Oh how I'd love to touch this silicone

Oh how I'd love to touch this silicone

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I really wanted him to stop once the color was only partly incorporated and made such interesting patterns.


Oh hell yes. At the 30 second mark, the colour/pattern was awesome!


Reminded me of the 90s paper cup pattern.




There’s a sub for everyone and everything. Holy shit.


I thought the same thing. Had sudden flashbacks to office/dealer watercoolers with those or the weird cone cups.


Who thought cone cups could ever make sense?? One time use that you can’t set down anywhere


Precisely my thought! And just enough to get your lips wet, nothing more. It is so incredibly strange to me the little things like that which we just kind of accept as the norm.


Would probably be a weak spot in the silicone.


Weak spot by colour? Source?


If the pigment is solid which it usually is for HTV silicone (the solid stuff that is the base here) an overconcentration is a weak spot as the powder does not bind or harden during vulcanisation like the silicone does. If one spot has more color that means less silicone that means less tear resistance. Source: I do this for a living. And by this I mean using a closed double screw mixer for the job done by the open rollers here. Faster and more evicient, but doesn't look good on tiktok.


This guy silicones.


Pretty rare for a guy.


ever heard of [this](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_vagina)?


Well now \_that's\_ in my browser history...


Probably don't risk losing a finger or a hand every time you touch the damn thing too


ALLLL I could think of watching it. There's safety managers everywhere biting their nails at this.


Imagine what the process looks like in a developing nation


I actually work in a rubber lab (not what it sounds like haha) that has a mill like this. There are cages all around it. We have to drop it in from the top roll it up and take it out. If it gets caught there is a magnetic switch that stops the mill immediately. It can be frustrating at times.


I do the same thing but with rubber, does the silicone not get hot? I make tire rubber much the same way (we even have open rollers like this for certain things but the vast majority is closed double screws) and I couldn't do this bare handed... Much less touch it coming out of the extruders.


Would you mind posting a video of how you do it its pretty interesting


Hey so what happens if someones fingers go in this machine?


If they're lucky, the mill stops quickly via safety stop, belly bar etc. Don't reverse it, or your finger innards get squeezed out the tips. So you wait for the team to get the wedges hammered into the nip to open er up. Sure you might get burned pretty bad, but hopefully don't lose your fingers. YOU DONT FUCK AROUND WITH THE MILL. you asked.


I am simultaneously happy and unhappy that I asked, thank you.


Could make it so that it is not


That’s what they did.




Sci fi planet feel to it.


I've seen videos of this process before but never one where they showed t the whole thing til the end when it was completely mixed. This was the most satisfying part for me!


Look up “polymer clay marbling” you’ll find lots of joy there! I have even made polymer clay sheets that look like wood before. Very fun to play with.


I'm actually upset that he didn't lol


Gollum "you're ruining it!"


Lol, I kinda thought they were making bad dragons by then.


This must be how Lululemon comes up with their designs.


you can hit the pause button


More like oddly terrifying. One wrong move and this dude turns into a red toothpaste dispenser


That's the only thing I can ever think about when I see these videos


Ah, a fellow liveleak aficionado.


I also wasn’t exactly sure what sub I was watching when I saw a (what appeared to be) Chinese man working on a roller in a factory.


This might be it, warning NSFL, r/makemycoffin


People should not watch that video.


Which one, There a few dozen of “X” man gets caught in “Y” high powered industrial machine. All of them good life lessons on how not do preform Workplace health and safety. Always turn off the machine before approaching or most commonly “getting something unstuck”, and don’t wear baggy and loosing clothing.


RIP liveleak


It makes me to nervous, I can’t enjoy it. I’m not the same after seeing that Russian guy get pulled into the lathe.


I just got hired at a factory and my boss showed me that video, then he said stay away from that machine. Message received boss.


Never plan on watching that video again


Yep. Same here. Just watching this made me nervous.


r/crappydesign why does this machine need so much human interaction?


It's not really designed specifically for silicone. These are used for everything from printing press ink to peanut butter and more. I don't think most materials really need to be manually fed back in by a human continuously like that. When I used these to make batches of ink, I just poured the ingredients in, waited for it to mix (maybe speed it up by mixing with a long putty knife), and then engage the front roller (there are 3 rollers in total) so that the ink would run down the apron into cans. The part that felt dangerous to me was cleaning it with naptha-soaked rags while it's running at the end of the day.


