Time for some fresh watermelon.

Time for some fresh watermelon.

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Watermelons will split in the field if they get a sudden watering after being relatively dry. That's probably what this person was leveraging in the video. Many other fruits do this while still attached to the plant--cherries, tomatoes--generally thin-skinned fruits with a high moisture content.


First fruit that came to mind are Pomegranates, oftentimes they’ll split still attached to the tree, and even before they fully ripen.


I fucking HATE pomegranates. r/trypophobia


Delicious though


Too much effort for very little pay off.


There is a middle eastern restaurant near me that sells ice cold fresh squeezed (fresh = that morning) pomegranate juice. Sooooo good, no effort.


Yuuuummm! Yes, that’s be lovely. I enjoy the flavor of pomegranate, but just don’t like it enough to go through getting the seeds out.


Thank you! The snack effort/reward ratio is wrong


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had one. Too creeped out and my mom definitely doesn’t eat them for the same reason so she wouldn’t have given me them as a kid. I think I’ve had pomegranate juice though, it’s kind of tart right?


Pomegranate tastes exactly like the juice but fresher, well because it is mostly just juice.


I never knew pomegranates were such a feared fruit. They are delicious.


Agreed! And I like the seeds. It's like eating tiny, delicious jewels.


I used to get all the seeds out, put them in a tall glass, and fill it up with sprite or ginger ale. Something about the two went really well together, I'm gonna have to pick up a pomegranate


It's like tart grape juice, yep.


[NO NO NO POMEGRANATES!](https://youtu.be/6g24nUcq0ME)


Holy shit 😂 I’m not that intense




Is there like, context to this video?


[There is!](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3YwYJ8JD9eg&feature=youtu.be)


Thanks, maybe now I can get some sleep


yes. she doesn't want any pomegranates near her. so NO POMEGRANATES.




Yes I ask myself this question daily


Now with piano accompaniment: https://youtube.com/shorts/ye9xzzYsA6Y


[the story](https://youtu.be/3YwYJ8JD9eg)




….they’re so tasty though


They are incredibly delicious and you can buy it pre peeled If you don’t care about money. I’m sorry for your phobia, you should try it just to say fuck you to fear.


This is inspirational and next time I’m at the store I will try to find some already dissected pomegranate. Thank you.


Damn. Went to that sub’s top post and discovered Mangoworms. 🤢


I know of the subreddit but I don’t venture there I’m sorry to inflict this knowledge upon you.


All of the tomatoes on our one plant split after getting a downpour of rain one day. It was super frustrating!


I keep having this happen with my tomatoes this summer. Oh, you don't come off the vine when I pull firmly? You need a little more time to ripen, tomatoes? Okay, I'll wait and give you one more day to -- MOTHERFUCKER IS IT RAINING AGAIN?? DAMMIT they're all split. AGAIN.


That's why everyone that grows tomatoes for fun needs at least a 30k indoor hydroponics set up. Once iv been running it for 4000 years it's all profit from there.


Next year I'm just gonna stick to cherry tomatoes. They've been the most consistent members of my garden this year, and they never get big enough to split.


Gotta grow yourself some Romas! Best sauce making tomato and who cares if they split because you were going to peel and pulp them anyways.


Iv had cherry tomatoes split that haven't even started turning yellow yet lol


Yeah I was gonna say we had dozens of cherry tomatoes split this year lol


grandmother always pulled the ones close before it was scheduled to rain, they'd ripen on the window sill, or her enclosed front porch


If you are aware in advance there will be a chance of rain, you can prime tomatoes for a heavily rainy day so the splitting amount is reduced. At least 8 hours in advance, water your plants about half of what you typically do. This softens the tomato's skin a bit allowing better elasticity when it pours later! If it doesn't rain, we'll at least your tomatoes got a drink! This has worked for me for a few years since I first heard it.


It could also be over-ripe. The texture will be a bit mushy, not as crunchy as a perfectly ripe melon.


