inevitable.


Except they're still in the game. Primate characters were added in a much later patch. You think the devs will keep us around as long?


Poor guys didn't have a chance after the Cretaceous update.


I remember watching a human main TierZoo talk about on how the secretary birds are basically velociraptors.


I have a feeling that the velociraptor had the AI of a modern crow


It's probably pretty close tbh, crows and their cousin class ravens have a very high INT stat. Higher than just about any other class of the bird archetype. Raptors were supposedly quite a bit smarter than most other dinosaur classes as well.


I’ve heard that their intelligence was actually closer to a coyote main’s than a crow’s, sure it’s impressive, but it’s not among the top 10 most intelligent builds in the current meta


They’re closer than ostriches, but I would say hawks are closer. They both are small solo hunters wielding large claws that they use to kill small animals.


I don't get it, they banned some of the most powerful players in the history of the game but then they allowed the human mains to take over unimpeded. This game is rigged.


Not to mention the human mains basically bullied Dodo mains out of existence


But humans on the Australia server declared war on a bunch of Emu players and lost??


yeah they got vaulted, but the easter eggs the devs leave behind are cool


I want to know how the crocodile guild manages to avoid evolution in era after era. They just get to do the same shit they've done for 200 million years. Cushy gig if you can get it. They must be friends with the devs.


At least some of them stayed ridable mounts like ostriches


The chihuahua class was originally a wolf build.


the developers really fucked things up for dino mains. at 1st they were the meta, top tier classes back during the game's beta. now they've been deleted from the game and reworked into the "chicken" class.


Float like Chicken, sting like bird.


I heard some birds tried to essentially become dinosaurs again. The closest we got was cassowaries and secretary birds


I think your confused. Their class changed over time from dinos to cassowaries. They haven't tried to go back, they can only go forwards. Though due to changes to their servers their builds are likely to become unviable in the near future.


Ah sorry, my wording there was unclear. I meant they tried to re-create the dinosaur build.


Except that chickens make up for one of the most successful classes on the planet, their mass is a measurable percentage of all organic matter in the game, pretty insane if you think about it. Cows and pigs still outrank them though, they invested cleverly into tastiness and bodyweight. Pigs went for intelligence stats at some point, I bet they regret that wasted time now.


Pigs intelligence still comes in handy when they’re human-reliant xp dumps go away or they escape they are still a formidable opponent ruining ecosystems and the lot.


Well, as a pig the high INT stat is useless, but successfully completing the [escape captivity] side quest unlocks the boar subclass, and then the high INT stat becomes useful.


I love my crocodile farm


Crocodiles were never part of the dinossaur build


Naw man turning monkeys to humans was the biggest mistake the devs ever made.


Even worse is that humans tricked them into min maxing themselves into being even more delicious and cost effective.


You'd like /r/tierzoo


About 10000 classes of bird mains exist right now, also classified under dinosaur mains. Most of the population of the dinosaur mains is part of the livestock guild. The guild is formed because human mains invite them just for food and create loads of offspring. Rest of the bird mains have much less habitat. Some bird mains categories just get wiped out. Like the dodo and the passenger pigeon


Human mains just need the brain function, speech function and massive amounts of knowlegde over the centuries of playtime to generate a civilization guild to decide over other mains fate.


FUCKING THANK YOU! I already posted about this, but the nerfs and patches are nonsensical garbage.


Can we do Republicans and Billionaires next?


Er... I don’t think you’ve read the patch notes.


I think there’s a god like life form that people don’t really pay attention to or notice, but it actually makes decisions in this game without people noticing. One of them is, every time a dominant species dies from mass extinction, a new species gets the chance to shine. Plants, bugs, lizards, mammals. It’s weird how it happens like that.


That's nothing compared to when they reverted the "Eden" patch back during the beta.


Nah, flight is pretty OP.


Cassowary mains would beg to differ


Saltwater crocodiles would like a word


Archosaurs. Not dinosaurs.


What's worse is we probably won't get them back due to this patch `CAMBRIAN PATCH NOTES - Added microorganisms that can eat trees.` Because of this tree's weren't able to hog the carbon to make the O² buff creature's had been using get huge work. Now with Co² nerfing our air is hard as hell to get that huge anymore.


Who really knows. They were probably just cool skins but had shitty stats. I hear the TREX content wasnt even an attack type but was a scavenge type. Like elephants, slow and steady, but high defense.


Most data miners think T. Rex was actually a hybrid, definitely capable of bringing down prey but supplementing itself with carcasses.


biggest nerf so far. have you seen what they're planning for humans on the test realm? yikes


The dodos were removed from the game so I'd say getting nerfed is way better.