Coach Austin’s Tip Of The Day: Video -> https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiL_7zUJi8t/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Hey Reddit fam! If you struggle with Chest Flys aloe feel unstable or unsafe when doing them, I’ve got some advice that I know will help! Think of the Chest Fly as an “under hug”. You know when you go in for a hug one person goes over and one person goes under? This “under hug” motion prioritizes the MOST important aspect of the chest fly, and that’s keeping your elbows LOWER than the line of your shoulders! We want to AVOID bringing the weights “out” and instead focus on bringing them “out and down”! This helps to activate more chest, strain your shoulders less, and make you feel more strong and confident with this exercise! Total game-changer! So, go give the under hugs today and show your shoulders some love! And please let me know if this was helpful advice for ya! Love always, Coach Austin 🤘 🍊


I love the visual of the under hug! Thanks for the tip, I’ll think about this today!


Our 2G treadmill blocks were different. Here is what our coach made us do: Block 1: 3 min push 1 min base 2 min push 1 min base 1 min push 1 min base 30 push 1 min all out Block 2: 1 min push 3 min base 1 min push 2 min base 1 min push 1 min base 30 push 1 min all out


Yes, ours were coached this way. And hello hey, this tread block kicked my butt today.


Someone had previously mentioned this is a repeat of April 7, which would make sense for your shared tread block! https://www.reddit.com/r/orangetheory/comments/ty5g8o/daily_workout_and_general_chat_for_thursday_4722/i3q531m/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


I guess the template people took Sept off, is that why we are repeating April now?


Good, now I can look back at April and plan accordingly 😂. This one kicked my butt because we had those same times for the push and base in our 2G as well.


One of the main reasons I love the repeating templates! I love knowing what workouts to expect


Gotta pay Aoki’s salary somehow!


That was mine as well. I haven't been in two weeks so needless to say today kicked my ass, I burned more calories then I ever have. I was in the red almost the whole time since I upped my pace a little at every push/base interval change. But I'm still feeling good! Had a tomato face well over an hour after class finished lol


This was our tread block also!


I was just coming here to say this! Ours were def longer.




This was ours as well




Same... also, 1 minute AOs deserve a very special place in hell


Reposting content courtesy of /u/dc031114. [Click here to view the comments on the original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/orangetheory/comments/x7muvq/wednesday_7_september_2022_3g_60_minutes/) ##Wednesday 7 September 2022 - 3G 60 minutes **Tread Block 1** * 90 sec push * 45 sec base * 1 min push * 45 sec base * 30 sec push * 45 sec base * 1 min AO **Tread Block 2** * 45 sec push * 90 sec base * 45 sec push * 1 min base * 45 sec push * 30 sec base * 30 sec push * 30 sec AO **Row Block 1 - 6.25 minutes** * 250m AO row + 15 x squat jumps * 200m AO row + 15 x squat jumps * 150m AO row + 15 x squat jumps * Reset monitor and row for distance until time, check distance **Row Block 2 - 6.25 minutes** * 150m AO row + 25 x pulsing half squats * 150m AO row + 20 x pulsing half squats * 150m AO row + 15 x pulsing half squats * 150m AO row + 10 x pulsing half squats * 150m AO row + 5 x pulsing half squats * Reset monitor and row for distance until time, try to beat your distance from block 1 **Floor Block 1 - 6.25 minutes work and rest** * 6 - 10 total x alt full step up, rest * 6 - 10 total x alt close grip chest press, rest * 6 each x TRX single arm low row **Floor Block 2 - 6.25 minutes work and rest** * 6 - 10 x chest fly * 6 - 10 each x single arm single leg lateral step up * 12 x low plank jack * Repeat until **finisher**: TRX kneeling rollout DC commentary (click to reveal): >! Hope you all survived Infinity yesterday, definitely a tough workout and probably deserves less than 1 🪶. I was pretty wiped afterwards but recovered in time for today’s little burner which was a sneaky little 3G for us this morning. Good little tread block and a nice little rowing challenge. Floor block is also pretty tough if you up your weights a bit so not a bad template all round. \ \ The tread block is one of those classic ones where the blocks swap around the push and the base efforts. First block starts with a 90 second push and a 45 second push. The pushes decrease by 30 seconds each round and finishes with a 1 minute all out. The second block keeps the pushes at 45 seconds and the bases start at 90 seconds and decrease by 30 seconds, finishing with a 30 second push to 30 second all out. We were coached to use an aggressive push for the second block as the efforts were quite short. I quite liked the tread block this morning and it wasn’t a bad endurance type run with 4.035km (2.522 OTF miles) on the tread. \ \ The row block has a distance challenge. First round you start with a 250m row and 15 squat jumps. Each round take 50m off for three rounds and then you row for distance. Second block you keep the rows at 150m but do pulsing half squats. Your goal is to match or beat your distance row each round. Was pretty sneaky and you should get your heart rate up here. \ \ The floor block is designed to let you lift heavy. You have more step ups today but this time with weights. We didn’t do the finisher but it is an old favourite - the kneeling rollout! I liked the floor today and going a bit heavier meant I could keep the heart rate up higher than I would normally on the floor (though nothing like Infinity yesterday!). \ \ Today was a nice one and it is reasonably challenging. I give today’s workout a 3 (🪶 🪶 🪶) out of 5 for gentleness. !<


