Are these post hydraulically retractable? Looks like it rams the car from below.


No, the way they're made, the weak point is at the base of the post. So it kind of turns into a ramp when people hit it. Edit; I'll just put this here so everyone knows why this is happening. These narrow roads for calming measures have been all over the country for years. They are normally 2.25 metres which is wide enough for cars but not trucks. (modern truck drivers can't be trusted not to use side roads so these are put in to stop them). The very minimum road width is 5.5 metres (2.25 metres per lane) for a side road of this speed, it's usually 6 metres (3 metres per lane). I think the reason it's catching everyone out is that this 5cm narrower than the minimum. The left wheel of each car is hitting the barrier which is at the kerb. Small amount but enough to catch everyone out. Plus modern cars are getting wider and wider. All road design, widths, sizes depending on the speed of the road is documented in thousands of pages that should be followed by the builders but some don't always follow the guidelines properly which results in problems like this. The sign may say the width of the road but it could be more narrow than that because someone can't use a tape measure. Link to page 2. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/405938/HS2_Rural_Road_Design_Criteria.pdf


Well, I’ll bet they only make that mistake once.


I can’t see the post from any of these angles. I have no idea what’s happening in this video. Would it be so hard to add an image that shows the post?


Here: https://twitter.com/resophonick/status/1449099171227709451?t=wCGzFOYRVi8TXu3rDNSgAQ&s=19


Ahhh so it’s like feature that slims the lane down to shitty parking spot width so that traffic has to “calm down” and pay attention to drive through safely. Except rather than calming down and paying attention, people are just smacking into it. Seems like shitty design imo


We are VERY poorly engineered.


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Thank you so much for this explanation, I couldn't make it square in my head, it really looks like some kind of piston is firing the cars.


I think its doing exactly what its supposed to do. We need them in my neighborhood.


I dunno, I would hope that there are big obnoxious signs detailing that your vehicle can and will be damaged if you drive bad here. Might as well toss in some axes swinging along the lines just to make sure we really punish *physically* them for negligence. There’s got to be a safer way to encourage safe driving lol


People will do anything but blame the cars.




If only there were a way for the people driving those cars to participate in society without driving 🤔


The road itself doesn't look any narrower. It looks like as long as you're not on the curb and you're paying attention while driving you should be fine


So they're just fucking blind!? I thought this thing was coming up from underneath, or was at least in the road. You're telling me they're driving onto the God damned sidewalk?


I thought the same thing until I realized people are literally driving into the side of the road.


So these morons just can't drive through the narrow lane huh? I almost felt bad for them


To be fair; It looks SUPER narrow. Like, I’m American and I doubt my car would even fit through that


I drive a truck for a shipping company. A 35 foot panel truck through some of the narrowest streets you can imagine where I live in Salt Lake. Its hard to feel bad for these jackwagons after seeing its just a narrow space thats meant to make you slow down to 5 mph. I really thought it was a hydraulic speed bump or some kid popping a airbag off when people drove by. Like my hell how do you even do this?! I bet there is signs posted too.


Yeah this is just sad, bad, driving


Jackwagon-- this will be my new word of the day


I just told you am old without telling I was old


I've never heard it before. It's my new favorite word


A good friend from work who passed away a couple of years ago used to use this word. Brings back poignant memories 🥲


The red circles do nothing.


Thanks for the link. It makes sense now.


Thank you. Seems to me these drivers are just not paying attention.


See the two posts? There is a third one you can’t see that they are hitting. Nothing coming up from the ground.


Word. I saw a comment lower down that showed an image from a different angle. That helped, but I’m still confused because all the posts are in a line.


No. I see seven black posts and two yellow boxes of some kind.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’ve seen what you speak of, surprised they aren’t illegal!


That’s a solid post


This is an under ramped comment


Its driving me into nuts


10 mins and I still can’t view WHAT is doing it, how someone post a pic it’s driving me mad


I’m so confused by what is going on here glad I’m not the only one 😅


Ok so the driveway just in front of the obstruction is lowered and the same colour as the road. So what is happening is people are actually partially driving on the pavement (sidewalk) and they are clipping the left bollard with the passenger side front tire. If you look closely there are white lines on the road leading up to the bollards, the cars that crash aren't centered in the lines.