The accessibility is the point; a worker can mix in powders, liquids, or mix together multiple types of rubber with no change in the machine's configuration between batches, which to automate in such a way that it didn't retain anything in its nooks and crannies between batches would be substantially more complicated than a pair of rollers. There are three-roller arrangements like the kind used in mixing pigments into fine paints that "suspends" a malleable mass while also grinding/mixing it with shear forces.


i feel like he is probably standing on a deadmans switch just incase something bad happens.....or not.


I'm not sure about that specific mill, but the ones I operated only had 2 emergency shutoff buttons on them. One on each side, near the top of the machine, by the rollers.


That does not sound as safe as a deadman's switch :/


They usually have a safety shut off bar at about the torso height. should you get too close and hit the bar it stops the machine.


Machine most likely has a dead man switch that you stand on. Hopefully.


That dead man switch is probably taped down or bypassed some other way, they get annoying until you need it.


Exactly. That's the only thing I saw


That's how they make the red silicon products.


OSHA would have a screaming fit about that pinch point. With the kind of torque needed to flatten that roll of silicone, the rollers would crush shoulder, spine, even the pelvis if it got fed in right.


Chinese OSHA regulation: “Don’t put your hand into the rollers.”


hm. That should be a subreddit. r/onewrongmove


I guess it's kinda like /r/SweatyPalms ?


I worked with a guy who worked at a plant that used a similar machine, but MUCH larger, to make rubber belts. He told me one day a worker was making belts and throwing rubber into the giant roller like the guy in this video, and there was a sticky substance that was part of the mix to make the rubber stick together... Anyways, the guy's hand sticks to the massive roller, and it pulls him into the machine and in the blink of an eye he is turned into a giant bloody smear wrapping around and through the rollers. The guy that witnessed it had nightmares for a long time.


Two questions: A. How can I get this job? B. How can I get them to pay me $100k/year to do it?


Best we can do is $22/hr with a mediocre health plan and we're turning our backs on you the moment you slip into one of the unguarded pinch points and making you fight an uphill battle for your workers comp.


Came here to wonder about those pinch points.


Yeah… ya boy here is about 6” away from losing his arm about 5 times in this video. One slip up and the rest of your life is fucked.


Yeah as someone who has run a rubber mill, and has trained someone else to run one. I about shit my heart out more than a few time watching this. Out of all the machines I have ever used a mill is still the single scariest I've ever laid a hand on.


Same. My first thoughts were "GLOVES?! BELLY BAR?! LIGHT CURTAIN?! WHY ARE YOU MIXING OVERHANDED?!" but something tells me this is running slower and wider-gapped than a rubber mill.


Yeah this video is definitely sped up, but it's running at a moderate speed, and it's not very large. The gap though looks standard. we ran anything from 1/8" to 2" gaps. It's the overhand overreaching without a belly bar that kills me. Never had a light curtain just a metal toggle brake bar over the mill. *Smacked that brake more than a few times by accident sending the shop into histerics.*


Mine is an open mill like this with a belly bar, but we're the forgotten children... Everyone else has closed dual screws with light curtains and I feel like those have to get tripped CONSTANTLY. Mine's the only one that sets off an alarm, though lol. Have definitely had people in a dead sprint before I was able to hit the "clear" switch.


Maybe this machine has some sort of ["dead man's switch"](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_man%27s_switch), like a pedal you have to keep your foot on for the rollers to work. It might not save a finger or a hand, but will prevent half of your body being crushed while you yell hopelessly for help.


I mean how graphic would that be? Would it tear the arm off for pull him in 😳


I think these rollers would be more likely to crush someone than tear something apart. Like there's nothing on the rollers for you to get tangled into or for you to get caught on, but if you wind putting any part of your body between the rollers that's thicker than the distance between the rollers, you gonna get squished.


Well, watch pp then


after watching man vs lathe on r/darwinawards all bets are off.


I've Googled degloving before so I definitely don't need to watch a video called "man vs lathe"!


I've seen that lathe video, and it's not so much degloving as just doing pretty much to him what happens to the silicone in the above video.


At a much higher speed.


Probably both? I've seen some videos of people getting caught in these types of machines and whatever you think it would look like, it's actually a lot worse. Like exploitation horror film levels of gore that drive a branding iron into your memory.


my mate sends me random gore for a laugh so I went to do the same to him until I found pics of a man who appeared to have used a pressure stomp machine thingy on the side of his head, brains hanging out and all. That was enough internet for that day.




