Simulated training exercise my sweaty nutsac. This was fully intentional.


How do you accidentally **beat** a full grow man in his prime to death? How many people were doing it and with what? Batons? Were these strikes on his bare ribs, back, and head with batons?   How long did this go on? Two or three minutes of continuous beat down? Accidentally?  Edit: Added links [The LA Times says the Mother is suing for what sounds like a beating](https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-06-24/lapd-officer-beaten-in-training-meant-to-simulate-a-mob-before-death-mother-claims?_amp=true) - Huffman alleged her son was "repeatedly struck in the head severely enough that he bled," and that the beating resulted in injuries requiring stitches. He also suffered multiple breaks in his neck, which caused his death, the claim said’ But last month the [LA Times reported it as a “catastrophic spinal injury](https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-05-29/l-a-police-officer-dies-from-injuries-suffered-in-training-accident) - According to a statement from the chief, at the time of the accident, Tipping was a bike instructor engaged in a training scenario involving grappling with another officer. Tipping fell to the floor and suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury. So which is it? A single injury or a beating?


This is an allegation by his mom in a lawsuit. According to the LAPD he was a training officer and fell to the floor while grappling another cop and broke his back in the process: "Today, we mourn the loss of Police Officer II Houston Tipping, Serial No. 43382, Devonshire Area, who passed away following a tragic on-duty accident that occurred during a training exercise at our Elysian Park Academy this past Thursday. At the time of the accident Officer Tipping was a bike instructor engaged in a training scenario involving grappling with another officer. During the scenario Officer Tipping fell to the floor and suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury. Officers immediately began CPR and summoned a LA Fire rescue who transported Officer Tipping to USCMC. Despite the extraordinary measures taken by the medical professionals there, Officer Tipping succumbed to his injuries earlier today surrounded by his family."


So he wasn't beaten to death during a mob attack simulation? This title was just made up rage bait? And reddit fell for it? Eh, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


That's just the police dept's version of it. I wouldn't exactly trust their telling of it considering they're the ones that, you know, killed him, inadvertently or otherwise. The title post may be from the family's side of the story so it could have some truth to it. We don't know yet for sure.


The Daily Mail is a tabloid known for printing anything but accurate news. It's one step above UFOs and lizard people


The police have found themselves in the awkward Position of being less credible than the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail is shit, and the police are still less likely to tell the truth.


He’s a bike officer who was going in for grappling classes and ended up with fatal spinal injuries? WTH?! Those are the kind of classes they send officers away for, as in out of jurisdiction so there’s no chance of shenanigans. Something isn’t right with this.


Another article I read the family said that he was also struck multiple times in the head and required stitches.


It is the daily mail. But it could have been a training exercise on grappling with someone during a riot. Who knows. Super shitty either way.


Keep in mind, this is the official police statement. It's possible it's true, it's possible it's all bullshit.


"he's on the ground and clutching his back, fucking blast him!"


Never forget the hazing ritual that killed Florida A&Ms drum major [so sad](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/09/18/florida-am-settles-family-hazing-victim/72402316/)


You don’t. You murder someone going to rat you out or is not playing your games and then claim it was a training accident.


The worst part of it is the prosecuting DA and Assistant DAs work with these police side-by-side every day of every week of every year. The circumstances would have to be extraordinary for someone in the DAs office to be willing to prosecute police in their own district. 


It's why IA should even exist it should be a completely different unrelated entity with its own investigators and prospectors.


DA needs to be careful or they might be volunteered for a surprise training exercise


As many people have pointed out, this incident doesn't appear accidental, as he had multiple different injuries that were paralyzing or life threatening. But I just want to say, any time you engage in a fight at any level, someone can die. Fall backwards and land the wrong way and you can die. This is why you don't engage in any fight you can possibly run away from. By not running you are risking becoming a murderer, or becoming dead.




Someone sucker punched a guy in my home town on this day in 2008 (the day of my grad party made it memorable) over beer league softball. Guy said something in the high five line, dude turns around, punched him in the back of the head and killed him.


I remember a story about some young men getting charged with murder because they got in a drunken altercation which escalated to a punch. The guy who got punched fell in such a way that he hit his head on a curb and died instantly. Completely unintentional, but they did kill him.


>How do you accidentally > >beat > > a full grow man in his prime to death By inflicting a head injury if I had to guess


Sounds to me like some kind of gang initiation.