Great explanation!


I think in addition drivers misjudge where the curb is due to that strangely shaped sign. Noone expects a signpost to have a bend in the middle so they probably think that the curb is below that sign, not a few dozen centimeters more inward


Here is the gap from another angle https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/NINTCHDBPICT000686411277.jpg?strip=all&w=960 Wtf are they hitting??


I don’t get it. I imagined there was one of those poles that comes up out of the ground to create a barrier… how are the cars getting so much air? It seems like there’s something coming up out of the ground and pushing the cars upwards.


>those poles that comes up out of the ground to create a barrier… A bollard, like [these.](https://youtu.be/i_Cw0QJU8ro)


Yes, exactly. I had no idea what they were called. Thank you!


But I don’t see anything that could come out of the ground in the picture.


Oh, I have no idea what they're hitting. I was just providing a word.


Ah ok that makes sense lol.


They bend at the base when hit by a car so they turn into a ramp. Edit; The standard road width is minimum 5.5 metres, or 2.25 metres per lane. I think the reason it's catching everyone out is that it's 5cm narrower than normal. The left wheel of each car is hitting the barrier which is at the kerb. Small amount but enough to catch everyone out.




Could be true but something must surely be wrong with that particular layout. There are a lot of stupid drivers but still thats a lot of accidents in such a short time.


Yeah. I was gonna say that this is clearly a bad design to create that many accident in such a short time, especially when most of the drivers are at such low speed.


I'm from the US and I know the roads are different, but the gap looks REALLY narrow to me. If I was driving on a road and it suddenly got narrow like that, I wouldn't be expecting it and might hit it as well. Especially since it's new and if it's a common route I drive my brain is half on autopilot. I know, I'm I'm shitty driver and every driver should 100% focus on the road 100% of the time. Also the phrase "traffic calming" seems to be more of a "hard place to drive through" Lind of like speed bumps are hard parts of the road to drive over. Seems at least a little intentional here.


A lot of countries like UK have tiny roads and don’t have large highways like we do. My ex used to come over and flip a biscuit driving.


Flip a biscuit driving? Is that a sexual reference I don't understand? Great. Now I need to open google incognito just in case.


Haha! No. He flipped a bitch, but I’m trying to quit cursing as much. It’s been hard today, tbh. He always commented on how large our “carriage ways” were. He came for pax south one year and those highways tripped me out too, tbh.


Haha I'm stealing "flip a biscuit" hope you don't mind!


Nope! Take it!


This is a UK road. The standard size of a narrow road is about 2.4 metres but this is 2.2 which I think it's why it's catching everyone out.


Much like the great Milwaukee Roundabout!


My guess: the post are very low, the gap is narrow, and the road ahead angles and curves slightly. Drivers are losing sight of the posts as they begin to enter the gap (but the posts are still in front of them). They have no reference anymore and move to the road ahead as the reference. With the road as a reference, they steer to match the angle and curve of road ahead. This is enough to cause them to hit post, which they can’t see.


If a design catches out one driver, that's a bad driver. If it catches out 10 divers in a month, it's a bad design.


The blue van stops like it hit a barrier that stopped it cold.


They are metal barriers but hollow. The proper terrorist security barriers are solid steel that go about 20 or 30cm into the ground. These street barriers are just hollow with a small foundation.


It's because the driveway before the post is level with the road. Drivers don't notice that they're on the curb.


Ahh that's it! The drivers are moving left to avoid the centre island and they're not hitting any curb.


It's only level with the road because of someone's driveway. So are they driving over the lines and then up the curb?? What


Yep, they don't know the width of their car and drive on the curb, thus hitting the pole. The width restriction has been there since 1980, so not like its a new thing...


But why is the width restriction there? Do you know?


Traffic calming, slows cars right down. Maybe a cut off from a 40mph road into a 20mph area or there is a school just further up or something.


Why not just use a speed bump. I'd imagine it's just as effective and looks nicer


The metal pole seems to calm traffic right down to a stop.


Well if you're not coming to almost a complete stop at a speed bumb then you're doing it wrong


Speed bumps are a curse to first responders.


Would this not also be a curse for them, I'm not some weird fanboy of speed bumps or anything btw, just curious.


