Can you get away with vaping cartridges in a no smoking apartment?

Can you get away with vaping cartridges in a no smoking apartment?


Short answer. Yes.


I vape solventless rosin carts and live resin pho carts in my bathroom 510. I live in a smoke free apt. Never had an issue. 2 yrs straight. Very different from actual combustion where the smell lingers.The smell dissipates within 5-10 seconds after vaping No need for crazy ventilation.


Wow nice. So you don’t use sprays, candles or anything when you vape in your bathroom?


Never. I have the fan on in the restroom but no biggie. I even vape laying down in my bed. If it didn't dissipate so quickly i don't think i could get away with it. Vapor is completely different from smoke. Only time I've ever had to use sprays or fragrance was when i used a pipe or took a dab.


Nothing no smell


wax don’t stink the room up as much as weed just gotta have a fan n u good


you will be completely fine. don’t even worry about hiding it. i smoke carts all day every single day from dawn til dusk in a no-smoking building. you’re massively overthinking it with the connected fans and windows facing your neighbors — nobody will even know what it is. also, as others have stated, it’s damn-near impossible to prove where the smell is coming from. even if mgmt came knocking, just say “i have no idea what you’re talking about”. unless they physically catch you smoking or your place reeks of a grow-op, there’s next to zero chance you’d ever see any kind of trouble. obviously if maintenance were coming around to fix something or for inspection, maybe don’t smoke RIGHT before they come in, but even then i wouldn’t worry. nothin like waking up and ripping a cartridge from the comfort of your damn bed, man.


My daily ritual with my Pax Pro. I started with 510s and still do them occasionally.


I don't like the pax pods They remind me of the old silica wick carts


I experimented with silica wicks for nicotine vaping. Didn’t like them despite higher temp tolerance vs cotton.


don’t mind pax myself but they’re VASTLY overpriced here in WA. i work in the industry and even with a generous discount they come out to like $20/half gram.. A) half gram carts/pods are a fucking waste B) i can blow through a pax pod in like 12hrs or less, just not cost effective for me but they are great for traveling! ;)


Around here it’s about a five or $10 difference between a cartridge and a pod and which is cheaper depends on the dispensary. And the pods last longer for me because of the temperature control.


lol 510 batteries have temp control too :) check out the yocan uni pro. carts last longer because of the tech inside them. pods use a wick, carts sometimes do also, but newer tech like ccell & all glass are far superior! source: i work in the industry extracting oil & filling carts/pods lol


Recommend some batteries that have temperature control please that are likely to be sold in Massachusetts. I have one battery that has three power levels they were all pretty cheap. They work but that’s voltage control not temperature control.


..did you read my comment? [i guess i could repeat myself haha](https://www.yocan.com/featured_item/uni-pro) these are probably the best 510 batteries on the market, and available online, so - literally everywhere, including massachusetts :) this one has by-the-decimal voltage control from 2.0-4.0


Well I wasn’t sure if they were going to be available here because I haven’t checked for them yet. A lot of places in my county have stuff in person that they don’t have online.


ahh i see, look outside the box my friend! hope you pick up a uni pro - it’ll change the cart game for you forever:)


Failed to find one but started experimenting with pulsing my battery just to get it hot enough but not wrecking my lungs. I gave in because my favorite strain is cart only and rare at recreational dispensaries. I got somebody who can walk me through getting my medical card though. I more than qualify, she even said that, as well.


I am glad I didn’t place an online order yet. I found one place that has them in every color. A bunch of them. They said they haven’t sold that many but nobody has said anything bad. They actually do not have temperature control. But I am finding it doesn’t need it. It’s pretty smooth considering it doesn’t have it.


Facts it don't smell u could do it where ever


You shouldn’t have an issue even if you throw caution to the wind when it comes to any carts, even resin and rosin doesn’t usually produce enough of a lingering scent. Nobody will be able to prove it’s coming from your apartment specifically anyways.


You can 100%. If your concerned, get a smoke buddy or make one with some dryer sheets and a cardboard tube.


Technically you are not smoking, you're vaping. No broken rules lol. But seriously it smells like 10 secondes, you'll be fine.


I hold my hits in for about 30 to 45 seconds if I want to be super stealth. Then nothing comes out at all.


