I guess he gets involved in stopping the madness halfway through the game. Until then he was just trying to find a way out... All the objectives point to one thing: getting the shit out of Mount Massive!! So clearly, he doesn't keep his job as priority, but instead documents everything to show to the world incase he makes it out alive. Comparing Miles to Waylon and Blake, he's more of a lone wolf, hasn't got mentions of any kind of family in the game (correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't played it in 3 years), and, as you said, certainly more cynical than the other two... Blake felt the most alive of the three (thanks to dialogues) and had me resonating more with him emotionally. I guess protagonist dialogues were a welcome change, atleast for me.


I should've worded it better but I'm half asleep right now so my bad lol. You got some good points, though. Miles did want to leave, but seeing the chances of that were low, he pretty much decided to make the most out of it. Miles is pretty much a lone wolf (there were email leaks from a Steam forum where Miles mentioned to a fan that he got his jacket from an ex-girlfriend, not sure if that counts as canon however.) I definitely loved Miles' more aggressive nature. Compared to the other two, he definitely has more of an A-type personality. He kind of reminds me of a guy who I went to college with.


Miles is hella aggressive compared to Waylon and Blake- probably cause he doesn't have an S.O- at least as far as we know. It's funny how even in the shittiest scenarios he manages to crack jokes. He's also my favorite, followed shortly by Blake


If miles was on temple gate those deformed guys would have gotten the shit beaten out of them (and martha too lol)


Hey, about that ex-girlfriend thing, do you have a source? I'd love to check it out


Sure! https://steamcommunity.com/app/238320/discussions/0/846964364025474420/


I didnt know you could actually email miles


They did a good job of giving a silent protagonist a personality. You don’t often see that in games. The closest parallel I can draw is with Isaac in the first Dead Space. His body language conveyed quite a bit about his character, which is something this game also does.


Yes! Absolutely! One overlooked detail is that when you enter the Mining Deck in DS1, Isaac writes in his in-game journal, "I knew these people.. I can't believe they're all dead."


Another comparison; both games have journals.


Oh, I absolutely love him. That’s why in my mind, he is alive and is happily living as the walrider. 🥲


Outlast character ranks for me are : Blake - badass ,Waylon - demigod ,Miles - God of all outlast games already out and the ones to come


I loved how despite having no VA, we saw through the notes how he was going mad from his time there.


Of course he has a VA, who do you think recorded those moans and grunts ?


He’s just a badass lol. He’s what most people would want to be like in a situation like that, stoic and brave but in reality most people (me included) would be nothing like Miles


I feel like Waylon should be way more pissed than miles though, miles got a few fingers cut off, but Waylon almost (IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW)