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Jesus, it‘s like an ER in here today. Get well soon. Should you get back on, get some safety gear.


That’s exactly what I was thinking, man we really got to do something to educate each other. This is the wrong direction. I don’t know the answer but I know we have got to get together on this thing. Heal quickly my(op) friend, my nerve block just wore off about 30 minutes ago from my surgery yesterday morning. findaoxo


What happened? What gear did you you have on when it happened? I assume you hit pushback due to speed?


I was going fast. There was a slight dip in the road which made my weight shift forward which resulted in a nosedive. I put my hands in front to break the fall and broke them in the process. Got 4-5 months of recovery ahead. You live you learn lol.


Oh ouch!! Hope you heal quickly!


I broke my scaphoid racing motocross. They put a screw through it and now every day my wrist hurts. That was 5 years ago. I still use it for everything I ever want to do, but it’s painful.


That’s disappointing. I’m sorry to hear that. How’s your movement in the wrist? Still functions like it’s supposed to?


I have about 75 degrees of movement either way, my good wrist has 90. Doing push ups hurts like hell, but I do a lot of them. Riding dirt bikes spooks me because my wrist doesn’t seem reliable to me. I wakeboard regularly though. Writing hurts.


Ouch! I’ll hope for the best. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers!


Any pads?


Yeah day one on my onewheel I fractured my elbow, foot fatigue from going at it too hard all day and got sloppy right as I was crossing the street to my house I ate it on the pavement. Just ordered my v3 fangs so hopefully that helps the nosedive situation


Dude I feel so bad for you, I broke my right collar bone on my XR couple years ago and recovery was a fucking biiiitch. Not to mention the 3 months I had to take off from work. As you said, live and learn. Hoping for a smooth and speedy recovery for you.


You and [me](https://reddit.com/r/onewheel/comments/oq59jk/day_six_of_onewheel_stay_safe_out_there/) bud, we could start a club.


Omg..You took enough damage for at least 2 other nosedivers. And you still smile! Wish you a fast and solid recovery!


No gear? Just curious not here to shame.


Man. Get well pal. I was in the ER on Father’s Day evening from a crash. Misjudged a curb. All is well now. Had a sprained MCL, cracked rib, and tore a hole through my shoe to the bone. Were you on an XR or a Pint?


Misjudged getting up or down the curb?


Morning. Going down.


Your friend let you try his Onewheel but didn’t warn you of pushback? Why would anybody do this?


Usually when people try something they are unfamiliar with that can and probably will hurt them, they go slow and wear the appropriate safety gear. Looks like none of this happened here which sucks.. I've been riding for a year and still wear a helmet and wrist guards and have been contemplating wearing knee guards as well.


I wear knee and elbow. A good backpack and helmet. I still got a bunch of road rash. I almost broke a rib when I bit it on the bike lane and broke my fall on the curb with my ribs. I was purple for months. And it hurt to breath for like 2 weeks


that's my thought, too. i think you need a new friend, friend!


Dude I broke my scaphoid around mile 200 on my OW. I had a “fell on outstretched hand” injury, and didn’t get it checked out for about a week. I crushed it, and it essentially split in two. After I had it checked out, the doctor put me in a cast and ordered a OSC-Ortho Bone Growth Stimulator. I’d look into it if you’re worried about your scaphoid actually “dying”. After being in a hard cast for 6 weeks, and then a brace for 4 more with the OSC, my scaphoid had healed roughly 60-70% quicker and I have full function of my hand and wrist. Anyway, my $.02. Good luck man. Scaphoid breaks are some of the slowest injuries to heal because of lack of blood flow. I am not a doctor or know shit-about-fuck when it comes to medical stuff, but it’s at least worth asking your doctor about.


I’m gonna see my doctor next week and 100% ask him about that. Whatever I can do to help it. I decided on my own to buy certain vitamins, minerals and calcium to encourage bone growth. I’ll see what he says. Thanks for the info. Cheers!


Posts like this make the OW seem more dangerous than it is. User borrows a vehicle that has an over 20MPH top speed, doesn't know how to ride, doesn't get a overview from owner, doesn't read manual. Falls. Gets hurt. Big surprise. Runs to internet to make a "warning" post. Just to let everyone know, the real warning here is to educate yourself before you try a new sport. Not that the OW is dangerous.


It's both - inherently unstable


People need to learn to fall before they ride. You WILL fall. So it's a matter of knowing how... Jesus fuck get well soon.


