I finally got over my fear of needles and got the vaccine. Three weeks until my second dose!

I finally got over my fear of needles and got the vaccine. Three weeks until my second dose!


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Everyone of us vaccinated helps.


Very true, I had been rationalizing avoiding the vaccine because I was afraid of needles and would be fine if I got covid since I'm young and healthy. Really I was just being selfish, my fear of needles is not more important than someone's life.


Thank you for this!!!! My faith in humanity is being restored one person at a time.


Thank you for getting over your fear enough to get vaccinated. As a kid I used to have to get shots regularly and I HATE needles (and have a severe fear of the doctors) but luckily since then needles have gotten a lot smaller at least haha. Honestly I was more scared about the following days of possible crappy side effects, but luckily those weren’t too bad either. Fear really grabs a hold of ya!


Great job! It really is the best choice you can make as a young person right now for your future health.




Not sure where you went to medical school but feeding tubes don’t involve cutting the sternum and no endotracheal tube is an inch wide.


You're awesome


I’m genuinely scared of needles, so I got the JJ vaccine


Eh, being scared of needles isn't really selfish, it's just being scared. Stepping up and getting the shot even though it terrifies you more than others is growing up and being a true adult. Way to go!


Everyone who is not vaccinated is a potential incubator for new virus mutations, and the more people that are available to incubate those mutations, the more likely it is to get a mutation that's unaffected by the vaccine.


Anyone can still get the virus. Vaccinated people are still getting sick. I’m not sure how this makes sense. Granted I’m vaccinated, I think they are a good idea but let’s not act like viral mutations occur solely in the unvaccinated.


And so is everyone vaccinated, that’s the scary part.


But it's not going to be able to do as many replication cycles in a vaccinated person if for no other reason than it can't stay in the body as long.


Good on ya mate


Better late than never


It was just approved like two weeks ago. Don't judge them.


Congrats! I'm proud of you for facing your fears and thank you profusely for helping our state


More, for helping our species!


Yay!! Maybe I'm getting used to shots but the covid vaccine needle for me was a joke. I barely felt it. I even said the flu shot was worse. Well I got the flu shot this week and that it barely hurt at all. Needles suck but I guess I'm getting used to them.


You know, it isn't as bad as it appears. The last time I had any injection before my COVID shot was full 29 years ago. I ended up having to get all sorts of vaccines then because I was transferring to an out of state high school and I had lost all records from my early childhood. At the time I remember those syringes were bigger and the needles thicker. I was surprised to see how different the modern syringes look. A lot smaller and they have those retracting needles.


I'm not sure if you ment it this way but I can tell you from first hand experience telling someone who has an irrational fear that " its not that bad" doesn't help. I'm all for encouraging people to face their fears but "you can do it" is more likely to produce the desired effect.


Excellent news! I wish you nothing but good health and a happy life 😊


Thank you and I wish the same for you!




Congratulations. I too am scared to death of "needles" I guess mine is more things just under the skin. But, I got my doses back in January, and now talks of the booster is something I am trying to prepare for. Luckily I felt that getting the vaccine wasn't too bad since I was able to be distracted via reading a book on my phone. Anyway, thanks for the bravery. You are helping to inspire others with similar fears.


I will say that I honestly didn't even feel the needle and it didn't even take the pharmacist 15 seconds from alcohol swab to band aid. My mistake was thinking about it right after it happened.


I think because they pinch the skin around where the injection is, the feeling of the prick is less. But the concern isn't the sensation of the needle, as you pointed out, but the thought of it (I will try to avoid too many descriptor because phobias suck). Hence, why I had a book I was really into in order to keep my mind away from it. Do you happen to have any other suggestions as to use as a simple distraction just in case myself or others don't have a handy or enthralling book?


my first shot was great, painless and i barely felt anything, second shot the lady literally jammed the needle in my arm like out of a movie!!! said relax my arm and plopped it right in there like she was throwing a dart at me. half of the vaccine squirted out of my arm. it sprayed her in the face and dripped down my arm. was worried all day that i got an air bubble. my girlfriend got sick, sat right next to me and got the shot at the same time. i didnt feel any of the side effects. kinda worried that i didnt get enough of the second dose due to improper injection.