He was definitely about to rat on those bastards and they found out


"Yeah, training accident lol." Either way, we are supposed to trust these asshats? How the fuck do you accidentally beat a coworker to death in a training exercise presumably ly meant to enforce safety? Not buying that shit.


Daily mail is utter BS


Very first thing that came to mind. I’m very curious to know what he was gonna say to someone to call out the slime before that happened. And if that’s the case, proof, once again, why so many cops need safety nets to help clean out the garbage. Oh yeah, there’s an awful lot who’ll “support that thin blue line”, but I’d like to hope there’s a lot as well who joined the police force to be a beacon of good, and fear retaliation for calling out their piggish brethren.


He may have called for help but all the cops just stood there and did nothing like Uvalde... E:T.


Today I realized cops are like pitbulls when they get in groups.


Don't compare them to pitbulls, that's an insult to the pitbulls.


true, four cops pulling a person each way yelling, stop resisting


If I was his partner or family I wouldn’t be allowing the men/police/gang that just beat him to death to carry his body or be involved in the funeral in anyway tbh.


Those in the picture may not be them in fact.


From the article ‘Tipping was laid to rest last Wednesday during a funeral attended by the LAPD police chief Michel Moore, department leaders and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.’


Still affiliated with the same gang


A gang in which the deceased was also a member of...


~~a member of~~ beaten out of


It’s called getting ‘jumped out’ similar to getting ‘jumped in’


so it was an initiation ritual of some sort...


Its one of those things where you're a cannibal and you're at a party with your friends. If things go too far, you have to keep in mind everyone else is still a cannibal. I would never trust a bunch of cops to simulate an attack using me as a training dummy. Their bloodlust just took over.


He was probably one of the good ones, and they wanted him gone.


My thoughts exactly.


Yeah I bet he really held a lot of loyalty to the police once he realised he was being beaten to death


It seems you want to be in the next mob exercise /s


If I was his partner there would be a 40% chance part of me would be very relieved


a great way to start another simulated mob


If you were his partner or family, you too would be brainwashed into thinking he died a hero or something.


Ikr wtf.... They beat him to death during an exercise when they probably shouldn't have hit him for real for real.. And they're at his funeral? There would have been someone standing guard making sure no coppers showed up.


It was just a prank bro


It was they beat someone to death and made an excuse to not go to prison.


Dude was probably about to expose some corrupt cop drug ring or sex trafficking involvement so they iced him. I’ve seen movies.


I have seen that too so i agree with you


I thought this too. But no one will ever get caught because movies aren’t real.


Serpico. Real incident and the movie made it a little glossier, but Frank Serpico was responsible for narking on a whole bunch of NYPD gang members back in the 70s.


Yep, there's no way they could be so stupid to beat someone to death by accident.


I dunno... I've met cops who could be.


Maybe you are right but execution or planned beating seems more plausible.


Cops getting so caught up in their power trip and escalation of violence that they end up killing someone? Sounds pretty familiar tbh.


"Hey Gomez, exercise starts in 20. You're first up." "I don't give a shit if you have a meeting with IA at 1 you'll be done by then!"


Gone wrong (IN THE HOOD) !


Your comment reminded me of this: https://youtu.be/jORviU2oyMQ (SNL - Christopher Walken)


Your comment reminded me of this😂 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FTB2nIIvcqg


For the record radiator fluid (engine coolant) will kill someone. Don’t use it as a “prank”.


It’s a historically popular prank in marriages that lack a prenup


Another popular prank that I've seen is Visine in someone's drink. Just 1 of those small bottles is enough to prank your husband. Add in some life insurance and you've got a *really* fun prank.


For the record, antifreeze will kill you. It's actually terrible at cooling the engine. It's sole purpose is to keep the water from freezing in the winter. It's mixed with water to cool the engine. Water is your actual coolant. If you put straight antifreeze in a vehicle, it will destroy the engine.


[here’s a link](https://nypost.com/2022/06/26/lapd-cop-houston-tipping-was-beaten-to-death-by-officers-in-mob-training-mom-claims/amp/)


Sounds a plain execution "repeatedly struck in the head severely enough that he bled, and that he suffered multiple breaks in his neck, causing his death". If he reported somebody, it will come out.


