Say what you will about us! But we have and always are one of the highest attended teams in the league. In 2021 for our first home game, we are number 1.

Say what you will about us! But we have and always are one of the highest attended teams in the league. In 2021 for our first home game, we are number 1.


This fanbase can be a case study for people walking back into abusive relationships


"its different now we have a new QB and gm... people just don't get us"


New coaching staff, new QB... they've changed and things are going to be different now I just know it...


I really feel like I can change the team. This season feels different.


It’s also that we’re New York. So many transplants watch the games here boosting our attendance number a


But but but, they booed!


I cannot believe the fans booed after seeing some of the worst interceptions ever thrown by a QB! REEEEE


It wasn't even the interceptions that brought them about. Zach gunned it at someone in the flat. It bounced off their hands and was a bit high. Then the crowd really let loose.


Great crowd and the team couldn’t even score one fucking touchdown. Pathetic. Jets chant would have been electric.


Right when Mosley said he was looking forward to hearing the chant I knew the chant was never getting chanted because god hates us


The crowd wasnt that good what are you talking about, we chanted for like first 3 minutes


Gonna be fun to hear that place erupt when this team turns the corner. So looking forward to going back for a meaningful game.


Been saying that since the 2009 AFC championship game. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.


Last meaningful game was 2015. We had a good chance of making the playoffs. I was at the patriots game where we won in overtime and it was amazing. Ever since then it’s been trash


Was at the game. Haven't felt that kind of energy in years at the stadium. Surprisingly there weren't as many Pats fans as I anticipated there would be but still too many. If this team could just be average the home field advantage would be absolutely nuts.


Sadly a good amount of pats fans there but still had fan in pre game when we all still had hope lol


It’s not really much of an indicator when the opponent was NE. They always have a lot of fans for the game.


I forgot what show I was watching but they pointed out that it was overwhelmingly Jets fans... they said something like looks like Jets fans didn't sell any of their tickets for this one.


Tbh I was expecting way more Pats fans then what actually showed up at the game. I’d never been to a Jets/Pats game before so I thought it’d be pretty close to 50/50, but only like 10% of the crowd was rooting for the Pats.


Oh it’s never 50/50. But even if it’s 10%, that’s still 7,500 people in a stadium that ranked 21st in capacity filled.


I feel like that’s pretty standard league wide for any visiting team percentage wise, especially for a divisional game.


Not true really at all. “Standard league wide visiting tema percentage” isn’t a real thing lol. Every team is different. Some teams have fans that travel great(Green bay, Dallas, Steelers, raiders, etc.) and teams that fans that maybe don’t travel great( Atlanta, Texans, Chargers, etc.) it entirely depends on who the visitor is. That 10% number is likely not accurate.


Would love to know how many of those seats were sold on stubhub before the game. These statistics have been misleading for a while now. There was a game in 2018 where the Jets faced the Broncos. Game was considered a near sellout, but a lot of people said that there were more Broncos fans than actual Jet fans there. I’m sure this isn’t the only instance


Our fanbase has been in the dumps for years now as the team never gives us any hope and crushes all morale by Week 2 every year. The home opener is always hype but then all the electricity and optimism is just crushed every year after it. It used to be hype during those AFC championship game seasons and the crowd was always electric. Nowadays our crowd feels like a Clippers or Chargers crowd.


We may be losers but at least were the *largest* group of losers


Which is exactly why the Johnsons will never be motivated to do anything with this team. They Make money no matter how shit this team is.


That's because the other teams fans come to see the game The real #1 is KC


Would be bigger if the stadium were in Willets Point. Unforgivable.


Maybe that is exactly the problem.


I went to the game. There were 70% pats fans in my section.


NFL games pretty much all sell out (there is a local TV blackout if they don’t, which never happens other than to Jacksonville a few times). So this is purely a function of MetLife stadium having one of the highest capacities.


I was at both Carolina and home and there were definitely more empty seats in NC , BUT there were a decent amount of NE fans there on Sunday, which i was very unhappy about