I’ve been smoking herb in a no smoke place. They send out warning emails to the whole place all the time. They can’t ever actually prove anything. Don’t even worry


Do u mean actual joints or oil? My building sent out a few warning emails months ago. Never said what floor but sent a warning that it’s breaking the lease. That’s why I want to move to oil now cause I smoked a few times and I don’t know if they were talking about me or not in the email because they didn’t say the floor


I rip my bong, smoke joints, take dabs the whole spectrum of methods lol. I put a fabreez thing at my front door and blow smoke out the window. But those emails I just ignore now. It’s really just to discourage cuz it’s hard to prove. Unless standing at your front door smells like stoner heaven then keep on keeping on


I can’t blow out the window cause my windows is facing other apartments in the building. Will buy the febreze thing. I would have to do it in the bathroom but my bathroom has a ceiling vent that may connect to other apartments


I mean I’m in Cali so maybe a little too relaxed about it. But I’ve found they can never actually do anything. This my 3rd apt in the la area getting hella warning emails and nothing ever happening.


You could do what we used to do in the dorms. Blow your smoke through a empty toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets. I smoked in every apartment I had and they were all non smoking. That was back when it was illegal everywhere. Now I would hit the vape anywhere. I took a hit in an airport bathroom last month. It’s not noticeable at all.


Good luck


I vape in mine, hell I'll even occasionally do flower.


Yessir my friend did it all the time and it was a no smoking apartment. He never got in trouble because u can’t smell anything really. You also can air out the house obviously and the smell of any would be gone fast .


Get a dry herb vaporizer and an air purifier you’ll never worry again




i have done this for several years, unless you are hitting constantly (like nonstop) it’s unnoticeable and won’t affect your furniture or apartment interior. cooking steak on the skillet is x10 worse


It’s no problem at all


Smokebuddy and your 100% chillin


absolutely no need for a smokebuddy with carts. i live in a no-smoking building as well, i hit carts from the moment i wake up til the moment i go to sleep, and have for years. never once have i had a complaint or an issue, nor has management ever put out the “someone is smoking in the building, please stop” memo haha. my place never ever smells like weed.


I would recommend a distallate cart and not a live resin. Also, try it first somewhere not inside before using it inside the first time, just to make sure it's not going to smell.


He’d likely be ok with live resin. I personally dislike distillates for a few reasons I will only get into if anybody actually cares. CO2 oil is ok but nothing beats the whole plant(CO2 oil pretty much keeps the original terpenes but doesn’t taste like weed), especially if using for medicinal reasons(like me). Live resin gives off the weed flavor but the smell goes away in seconds. As I said before, don’t walk around blowing clouds in peoples’ faces. The one the head boss came into the bathroom after I ripped was one of my Entourage pods. They are like live resin in a Pax pod with bigger clouds(because of the design of the Pax) 😂 if he didn’t notice that, the OP will be fine with a live resin cart in an apartment that your boss isn’t walking into just after you rip. But I was fine 😛


Does the pope shit in the woods?


I dab massively in my apartment bathroom. It's nbd. Use a smokebuddy or other personal filter if you're worried


Probably fine don’t sweat it. I dab everywhere “no smoking” is permitted.


100% good. You got smoke one on a plane in economy if needed my dude.


I am currently renting a beach house that’s no smoking and I have been ripping my pax vape literally all week and no smell whatsoever. You’ll be 100% fine


I use vape carts in restaurants in an illegal state. It’s someone watching you have to worry about, not the odor.


If ur paranoid, order a philter


Most likely. Some crappy carts have sort of a strong smell but it doesn’t smell like tobacco, marijuana, or even nicotine vaping. But I would stay away from the cheap ones for a host of other reasons. That being said, I even ripped in the bathroom a few times at ones of my jobs to relieve some stress. One of the times, even the big boss went in right after me. Nobody noticed. I got a discreet vaporizer I even rip outdoors in public. Just don’t blow the clouds in peoples’ faces. But my preference is Pax pods or if I do a 510 cart, live resin carts as I also use them for medicinal reasons.




Yeah I just blow it out my window no one trips about it you should be good :)


yes, it’s not actually smoke. it just looks like it. it’s air


Bruh.. you can literally get away with smoking the anywhere as long as you hide but the faint whisp of cloud that escapes your mouth. They're great


I’ve gotten away with vaping cartridges in my dad’s house while my dad was in another room. You’re fine


Living in a smoke free apartment for over a year now and vape everyday. Pretty sure my roommates don’t even know lol.


