WOW! New LaGuardia is nice! In the old LaGuardia it would've just been a waterfall of hot piss leaking from the ceiling....


Have they finally finished the construction at LaGuardia? Haven't been since 2019 and I'm pretty sure the nicest thing there at that point was an Auntie Anne's.


I think the delta terminal is still sorta in progress but LGA is nice now. Go figure


> LGA is nice now What a time to be alive. I never thought I would see the day that those words were ever uttered.


I fly into LaGuardia for the first time next month. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks and to find this fountain if it's at my terminal.


It’s in Terminal B.


Thanks! Too bad I'm flying into Terminal C haha


Terminal C also just opened a few months ago so I’m sure you’ll enjoy your experience there too. Terminal A is the only one not recently renovated since it’s a historical landmark.


Terminal C is beautiful too.


Left New York 9 years ago, still find this hard to picture. Next you’ll tell me you no longer wish for the sweet release of death as soon as you enter Penn Station


Still sucks to get to.


The starting point matters... coming from the throgs, of rather LGA than JFK...


Lol delta terminal is 100% old school LGA. Shocker.


Somehow yes! Honestly surprised to see this day, especially since they’ve been doing construction since I was a kid


Spent 30 years of my career (pre-COVID) flying out of LaGuardia every fucking week. The new terminals are absolutely gorgeous. This pisses me off.


Been about 6 months since I was there. When I was most things were updated, but I did have to take a stroll through an un-renovated portion on the way to my gate. So I think they're quite close, but still have some work left.


Yes! I think there’s one left to finish renovating. But I flew out of LGA recently and it was so nice I’m trying to get all of my flights out of there now.


Yes and no, they're still working on the garages which are also where Uber/Lyft pickups are.


They haven't completely finished but their hard work is finally showing. I think this water fall is in the Southwest Airline terminal


The old Laguardia was a total dump for decades. It was so sad that one of (if not the) most prolific city in the world had such a junky airport to welcome people. They did such a good job upgrading it.


We flew out of Term B a couple of weeks ago. In my mind, LGA would be dirty and cramped. But if was clean, bright, and spacious. Flying on a Saturday probably helped, but it turned out to be one of the best airport experiences I've had in years.


The new LaGuardia legit feels like you're in a mall.


I don't trust this! You can say it is different all day long, but I'll never forget that one layover where I had a warm glass of white wine and then was told that if I needed to take a shit I should wait until I get on the plane.....I remember....


Oh don’t worry it still sucks


I honestly think new terminal B is the single best terminal in NYC area


Lol thats a fairly low bar. Yeah Laguardia is historically the shittiest one but Newark and JFK aren't exactly pleasant But I still agree with you, it really is amazing after the renovation


EWR Terminal C isn’t bad.


LGA is still a pain to get in and out of. I don't know if they can ever change that but B terminal is gorgeous. I'll never forget my first time there before the renovation. I thought it was a joke I wasn't in on.


I second this, fly every other week from Terminal B, and it's a pleasure of an experience. Great food options, beautiful airport and facilities.


…..at LaGuardia? This is my LaGuardia we’re talking about right? What a world. I never thought I’d live to see the day.


I understand that there’s a spiffing new TWA terminal at Idlewild airport. I shall have to book a flight there on one of Mr. Lockheed’s new Constellation aeroplanes.


The centurion lounge is the bees knees.


Flying out of Westchester (HPN) is like flying out of a private airport. 15 minutes from door to gate. Pretty great!


Are you high? I used to walk past what looked like refugee tent camps that smelled of stale hotdog water. It’s beautiful now.


Strongly disagree. LaGuardia used to be an embarrassment. Now it is probably my fav airport in the tristate.


I flew into LGA in June and was blown away at how nice it has gotten. It's not even close anymore, JFK and EWR are a far away second and third.


Nothing blows harder than Newark though. Hands down, without a question the worst airport I have ever flown out of.


Can’t be a New Yorker without complaining about everything


I still remember the one time I had a stopover in LaGuardia that there was an actual gate to board a plane ON A STAIRCASE.




Software "engineers"






Tbh, they likely just copy and pasted code from stackoverflow. Maybe you should target that community with your throat punch threats.