I've seen it happen and I'll spoiler tag this, don't read it. Fair warning. >!He crushed every bone from his finger tips to about halfway up his forearm where a compound fracture allowed his... Juices... To spurt out like a curb stomped tube of toothpaste.!< To be fair, this was a massive roller mill for mixing hundreds of pounds of tire rubber. The rollers are about a half inch apart.


My ex got the tip of her finger ripped off with one of these when she was helping roll fondant for a wedding cake. Ended up in the ER and the surgeons were unable to reattach the finger due to being crushed and ripped off so badly. They removed the bone down to the first knuckle (I think) and then sewed the skin closed. They told her if she hadn't have jerked her hand back so violently when it was, ya know, *being crushed by 2 huge rollers,* they maybe could have saved it. But the reflex of pulling her hand back so fast just shredded the tissue. As part of her physical therapy a few weeks after surgery, she had to push her nub into different viscosities of putty to enable the nerve endings.


Don’t forget that you’re getting fired as soon as workmans comp is all settled. Claiming we hurt you is not model employee behavior.


Then you’ll get a nice wrongful termination settlement to go along with your WC settlement.


Work comp adjuster here: It's common practice (in most states and with most insurers) to require resignation as a condition of the settlement, so no, there wouldn't be a wrongful termination suit, much less a settlement. Now, if you got injured and then fired shortly after with shaky reasoning (not, like, your seventh write-up in as many weeks or something like that), then you could get employment lawyers involved, though your results may vary depending on your state.


Yes, it is important to consider jurisdiction. Some cannot condition a settlement on resignation and regardless of the status of a claim, a wrongful termination claim and/or a discrimination claim (due to filing a workers comp claim) can be filed.


True, right. If you resign as a component of the settlement, no dice, but if you settle and then get "fired", definitely file.


...unless you are in an 'at-will' state.


You can still file a wrongful termination claim in an at will state.


Lol did you try to make the job sound bad? Because having $22/hr doesn't make the job sound bad in anyway. $2/hr is more likely what you'd get.


Well i’m making €10 an hour so i’m in


Wait that sounds better than my job, and pays WAY better. Bruh.


If you fall off a ladder, you’re fired before you hit the ground


Lol the roofing company I worked for had this rule. You are fired exactly 1 second before you hit the ground. No exceptions.


For $22/hr? I'd do it.


We'll give you 15k a year and you have to live in Qingdao


Ok but I want dental.


no can do, we're pulling your teeth so they can be used as dental implants in old higher ranking party members


Damn, I'd rather be here where that gets me like 2-3 months of rent to stay in my house


That sounds like veiled criticism of the Party, you're scheduled for execution on Thursday afternoon


I can’t do Thursday, does next Saturday work?


You do not want to operate a roll mill all day-trust me.


Can confirm. Used to work at a place where these were used to make lipstick. Gets really old after day one.


A. Apply B. Eliminate the competition


Scare for hands


Same, people in the comments like "I want this job" and I'm just sitting here like "I like having hands..." I've seen people lose fingers at work doing way less handling silicone on the hand obliterate.




While hooking up powerlines between a berthing barge and the ship the electricians mate put his hand under the line and said avast, the line leader heard something else and his finger was caught between the edge of the barge and the line when the heaved it. Finger overboard.


What does avast actually mean? Something like "look here?" That was my guess.


Avast = Stop


Thank you! Edit: you just saved a fisherman's finger. Edit2: I really shouldn't be doing this job.


Forbidden taffy


Forbidden fruit roll-up




Blueberry green apple flavor.


Forbidden toothpaste


I come to reddit for comments like this


It looks like a giant Airhead 🤤


I prefer the notion of keeping my fingers really far away from this machine.


I'm a radiologist and I've seen what these presses can do to a human hand. I needed to check the ER physician's notes to be sure of what body part I was actually looking at x-rays of. =|


This is truly the worst thing I've heard all day and I'm super sorry you had to see that.


Put mah dong in it so I can have a 12 foot pecker.


Like a 12 foot long lasagna noodle.


Cursed linguine


One slip of a finger away from becoming man-taffy


I think I want this job.


It would be called roll mill operator in a job search....after a few months its not that great. Also most roll mills are for plastic (bad chemicals) and run hotter and are much larger then mr bare hands set up here..... lastly pinch points on those will utterly destroy a hand or even take a life if your limb doesn't pop off....good luck on your job search.