I smoke live resin out of my DTV4 attached to my rig everyday and have never smelled it outside of the apartment. It'll stink a little inside the apartment. But normally I keep it to one room and close the door. And if my significant other is there I will towel the door and she never smells a thing. I also light candles but thats for the smell inside my own apartment. You'll be straight honestly. Just be careful if you open the windows


I live in a non smoking apartment and I smoke weed in here all day and if I go to work and come home, there is no smell. Doesn’t stick like tobacco, you’re fine especially if you’re using oil or carts


You are literally not breaking any rules by vaping since you are not smoking. If your lease said no vaping, that would be one thing. But if it only says no smoking then vape away!


Lol believe it or not but it mentions both vape and electronic cigarettes in the lease


That’s wild! I can’t imagine how a landlord would go about trying to prove such a thing. If you are really worried, crack a window but I doubt vaping oil will give off enough smell for someone to notice


💯 I have been doing it for over a decade now, never had any issues.


Who the fuck cares . I’m in a non smoking apartment 4 blocks from notredame campus . I live on notre dame ave. I smoke carts. Wax. Joints , blunts . We don’t care . They don’t . It’s a college town


You can get away with anything, if you don't get caught.


‘Smoke buddy’ is legit


You should be fine, if you wanna be extra safe you can open a window, light a candle or use room spray, or you could also make your own homemade smokebuddy :)


absolutely you’re fine




Yes sir! Carts don’t leave any kind of residue or any kind of odor behind. You can also dab too. I live in an apartment complex (a lot of my neighbors smoke green HEAVY) but I can smoke greens without anybody tripping out on it. If ya neighbors try to peep into your business just tell em to fuck off or something 😂 Smoke up my guy.


Definitely, I smoke in my apartment all the time even in the hallways,it doesn’t make the detectors go off unless you REALLY blowing clouds, which you won’t


Yes. Absolutely. Excluding edibles and topicals, every other form of weed is more likely to cause you problems in an apartment setting. Even dabs will cause you more of an issue smell-wise. Source: getting high in my apartments for the past 6-7 years


What about dry herb vaping? Do u feel the same about that too, the smell?


I’d definitely recommend cracking a window for dry herb vaping (if that’s not possible, just get it a steamy shower going and do it in the bathroom, as others have probably already suggested). In general vapor is gonna have a much weaker stench than smoke (hence why restrictions on vaping are a little bit more relaxed in public than smoking) so if you’ve got a vaporizer that’s great - it’s a huge step up from pipes when it comes to compact living! Do you have regular apartment checks or anything? (in my experience the most often we were visited was every 4-6 months and if that’s the case you have nothing to fear!)




In my experience, no one follows the smoke free rule lmao.


Yes, I rip them non stop and my landlord(s) never said anything but my old ones were meth heads. Be careful handling flower though. Rolled a blunt and my neighbors texted me asking if I was growing or smoking in there. Ozium works wonders if you’re a bit sus about the smell.


Did you take science in school if so you should already know the answer


definitely, but if you want to be super safe just blow it out the window 🤷‍♀️


as someone who smoked carts at a no smoking school (aka all of them) yes


my man,carts do not get in the wall and carpets like smoke does. It’s vapor


If you want to keep smoking tree buy some ozium and if your smoking inside put a towel at the bottom door crack smoke and when your done spay ozium and leave the room if you can or want and it won’t smell after a little bit


Yes but still blow into a smoke buddy and have fans on when you do it.


Ok so you’re saying I would still need a smoke buddy for this? Should I smoke it in the bathroom?


He bull shitting you, carts don’t need fans as the smell dissipates quick, in like 15-20 seconds with a normal cart. An maybe 45 with live resin. Buy a real cart an do research so you don’t buy a fake cart of your dealer or your dispensary/medical treatment center. Always do ya own research when it come to carts. If you wannna smoke bud use a smoke buddy n a few sprays of febreze


Honestly I would just use the smoke buddy anyway because even though the smell dissappears you still should be careful especially if you have any shared vents in The Apartment.


If it smells of course but usually oil is not as pungent as bud UNLESS it's live resin than ya it'll smell like fucking Christmas lol.


Lol no I plan on getting the name brand cartridges 510 thread






OP don't listen to what this dummy recommended on the 1st part. You'll just be doing unnecessary harm to your lungs. It's vapor so it wont linger for long. But you could just blow it out the window.




https://www.smokebuddy.com/store/personal-air-filter/smokebuddy-mega.html Works great!


Exhale into your sleeve slowly. You arm gonna smell but you shouldn’t see or smell smoke. Worst case ontario- you can tell your neighbour you have a cat in heat. Cat piss smells like some carts no?


No, no carts smell like cat piss


Lmao bro get a smoke buddy and just smoke out of a bong or dab rig Use some incense and some air fresheners dawg ez pz