Emergency vehicles can use the central area meant for buses. While speed bumps can also work there are reasons they may not be ideal: they can cause water drainage issues and residents often complain about the noise from cars hitting them.


In theory, it's wide enough to leave 10cm (4 inches) either side. In practice, I think what's happening is an unhappy overlap of bad design, and drivers not paying attention. 1 they don't notice the sign indicating it's a narrow lane, and there's so much visual clutter as you approach, driver doesn't realise the lane is narrower than normal, and hence they don't slow down. 2 when they actually get up to it, they realise there's a ruddy great pole very close. Because the poles are so low, by the time they get close, they can only see the one on the drivers side. They don't realise there's a pole equally close on the passenger side. Instinctively, they steer to the left to give themselves more room. 3 even if they arrive dead center, it takes minimal steering to the left to move the car over the 10cm, and ... BANG. If you're in a van, you've probably got less than 7cm (3 inches) either side.


This feels like a really good explanation. A very narrow lane + poles that aren't very well seen = car go 💥. If there was less clutter around the area and the poles were painted more vibrant, perhaps there would be less accidents.


It looks like something is lifting them up fro underneath


Fuck The Sun


2.1 metres is damn narrow, some cars can't even fit that.


Apparently they're to keep HGVs from using residential roads by having the road width narrow to only the use of cars with a curb and a post on either side. The cars seen aren't aware of the edge because the drive way before it is sloped so it's level with the road they're driving on already, unable to tell where the curb and post are. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16414862/ten-cars-police-van-smash-traffic-calming-post/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwiK0sn3oNHzAhXPl3IEHfwZDd0QFnoECAYQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0ZVWIKTj_9M9zZzpr5wiBK&cf=1


Looks like it's more narrow than the usual size, which I think is 2.4 metres.


7 ft is 2133.6 mm Our Audi A8 is 2130 mm wide… should be fun….


You’ve got almost 2mm on either side to work with! Tf are you bitching about? Back in my day, we had to hammer in the sides of the car to fit through those gaps. Kids these days have it so easy, I swear!


Haha, I apologise. I know you had to do it uphill in the snow each way. We’re just lazy nowadays!


WD40 was obligated to pass.


That read was delightfully british


How do you get a concrete truck in there for your new driveway? Just an example.


Looks like a shittily conceived and shittily applied idea on all accounts.


No fucking way that's 7 ft!!! Looks about the size of a Ford focus and that is NOT 7 feet wide


The ridiculous part is that the city council came and investigated, saw that there was zero gap between curb and posts, and basically said it's up to you to drive slowly and be careful there.


Wait until one of them hits it


So it’s supposed to stop wider vehicles from using the road how, exactly? By trapping them in the narrow space when they try to drive through it??


Oh yes, car accidents are so calming, thanks calming posts!!


It calms traffic by making people take a walk after destroying their cars


The sprinter van didn’t care and just wanted to keep driving by revving the engine lool


It probably took out the transmission pan, no fluid, van go vroom


Traffic "calming" measures. We have some in our town and I can assure you they are far from calming. Grrr!


My town put flower planters on both sides of certain streets to make it 1 lane in a few spots. Annoying?? Absolutely. But they are fairly effective at slowing down traffic.


Ok but the point isn't to keep cars safe. It's to keep pedestrians safe from bad drivers. I'm not saying there aren't problems with this design but it is kind of doing its job. Maybe just too well.


We have two in Reading that most people call the ‘bells’ as they look like two big bells on the floor and it is as tight as the video. I refuse to go down there, it’s the best way to screw your alloys up and it scares the shit out of me everytime I have tried to go haha


Same with roundabouts in my city. They are supposed to be safer and more convenient but that’s on paper and idiots really do not know how yields work


That's not the roundabout's fault, it's the idiots behind the 2ton machines.


i always feel much safer at a roundabout, makes taking left turns onto busy roads with high speed limits feel like less of a death sentence


Oh absolutely, like I don’t mind roundabouts I just hate the idiots on them that can’t seem to spare 5 seconds to drive cautiously


yeah, in what world is getting somewhere slightly faster worth putting yourself, and everyone around you (although i doubt those people care about others) in significant danger every day


I learned to drive in Waco, TX where there’s a big roundabout affectionately known as “The Circle.” (Over?)Protective parents would forbid kids to drive on it.