"mealy" watermelons and apples are always so disappointing


Nothing like a mouthful of wet paper towel


Thank you! Couldn't explain it. Was like wet sawdust imbued in the flesh.


who doesn't enjoy a spoonful of squand now and then


Absolutely. It frustrates me to no end. Source: I worked in R&D for watermelon varieties. Always tough to find the right traits for a perfect melon


Why does a watermelon stay just green in the center? I saw a post of a rather large watermelon that had no red fleshy bit, and the guy looked rather disappointed


I'm sorry to say this person is probably not a watermelon researcher.


It's pretty obvious to any real watermelon researcher that we've got a fraud on our hands.


I just wanted to be a bit vague since I just stepped out of a position in seed genetics and development recently. A lot of it is just cross-pollinating different varieties, trying to keep certain traits and leave others out. Usually you end up with a few hundred potential varieties each year from one specific seed company, then we plant those in fields and greenhouses around the world to see how they perform. For melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc) it’s not just “let’s make it taste better”. There are specific goals, depending on the watermelon type and market for example, like creating a certain repeatable interior color, exterior color, rind thickness, rind pattern, flesh texture and hardness, seed pith size (the little pockets that hold the white “seeds” in a hybrid seedless watermelon you see at the store), fruit size, storability traits, sugar content (measured in brix), plant size and vigor (quick to pollinate but also lots of vine for shade), and more. Beyond that, different varieties are selected and named specifically for certain growth areas. A melon that grows well in South Africa May not work as well in France. Some varieties are bred for shorter seasons, others for a longer season in areas that have more sun hours each day (day length). This is especially important for onions; a short-day onion will grow quickly to harvest, but it won’t be as hard or have a strong skin like a long-day onion. You’ll see short-day onions (also called fresh market onions) grown in California, and they go straight to market or processing. Up in a state like Washington or up in British Columbia, the season is much shorter due to cold spring weather, but the days are longer due to latitude. There end up being enough growing hours in a season to make a very hard, dense, tough-skinned onion that will cure down and sit in a storage facility all winter long after harvest. If you live anywhere but California, your markets will have these “storage” long-day onions on the shelf from November to April, as farmers slowly pull them from storage and ship to market. Once Mexico starts harvest in May and June, you’ll start seeing those lighter color, thin-skinned onions again. From the research side, you’ll see a plethora of options for 90 day onions, 95, 100, and up to 120 or 125. Growers will aim for a certain type, then select a few that are a few days apart so they can spread out their harvest duties over the course of a month. Going back to variety (cultivar) names, there are always at least a dozen varieties for a given day length and fruit trait requirement. Each seed company aims for the same goal for a 120 day storage onion for processing, including a trim neck, tight skin, color, ring membrane separation and single-centeredness (for making onion rings), and resistances to certain prone diseases. Even then, a grower can trial and rest these varieties in their field. Some will perform better than others due to soil type, soil pH, climate and microclimate, day length, grower practice and watering schedule, and location. I know none of this was very technical, but I’m not a vegetable seed breeder. I was on the field side of things, not in the lab.


hybrid watermelon/cucumber or similar member of the melon family. happens a lot with cross-pollination or something


Watermelon are really temperamental in the final days of growing, especially concerning water stress and heat stress. There are a few signs to watch for a ripe melon, but even then sometimes you’ll get a dud (or a whole field of them) that isn’t fully ripened due to stress. Most commonly, you can slap the melon looking for that hollow sound. It has to do with the density of the flesh you’re looking for. On the vine, the first tendril next to the stem of the melon should be completely dried up. The rest of the vine will be green, but that tendril will be dry and coiled up.


Apples for sure, but every grainy watermelon I’ve ever eaten has been STUPID sweet. 🤤


Mouthfeel is important though


Different people's tastes weigh texture and flavor differently.


Yeah, that's been my experience too. Mealy apples are awful, but mealy watermelons are good.