Yeah, but that was from his mother. Hopefully an officially released autopsy backs that up if true. Until then I'm holding my pitchforks. Sometimes folks just die from a little donk on the noggin if it hits right. If he was knocked down and hit his head, that sure could happen. Or even if he donked his head against another person by accident. But if I were involved in a police gang, and someone like this guy reported me, it seems like a very good way to make murder look like an accident. The claim that others have been injured during this exercise before is meaningless. How severe was the injury? How often was this exercise done? How long has this exercise been taking place? Using the same logic, we could say that people have died drinking water before. Or people have died sleeping before. Or people have died during sex before. All those statements are true, but the benefits of doing that activity outweighs the risk. This "mob training" activity may provide benefits that outweigh the risks. Or it might just be a training exercise thought up by someone that needed to kill someone else, but wanted to make it look like an accident.


>Hopefully an officially released autopsy backs that up if true Conducted by who?


"We investigated ourselves and have found no wrongdoing"


The chief medical examiner. Which is a doctor that is wholly unaffiliated with the police department.


Thats bullshit. The medical examiner is wholly affiliated with the police who do you think testifies for the prosecution at trial? Coroners and police are the same thing when the police very easily strong arm examiners offices. No one is policing the police.


The department is internally investigating the incident to see if “there are any changes that need to be made,” Wtf… if???


Don’t worry, it’s being investigated by the same department. /s


From the article >Other officers had previously been injured in the exercise, bringing the training into question before Tipping died, the claim says


"LAPD declined to comment on the claim. The department is internally investigating the incident to see if “there are any changes that need to be made,” spokesman Capt. Kelly Muniz told the paper." Ahhhh yes, the old investigate your own murder cover up routine. Absolutely nothing suspect at all. Organizations can now investigate themselves when one of their employees die? edit: taking the sentence literally, 'there are any changes...' someone DIED. There does not need to be an investigation to determine that changes are necessary.


Was it some kind of bike training? The details are light, but I wonder if he was teaching how to grapple with a suspect while riding, and fell off the bike or something? LAPD says he suffered a traumatic injury after a fall. His family makes it sound like he was beaten by a simulated mob. I wonder if there is video


Mob attack simulation, not a suspect apprehension situation. They're preparing for riots, and general community outrage/unrest. You don't hear about cops being stomped, or just beaten to death much by mobs. Even during Jan 6th not many officers were beaten to death even though it was the crowd's intention.


At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist that sounds way too convenient of an opportunity to rid themselves of an “undesirable”


This. I genuinely don't see how its possible to accidently beat someone to death, its utterly biziarre to me.


Right, there's no way they didn't see how much damage they were inflicting it would've been obvious


As someone who went through police training (not in the US, but still), I can see how you might accidentally injure someone in basic physical training, during sparring. Or maybe you pepper spray someone by accident during training scenario's and such, or hurt their wrists when doing handcuff exercises, but beating someone to death? Yeah, that's just not something that "whoopsie" happens. Like were they training with actual riot gear and went full YOLO LARPing on one dude's ass or what?


They smelled blood and their eyes rolled back into their heads


You know what they say about "good cops" Either they don't stay good, or they don't stay cops.


or don't stay alive.


Right? Exactly what I thought. Best way to get rid of a troublemaking whistleblower. Cops kill him, say it was an accident. Cops investigate and "prove" it was an accident. They know what questions they will be asked and know how to stick to the same story during interrogation and it's all swept under the rug.


This is what exactly what happened to Pat Tillman. This behavior has been commonplace in all facets of the police and military.


If this truly was a training exercise, they can't even prepare themselves and each other for the job without casualties and we're supposed to trust them with OUR lives on the job? No thank you


Well, you'll be happy to learn that SCOTUS has ruled that police officers have no legal duty to risk their lives to save ours! That makes you happy, right? /s, except for the parts that are true. What an absolute joke this country is turning into


So the police will not protect us, only punish us. And they wonder why they aren’t universally loved?


police are definitively a profit generating arm of the State


Have you seen The Boys


“With great power, comes the absolute certainty that you’ll turn into a right cunt.”


That's not exactly true. SCOTUS ruled that you don't have a constitutional right to be protected by the police. Your state/county/city absolutely **can** require the police to protect its citizens and hold their officers accountable for not performing their duties. Some do; many don't.


I mean, "no legal obligation expect when SOMEONE else says you have to" is very similar to what that other person said.