Just so you do t have to worry next time. It takes at least 3ml or 3 full insulin syringes of air in a vein to do harm to you. An air bubble in your arm muscle will not hurt you.


thank you for the info! thats a lot of air, where does air gonin the circulatory system?


Being dehydrated don't help either


in all honesty i dont drink hardly enough water and i still felt nothing 😂


I would say having something to disract yourself is the best method. I didn't even look at all and still haven't looked at the bandaid.


Conversation has done great things to distract me from my needle phobia. I'm to the point of regularly donating blood nown 15 years ago I would have passed out doing that.


I used to always lie down for shots or blood draws. Most labs have a spot to let you lay down. Worked great for me, now it's no big, I've had multiple surgeries and have overcome my fears. Biggest thing to remember is the bite in the shot isn't the needle, it's the medication being delivered via that needle. And it's just a moment, then you're done and on to the next great thing!


My husband is deathly afraid of needles. I have to trick him into going to get his flu shot every year, by his own request. He won't go if he knows what's going to happen but once he's there he'll go through with it. Now our oldest daughter goes with him and holds his hand.


WOOOO! Good job! Phobias are very real, and they suck to deal with. Thank you.


The messed up thing is when I got my shot early April phizer was the shot to get, but I got Moderna. Now it’s reversed and Moderna is the shot to get. Glad you care about yourself and all who are around you. It’s a small thing but we are doing our part to end this as fast as we can. People who don’t trust the shot don’t even care about anything, and with the beliefs that the vax is population control are traders to our country and believe our country is worse than nazi’s should be told that they are un-American


Any reason you say Moderna is "the shot to get" now? Pfizer made FDA approval first, I'd think that one is more sought out in general just for that. I got Pfizer in April, felt pretty good about it.


Right now, today, Moderna vaccine seems to be lasting longer and more successful at preventing Delta variant. But that’s today. Tomorrow it will be horse dewormer. Crazy new world


Congrats! Glad you got it. Happy antibody building!


You're Awesome!


Great 👍


Thank you!


YAHOO!! Good for you! Thank you!


Congratulations! Way to go!!!!!


Congratulations for overcoming your fear and thank you for doing your part and caring about others


Thank you!


nice! i am so proud of you :)




Well done


Drink plenty of water and plan to rest the next day after your second shot.


Thank you, I'll definitely take your advice.


Thank you for doing your part!


I have a fear of needles going through my skin too (I say that because it’s NOT the same as getting tattoos and I hate it when people say that to me) and I got the vaccine. A fear of needles is real. I was vaccinated back in April and I was sweating and tense and nauseated. Good for you and good luck with your second one ☺️☺️.


Good for you! Thank you so much Get yourself a good supply of N95 masks to use for the next 5-6 weeks. This will protect you while your immune system is learning what it needs to do. One shot vaccination against delta offers very low protection. Don’t want to catch delta during this period after overcoming your needle fear! Mad props


Lol I got mine today too. Cheers, friend 💉


Cheers to you, Vaccine Buddy!


Yay! We all thank you!!


Yay! We all thank you!!


Good on ya That's 100% why I got JnJ back in April, half the needles, was not mRNA, and I STILL had to pull over on the way there with a small panic attack. Fuck needles. But at least I could visit my grandparents worry free. Then they pulled it off the market literally the next day and I was like well fuck maybe my rationalizations were valid. (At this point safety wise I'm comfortable with any of them but there was a lot less data then and it sucked)


Did it diminish your fear of needles or are you going to feel the same for the second dose?


Not even a little, I did end up briefly fainting afterwards. I'm sure the second dose will cause me to have the same reaction, but it's important to get the vaccine.


Proud of you!


Good work!


My cousin has a fear of needles. He had a “reaction” to his first shot; passed out from fear lol”. Good on you dude!


Yayyy, I’m so proud of you! Thank you for doing this.


They should have done it four months ago. I really don't feel like their hesitancy should be praised. People who cared about others got it months ago inspire of the fears.


The medical world thanks you as do I. Convince others!


Yay! That’s awesome. Welcome to the Pfizer gang!


Thank you!!!!!!


Good job!!


As a fellow needle hater, congrats on pushing past your fear.


Thank you!