They only work if people know how to use them.


They work well if people know how to use them, but that's a big "if".


That's why here in Western Australia at least (no idea what those people over East do) you have to do at least one roundabout on your driving test to pass. If you don't yield to the right (we drive on the left lane in Aus), don't slow down before the stop line, don't take the roundabout at a reasonable speed, etc, you don't pass. There are idiots who speed through them and nearly crash every time they do it, but they generally tend to be dangerous drivers regardless. Had one try to overtake me through a roundabout which was terrifying.


When I, an American drove in Norway it was refreshing that everyone I encountered in a roundabout new how to properly use it. I even learned to signal when exiting from them. Thanks for improving my driving. Still doesn't always help when using them at home with other drivers.


And a lot of people don't, so therefore the city has to make things like that. Because the idiots who can't yield or slow down ruin for the rest of us.


It’s in practice that we know they’re safer. People are idiots but being one still means there’s a lower likelihood of a crash.


Getting cunts of the street is part of it.


I work round the corner to this, at night you can't see the poles due to how much paint is on them which has covered the reflective paint.


I'm not going to complain about speed bumps anymore.


The police vehicle was going sooooo slow still hit it


Why not use speed bumps?


What the hell IS that thing? How are the cars not damaged? Calming post? I'd be fucking hysterical if I went over that thing.


https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16414862/ten-cars-police-van-smash-traffic-calming-post/ Sorry its the scum, but it shows the actual place quite well. There's nothing coming up from the ground, they shouldn't be going over anything. They appear to be going over things because they're approaching it too fast and going up the kerb, by the looks of things.


Let me really question its engineers…


My two cents: I think it’s because the driver is on the right side of the car so they think they are being safe by avoiding the posts in the middle of the road, but they go a little too far to the left and get launched by the post in their blind spot. Edit: I’m from the US and this looks like something we designed and tricked you into installing. Speed bumps work just fine for slowing cars down, no need to have an obstacle course.


What the actual fuck are they hitting?


Been watching trying to figure it out, but I looks like they may be driving UP one of the poles on the passenger side, launching the car up like that


More like tragic death post


That's not oddly terrifying that's crappy design lol


My mom's workplace installed a bunch of new speed bumps as a traffic calming measure, but they were way too high and there was almost no slope. It was like someone cut a cylindrical tube in half and stuck it right on the road. They removed them after 3 separate employees suffered minor injuries in a single week.


Growing up I had a friend who’s apartment complex had speed bumps like that. They were so high if you had a low profile car you had to actually hit them faster to keep from Fucking up your trim or bottoming out.


Ugh I hate speed bumps like that. The purpose of speed bumps is to slow people down, not force them to to an almost complete stop to avoid getting whiplash haha.


who ever green-lights these things is a grade-A cunt to be fair


Councils are the fucking worst


If it were one or two people, sure. But ten plus a cop? Obviously a massive design flaw.


I like how we can't actually see the fucking thing in any of these videos


Well that looks like it was a genius idea.




More like a traffic startling post if you ask me!


To think of the time, planning and money spent on this shit.... how many people thought it was a good idea.... the decades of traffic control devices and road engineers all fucking wasted!


The real nightmare is that camera angle


Even the police will sue the local government for this.


My hands b like "byes steaming hot coffee" My face b like "hello, you hot messy coffee"


Jesus imagine if there was kids or a pregnant person in those cars. A few almost flipped


All aspects of the UK are a joke


A lot of interesting comments except the one I need ... WTF is a traffic calming post? I suppose if I take what's in this video and try to think it through ... a post that reduces traffic by destroying all the cars that are part of it? But why?


Traffic calming is where the local authority responsible for the road make the road narrower (or at least feel narrower) in order to get people to drive slower or more carefully. A traffic calming post is a post placed close to the edge of the road, so that drivers think, 'that's narrow, I'd better slow down'. Of course some ass-hats see slowing down as a weakness, and some people have little spatial awareness, in this video you see what happens when you aren't slow/careful enough. Hope that helps.


Tf is a traffic calming post


Necessary infrastructure to stop cars from killing people and polluting residential neighborhoods with noise.