The exercises on the rower for us were different. Can’t remember the names but the squat jumps with a medicine ball that you had to push forward as you jumped and then the second round was jumping jacks with the medicine ball.


I was disappointed that our finisher wasn’t the TRX rollouts. We did plank jacks instead 🫤


Nice 3G to follow infinity. I enjoyed all three stations and look forward to hopefully doing this again when I'm a little fresher.


Awww our finisher was low plank jacks instead of the TRX kneeling rollout, bummer lol


Reposting content courtesy of /u/dc031114. [Click here to view the comments on the original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/orangetheory/comments/x7of29/7_september_2022_2g_60_minutes/) ##7 September 2022 - 2G 60 minutes **Tread Block 1** * 2 min push * 1 min base * 90 sec push * 1 min base * 1 min push * 1 min base * 30 sec push * 1 min base * 30 sec push * 1 min AO **Tread Block 2** * 1 min push * 2 min base * 1 min push * 90 sec base * 1 min push * 1 min base * 1 min push * 30 sec base * 30 sec push * 1 min AO **Floor Block 1 - 10.5 minutes** * 2 rounds of work & rest: * 6 - 10 total x alt step up, rest * 12 x TRX kneeling rollout, rest * 150m AO row (once only) * 2 rounds of work & rest: * 6 total x alt close grip chest press, rest * 6 each x TRX single arm low row, rest * 150m AO row (once only) * If finished then do all exercises as a single block **Floor Block 2 - 10.5 minutes** * 2 rounds of work & rest: * 6 - 10 each x single arm single leg lateral step up, rest * 12 x plank jack * 150m AO row (once only) * 2 rounds of work & rest: * 6 - 10 x chest fly, rest * 6 each x TRX single arm reach & rotate * 150m AO row (once only) * Continue with exercises until finisher * **Finisher**: 1 minute of TRX kneeling rollout Mrs DC (/u/mrsdc031114) thoughts: >! Pretty tough workout today but not nearly as bad as infinity. Not too much rowing and the main cardio in the workout is the treadmill work so don’t save yourself too much there. She gave it a 3 (🪶 🪶 🪶) out of 5 for gentleness. !<


Is the TRX kneeling rollout new? I just had to google it. Have been going for 15 months, 4x a week, and don’t remember that at all!


No, it's usually standing. We used to do kneeling ones on Satan's skateboard until they got rid of it. I always do them kneeling because standing is hurts my shoulders.


It’s funny because my original region always coached us to do them on our knees rather than feet and I have stuck with that even though I live elsewhere now and I’m the only one in the class doing it. I’m curious if they’ll be switching all rollouts to this now.


I miss satan’s skateboard, sighhh


In 5 years, I remember doing it only once before. I guess that classifies it as still new! LOL.


I remember doing them during a hell week preview but that’s about it lol


They did it a bit before the switch to 15 templates a month. It was right around the time that the Ab Dolly went away. I think that they introduced the weird foot in the straps TRX move that I just modify to bird dog because of lack of balance.


Sounds good!


Not new, we just don't see them very often. But they've been around for quite awhile. They're great if done correctly.


Orangetheory has stopped caring or trying to be original, long ago. They slightly alter or just plain make up an exercise (see forward/backward & side/side hops) every once in a while, thinking we are too stupid to notice. Workouts are stale, coaches’ attitudes are shot and prices continue to climb…


I LOVED this workout. Tread portions felt good, floor movements were fun, no lunges or curls (lol). I love weighted step ups. I extra loved the 150m rows - just go as hard as possible and figure it out later. My only critique was the kneeling rollout as a finisher was kinda lame.


Hooo boy. Went to my first class post COVID quarantine. Today I just wanted to get to 12 splats. Got there, promptly went to the bathroom, threw up, and cut out 5 min early. I never warned my coach that I was coming back from that, and I wish I would've. My early exit would've made more sense. I feel terrible about leaving early since it was literally my first class back. Ugh.


You still showed up and give yourself credit for that! COVID is so tough on the body so don’t bw too hard on yourself.


