Do you guy's think the outlast trials ending is gonna be our main character killing those scientists??


Probably not since Trials isn’t taking place in Mount Massive, but rather the experiments are being conducted in Sinyala Facility.


we don't kill tho, we hide


But what if the hallucinations get the better of us and get aggressive and kill all the scientists that come are way just saying it may surve as the last ending or ending cut scene like in outlast 1 when miles killed those mercenary's!!!


We did kill technically in the previous games indirectly at least. Trager and Gluskin for example. I could see the playable character murdering a person or 3 at the end of Trials as he turns insane. That said the Trials don’t take place at Mount Massive so the incident in the screenshot is an unrelated event.


I was about to make a post about this 2 years ago ,not that big of a thing but its something that I discovered watching outlast's 1 trailer I don't know if anyone noticed this before or made a post about it, English isn't my first language so I'll let you guys get to the bottom of it