Any tips for demon princes, nameless, and cinder?

Any tips for demon princes, nameless, and cinder?


For nameless I was never able to beat him solo until recently the best strategy is make it to phase 2 and only attack after overhead slams or when he does the really long thrust. Also, if you lock off and look away for the big lightning blast attack it won’t hit you. These tips really made a difference for me


For cinder you want to use the dragon slayers ax with pine resin and lloyds sword ring and be aggressive as possible in the first phase. Try to limit him to 1-2 weapon changes. Then just punish his jump attack, the lightning in the air attack (while he’s doing his windup), and run in for one hit after his wombo combo. You’ll do good damage and there’s a lot of rng in the fight, so just keep trying.


Best advice I can give for Nameless is just constantly hug his right side and attack only when you 100% it is safe. He's difficult but once you really get his moves down, you'll crush him. Good luck!!


Demon pince: get the laser demon, it's much easier. To do so, you have to kill the one that starts as a poison spitting demon (I think it's pain). Also never get greedy in phase 1,it's a cruel gank. Get a deep dagger for ripostes. For me this was the hardest one besides Friede. For Nameless, I always use a Deep Millwood axe... You'll chop through his health like a cookie. Get a deep ir fire infused dagger for the riposte. You can either use the dark clutch ring (it won't change which attacks will oneshot you and which won't) or use havels ring and silver knight armor and I think a couple of oneshots will become not oneshots anymore. Cinder is a dick, I always forget to get the Dragonslayer axe so I stick to the broadsword + resin instead (which is fast which is good btw). For phase 1 I tend to not have a precise strategy except attack 1 max 2 times whenever I can and punish hard his mage phase. Phase 2 is easier, just roll away and wait when he does his combo and punish the grabs and the lightning attacks. Edit: also what u/ZestlyGopher says


DP(lol) were the hardest besides Friede for me too lol. Sweet Jesus I remember struggling with those two for hours.


It's because both are ganky, spammy, and super long fights, plus delayed attacks etc


Aye. The worst about Friede for me was the lack of practice on her final stage. Trying to survive long enough to learn that phase was such a brutal time and my only other character around there was sl 80 NG+6 so I couldn't practice on that one either lol. Demon princes just dicked me for hours I can't even remember what was hard about it


Cinder: Just learn the first phase really and punish the sorcerer phase. Also run like hell when he goes into pyro phase and you can use the time he is casting the pyro buff on himself to re-resin your weapon. Then phase two stay at range and bait his jump attacks, then punish the jump/lunge attack and then repeat. Demon princes were one of the hardest for me. I beat them is DS great axe. You walk forwards at the start of the fight and charge a heavy attack at the edge of the little bone pit you fall into. Then when he jumps towards you can get one free heavy hit in. Then just stay towards the right leg I think? I can’t remember, it’s been ages. But use audio queues because when you hear the second demon screaming, it means he’s powering up. Then on the second scream it means he’s coming, so run like hell. Run from the bank until one cools off and then start on the second one. Try kill one of them first (can’t remember which) to get the laser Prince. Then when he does the laser attack beat his ass. But at the end of the laser, he does a stronger laser which is AOE and can hit you behind him if you’re too close.


Hit them and don't get hit? Just kidding, get broadsword and shield ring then chip their health and roll away/heal when necessary. Don't get greedy