It didn’t help me at all on my first nosedive, I’ve done a lot better since then but knowing how to fall from a real high speed nosedive just wasn’t available. There are two frames in my playback the nose hitting the ground and my face hitting the pavement. I skateboarded most of my life, don’t put my hands out in front of me, and I’m sitting here right now with a broken ulna from my second accident with over 1500 miles behind me. I wasn’t even moving, just sort of sat down backwards, a bus came at me from a roundabout and I hurried my turn. I’m 67, have lots of injuries over the years, and of course can’t wait to get back on my boards. I think we really have to get the word out that people have to know that you can’t drive the boards fast, not in the beginning. I don’t know how to do it because people tried to get me to slow down, and it didn’t work. findaoxo


> It didn’t help me at all on my first nosedive, I’ve done a lot better since then but knowing how to fall from a real high speed nosedive just wasn’t available. Yeah it doesn't help when you're not expecting it. When I had my nose dive, I didn't expect it or see it coming at all. One moment I'm on the board and all of a sudden I'm slammed into the ground before I even realized what had happened. You'll need Flash-levels of reaction speed to do anything.


Aw man, I'm sorry to hear this. Get well soon.


Thanks, working on it and slowly doing my version of Samurai punch’s kush front. Started my third prototype last night before I had to remind myself to get out of the shop before I hurt myself😥just so hard for me to sit still. Haven’t ridden for 9 days now… noaoxo


Yeah, falling properly is very important. I’m usually pretty good with that. I’ve spent my life skating and snowboarding but I must say the nosedive happens very fast on the one wheel. It was just a quick rection for me to protect my head, I should have tucked and rolled.


>I’ve spent my life skating and snowboarding but I must say the nosedive happens very fast on the one wheel. I keep telling people IMO the nosedive's a little unique, compared to other board wrecks. 1.) You start from about 6" off the ground. Just FALLING this distance (like off a stairstep) onto concrete can hurt someone. 2.) The angle of the dived board and thus the arc it catapults you on is very awkward - hard to get feet under you quickly for runout OR reorient your body in midair for rollout. 3.) Your back foot has to dodge a giant wheel as you come off. But most importantly: 4.) a nosedive is usually not caused by an external, visible factor, but by your own error (that you wouldn't make if you knew you were making it). It's not a big rock or crack in the sidewalk that you see at the last second and think "oh shit, I'm going down". So unless you're intentionally pushing limits at the time it hits, you're often COMPLETELY unprepared for it, and on the ground before you realize what hit you. Even a single second to realize things are going sideways can make a big difference in you mitigating the damage from a wreck. But in a nosedive, the nose drops to ground in less than that.


Oh dang, hope it’s able to heal okay without having to deal with AVN. Swift recovery to you!


I nose dived hard, two rules I live by: ride for the pace not the race and dress for the slide not the ride. Your scaphoid is a carpel/wrist bone. Not sure what you broke sinistral, but bragging rights is you broke both wrists.


People really shouldn’t ride these without knowing how dangerous they can be I’m glad I sold mine I can’t afford any down time right now


If I was more educated on how dangerous they actually are I definitely wouldn’t have stepped on it. Should have done my research


How did it happen?


Ouch dude. I never let anyone step on my OW without first giving them a quick run down on how the board operates, pushback included. Your friend should have done the same. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Your friend didn't tell you about pushback? Damn


DAMNNNNNN dude! Wish you the best of recovery! 🤙🏼 Kinda question your friend not giving you a primer and fair warnings about it... If I let anyone try a Onewheel I caution them they HAVE to go slow otherwise it's going to wreck them entirely. Ooofff.


He was goofy


Wheel of death Designed by Kyle.


I can see the drugs they gave you are working by the look on your face lol


Dude so sorry to hear that. Yes PLEASE teach your friends before you let them ride. Praying the dr. Is wrong and it ALL heals well!!


I broke my hip on my OW and needed a total hip replacement. I’m lucky I only broke one thing, but have given up the float life. XR for sale! $1,700! 😬🙋🏻‍♀️


Whoever let you ride it was an asshole for not explaining things to you.


hey man, I did the same thing to my elbow about 10 years Ago on a skateboard. be aggressive with your PT, my right arm only straightens out a little over half way now. they said if I had better PT post cast removal i would have had way better range of motion. get that arm straight as soon as possible! good luck.


Blame the friend for rushing you onto it without giving warnings or safety gear. sheesh. Heal up.


How’s your scaphoid doing? Where did you break it? I broke mine at the proximal pole where the least blood is. I decided to not get surgery and to try healing in a cast. I’m 2 months in. About 3 weeks until my next X-ray where hopefully we will see union and I can take this cast off. If not then I’m getting surgery. I had a way to early X-ray at 5 weeks because the suspense was killing me. Obviously no signs of union yet at that appointment but the doctor said the good sign was that my bone still looked healthy and showed no sign of necrosis.