400 hours playtime is nothing.. Ive been playing for 3 years as well and i have 1k more than you, aim imo is the hardest skill to train, since its more difficult to measure your improvement compared to speed/stamina


400 hours nothing? I have 411 hours in 8 years and osu is the game I've played the most.. maybe it's not a lot but saying it's nothing..


as you can see the comment below, 400 in 3 years is 20 minutes a day so yeah its pretty much nothing


It really is nothing, it can take a fuck ton of time to get good at this game. Plus that time is spread out, I've found you improve way quicker if you play a lot in a shorter amount of time rather than little amounts spread out.


400 hours across 3 years is like 20 minutes a day. If you went to school 20 minutes a day how much would you learn?


Bro what?


400 hours across 3 years is like 20 minutes a day. If you went to school 20 minutes a day how much would you learn?


Bro what?




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400 hours in 3 years is not that much. You need to sit down daily for some time and also go back to basics, play 5* maps again and focus on having as smooth of an aim as possible. Nomod is your main Mode to improve, that's where your aim will improve most, dt, hr, hd etc. are all extra modes, additions, meaning they wont make you improve as good as nomod. I went through the same issue with my aim, but i played much more than 400hrs and was stuck for 1 year, not 3. Getting back to the basics, mastering the fundamentals is what held me back. Also try playing the styles you are not good at (alternate, tech, low bpm, whatever i dont know) because playing something you are comfortable at won't help you that much. I have my fair share of experience in this game (playing since 09/2014) and these are the Tips i can give you. This is 100% my opinion and if someone thinks i'm wrong, that's fine and whether you listen to me or not is your decision. Hope i could help


yeah welcome to the club make yourself at home


Basically me in the past year and a half, but I actually found out how I can improve my aim. First, I stopped alting, I noticed that I couldnt properly play jumps when I alt (i used to be able to do it idk what happened) so singletapping is my new style. Second, I went for maps that aren't fucking 3 minutes of sleep and then a 10s diffspike. This is probably the most important part, the thing that limits you the most is the amount of maps you can practice on, at least in my experience. A lifehack is to use fun oranges bpm editor, like take some 6* jump map that isn't utter sleep like tsukinami maybe and edit it to a challenging bpm (210-220 in my case for example) and I'd recommend lowering the ar, gotta always grind reading! And yeah, about the reading, a habit that a friend told me about, and that's very useful, is making a short mental pause before starting a jump and taking a good look at the pattern and analyzing it before starting to play it. It's hard to put into words, and it's not always easy to execute in practice (especially on sightreads/rather challenging jumps) but it makes magic happen when it succeeds. And yeah, the last point is pretty self explanatory, regular practice on challenging maps, don't play long maps with short diffspikes, it's very inefficient, the maps should be as intense as possible without being too hard (dear brave on a bpm edit for example, not ideal but a viable option), and you should focus on actively playing, not just spacing out and autopiloting it. For reference, I went from not being able to fc tsukinami base bpm(5.8* now lmfao) to getting a 5 miss on a 210bpm edit of it (7*) within like 4 weeks. But yeah, try to practice regularly and try playing smarter and you'll succeed. It's not your genes that limit you, it's your inability to find a training plan that works for *you*


this is legitimately a case of play more. 300hrs in 4 years is nothing lol


forgot to mention i basically just skill grind and rarely ever go for scores, so retry spamming isnt my issue


start going for scores




whats the point if you cant aim the streams, you see once you are able to click its still the aim thats holding you back from fcing maps


You're not alone :d I had my peak aim in 2018 and since then it's still at the same level(if not worse by a bit, since I can't really match a lot of scores that I've made at that time). Like, I was fc'ing high six star tv size farmy maps with HR with no problems at all. Now I'm consistently getting few misses on most of them and can't even fc fokin Hikari. I improved massively at basically everything except aiming, no matter how much I've tried my jumps aim still sucks. I also tried a lot of different stuff, grinded a lot with different practice approaches, and despite sucking, I had a positive mindset for most of the time(until recent time when I loaded my old local scores), but nope. No improvement. Honestly, at this point, we're both fucked I think /shrug. Because idk, I've talked to a lot of people and there are no secrets, people are just playing aim maps, focusing on hitting notes and are getting better eventually. And that's literally how I improved at every single skillset, you just play that thing that you're struggling at, and you're getting better.


haha yeah..


I've been in the exact same situation as this for the last 2\~3 years. I'm a mouse player and have had improvements on everything except aim for the longest time, Until last month. I sort of brute-forced a solution, I made myself the goal of passing as many 7\*+ maps as I could for a few weeks, and I'd only play 7\* that entire time, I made myself collections for Ranked/loved \*7, 8\* and 9\* passes and separate ones for unranked. I sorted by "Star>7" and Hit F2 then immediately Enter so I started the map before I saw what map it was. The idea here was to not shy away from maps I otherwise wouldn't want to play, either because of the song or the length or something else. I never gave a map more than a few tries and the most important thing was that the score was completely irrelevant, only the pass is important, to fill up those collections. I've been in the exact same situation like this for the last 2\~3 years. I'm a mouse player and have had improvements on everything except aim for the longest time, Until last month.was Aim, large space pattern reading, speed control, and maybe the most important thing, it sort of made me cope a lot better with mouse drift, i don't need to adjust aim nearly as much anymore. Ait thats all i got hope this helps :D Edit: this is identical to my playstyle too: tapping: ring indexaiming: mouse, claw gripreading focus: looking at every note individually, chunking EditEditlol: Also if you don't have enough maps just slapping on hr and doing the same thing works fine too Xd


~550 hours in almost 4 years 85k still lol but honestly, just play more. I know people who get 400 hours in a year alone.


skill issue lol


if its not reading then youre either under or overaiming, i might try physically exerting your aim more/less (sounds stupid but this works for me) instead of changing your sens, or maybe try a different resting position (also sounds stupid but mouse aim is an enigma) other than that genetic skill play push more


Have you ever tried playing harder maps? literally just pushing your limits, and playing 1* or so above your usual comfort zone


I find that just playing maps that you are uncomfortable with until they're comfortable is a really good way to train any skill so try that


Try window mode


well my aim suffers the same issue, although it’s becuz i have rsi in my wrist so yea


400 hours should be about half a year MAYBES playtime.


Welcome to osu!


Question: is 400hrs in 3yrs effort to you? Even to the 900hrs over 6yrs. I have 1200hrs in 3yrs, and I know many people who (comparatively for yrs/hrs) play more, and I honestly dont feel like I put in my 90% into this game lol. You can reply with an excuse (even valid ones), but at the end of the day, this isn't effort. I'm in a discord where theres this guy with 400hrs in 1yr, and every hardstuck player in there laughs at him for not playing enough when he complains about something. I usually just ignore these posts, but its kinda funny in this scenario, since you're really low playtime, despite being 2.4k and well above anyone in that aforementioned discord with 1000+ hours players in 2yrs.


Seems like we’re experiencing the same shit. My improvements were basically on par with top players like whitecat and lifeline. After reaching 4 digit in my first year of playing, I just stopped improving. Now I’ve almost played for 4 years and I’m not even 3 digit (about 1k ranks away.) Yet I played even more and now I’ve got a total playtime of 1,15k hrs. I honestly feel worse now lol.


deadass play more




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