At this point America feels like a subreddit slowly turning to shit




But women have a legal duty to risk their lives carrying a fetus to term


Fun fact: The police can require you to put YOUR life in danger to do their job for them when they are too lazy to do it themselves. For example, if your neighbor calls the police because her husband is threatening her with a gun, they can call YOU and make YOU go next door and check out the situation without telling you any details. If you refuse, you can be imprisoned. If you get injured or die, you can't sue. Slavery is legal in the US, and it's not just for people who "committed a crime" like they pretend. For idiots unable to use a search engine for basic information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refusing_to_assist_a_police_officer#United_States Police owe you NOTHING. You owe police EVERYTHING. This country should fucking burn.


A while back, in the middle of the night, I was snorkeling in a river popular with tubers, collecting all the stuff they had dropped. These cops up on a bridge saw me and called me over. They had 2 kids cuffed. They asked if I could snorkel down and find a bag of weed the kids tossed when they were coming up on them. I was shocked…isn’t that against “chain of custody” procedures. But I went in. I knew if I shined my light elsewhere the cops couldn’t see what I was doing at all. I found the bag super quick, but I shined the light the other direction and put it in my pouch with everything else I had found. Got a couple pieces of garbage off the bottom and brought those up “to be checked” and told them that’s all I found. They were pissed and had to let the kids go. And I got a baggie outta the deal.


I was actually charged with this in 2020 when I tried to film a traffic stop. Apparently by refusing to leave the public area, I was “failing to assist him.” Fortunately it didn’t stick. https://imgur.com/a/q7MgxdC


But would that not make them absolutely useless trash...


I mean if he resisted arrest they did exactly what cops would do in that situation so it seems like they knocked it out of the fucking park


"Training exercise"


One of the Very many occasions where they *didn’t* stop the simulation :,’(


*just like the simulations*


LAPD: We Practice Like We Play.


You put that in quotes.. but seems like a normal day for future cops


So sad when young men join gangs like this.


Yeah, the initiation didn’t exactly go to plan.


:( this makes my stomach hurt


How do we reach these kids?


This comment is not a joke. The police are a gang. [You're Wrong About: Gangs](https://open.spotify.com/episode/2125zMBuVWSDusIYj7WlxY?si=16TdjJtdTT-rtKtu86OMkA&utm_source=copy-link)


American cops are so fucked in the head, like seriously you beat your fellow officer to death by accident?!? Let me guess, no one was held accountable. 😒


it was probably gang violence, LA police have many officer gangs.


Yup. Those fuckers kill and rob for fun and no one does anything about it except that one DA and they're about to run him out of town


We have conducted an internal investigation and found that there was no foul play


Those involved will get paid leave and additional hardship pay


Et tu, Brute?


I promise you this wasn't an accident. I'm sure we'll have stories coming out later that the officer was "displeased with the way the LAPD was working."


It wasn't an accident.


Maybe he knew too much?


Nah, just standard gang initiation stuff. It's called getting beat in https://www.edmontonpolice.ca/CommunityPolicing/OrganizedCrime/Gangs/TraitsofGangMembers


My thoughts exactly 🥶 he prolly wanted to protect and serve 👮‍♂️


How dare he!


I thought this was the Mob?


Getting jumped into a gang will, on occasion, have its consequences.


Wait you're saying cops, especially LA area officers are like a gang? [Reuters article ](https://www.reuters.com/legal/government/la-is-investigating-50-year-old-police-gangs-finally-2022-03-30/)


> The deputy gangs create a shadow system of supervision, in conflict with the actual chain of command, and have an us-against-them culture that leads to racial profiling, frequent and excessive use of force, and sometimes deaths. > > At least 18 of these secretive groups have been identified over the years, with macabre names like the Banditos, Jump Out Boys, Executioners and Grim Reapers, according to a 2021 report from the Loyola Law School Center for Juvenile Law and Policy. No gang problem here, well 18 of them, but no problem pls don't investigate


I don't have a drinking problem. I drink, I get drunk, I fall down. What's the problem?


for more LAPD shit I recommend The Dollop #39 (beginning), 40 (James Davis Years), 42 (swat) and 44 (rampart)


Dont forget christopher dorner


YoU CaN't CoRnEr ThE dOrNerR.


He probably spoke out against brutality


This is in LAPD which has multiple gangs within it, it might’ve even been that


I guess they graduated to field work


Well we found the one cop who wasn't on the take


Proof of being trained to kill not to protect and serve


Protect (private property) & Serve (the rich). You gotta read the small print


Gang initiation failed.


Guys. That was just an exercise to beat someone to death. We have seen cops do that all the time.


That’s a new way to say hazing. Politically police polite. They have such childish excuses.