Floor block felt rushed today. Several people including myself didn't get to the last AO row in either block. Our coach told us to use light weights for the first set of 10, then heavy weights for the second set of 6. If you're pulling off the heavy rack, get your weights ahead of time. Or just disregard the coach's recs and max out on both sets instead of going lighter initially? Between using proper form and going back and forth to the rack, there wasn't enough time to get through all 10 floor/rower sequences in 10.5 minutes.


We were told moderate weight, then heavy. Not light and heavy. I often do that anyway, if I feel like I need to warm up my muscles a bit. I ended up using quite a few different weights today.


Yeah, I may have misphrased it - lighter than 2nd set/moderate is more accurate and what I did also. My main point was that it was simply a lot of sets back and forth between bench and rower when you are also swapping weights also! 10 total for 10.5 minutes and supposedly "rest" in there also. I rarely am unable to finish a block in the allotted time, even going slow/heavy. Today a lot of us didn't. Whoever designed that block at OTF Central must have chugged some preworkout beforehand!


I agree the blocks were a bit short. I made it to the rower a second time in the first block, but I had barely started my second round of TRX reach-and-rotates when time was called in the second block.


They could have eliminated the rowing and just made it a straight circuit to have a really good strength on the floor. I love a good strength floor. Taking each of those two blocks slowly gave a great workout minus the quick AO row. When they tell me to go heavy, I go heavy and don't rush. Hell, even Infinity, I wasn't going for speed with it since I know that I'm doing the Dri Tri Sprint. I was testing to see timing of what I could and couldn't do.


I went heavy for the weighted exercises and did not finish either block


Tread was a bit boring, but fun to play with pacing again like marathon month. I enjoyed floor and took it slow. I didn't do the second AO row on each block. I saw a few people fly through the two rounds of each block. That seemed silly to me if it's a strength part. I maximize my time with the weights and don't rush it. It's not worth it to me to race back to the rower for a short minute's worth of a row. I'd rather go heavy on weights and get strong with weights and TRX.


Same. 1/2 our class rushed thru the weights and raced to the rower. I like form and heavy weights as well. The rower was prob mixed in to keep cardio raised—but a heavy weight will give the same effect


loved this workout!!!!!!! great way to start the day!!!!


Tread block was really tough on me after the floor. Usually I opt for tread first..but I got to the gym a little later than usual this morning… I was wiped out by the time I got on the treadmill. Still finished..but I think tomorrow is a rest day after Infinity yesterday too. On the flip side I’m loving OT. My first class was July 29. Been going 4x a week. Great place, great workout. Great coaches. As someone who never worked out a lot my favorite part is not having to think when I get there, and have a workout planned for me.


Tread was ok but challenging. A tad repetitive but I have been workout inconsistent 😂 Loved the floor.


My knees did not appreciate a second day in a row of step ups! But I thought today’s floor block had a lot of variation which kept me interested. The tread block was great too.


Started on the rower this AM for the first time in a very long time. (2G) The floor/row block was fine but I felt like I was going to die the entire tread block.


After a summer full of forced tread starts (mostly 1G) classes, today was my third class in a row starting on the rower and I'm happy to have more row starts back.


Loved this template! We had the version of the 2G that started with a 3 minute push. For the second tread block, we were coached to keep the 1 minute pushes constant, and to increase base pace by .1-.3 each time we returned to base. Was a refreshing change to focus on challenging our active recovery, and made it very clear to me that I’ve been slacking and need to up my base a bit as I am waaaaaaay overdue on that! Great floor block, too, though I didn’t get all of the rows in due to taking my time with all the reps.


Today was a high splat day for me. We’re in the middle of a heat wave, and even with OTF’s AC blasting I felt slow and super hot. 🥵 Good workout though!


I loved this one!! I’ve been on vacation for a week so my heart rate was in green / orange majority of the time but it was great to get back into things. I missed a lot of benchmarks / signature workouts in my time away and I’m low key okay with that… this type of workout is the reason I joined otf! I’m a 5 day a week person and some of those benchmarks leave me totally unmotivated for the rest of the week


That was a fun workout! Got more mileage on the treads today than I have in previous workouts (except for 23 min RFD; this is my 17th class). The step ups and low rows got my HR up so scored some splats on the floor too!


Loved todays workout ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Amaaaaazing workout! Go heavy, go slow!


Sounds good!


This was a great workout! I took it a little easier since I’m still recovering from a blood donation, but this is a great format to play around with your push and base paces and maybe challenge yourself on both. Loved the floor as well.


So I signed up for a free month, am not rlly using it and am not a huge fan so I cancelled the credit card they have on file and got a new number. Do you think they will come after me for the second month's bill bc they require that whole 30 day notice thing to cancel membership? (I canceled my membership)


They can send to collections which will end up affecting your credit. So why risk it? You signed a contract and this is not a loophole lol