>if your limb doesn’t pop off I really hope I’m never in a situation where that’s the good option


It’s better than the option where you’re stuck in a lathe as it repeatedly slams your broken mangled legs against the concrete floor for 10 minutes straight bc nobody can hear you scream in a large machinist factory, as you slowly lose consciousness and die from shock and blood loss Trust me, losing the arm or hand is the good option


Yeah I've seen some of those videos. I'll never step near a lathe.


My heavy machinery limit ends where the machine will fucking pull my whole body in rather than just cut off a finger or shoot shrapnel into my ass or something.


I just rewatched the one where the lathe is going so fast (i think it was in russia) that the guy is literally slammed into chunks as the employee that stopped the machine processes an event that probably caused him severe ptsd


Yeah the way he runs to the machine and shuts it off knowing there's no hope. He just puts his hands on the top of his head and stumbles out of frame. I don't want to imagine the thoughts going through his head.


Imagine the situation a person is presented with at stop button, clearly a significant amount of time after a lathe has gotten ahold of someone. They'd already been through a few times and there's blood and Guts everywhere, but you still can hear their screams. Do you stop it asap in the hopes that somehow, against all odds, they can be saved? Or do you wait a few more seconds to make sure the lathe finishes the mangling so that it puts them out of their misery? Neither option is good, and someone has to press that button at some point.


For the video in question the guy was almost certainly dead within the first 2 seconds of getting caught. But yeah I'm not hitting the button until the screaming stops. Partially because I know it's better to put them out of their misery, partially because I don't want to have to try and revive their remaining 7.5 lbs of organs.


Why do you watch those videos?


Morbid curiosity. Plus now I know not to fuck with lathes or off duty Brazilian cops.


Those videos make you really appreciate being alive. There are far more horrible places in the world to live, and people who suffer far more than you. They make me feel thankful i’m relatively safe, and they make me cautious when i interact with the world. If you don’t wear a seat belt, watch a video where people crashed and didn’t like wearing them either. Things like that put mortality into perspective and help you better yourself


Other fun things that you may not realize are very dangerous: Inflated tractor tires, if the wall bursts while you're standing next to it, you'll either be blown across a field, or embedded in a wall. Seemingly innocuous sheets of metal. Large sheets of metal don't look nearly as heavy as they are, had a friend who crushed his hand under one. Back to roll mills: worked with a guy who only had one hand, he used to work at a rubber mill, and they would flatten down 4 inch thick sheets of rubber into 1/4 inch thick sheets, back before gloves were realized to be unsafe around rotating machinery, the glove was snagged in the machine and pulled his hand right in, nice and flat. Kept the arm, lost the hand, luckily his coworker shut off the machine in time (before losing his lunch)


Yeah, not gonna lie, I was wincing just thinking about what happens when someone accidentally gets a finger stuck between those high-speed rollers, and was imagining pretty much exactly what you described :(


I’ve seen guys get literally turned into paste working with similar machinery


Yeah it’s cool to watch but he gets his hands so close to the active squishing zone it makes me uncomfortable


A disaster waiting to happen


Almost every "cool machinery" video on reddit is the most dangerous thing you've ever seen. Steel workers, guys with chainsaws, oil workers, silicone man here - all those videos are one bad day away from r/whatcouldgowrong


I wonder if it would be feasible to make a SawStop style roller that shuts off immediately if it touches skin. I imagine silicone isn't conductive, so I think it should work.


The video is sped up so it looks a little more sketch than it is. It's still definitely possible to get yourself killed in one of these but it's probably about as dangerous as driving a car. Don't be a dummy gets you pretty far in the game of messing with these things I imagine.


Yeah, I get anxiety watching him reach into the machine to pull through the silicone. Looks like a terrible accident waiting to happen.


Lathes and similar machinery are terrifying if you’ve seen the videos of their accidents


Sadly I have seen a couple, and as an ex machinist, it scares the shit out of me.


to be fair the video is a lot faster than what the machine is actually, I'm sure that the person has more than enough time to manipulate the material before it gets dangerous.


Probably (hopefully) also activated with a foot pedal and can stop it well before he…adds a lot of red to the mixture.


You’d think so but it only takes a second of part of your hand going in too far of you getting pulled in too. I’ve unfortunately seen it!


Well now I know how blue and red silicone molds are made, how do we get yellow?


Featured on r/worstaccidents for sure Edit: NSFL material, guys…


Man that sub is horrendous. I just watched several people actually have their fucking lives ended in an instant


I honestly don't get how some people can watch that shit. I feel like there has to be something fundamentally wrong with them.


