condoms for a joke AT WORK seems very sus


Been married almost 13 years and together 15 total. I’ve never taken condoms anywhere but on vacation with my husband. I have a hard time believing this story. However it’s your wife and you know her, I don’t. I really wish you luck. I hope it’s not how it’s looking.


Joke my ass. She wouldn’t be carrying them around.


I know what I would think if I found all that in my husbands bag. She is cheating or hopes to cheat.


Wishing you luck. You deserve communication. And if it gets written off as a joke at work then you have every right to be upset


I might be wrong, but I believe the only thing that makes your tongue white is not brushing and eating. She said she was on her period? That has never made my tongue white, nor do toothbrushes make your tongue white after a certain time of using the same one. And if she’s on her period, are there tampons or pads in her purse or in the trash? Her explanations sound fishy. “I ate garlic for lunch and someone said my breath stank at work” I would’ve let her get away with.