Damn, now I want watermelon…


I never buy "Red Delicious" apples anymore because while the good ones are really good there is too high a percentage of the mealy ones. I usually stick to "Fujis". A Fuji may not be as good as a good Red Delicious, but they never disappoint me.


I was a Produce Manager for 10 years and I can confirm Watermelons WILL NOT explode like this no matter how hard you thumb the butt of the melon. Tricks I learned on how to tell if a Watermelon is ripe and fresh. ​ 1. Make sure your stem is Dry. If the stem is still green that Watermelon isn't ripe yet. 2. Push your thumb hard into the melon. You want the Melon to have just a wee bit of give to it. If it's hard like a rock it's still green if it gives too much it's over ripe. 3. Thump the melon. You listening for an echo to your thump. If it echo's it's a good sign it's ripe. 4. This one works for Cantaloupe but not watermelon. SMELL you want your melon to have a sweet smell. Enjoy your wonderful Watermelons!


I have a friend growing watermelons that's trying to figure out when it's ripe. So, they should wait till the vine dries up?


It'll be a bit mealy by that point. They dry up after they're picked if they're ripe. There's a tiny leaf and a tendril growing on the stem next to the melon, and those should be brown. You can also lift it and look where is in contact with the ground. If that spot is white then it's not ready. It'll be yellow when it's good to go.


FYI picked it at the perfect time and it was amazing!!!! Thank you!


So I have a summer job for a watermelon breeder. Definitely don't wait till the vine drys, the watermelon will likely be overripe and much more mushy and and have a off flavor. The best watermelon come off a healthy plant with a health vine.. The only way to tell the ripeness is the sound it makes when you strike it. As it ripens it'll go from a dense sound when it's immature, to a clear hollow sound when it is ripe, to finally a dead deeper hollow when it's over ripe. I prefer to use a the back of a machete or long knife to strike and listen, but a hand will work too. It takes a bit of practice to get the ear to pick at the perfect time. Also once it's picked, it won't make any more sugar, just become more red.


Watermelon breeder... why am i imagining a field where an old farmer has turned down the lights, put Barry White music on and has the disco ball slowly spinning. Sexy melon time.


Awwwwwh yeah, you KNOW the time is ripe, and the time has come, baby. To. Thump. That. Mellon.~~


I'm only an expert on the retail side so no farming tips. I can say AFTER it's picked that is true. You want a nice dry stem when your picking out your melon.


I've been finding good cantaloupes by smell for many years. There's a bit of a knack to it and takes a bit of trial and error to learn exactly the right smell but once you've got it down you can get a great cantaloupe every time (or at least know when all the ones out in the produce dept are trash and not bother buying one)


"Stumble blindly until things start to make sense. Then things will make sense."


The BEST way to know of you got a sweet one is to just taste it! - Dr. Steve Brule, for your health!




Pineapples will do it as well, if you can believe that. Pineapple growers will often irrigate just to avoid swings in water that could decimate a field. The fruit generally sdabs over and remains edible but no one wants to buy it.


If this is the case, I'm guessing the toothpick is to feel-test either the ripeness/saturation of the rind. But I also know nothing about melons.


I bet you're right. I don't think a toothpick would pierce a watermelon rind that easily unless it was over watered and about to burst.


The flesh doesn't look good after it's split. It is surprising how much better some fruits and vegetables taste if they've dehydrated a bit before harvest vs having just been watered before harvest. Strawberries and tomatoes even seem better to taste best when sun warmed fresh off the plant.


Not gonna lie I never even thought of why I don’t like strawberries much when they’re in the fridge, sun warmed and fresh is the only way to have them


They are best. I've even tried leaving store bought strawberries outside to warm them and they don't match field ripened sun warmed ones. Even field ripened refrigerator strawberries don't match it. Warm fresh strawberries are delicious.


Cherries we’ll straight send a horde of helis to hover over them to dry them off after a late pre-harvest run. The value is so much we could basically film Apocalypse Now to save some orchards.