Honestly I watch these on occasion just because they help me come to terms with my own mortality. I also have two kids and it’s helped me be extra cautious when I’m in public with them. I thought I was already safe beforehand but a few videos have showed me otherwise. My empathy has increased tenfold after seeing deaths like that. I also report anyone in that sub that makes jokes about posts or the victims. The internet will always have apathetic edge lords.


Probably the same kinds of people who are able to be trauma surgeons and firefighters and jobs that can get pretty gnarly. Some people are just less susceptible to seeing graphic stuff and for the most part I think that's okay.


Not the same thing at all. I can handle the 'surgery' aspect just fine (dad's a surgeon and used to take me to see all kinds of gnarly stuff), because it's a human being fixed, not being destroyed. *Damage* is what really puts me off. Real, lasting (or lethal) damage.


well yeah but that's you, i haven't got experience with either and i find both to be disturbing as fuck


Being able to handle it (like a trauma surgeon) and watching it for entertainment are two different things, though.


I'm sure there are sick fucks that watch for entertainment, but there's plenty of people that *don't* get a dopamine rush from seeing death. Its humbling as hell to get a reminder of our own mortality and truly eye opening to discover the genuine hazards that surround us every day. These are situations of the hot-stove we never knew existed in the first place. I think it makes some folks safer seeing these cautionary tales. Hell, even the horrific human-on-human violence is an education on human nature and the world we live in.


NOT a dig at u/AutumnLeaves1939 (as the sub exists, it does seem applicable in response to the machine above), but - I thought all those subs got the banhammer awhileback ?


I think specific glorification of content in WPD was what got it banned. Worst accidents is supposed to be for educating. (ie: street safety machinery safety, etc.)


While those are horrendous and terrible, its not as bad as the weirdos that watch cartel or isis vids constantly. Accident vids actually do enforce the 'life is precious and fragile' feeling, whereas the cartel/isis shit is just masturbatory gore fetish fodder.


Oh yeah, put it in sideways again, yeah just like that.


Watching this i heard, "shine that up real nice Turn that sumbitch sideways" -The Rock circa 2000


Lol that last bit was /r/restofthefuckingowl


Came here for this comment. Disappointed it isn't the top comment.


The video in the op is probably the most interesting part of the process. After this, they cut off pieces, put them into a heated mold, clamp the mold shut for a bit and then it comes out as the finished product. Here’s one example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKdMCkd4ZJY If you look up silicone compression molding, you can find more videos on YouTube of different products being made. Most of the action happens out of view vs the tempering step where you can see the pigments and mixing happen out in the open.


For just a moment I saw that paper cup pattern from the 90's... You know the one


I have that pattern on the fake tile floor in the closet in my new house— hasn’t been touched since 1994 and honestly I may just leave it that way for the kitsch value.


Honestly, with the average age of homebuyers today? Keep it! Definitely an awesome nostalgia feature lol


The lack of safety on this machine is unnerving


This feels like an incredibly inefficient way to do this?


One of the big wake ups for me traveling abroad to see factory work is just how much of it is completely manual. Human labor apparently is cheaper than we think.


What would be faster? Kneeding it in with a paddle and mixer bowl would take longer. This process gives them the control to make sure that colorless areas are squished in towards the color and made homogenous, tons of surface area and no deadzones where the mixer doesnt touch.


I feel like it would've mixed faster if he had let it eject as a roll, then insert the role vertically (like he did in the middle of the video -- but every time)


I used to work rubber mills. A mill that small should have a safety cage, or a stop-bar at the very least. His hand goes into them bowls and it's goodnight Vienna.


I had to squint while watching because I was really afraid I was about to see a hand go through that machine






Looks like a jump cut at the end


Long haired freaky people need not apply for this job!


As someone who works as a machinist, watching this gives me anxiety. There HAS to be a safer way to do this. Edit: typo


r/OSHA would like to have a discussion with this factory.


I keep imagining his hands getting caught in that & cringing.


I thought this was going to be one of those Chinese accident videos where they guy gets caught and slowly flips back and forth like a rag doll. Glad it wasn't.


Is this sped up a little? One of the better ones I’ve seen showing more of the process.


Smussshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Annndd Smussssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Annnnnddd Smmuussssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh And Slice


I woulda stopped about halfway through. Looked way cooler.


I liked it better marbled.


I hate Reddit's new vid scroller


This just reminds of that Stephen King movie about the haunted factory roller that eats people


Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in


I was guessing they were going to be yoga mats. I liked the way it moved.


whats the grade of silicone for this? it looks almost like a thermoplastic


The red pigment comes from snagging fingers