Reddit still chose to use any shitty code they copied. They’ve seen how awful it works and how much people hate it and want to fixed. That’s on Reddit.


Yeah, no excuse for releasing something so shitty, untested, etc, on one of the most-used websites on the internet. But hey, they probably have a 4 year degree.


I use Reddit is Fun on mobile and it always works flawlessly for me, so I find it hard to understand the hate.


Narwhal reporting in, never any problems with Reddit video.


i have a few problems with the player, but the reddit app is worse with how many times it just freezes


Yep, I use reddit is fun also and have switched to the official reddit app from time to time for various reasons. The reddit video player does have a few issues with lag on RiF, but it is a steaming pile of shit on the reddit app.


Throat punches for everyone!


This is such a brainlet took-a-CS-class-in-University take. Yes, writing software requires lots of research every day, and stackoverflow is a common forum for that research to be discussed, but that’s no excuse for releasing shitty software, just because they “copy and pasted from a common forum”.


Relax, you don't have to worry about copilot coming for your job just yet. It's just a programming meme. Spend 5 seconds on /r/programmerhumor and you'll see it plenty.


Yes, which is why most people who actually work in software development despise 99% of what’s posted on that sub.


>Yes, which is why most people who actually work in software development despise 99% of what’s posted on that sub. "Yes, it's a meme, but here's some other random statement to justify taking a joke too seriously". I also work in software development, but I can take a joke. There's some funny stuff there, lots of repetition though just like every other subreddit.


We are all allowed our hills to die on. Mine is seeing redditors cosplaying as devs speaking for a profession that they thoroughly misunderstand.


"CODE IS CRAFT" - You, probably It's just programming. It's not that serious.


… Ok dude


exactly lol


Exactly, what? Programming is such a part of your identity that anyone who casually enjoys it upsets you? My god, some of you guys are such fucking dorks. Imagine if chefs reacted the same way you are about hobbyist programmers. "This motherfucker had the audacity to microwave leftovers. I hope they get food poisoning for disgracing my profession".


It's not Stack Overflow's fault some stupid reddit intern doesn't know what they're doing.


Nah. It reddit app used to work fine before back in 2020 ish. They put some edgy non technical person in charge and they keep adding useless features that break existing crucial features. Or might be one of those nu-age inexperienced devs who belive python is the solution to everything.


Lol its always the worst feeling to hop onto an app for the first time since an update and see what the developers decided to screw up for no reason. That's exactly how I felt the day reddit added the video player that rarely works when I used to have zero issues before. Not to mention not being able to navigate all the comments and other issues I seem to come across more and more.


It's hard to code for chimps


> And I want to find whoever created the Reddit Video “Player” and punch them straight in the throat. [That is pretty much all of us here](https://imgur.com/UptVgu9)


If you’re on iOS then u/iamthatis has the best media player going in the Apollo app. Been using it for years and I recommend it to everyone


Right? Like it's getting *worse*. Which is really saying something.


Come to Apollo (the app). No such issues over here.




They need to make it to where we can save vids


Right? It's been *years* and not only do people still have to rely on the save video bots for downloading, but also the video player doesn't even work anymore. And all it has to do is play videos! How could they get that wrong? We're de-evolving.


You can't even save photos now! The official app is garbage.


Never use the official app. I personally use Reddit is Fun and have 0 issues. I can also save pictures and videos!


Just use a 3rd party app. This is a solved problem.


It shouldn’t even need to be solved with a completely different app. It’s a video player. It’s supposed to do just that one thing. It was fine until they switched to whatever garbage they developed on their own a while back. We can communicate and receive data still from something we yeeted from earth into space decades ago, but it’s too hard to play a video on the phone when we click the play button?


The third party apps came first, so wouldn't that mean that the official reddit app is the other app? I'm not sure why Reddit decided to make something that was worse than what already existed. And I'm really perplexed why anyone would use the new, worse app over the tried and true apps.


Seriously, I do not understand the appeal of the official reddit app when things like RiF exist. Such a better experience.


Have to admit, I've never heard of RiF. Going to look for it now.