Looking at the area from another angle makes me think these drivers are just not skilled enough to drive through tight spots. They're having a hard time getting a good estimate of the clearance. I've been driving for 15 years in the hellish traffic of The Philippines where you always experience driving into traffic with just 2-5 inches side by side clearance with other vehicles. Never had any scratches so far, fortunately. That doesn't make us good drivers though lol. Edit: A word


Yeah. No, I don’t want to drive the Philippines.


What a worthless design


This sparks a visceral hatred toward whoever designed it


There is a ramped curb on left hand side, this is not right. It should have a curved edge to funnel you in if you judge it wrong. Poor road design/shoddy work mixed in with a bit of crappy driving.


What’s doing that?


Looks like a pretty shit idea, repairs should be charged to the department that put them in. Maybe I'm wrong and the angle is just bad, but from this video that looks like a terrible thing to install. Also this isn't oddly terrifying, shouldn't be posted here imo.


Now this is oddly terrifying.


Not sure why they’d put a bottleneck with poles other than for this exact purpose. Thanks for the content.


That’s so dangerous


What is causing this? Cant see the bush in the way lol


I don't think anyone is calm now.


I’ll bet every single one was driven by a distracted driver


I guess the accidents block the road every now and then so traffic can calm down for a while.


Oh, I get it now! So after reading several posts and seeing several images of the street I understood that the car was going up a driveway and Hitting the post, I just didn't understand how they didn't notice how far over they were. I finally realized that their driver seats are on the opposite side from us in the states so they are smashing their passenger side into those polls.


This reminded me of when the built new speed bumps about my Apartment causes people liked to speed up and diwn that road. Unfortunately they built them yo steep so you would literally go flying even with low speed. They have to redo them


It's a clearly bad design to be causing that many accidents.


What in the heck is a traffic calming post?


That’s a 7’ width restriction, I used to drive big Ocado delivery vans through stuff like that at 20 without hitting anything, these are just very poor drivers


Our city installed rumble strips one house down from mine at a new four-way stop. They are annoying as hell. I can only imagine what this sounds like in those houses!


What an awful video. Not one time do we get to see what they hit. Not one time.


This seems to be making things worse. I’d hate to live near one of these, imagine all the noise!


Theres a post from the sun on this. Its stupid narrow. https://www.the-sun.com/news/3852326/ten-cars-police-van-smash-traffic-calming-post/


I'll be damned if I can what they're hitting in a single clip.


Jeepers that design causes a lot of damage — way out of proportion with the problem it was trying to solve.


This is just a typically shitty British design. The sidewalks on each side look to be 7’ wide, just like the narrow travel lanes. Pedestrians need as much room as cars? Then there is the Bus lane in the center that looks to be 12’ wide, the width of a normal U.S. lane. Then there are the two center islands which take up another 5’ of roadway space and do nothing but hole the bollards. It is a roadway for cars, but somehow everyone/everything else (buses, pedestrians, islands, bollards, get more space then the cars.


Why does England have the urge to make roads worse. Who keeps advocating and paying for this?


They just stuck a post in the road? LOL so much LOL. Back to the drawing board so-called traffic engineer.


What the fuck is this man.


hahahaha so good!


Seems like it works just fine.


What the heck is "traffic calming post"?


They should create a website similar to http://11foot8.com


Imagine explaining such an accident to your insurance company


This is just funny


Reminds me of Robot Wars for some reason


This is a hot mess.


Those are the most aggressive hedges I've ever seen.


[This image will explain it. sorry I'm late](https://www.google.com/search?q=traffic+calming+post+uk&client=firefox-b-m&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjyho7NttLzAhVsD2MBHXUtBlYQ_AUICCgD&biw=408&bih=685#imgrc=AR8ZTd-wbDKq0M)


Hmm, you're right it is calming to watch


Looking at the images that people have posted it just looks like bad placement and shoddy design, there's like 1 inch either side of the car and it's just after a driveway dip in the curb so it's deceiving.


Does its job very well 8/10


Interesting post.


#cops: is this entrapment!


I’m not really sure what is happening


‘Keep Calm and Crash On’


I bet those people in traffic are anything but calm.


very calm indeed


Typical UK


Can anyone be so kind as to explain what's going on? I think, if I'm not mistaken, there are retractable posts coming out of somewhere in the ground, sort of impaling the cars(?)