Being the lapd I can't help but wonder if this was a covered up murder.


Sounds like Lapd officer knew or seen something he wasn't supposed to...


Does the name of this sub mean anything anymore? What's "oddly" terrifying about someone's colleagues viciously beating them to death during a simple work exercise? That's just regularly horrifying


Almost every post here now isn’t “oddly” at all.


To be fair, the posts over on r/horrifying aren't even really remotely horrifying, so I can see this getting traction here....


Hey, a gang that would rather jump you out of it than in.


More like “Cop who was going to rat on dirty cops was executed by being beaten to death”


And than the murderers carried his casket. Fucking savage.


I 100% know there’s foul play. This guy was gonna snitch on someone in the precinct.


Definitely politically motivated. He did something and they wanted him dead.


Typical gang behavior.


An internal investigation will be made to just say “ it was a rookie prank bro” and the officer who committed the murder will with be: 1) be considered having ptsd and put on leave and retire with full pension Or 2. get transfered to another county where they wont remember him


Why are blue lives matter silent? They never talk about blue on blue crime.


Must have tried to stop a school shooting, or allow a woman to have some rights. Can’t have that shit.


And they’ll be added to the death statistics showing how dangerous police work is. Spoiler: Police officer is ranked #20 most dangerous job in the US. 8 spots after Crossing Guard.


Must've been the rare "Good Cop"


Proof that most cops in the USA need more than 6 weeks of training.


Cops…Such a bunch of dumbasses. Even dogs know how to play without hurting one another.


Aahhh so hes the rat in the group


Probably a cover up , who’s knows


Sounds an awful lot like gang initiations


I bet he found out about corruption and just wouldn't shut up.


I'll bet somebody was talking to internal affairs.


Sounds about cop


How didn't they not know when to stop? How they even think throwing real kicks and punches would be okay?


So, if I’m getting this right, in order to have my civil rights protected, I need to become a cop.


Gang initiation gone wrong.


So I’m assuming they successfully competed the training, got paid leave, and medals/promotions.


This is how you take out a rat. "Training Accident"


Not beaten to death the word is murdered, he was murdered.


Kinda like First week: witness other officers taking money during a vehicle search and you turn them in. Second week: you are told your accusations can ruin your career. The next night you almost get beat to death on the side of the highway because you called for backup and they took 8 minutes to travel one mile. When they were already in their cars. At 1am. State patrol and another jurisdiction came just in time. From several miles away. Edit: good news though, one is in a mental institution and will never be a cop again, the other is now a groundskeeper with the city so he can still qualify for his city pension at year 20. But not because of this. It took 8 years.


Alll I’m seeing is cop wouldn’t play along being a corrupt piece of shit so they beat him to death in a training incident


Lol it must have been an isolated incident/he must have done something to deserve it/why was he resisting/he looked threatening 🤷‍♀️ Thoughts and prayers!


Yeah. He probably wasn't like the Authoritarian cops. He wouldn't get with their program.


lapd has known gangs. with gang style beat ins. there's been a lot of coverage about this


No offense to this officer and his family, but the daily mail is just a terrible news source in general.


Wonder what he knew.


I’m so confused.


Probably an initiation to get into the cop gang. He failed obviously.


Simulated? It is of general knowledge that if you die in the matrix, you die on the real world.


Sounds like a score was settled, or a message sent to others on that force. acab


Literally trained killers


Maybe a cop-gang hit. He probably didn’t join whatever fascist outfit reigns at his department. You think I’m kidding? Go check out how many cop gangs exist. It’ll make your toes curl.


Snitches get special training.


Them LA boys at it again




Police so vicious they killing each other now, lmao


Holy shit this is actually real. I had to look it up due to the sheer level of absurdity...


Odd and terrifying =/= oddly terrifying. For something to be oddly terrifying, it has to be something that isn’t supposed to be terrifying, but is for unexplainable reasons. A cop beaten to death in a mob attack training exercise is just straight up terrifying.


That screams “internal hit” to me 👀


Not sure "simulated" is the right word there.


u/M0N3Y7INE “oddly terrifying” and “odd and terrifying” are not the same and this doesn’t fit the sub.


He should have complied.


I mean if thats what they’d do to one of their own, I can only imagine what they’d do to an unarmed civilian. I hope the officers responsible for his death are promptly and thoroughly investigated. But i doubt that’ll happen.


Not even pigs are safe from fellow pigs.