"Reddit is Fun" by the way if you haven't already found it


Reddit made them change their name because they were the #1 result in Google Play and Reddit was sick of it. It's actually "RIF is fun" now.


Really? That's ridiculous, I've had it on my phone for so long that I had no idea! Edit: wow, the name is "rif is fun" on the shortcut too, I never noticed before.... my world just got turned upside down lol


I prefer Joey on Android. But they're both good.


Reddit is fun, might be android only


When I search rif, all I see is an app called apollo for reddit. Is that it? Edit: Cool thanks y’all, Imma try out Apollo then.


No it's rif. Used to be 'reddit is fun' now just 'rif is fun', I think (trademarks and shit). It's the old reddit interface and just awesome.


Is it an android exclusive? I just don’t see it on ios. I think iOS version of rif is apollo for reddit then, because it’s the first search result when I type rif.


For iOS you want Apollo.


Ah, yeah, I think it's android exclusive.


Switch to Apollo, and don’t look back.


Reddit is fun, might be android only


Apollo is an absolutely perfect Reddit app imo. The dev is always able to answer questions on Reddit. It’s a great app. Aaaand it shows thumbnails of videos so you’ll never get rickrolled again


Same reason why people use the current design of the website over old.reddit.com. I'm not sure what that reason is, though


They bought Alien Blue and employed the creator then threw it out for their completely useless in-house version. That’s when I moved to Narwhal.


A lot of third party apps are older than the official reddit app. It’s not even a problem third party apps solved; it’s a problem the first party app *introduced*


A small tip if your on mobile, if the video won’t play, sometimes if you go to the comments for some reason it will play, and you can close them, and it should work. At least it works for me, I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now


I just click the little "v.reddit" thing next to the text that shows how long ago the post was made


That's what I do. Go to the comments and then refresh the page. Works everytime.


I agree but I don't have the energy to get mad at things that I can solve by downloading an app.


It would be solved a lot sooner if, instead of just complaining, enough of these users actually installed the far better third party app. They would have to actually put effort in if people put the tiniest bit of effort beyond just noting the problem.


No. It makes new problems. I've used Boost and Infinity and the video players are great but the algorithm is garbage. My posts don't sort properly and I keep seeing posts I've seen before.


The algorithm doesn't change. Reddit apps are largely just skins. My Boost, Infinity, official app, _and_ desktop all have the same front page right now. You likely have it set to hide posts after having seen them before, while the apps don't have that I don't know what you mean by sorting either. That's a super vague comment without context, which doesn't even make sense since, like I said, unofficial apps are skins of either the official app or the website


Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten / From the Battery to the top of Manhattan


Asian, little Eastern and latin


Black, White, New York you make it happen


Dear New York I know a lot has changed, two towers down but you’re still in the game


Home to the many, rejecting no-one Accepting peoples of all places, wherever they're from


I read "Brooklyn Queens Bronx Staten Island"


Yeah, I was making a beastie boys reference. RIP Adam Yauch


Company that makes these is Pevnick Design. I used to work for Coca-Cola and they have two massive ones in their hq. Fun fact - these shows are made with a program in MS Dos, and I was trained on how to make them.


I mean it's just a big dot matrix printer more or less, so msdos makes sense


That's how I envisioned it running


Yeah. Pevnick is my neighbor. Lol. Really nice dude and his family is also sweet. He is really proud of all the fountains he has done.


Does their house have one though?


I saw a tiktok of an air hostess or jet setter. Language barrier do not sure. and she passed by this airport fountain in op and in the caption says "when you order fountains like Saudi Arabia on wish". It had a meager amount of views comparatively but the slight regarding these mini spruce ups from young people is ridiculous Not everyone appreciates them but I do. Glad your neighbor is doing well with them


Interesting. I was just thinking that it might not be too hard to program something like this and that it could even work using an analogue signal like a TV signal. Realistically you're just drawing lines of varying intensity whether it's in this fountain or on a TV. (Not saying that's how this fountain works, just how it could work)


the LGA one is made by a french company, [Aquatique Show.](https://www.aquatic-show.com/en/)


He was my computer graphics professor in the ‘90s. I don’t remember a single project we worked on and I don’t remember him being a good teacher. But he showed us a VHS of some of these fountains he’d worked on and they were so impressive and ahead of their time that they stuck with me.


