Congratulations on your 10 years sober at AA! Nice coin


The one on the right is the 2nd pentacle of Mars. Not sure of the other but I believe they are both positive


So what do you do with them? Leave them in your car, make a necklace or what?


Send them to me. Lol


You can probably just check the greater key of Solomon, there are pdf files on it online. I'm fairly certain the second one is for fighting off diseases


You visualize them helping you in a way that corresponds to their intended use. Their physical location only matters if it matters to you. Whatever you feel would be most efficient. 2nd Pentacle of Mars is for good health. So if you are not in bad health maybe give it to a relative who is that you care about and visualize it helping them.


The Mars Pentacle is ideally made and consecrated according to certain astrological requirements, and during certain days and hours of the week. It is then consecrated using the ritual found in the *Key of Solomon.* In a traditional way, it could be worn around the the neck. But I’ve heard some people say that just making them, and then storing them in the manner outlined in the *KoS,* is enough to receive their benefits. In a more modern setting, the pentacles can be incorporated into satchets, buried on a property to curse or protect it, drawn on the bottom of cauldrons and used to aid in hydromancy, draw them on chalk boards and burn candles on them to gain their effects, place poppets on them to hex or heal, and so on. Use your imagination! They’re pretty versatile is you’re willing to go against orthodoxy.


The one that looks like a Star of David seems to be The Second Pentacle of Mars.--This Pentacle serveth with great success against all kinds of diseases, if it be applied unto the afflicted part. While the triangle with a cross is probably The Third Pentacle of Mars.--It is of great value for exciting war, wrath, discord, and hostility; also for resisting enemies, and striking terror into rebellious Spirits; the Names of God the All Powerful are therein expressly marked. Both would be part of the key of Solomon some are used to treat ailments of there to ward off evil things and others still in essence function like charms I might be wrong though hope this helps


I think this is true


How do I use them? Just store them somewhere or keep them in a wallet?


The way they are described its kinda like a charm so I’d hazard to guess in and or around your person should do the trick nothing in the text I red about them really said they were like a charm that was meant to be put in an alter or anything like that so somewhere on your person should be fine. Mind you I’m no expert but just an individual with a cursory knowledge of this in particular or what I believe it is at least.


The one on the right looks like an angels Sigil


I don’t know how to post pictures of the backs, I don’t really post much on Reddit. They both got some Hebrew stuff on the backs of them


These coins are probably for protection ,guidance or something good . These coins aren’t nefarious ..Raphael ,Michael and Gabriel are holy Arch angels. They are the angels of God.. The coin on the right ,,has a sigil of a holy angel as well. “Goetic/Demonic angels” have different sigils . And that is the “Star of David” not a satanic pentagram .


I know Royal Arch Masonry was suspected however I believe this is more in line with the Golden Dawn or the Rosicrucians possibly. Seems more in line with their correspondency with angels and the triangle looking coin. Could be wrong but I haven’t seen anything like this in the Masonic literature I’ve read


The medallion on the left is an adaptation of [an engraving](https://archive.org/details/b22006795/page/n256/mode/1up) found in Francis Barrett's *The Magus* (1801), substituting a cross for the pentagram found in the original. If yours is the same as other examples I've seen, then I'm guessing the other side of the medallion will bear the Hebrew magic square and divine names from the diagram in the upper left (labelled 'the front part') of Barrett's engraving.


Yes that’s what the other side looks like!


The triangle facing up is masculine, put for Mars. The triangle facing down, or chalice, is feminine, and represents Venus. These planets are frequencies and give off energy. When Mars and Venus unite, you get the seal of Solomon, which is the star of Judaism you see on the right. Inside of this union lies Saturn, because the cube and hexagon storm on Saturn's pole. The hermetical principal of as above so below is interesting if you understand Chakras and energy fields of humans. Our energy fields line up with the planets. Even Uranus, which is the farthest or one of the farthest out planets is actually your anus on purpose, because that is the groin or lowest consciousness chakra. The sun which gives light is our brain or crown that Kings wear. Saturn was once our crown or halo, but that was in a different age. I suppose Mars is the right side of our brain, and Venus is the left side of our brain, and as stated the sun is the crown on top. As for the coin on the left, I am unsure but it may be something from Royal Arch Masonry.


What about Jupiter? And do you think some want Saturm to return?


You should look up a chakra and planet chart and see. There are 3 pillars in the Kabalistic tree of life which do correlate to our internal energy as well as the planets. As for Saturn, it will return as our natural sun stationed at the earth's north pole, but we will have to go through some cataclysms first.


Michael, raphael, gabriel - bible (arch)angels Right one is in hebrew, it seems, and David’s star is from judaism. Can be a simple metro coin lol (I’m not too deep into occult, i do not know if it was an obvious info or not)


Very good luck, I'd be thrilled to find these


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second is an ancient protection seal, there is a video on esoterica explaining it in details, "Magic and Disease", stay safe.