Nice!! I am severely iatrophobic and forced myself to get it a few months ago. Three panic attacks immediately after it over something I couldn't even feel, but it's worth for everyone's health and safety including my own.


You're awesome!


As a doctor in this state, thank you. Thank you for overcoming your fear and protecting yourself. Thank you for reducing the chances of us meeting at the hospital. And most of all, thank you for reducing the chances of infecting people around you, and sending them my way. You rock!! If no one has said so already, you're still 100% vulnerable to COVID for the next 2-3 weeks while your immune system builds immunity, and you're not up to full protection until 2 weeks or so after your second dose. So please keep that in mind with your activities/ongoing social distancing, and your risks of infection.


Never too late homie


Congratulations as a healthcare worker in rural Oregon I thank you. Our hospital has been hit hard and had a huge influx of other patients. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.


Great job, pal! I'm proud of you!


Thank you!


In addition to all of us being proud of you, you should be very VERY proud of yourself.


Good for you, and for those around you. Thank you for doing your best to ensure the safety of you and your fellow humans.




That’s awesome! Hopefully it went well for you. I didn’t even feel my first shot but the second one I got nervous and clenched my arm which causes a little irritation.


Thank you!


Was it as bad as you feared?


Well not really, I fainted afterwards, but I had warned the Pharmacist that was probably going to happen. My first semi lucid thought was that I still needed to get the shot, which I had thankfully just done.


Hell yes 🙌🏼


Thank you so much!


Thank you!!


Thank you for doing your part to end this horrible pamdemic.


FWIW, I didn't get mine at the first chance either. I have agoraphobia and leaving the house to go get it was the biggest hurdle for me. It took a few weeks for me to summon the courage (and a friend) to go. The second time wasn't quite as bad because I knew what to expect. So glad you pushed past the fear and did the right thing.




We are all very proud of you, thank you for doing your part to protect your community.


Thank you so much OP. Definitely better late than never, and never a better occasion to face ones fears than when doing so for the public good.




And 5 months after that for your third dose! If we continue following Israel’s lead, you will have your 4th dose by the end of next Summer :) https://www.algemeiner.com/2021/09/04/israel-should-begin-preparing-for-rollout-of-4th-vaccine-dose-pandemic-czar-says/


Sounds good to me! Whatever works


Hopefully not


Thanks for joining the team.


Awesome :) - I'm afraid of needles as well - over the last few years I've committed myself to getting the flu shot as I work with the public and was tired of getting the flu every year. One of the things I found that helped greatly was to look away to the left or the right (depending on which arm the nurse was using) so I didn't know when to expect the needle - and most of the time as its hyperdermic you almost don't even feel it :). Maybe that will help when you go back for the second dose.


Thank you, and good health to you


Congratulations, I appreciate you.


Heart heart heart! So many hearts to you! I wish more people knew that there is help for the needle sensitive - just let them know and they will help you through it! Hooray!


The pharmacist was awesome, swab to bandaid was less than 20 seconds.


way to go!


Thank you.


Thank you!


why no j and j


It's not as effective as the two shot ones. I went with Pfizer because it was only a 3 week wait between shots instead of 4. One less week of anxious waiting lol


did u get the gift card


No, I did get a coupon for 10% off groceries though.


Good job and thank you. My family was just discussing the number of vaccines you get when you turn 11, like 4 or 5 . With some big needles. It can put you off of vaccines. We all thought that this vaccine shot was pretty easy. I did feel Ill that night and the next day. Funny serendipity. Thanks again. Together we can defeat the spread.


There are not 4-5 shots at age 11, nor are the needles larger. Let’s not spread misinformation to our adolescents.


The [CDC](https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/parents/by-age/years-11-12.html) recommends: Meningococcal, one dose. HPV, two dose. Tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, 1 dose. Annual Flu Shot, 1 dose. The size of the needle may be the same on all of them. It just seems bigger when you are little.


Ok so technically if you count flu, it is 4. You win.


5 because of the two shots for HPV. HPV causes cervical cancer and I think some forms of throat cancer. I was surprised too. When I looked it up yesterday. It was not exactly what I remembered. When I was 11 they cut your arm and rubbed dirt in it then hit you in the back of the head and gave you a lollipop. But I had to walk uphill, both ways, in the snow to school.