Fun to watch when your plane is delayed 9 hours


For real! I was there most of the day recently and enjoyed the shows immensely. Alternates between 2 shows every 15 minutes iirc.


Was here a few weeks ago. Coolest fountain of it's kind I've ever seen


[Cirque Du Soleil's show Luzia has a similar waterfall.](https://youtube.com/shorts/w2E3fyzwIwk?feature=share)


And I feel like most people's introduction to this tech in a fountain was [this clip from Osaka Station.](https://youtu.be/dhOYRHt2cqM)


There’s a similar one in Budapest at Millenaris Park, printing out even the parliament! Take a look [here](https://youtu.be/gzA0bz_y_Kw)! It’s at 1:29. Awesome engineering indeed.


It’s not like for like but there’s a 40m waterfall/fountain that’s similar in Singapore’s Changi airport! Tallest indoor waterfall in the world


This is a terrible video, but there’s been one of these at MONA in Hobart, Tasmania for years, that just drops an endless sequence of random words. There’s also a gigantic wall of casts of hundreds of different womens’ vulvas. And a grotto full of glass dildos. And a fat car. And a mechanical digestive system that actually poops. And a heap of other phenomenal things. Highly recommend a visit! https://youtu.be/zYnIrkPFbP0


I’m about to fly out of there next trip I take just so I can see it!!


oh yeah? i went to the airport in Chicago and they have toilet seats covered in plastic that would rotate out


It was a big deal when first introduced over 20 years ago. Mysteriously, no other airport seems to have chosen that system.


What dose it even say I have pretty bad dyslexia


Brooklyn Queens Bronx Staten Island


LGA be all Fuck Manhattan


They couldn't even get the remaining boroughs correct. It's The* Bronx


Actually it says Brooklyn Queens Bronx Staten Island XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX




All I saw was “stand” and don’t even have dyslexia


He just told you he has dyslexia. You have to say it to him not write it!


I don’t even have dyslexia and I couldn’t read it. Imo the things fucking stupid. Why would the letters wrap around like that? makes it impossible to read.


I'm sure it makes sense for the people who live there, but people who aren't familiar with the areas might have a hard time recognizing it. I got Brooklyn and Bronx, but not the other two areas.


>dose Dyslexia confirmed.


It is weird. I sometimes mix up letters that look similar and also got diagnosed by a guy on reddit. Not entirely wrong. My doctor asked me if it was a problem. I said no. My doctor shrugged with her shoulders. All I need to do is follow the red squiggly lines under my words. But thanks to that forgotten Redditor I know what the red squiggly line under my words is. Logorrhea


Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For the Cure


That makes it almost worth it to fly out of LaGuardia.


I went to LGA two weeks ago and it was by far the best airport I’ve ever been in. The remodel made it super nice. Flying out was so easy, too. 10/10 and I’m flying out of there again in two weeks.




It’s literally a whole new ass airport. The old LGA is next to it being torn down.


I want my shower to be like this


Would love to. See the valve assembly on top. Gotta be hundreds of electric valves up there.


Perhaps the only satisfying thing at LaGuardia


Don't you eventually leave? Surely that's satisfying.


Last time I was there it was hugely renovated


Are there any airports people don’t complain about?


Changi airport


Portland Airport (PDX)


Idlewild. They have a flight that gets me to the Belgian Congo in 17 minutes.


>Belgian Congo My guy, what year are you living in?




SFO. Lot of people actually _praise_ the TSA there because they're actually somewhat friendly and much more efficient


That’s because it’s not the TSA. SFO uses a private security contractor called Covenant Aviation Security instead.


Phoenix Skyharbor


Fuck that place. The rental car depot is a 40 minute shuttle ride away.


To be honest it’s really nice now. Was super surprised when I flew in last year.


Satisfying? A first for La Guardia.


Is it really an “international” airport? I don’t think it’s a port of entry. There are flights from Canada where passengers pass the USA border in Canada. I don’t think they take any other international flights.


