Yes, unless you pour it out… oh wait! Lol jk, you’ll be fine as long as you keep it in that nice little bottle. I have the exact same thing but from the Drake Well Museum in Titusville, PA. Not actually Drake Well crude but still PA crude. Used to take a whiff of it from time to time lol


Why are you pouring it into plastic cocktail cups?


for fun i guess


You're doing fun wrong


Why wouldnt it be? Of course it is.


No. Send it to me. You should be fine. Same as any other combustible liquid.


This would be very hard to combust.


It isnt, but it is. A cigarette cant light gasoline, but more heat can... just like this crude.




Done it a few times to prove my point. I was working at a gas station when I was 15 and asked an old guy to put his cigarette out. He called me a pussy and then threw his cigarette into a jerry can. Nothing. Every other time I've shown people, nothing. Life isnt like the movies. Now you go give it a try.


Ive been on location more than you can imagine- im a petroleum engineer and ill stand by my statement. Unless the crude is gas cut.. you cant light it with a cigarette and you saying a cigarette wont light gasoline is irresponsible- the gas put the cigarette out before it could combust- pour some on the drive and see what happens..


The cigarette might light the gas fumes if it's in an enclosed area. It won't light the gasoline itself. Source: Am a rheologist who would fill his lawnmower with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth


> im a petroleum engineer ...and no one cared. Just like every other time an engineer has to announce they are an engineer. lol


I've poured gasoline on unlit bonfires and flicked many a cig/cigar into them in an attempt to be a cool guy, not once has it ever lit. Even tried it once with a puddle of gas on some concrete, nothing.


As long as you keep it sealed most of the time, yes. Just don’t get it on your skin and avoid breathing the fumes… so basically treat it like any other harsh household chemical.


I also have a sample of crude at home, you'll be fine unless you leave it open for a long time


Keep it sealed.


is bathcleaner safe? lol


its also aafe to drink it. honestly its not as bad as people think. not saying it tastes nice though


Crude oil is not very toxic. It is only some people who don’t know anything about chemistry who think it is. The environmentalist movement tends to portray it as such, but that is mostly to get donations from people who don’t know anything about chemistry. Most so-called environmentalists themselves don’t know anything about chemistry, which since I have a degree in chemistry, I find very annoying because they keep saying things I can easily verify are not true. Yes, crude oil is a natural product. It is only moderately toxic. Don’t drink or eat it in the unrefined state, but if you get it on your body, just wash it off and forget about it. It is biodegradable, and we used to dispose of waste oil by adding fertilizer to it, spreading it on farmland, putting in oil-eating bacteria, and turning the soil over every few months to aerate it. After a year or so, it was gone, turned to ordinary dirt, and the soil was much more fertile. Actually, the story of Robert Chesebrough is very enlightening. In the 1800s he worked as a chemist clarifying kerosene from the oil of sperm whales. The discovery of crude oil in Pennsylvania in 1859 rendered his job obsolete (and probably saved the sperm whale from extinction) since crude oil was a better source of kerosene. However, he noticed that the oil workers in Pennsylvania had very nice, soft, smooth hands, which didn’t make any sense because they where otherwise rather crude people who were working up to their armpits in crude oil every day. So he investigated the reason, and isolated the magic ingredient in crude oil which made their hands so soft and nice. He called it Vaseline, and he made a fortune marketing it to women and other people who wanted to have nice soft hands. Chesebrough patented the process of making Vaseline (U.S. Patent 127,568) in 1872. Chesebrough lived to be 96 years old and was such a believer in Vaseline that he claimed to have eaten a spoonful of it every day. Don’t eat gasoline or diesel fuel, but food grade oil refined from crude oil does exist and is often used to lubricate bearings in food processing machines. Mineral oil is also used to treat constipation. It is known as a lubricant laxative. Despite what most people believe, oil refineries don’t take toxic chemicals out of crude oil to produce gasoline, they put toxic chemicals into it. Some old refinery sites are so contaminated with tetraethyl lead and other gasoline additives that they will never be usable for anything other than fuel storage terminals, and the oil companies will never sell them for fear of legal liability. If it was just a crude oil spill, they could just put oil-eating bacteria into the ground and the oil would be gone, turned to dirt in a few years. Nature has been doing this for hundreds of millions of years because oil is a natural product.


Souvenir benzene vapors, interesting. You’re fine as long as you don’t pour it out.


Don’t let the local dinosaurs know you have it, they’ll want to take it for historical genealogical purposes.


they will be very dissapointes when they find out that it isnt related to them


Nice, where did you get it?


https://www.ebay.com/usr/colorado-antiques-rocks-and-things DM this guy directly though - he sells a lot of sample bottles - his buddy owns several wells in colorado and nebraska


What company produced this, do you know?


Javernick Oil out of canyon city CO


Cool keepsake. It'll only burn if it's combined with something to thin it out or if it's wicking into something else.


I have several, mostly from significant moments in my career (first oil I ever saw, first well I drilled, first offshore well, etc). Glass bottles work best. Makes for a neat keepsake!


I usually mix my handle of it with dawn dish soap, makes a really chill Friday night with the boys


I've had sample in my house since 1992.


I keep some around the house. It’s great for lighting the fire pit.


How dare you!


You should fine assuming you’re living in the US. If you’d be living in the Middle East you’d run the risk of inviting US propagated democracy to come knocking on your door


No, 1. Might have h2s “poison gas” 2. Glass bottles explode


It is very dangerous. The landowner was probably not paid for the royalty on this bottle and he might come after you.