So I guess as a healthcare worker, Im glad you are educating about hpv vaccine. The uptake of that cancer preventing vaccine has been low, especially among rural white. Because I order these on the regular, I am not surprised at all. I think in terms of how many vaccines at one time when someone says 11 years. To me, that means at their 11year check up. That would likely be 3 because flu vaccine is seasonal. And the HPV doses are separated by months, for some kids even years.


Is the HPV vaccine recommended for adults too? My sister works in a Pharmacy. I am just a sciencey person. I have following the pandemic since that first video from China where the cops were putting two people into a van. It was scary. The John Hopkins Dashboard was started just around that time too. Since then I have watched the pandemic rise like a tsunami. I have been saddened by watching my neighbors reactions to the pandemic. Thank you for your work in Healthcare. If you can, do something for *only* yourself today. You don't need it, but you have my blessing to treat yourself good.


Very kind of you. Trust me, I’m already doing the self care thing anytime I’m not at work. It’s been a long 18 months. Ah, science, glad someone loves her like she deserves. Short answer is yes, up to age 26 and maybe to 45. Because health is a commodity in US capitalism, Insurance may not cover those ages, so check first. Here are hpv guidelines for adults: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd/hpv/hcp/recommendations.html


That's awesome wish you nothing but health and happiness 🙂💓


Good for you!


I also really hate needles but I’ve found nurses are pretty good about helping people through that. Best one I had we just chatted and she squeezed my arm and that was it




Welcome to House Pfizer! Congratulations


Good job my friend. Thanks for helping in the fight.


OP thank you so much! You are protecting both yourself and your community, and huge congratulations as well for conquering your fear.


Good luck! Now you just have to lay low for the next three weeks -- and two more after you get the shot. (Gotta give that immune system time to train on it.)


I’ll echo this. Be careful! My brother caught Covid after his first dose. He didn’t have to be hospitalized but said it still sucked. He had to wait until recovering to get his second dose.


You should go donate blood or plasma. My fear of needles went away after that. I'm at 15 gallons of donated blood after 23 years.


Good job I'm up to about 11 gallons in a similar period of time.


Just got ours too. The whole needing it for concerts is what cornered me. Yeah, I’m gonna admit. I didn’t get it until it affected me personally. I never leave the house though so didn’t feel much of an obligation. But when the good bands start coming to town…


Excellent. And because you faced your own fear, you can now be in a position to help someone else do the same, should they happen to come to you for advice. I never would have thought that helping friends be less afraid would be such a big part of this, but it is.


Good job! I know the needle part can be really scary, very impressed and proud of you for pushing through that fear.


Helllll yeah dude, congrats, thats fucking awesome. On both things, overcoming a fear and getting vaccinated


No final dose. Boosters for Delta and Mew. Will be seasonal I think.


Yeah you! Way to go! Thanks for making it happen!


One of us! One of us! One of us!


Is that your wiener imprint?


Ha, no! The card was actually up by my kneecap, my shorts are just not sitting flat.


Lol so glad someone else was thinking that 😅😂


At least you didnt post saying its the best shot you've ever gotten. I have a fear of needles too and everyone's like "ohhh its the best shot, didn't feel a thing" yah you normally dont doesn't mean a peice of metal isn't being stabbed into me.


I can honestly tell you, I didn't feel a thing.


Much better a tiny poke than a vent tube and ivs any day! Good job. Fear is irrational and fighting it is hard. Yay! ❤️ 💪🙌👏👏


You're such a hero🙄


I read that as “my fear of noodles” and was like whaaaaaaaa?!? Good for you.


Took ya long enough!


Was it a six month battle for you to confront the fear? How did you manage for so long during the pandemic


I was being selfish and rationalizing that I would likely be ok if I caught covid since I'm young and healthy. There were times I debating just walking in and getting the vaccine, but I never did.


It was all in your head. Congratulations.


I'm super proud of you. Sometimes, when I do things that me a bit, I feel more capable and confident in other areas of my life too. Besides the protection for you and your community, I hope it means other good things for you to do this.


Excellent! Congratulations! This genuinely makes me happy.


Hope you have a great day!