It’s a domestic airport. Only precleared flights from outside the US can have it as a destination (Canada, Ireland, etc)


Lol when we were there my wife and daughter stopped in awe. I thought they were crazy. I could have farmed karma!


You think this is cool wait til you see Changi airport!


Sorry but LaGuardia is a domestic airport, not international


I had to fly into Laguardia and then take a cab to JFK when I went to Russia, because for some reason we couldn't get a direct flight to JFK and of course LaGuardia isn't international. Pain in the ass. That cab ride was the wildest roller coaster I'd ever been on, though.


For some reason it just cracks me up that you had a cab ride sandwiched between two plane rides. It's usually the other way around.


The idea of being stuck on the Van Wyck in a cab makes me wanna barf. Next time, try the LGA-JFK helicopter. It’s only 900 bucks.


I don't know what route we took, it seemed to be all interstate type highway but we weren't stuck, we were flying, bobbing, and weaving lmao


How have I been flying there from Canada then? :P


From Wikipedia: The airport does not have US customs and border protection (CBP) facilities. As such, international arrivals are only possible from outstations serviced by United States border preclearance. Passengers and crewmembers on these flights 'clear' customs at their departure airport and -- for immigration purposes -- are considered to be on US territory during their entire journey, allowing them to exit LaGuardia in the same manner as domestic travelers.


Yea I’ve done that pre-clearance out of Vancouver. It’s really handy!


There are " American" zones in some airports, when you enter and pass through immigration even before you get on the plane. Little American enclave in an airport in a different country. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_border_preclearance


Still considered domestic [source](https://upgradedpoints.com/travel/airports/laguardia-lga-airport/)


It works basically the same as scrolling text on those old screens. The text just scrolls downwards, and you only care about the first row. Then you just switch out the pixels for water valves.


Made by the French water effect company Aquatique Show.


The dude is my next door neighbor. Nice guy and nice family. Super nerd of the highest degree. I also happened to go to school with his kid.


Kids in my uni also made their own aquadisplay. I was really envious that they did a cool thing like this and I had to climb old biplanes.


Looking at this having a bit of electronics experience that is a very creative yet parts-intensive piece but the programming would be pretty straightforward. It's fairly simple to program opening times in valves to have the letters appear. You'll just have to control... let's say 256 valves (256 is able to be expressed in 8 binary digits). With the amount of work on the valves they'll have to be robust (read expensive) and you'll need 256 of them


[Wait, La Guardia Is Nice Now? Inside New York’s $25 Billion Airport Overhaul](https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/21/nyregion/nyc-airports-renovation.html)


I never thought I would say “LaGuardia is a great airport to fly through”… but here we are. Security is well designed and was fast, even for my friends who lack PreCheck. Terminal B is large and airy with lots of power outlets and good food.


I just was there today for the first time since the renovation, and God damn isn't LaGuardia night and day. I'm 18 minutes away and would still actively avoid it it was such a dump. It's wonderful now.


The laguardia I remember felt like standing in a pile of garbage. Digging this glow up. You go guardia.


When I moved here 10 years ago, LGA was the worst airport in the world. Now it’s becoming one of the best


Still fucking hate laguardia


The LaGuardia reno is actually pretty amazing. And there’s some dope new art from people like Rashid Johnson.


it would have been more satisfying if not for a FUCKiNg textbook in the middle of a video.


There is an even nicer one at MONA if you're interested https://www.traveller.com.au/mona-hobarts-art-of-darkness-gs4yc2


Taxpayers probably paid $1m


Just a few weeks back I was standing exactly where you are now, like literally the same place. I watched the fountain for almost an hour straight transfixed by it unable to get my eyes off of it. The ultimate satisfaction it sounds like, the smell of the place, the scenery especially in the morning, etc. Make it such a good welcome area in terms of airports


I would eat a bunch of shrooms and go sit in front of that thing forever! LOL


Those nerds want blowjobs, not handshakes.


You just know it’s gonna be mostly used for advertising


LGA is an abysmal airport. I swear to god it's designed to permanently trap people on its roads to feed some ancient Old God. It's so bad [SNL has a whole skit about it](https://youtu.be/6d7Vk_qaiB8) The fountain is cool, but I hope that place burns down and they build a functional airport where it once stood.