I mean, I love Mammon but I can't afford being a sugar momma.


You can when you contract 7 demon brothers, a Prince, his servant, and 2 angels to do work for you. 😂


My first instinct is Mammon, but then it's like, well hold on, let's not be hasty...


I would like Dia as my sugar daddy so that I can afford to have Mammon as my sugar baby


That's a smart move 😂👍


My first instinct was Mammon but then I was like wait, hold up, Mammon is always in debt, while Dia is the literal prince and probably has money in spades. But also, I believe that when Mammon is introduced at the very beginning of the story in lesson one it’s also explained that whoever has his favor will find themselves rich? I feel like I’m putting too much logical thinking into this lmao


Hard to see the effect It was stated but we don't really see it in action


This is such a tough question! 🤣 Where’s the “both” option. I’m so conflicted.




I agree with the other comments. Mammon is cute, but here's the problem. If I sugar baby him, he'll probably pull me in with his debts and we will both be screwed, while with Diavolo, since he's the literal prince of the Devildom, he can sugar daddy me all he wants and I'll be loaded as f. If I can lock up Mammon in a black room instead and feed him and watch him cry, I would probably choose Mammon. God's sake I am so glad I am asexual I should never get married.


omg lmfao i love this comment 😂😂😂


Both. Both is good. 🗿


edites cuz i'm half asleep. dia. all the way. he's daddy😍


both option?


funnel (some of) the money and items Dia gives you as your sugar daddy to fund Mammon as your sugar baby.


With the amount of money I've spent on mammon merch he might as well be my sugar baby lmaoo


It wasn't really even a choice for me. I feel awkward and guilty accepting expensive gifts. Plus, I'll just assume if Mammon's my sugar baby, it means I have the grimm to support him, lol!


I almost picked my man but then I realised my moneys gonna run out sooner or later Whereas Diavolo seems to have an endless supply of it so I picked Diavolo But the best solution was put forward by another commentor. Be dia sugar baby so we have the cash to support Mammon (unlikely that the cash won't run out..)


Seeing lucifer spend and spend it reminds me of the old X-men joke.. The x mansion is always under attack every other comic issue and yet Xavier never runs out of money to keep fixing it same as Lucifer and the HoL


Diavolo. Imagine someone who can do everything giving me anything I want ;)


I'll be Mammon's sugar daddy in the sense that I give him sweets my actual money is tied up elseware


Idk, I feel like if Dia were my sugar daddy I'd feel way too guilty constantly recieving material gifts even tho Dia would clearly want to have his close friends/ S/O to be happy and not find them a burden, but on the other hand I'd want to give Mammon a bunch of gifts on special occasions and then when Mammon says he wants something I'd be like "Nah, I don't want to spoil you too much" even tho he'd be begging. The only thing I could give him in abundance would be a bunch of origami cranes lmao


Shockingly a hard option to choose...


It’s more like you would be Mammon’s sugar daddy lol


That's why he's the sugar baby in the poll option here 😂


Let’s be rational, to provide everything for Mammon you have to sell soul or what


You'd have to be ridiculously rich! Mammon wouldn't want your soul or for you to sell it for him so you might be able to get away with being a lousy glucose guardian lol but I imagine in this scenario we somehow ARE ridiculously rich


I already mentally refer to Dia as daddy, why not add some sugar?


I wanna be treated like a queen so Dia! He would be the best sugar daddy!


Diavolo's just so hot.🥰


Diavolo funds my sugar babies needs, where's that option? 🤔


Mammon is too expensive for me😭😭 Also I like money as much as Mammon so I’ll take Diavolo as my sugar daddy


Big titty goth himbo. Too broke to have a sugar baby, unfortunately 😔


Let's face it... Mammon is always broke or in debt. He really can't afford being a sugar daddy. 😕


That's why his option is sugar baby and not sugar daddy lol


Bwaha! Haven't slept very well and misread it. I'd still want Luci as a sugar daddy. I fear Mammon would only want another Goldie.


Dia always, basically anyone over Mammon for me (except Solomon, I despise him lmao)