Saleh is being a stubborn on Mims. Prove me wrong.

Saleh is being a stubborn on Mims. Prove me wrong.


I mean look at the niners situation w/ Aiyuk. Very similar


Similar but with one really big difference. Aiyuk's rookie season was actually really good. 60 Rec 748 yds 5 TDs. With a mix of C.J. Bethard and Nick Mullens at QB. Granted he played a few more games, but still.


There's nothing we can say to prove you wrong. You already think you know more than NFL coaches, so there's no discussion.


I'm not saying I agree with OP but this attitude has always been questionable to me. The "you don't know more than an NFL head coach" I mean Adam Gase knows more about football than anyone on this sub and everyone here (rightfully) questioned a lot of his decisions. There have been way more accomplished coaching staffs than the current one who have made mistakes/misused players You have "Saleh Stan" in your name so I'm going to make reiterate and make something clear. I'm not saying I agree with OP nor am I questioning Saleh but this attitude of "the coaches know more than us" is kind of tired. I think people can (reasonably) question decisions by coaches/staff. I mean this is a forum for discussion after all.


I think my attitude was harsh because the OP didn't exactly make a post that was really looking for any sort of meaningful discussion. Saleh has already, multiple times, given the reasons. OP and others just don't like the answer. Obviously people can question coaches decisions. But what's being question is something we literally have no access to, so our only outlet is the coach. And OP, and others, are saying they just don't believe Saleh or that he's wrong. So my attitude about knowing more than a head coach is not about questioning him or not, but he's at practice and we aren't. He's talking to Denzel and we aren't. I'm just more of a believer of questioning things we can see. Like LaFluer's playcalling so far has been not good imo. Do I know more about football than LaFluer? Of course not, but it's my opinion based on actual visual evidence and tangible information instead of just making things up or guessing. Questioning NFL coaches on playbook knowledge, practice habits, attitude in the building, etc. is more what I was referring to. I view the entire situation as more rewarding Cole, Berrios, etc than punishing Mims. I still think Mims will get there and hopefully sooner than later will be a contributor on offense.


Ok I can see where you're coming from, I appreciate your breakdown


Mims would be doing a lot better than what we have put there.


Idk why people are ripping the playcalling this week. Offensive line isn't going to be 5 HOF, but was wayyyy better this week. Run game was fantastic. We moved the ball every drive. There were open checkdowns on the INTs. Last week sure, but this week was on Zach. And that's ok. It's just one week against arguably the GOAT coach.


I think the red zone play calling put a bad taste in everyone's mouths.


Goal line run up the middle on third down is infuriating.


Was at the game, but to me the 2nd pick is the only one not at Zach. He threw a perfect pass to Davis, who let it go right through his hands. 9 times out of 10 it falls incomplete, but because its Jets-Pats there was a DB in perfect position to get the INT. The other 3 were dogshit throws


Play calling was much improved but we need more screens. Some more quick, easy passes. He might be calling them but Zach is obviously ignoring his short options/checkdowns trying to hit a HR. Calling more screens would make for some easier completions better chance to get into a rhythm.


I mean, we'll see. If the excuse is that he doesn't know the playbook, then he should be seeing more time as the season goes on, because he's clearly physically gifted enough to eventually deserve playing time.




Im trying to think of the last time the fanbase has whined about a player not getting enough playing time and were proven correct when the player actually got more play time. Surprisingly, it turns out that coaches who spend more time with the players tend to have a better idea of what is happening than fans who have a hard on for a player based on YouTube college highlights


Different sport, but Frankie Smokes had a ton of backers in the Knicks sub and he was straight ass.


Called him a bust before he took the floor. No heart. Played scared.


I sincerely don’t understand why he’s not playing, but at least Crowder coming back next week will lighten the blow a little bit.


They don’t seem to be in any sort of rush to activate Crowder


Do you see Mims all week in practice and in meetings? No? Then you don't have any clue


Nah I agree with you. Mims is big, long and fast. He can make contested catches and he can break tackles after the catch. Find a fucking way to get him in the game. It’s some BS “this is our scheme and you have to be able to know all of it if you wanna play.” I’m not buying it, if you have talented players, fucking build your scheme around them. It’s pissing me off that a dude this talented is going to waste


if denzel mims threw himself a birthday party (already a warning sign imo), how many teammates would show up?


He'd probably drop it.


Honestly this offense is trash and Lafleur is basically gase with better PR. You have to stretch the field vertically to win games. PERIOD


You're gonna get downvoted probably but you can't tell me that Robert is putting all the best players on the field when hes putting Jeff Smith and Braxton barrios over Denzel Mims. During that press conference, Robert kept talking about how everyone is earning their keep and that Mims has to play better than Cole and Berrios and he kept name dropping Jeff Smith. It's like, there's just no way that Jeff Smith, whether or not hes doing better than Mims in practice, is someone you want out on that field over Mims. Not even Cole. These guys dont have the same skills set. Mims is a big tall, physical guy who can win 50/50 balls in the redzome. Hes not afraid to go over the middle. Hes a hands first catcher, which is just what ever wr should strive to be. Jeff Smith doesnt have a third of the tools that Mims has. If you have to tell Mims what route hes gonna run, thats a problem, but its not worth keeping him off yhe field. Dude just needs to grow up but he needs to do it on the football field because hes arguably the most talented dude we have a WR when it comes to his physical gifts. Davis/Mims/Moore should be the go-to group for the next 3-4 years.


Teams have won without a “big receiver” aka some of the patriot teams. But if you don’t have a receiver who is a baller and can just get a catch under coverage you need to play the quick pass. You cannot gunsling. I barely saw any plays with open receivers today. The OC did not attack their coverage at all. He kept playing long pass against man coverage like we actually have good receivers and a QB.