Thin skinned fruit with a high moisture content was my nickname in high school


If it didn't crack around the toothpick, what was the toothpick for?




*Classic* misdirection


He was checking to make sure it wasn't actually a cake.


This guy reddits


He’s a farmer. It was in his mouth. To make this work, he had to hold his tongue just right and bite his lip…so…he just needed a place to put it.


I love this style of writing. I love when authors use it. I wonder if it has a name…it has too, right?! Describing and action, that we ALL know, but have no name for and we are all nodding along cause it’s universal.


I love questions. Because without questions all we have are answers. And an answer without a question is a statement!




This thread reads like a train of thought someone has when they're high as balls.


High thoughts.


High Balls.


That's some mighty good statement there


It’s the meaning of life


Oh, hi Wyatt!


Holy shit what is this from?!?!


[Family Guy](https://youtu.be/Rm3d43HLyTI). Funny that I should know that. I don't actually watch the show, my boyfriend just showed me this clip a couple days ago.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observational_comedy? > In an observational comedy act, the comedian "makes an observation about something from the backwaters of life, an everyday phenomenon that is rarely noticed or discussed.


…I have no idea…but glad I made ya smile.


Yeah, I was reading it, and I'm like, 'If I ever needed to describe that action to another human being, I never would have known how, and now I have the words'.


A quarter mile down the road he stopped and looked back. We're not thinking, he said. We have to go back. He pushed the cart off the road and tilted it over where it could not be seen and they left their packs and went back to the station. In the service bay he dragged out the steel trashdrum and tipped it over and pawed out all the quart plastic oilbottles. Then they sat in the floor decanting them of their dregs one by one, leaving the bottles to stand upside down draining into a pan until at the end they had almost a half quart of motor oil. He screwed down the plastic cap and wiped the bottle off with a rag and hefted it in his hand. Oil for their little slutlamp to light the long gray dusks, the long gray dawns. You can read me a story, the boy said. Cant you, Papa? Yes, he said. I can.


I remember something about Hemingway writing like this




Maybe to check how ripe it was? Just my guess


Asking the real questions.


I think it’s meant to be seen as if the toothpick is placed in a very precise weak point, allowing him to split open the melon. But since it didn’t break around it, the illusion fails and it’s apparent there’s something else going on


I think they were hoping that the toothpick would be the only thing needed, but that failed so they went with the flick.


It's the pick 'n flick technique


I use that sometimes but it doesn’t involve watermelon. It involves a single bean.




Promptly stalked profile.


Sorry to disappoint.


Ringin' the devil's doorbell


Also works with a single booger


Pick it, lick it, roll it, flick it.


This is some kenshiro shit


You are already in my stomach.








I literally said in my head, “that’s some cartoon shit” right before I saw your comment


Watch me try this at the store


Last time this was posted the top comment said it had to be a very ripe watermelon


If only this worked for coconuts


I've been using a hatchet haha


Well it doesn't work for watermelons either soo


On the hottest day of summer of 1983 when I was young & anxiously awaited watermelon in the afternoon the carving was so awsome I can't describe it. This short clip brought me back to that time.


Man this comment just brought me back to your life back then. I can feel the divine heavenly watermelon crunch as my satisfaction is filled in the heat of day.


My dad told me of a time he and some friends stole a watermelon from a field, cracked it on a rock and ate the best watermelon they'd ever tasted.


A couple weeks ago I found a dropped watermelon beside the curb near a farmer's market in Toronto. A few ants but still delicious because everything tastes better when you harvest it yourself.


Urban harvests. I like it.


Urban harvests lol


It was awesome


wow it’s so overcast in your memory of that day


His wife is frolicking naked in the field. This is amazing guys, really takes me back.


I remember being shucked like corn out behind the barn. Cant remember the farmers name as my memory of your memory isn't what it used to be


I remember the silk getting stuck in my teeth. Sooooo worth it.


My family grew oranges. Fresh fruit is something special.


