Sister Friede is Destroying me

Sister Friede is Destroying me


First of all - get a +10 fire dagger and backstab friede when you can, if you didn't already Phase 2 is exhaustingly long and boring. The way I did it was so, at least. Just do 1-2 hits on daddy Ariandel and run away. Do it only when you're sure Friede can't hurt you. Do be running around all time. Eventually you'll get to phase 3 more and more consistently and then it's *backstab time* She was by far the hardest for me. Edit: as they say, *it's a marathon not a race :(*


should add ive been using +10 raw broadsword with lightning resin and my rings are lloyd shield ring, carthus bloodring, hornet ring, and prisoners chain


Git gud


i got gud


update: i got gud


First of all, good luck, I had close to 300 attempts at her for my first SL1 run. Most advise for phase 2 I found back then was to rush Ariandel and getting the crit on him. This did not work for me at all and I don't see how you would do that considering Friede does not give you that long breaks. There is some rhythm with them alternating attacks that you need to get down, evade an attack, get one hit on the attacker and be ready to dodge the other one attacking and get your hit in. Never lose sight of Friede, both to interrupt the healing and because her movement is less predictable than Ariandels. (E.g. if he makes the big slam or the linear movement, it is enough to be aware of the area to avoid without actively looking at him)


10/10 easy boss first try suck it friede and a sack of lard named ariandel


Farm out some warden twinblades in the area before champion gundyr and use bleed resin. He is weak to bleed and their shared hp pool is pretty huge so % based damage is very strong.


Are you focussing on Father Ariandel? It's far more safer to go for damage opportunities off of him than Sister Friede. Sister Friede has a simplified move set in phase 2, if you aren't near her she'll primarily fire off her frostbite attack which is easier to dodge. How's your weaponry? Father Ariandel is quite weak to bleed, and some of his attacks leave him quite open. A fully upgraded Bleed Bandit knife can do massive damage to him, to such an extent that even if Friede gets a heal off you can out damage it.


Wield a Reinforced Club +10 and only attack Andariel when he's not in the middle of a combo. If Friede tries to heal him, follow the light and hit her. Try to keep them both in your field of view. Most importantly, don't get greedy. I died plenty of times because I ran out of stamina to dodge a lethal bowl to the face. Try to save all of your Estus for the Blackflame Friede phase, you will most likely need them. Good luck!




yeah i make it through phase one hit less most of the time, but phase 2 is hard


Patience is the name of the game in phase 2. Circle clockwise around the edges of the room and hit Ariandel 1-3 times after he rushes you. But never attack if Friede is close as well. I like circling clockwise because Friede's frost attack is easier to dodge to your left. The attack has a consistent curve. Run and backstab her when she goes for the heal. Study phase 3 on YouTube in advance. I usually popped an ember between p2 and 3. Good luck. It is a brutal fight. It took me 171 tries to get her.