Not sure that's a real doctor that filled it out; that handwriting is way too legible. /s


Well done friend! And thank you for your efforts 😃. Wishing you all the best in 2021.


Good shit!! You are part of the solution! So proud of you!


Super job!


Thank you for getting vaccinated.


I took an orange with me the days I had to get different vaccines last year. Ate in the car before taking off. 10 years ago visiting a different country, I was taken to a pharmacy and got a shot after passing out from catching a nasty cold. I woke up with a sore arm. Granted I had a skinner arm back then, but it felt like they hit a nerve and I had a knot for 3-6 months. Traumatized by that, I would get queasy by needles. Fast forward to last year and I still have that fear haha. But nothing beats the satisfaction of keeping your body healthy and avoiding deseases/sickness. You get a good feeling afterwards. Congrats btw! Wish you the best.


I thought the pharmacy printed out stickers for the middle part. I had mine at Safeway. What pharmacy was this done at.


This was also done at Safeway.


I am just trying to figure out if there’s a standard or protocol that exists. I’m starting to hear more shout fake covid vax cards. They didn’t do themselves any favors by having it not be standardized I think.


Thank you ❤️


The needles are super sharp and skinny these days. I didn’t even notice it poked through at first


Oof. Used to have a fear of needles myself. They didn't hurt I just couldn't look at them without getting the creeps. Collect knives though. But then in my 30s I got a heart issue and one of my meds requires blood panels every 3 months and now I don't mind needles as much. I still don't like em though, but I can tolerate them without wanting to throw hands.


Congrats!! I had the same problem with needles, it was such a huge relief to have it behind me!


If you have a fear of needles like I do then I don't understand why you didn't go for the Johnson and Johnson and not have to go back for your 2nd one.


Because the two shot ones are more effective than the J&J one.


Congratulations! Good job! I was also a needle weenie, but I got mine too. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I psyched myself up to think it was going to be.


That’s awesome! Congratulations! 🍾🎉🎊🎈


Proud of you! Freedom is choosing the vaccine while bearing the responsibility of living in a modern civilization. Well done doing your part.


Good job!! I finally got my kids to get theirs and the last one gets her 2nd tomorrow 😊


Congrats on overcoming your fear! While I may have some misgivings about the vaccines, my entire family and I are vaccinated and continue to mask up. Better to be safe than sorry.


Mahhh baaahhhhhhh


Thank you for getting vaccinated! ♥️


Good on you for facing your fears, I'm proud of you. Truth be told, even with the vaccine Covid is still pretty bad if you get a breakthrough case (and with Delta there's a higher probability of this). I am fully vaxxed and so is my partner as of May, but we got Covid mid-September and it was like the worst cold of our lives and lasted a few weeks (plus a sinus infection and nausea/vomiting for me and body aches for him for the first 5 days or so). I am pretty healthy, I work out and take care of myself and I'm only 32, but I was so weak that walking from my apartment to the car to get a (no contact) grocery pickup after the nausea subsided felt like I do after a long walk of 14k+ steps normally, and returning to the gym yesterday I felt like I'd been doing an insane crossfit workout or ran a 5k as fast as I could, while doing less than an hour of standard weight lifting at about 60% of the weight I usually use (because I wasn't strong enough to do my normal weights). I bet if we'd been unvaccinated one of us would have needed to go to the hospital, and again, we're both under 35 and don't have any significant medical conditions, and we were absolutely knocked out by this thing. I am so glad you got the vaccine, and if any of your friends are resistant because they're "young and healthy", my experience is somewhat indicative of how bad Delta variant is WITH the vax.




Vaccines are not designed to prevent infection. These vaccines were designed and tested (and proven) to prevent severe disease. That they were able to reduce probability of infection is testament to their incredible capabilities. Maybe stop keeping a running tally of subs that have banned you, stop saying shit like “Again, you overestimate you cognitive ability.”, which I’m sure you will now edit, and log off your computer for ten seconds.




Anyway, no one ever changed any definition, you are Dunning-Kruger personified. I told you to log off your computer because you clearly glean way too much pleasure from being an internet dwelling pseudo-intellectual contrarian.


Taking proper precautions and caring about others in your community does not mean you're living in fear. I guess if you wear a seat belt or look both ways before crossing the street, then you are living in fear too?