My family grew a lot of stuff in their garden. Tomatoes, potatoes, blueberries, broccoli, lettuce, corn, it was all so good. I want to keep a fruit and veggie garden of my own once I have a place to do it.


We evolved in trees eating fruit. Every selective pressure was driving our brains to want fruit.


One of my fondest summer memories was when I was playing out in my back yard on a hot summer with the neighborhood kids. We were playing in a small pool and spraying each other with water guns. One of their moms brought over fresh watermelon that she chilled in her fridge before cutting. It was so delicious and refreshing and we just sat in this kiddy pool munching on slices.


Damn. While you’re back there…buy us some Apple and Microsoft stocks, please. I’ll pay you back in 2010.


ngl I was expecting it to pop


I didn't pay attention to the sub, so I was expecting spiders or something.


The first time I tried this trick I thought he flicked the tooth pick. I can confirm NOT to do that. You’re welcome.


Oh buddy, you're definitely going places Not college.. but places..


Does this also work on bowling balls?


Yes. Definitely.


After you stick the toothpick in it.


If you achieve the first part with the toothpick... Maybe


It's 3am and I'm studying watermelon footage. But, I think he first pokes a triangle of holes into the stem with the toothpick... there are 3 dark spots that look like holes. He just starts the video by first showing the toothpick pointed at the stem. He then parks his pick away from the split. When he thumps/flicks the stem it splits between the 3 dots. So maybe there is a method to his madness.


What's the noise before he flicks it?


I think the sound is delayed slightly


What's the slightly delayed noise before he flicks it?


That got me. Was still chuckling 3 min later. Bravo tribak.


This day was worth living now, thank you!


That is him flicking it. The second sound is the melon popping.


I’ve seen a few debunking vids on this technique


TLDR: this is real, can happen without a flick in a dry region. This is real though. I accidentally did this to my single grown watermelon years ago. :( Growing season in Canada isn’t super long and I forgot to take care of my plant. Ended up with a single medium sized melon. I gingerly picked it, and then boom. It exploded in my hands as I carried it gently inside. RIP my little Melon Manson.


Unrelated but I can't stop laughing at "a flick in the dry region"


oh, you don't think this is real?!


Something on reddit isn't real??


\*clutches pearls\*


Half the people here are too young to get that reference.


It's still a cool-looking trick, though!


Aw. We opened our first watermelon from the garden today and it was practically the exact opposite. Just hardly any flesh to eat. This has made me jealous


Muddle basil and sugar together in a glass. Add 3 parts watermelon juice, 1 part lime juice, 1 part Hendricks gin. Top with club soda and garnish with cucumber.


Thank you, I think I will.


What the fuck is this sorcery?!


To be honest I doubt it's even sweet. Lots of water intake for this to happen.


Its a watermelon not a sugarmelon. Silly boy


Nicki Minaj’s cousins friend fiancé’s balls


Sweet watwrmelon bro. Great gardening skills!


WAW Wet Ass Watermelon


... w h a t


My entire life has been a lie


Try recreating it. Your life will go back to normal real fast.




So am I just a toothpick stab and a flick away from a complete self implosion disaster?


Ive watched this 18 times now and still dont know whats happening. help




One puuuunch!!


What kind of wizardry is this?


r/blackmagicfuckery ?


Pressure and tension relief from the pick, then a flick is all that swollen boy needs.


The apparent crispiness of that red pulp makes my head spin. I want a fridge just for fresh melons in the summer.


This is why acupuncture scares me


That looks so good. Guess who's planning on getting a watermelon tomorrow? Half this sub!


My mouth watered instantly


Instructions unclear. Stuck toothpick in friend's ear and flicked his nose. Snot everywhere.


Thought he flicked the toothpick at first and cringed really hard


If you went slightly to the left your finger would be non-existent


Damn imagine getting flicked in the head by that guy and just getting your skull cracked and shattered into pieces


detroitttt.. SMASHHHH




My mouth is watering




Is that how farmers open watermelons






Remember kids, if it has a toothpick in it it’s free