[Cimini] Crowder’s groin injury flared up Friday, Saleh said. As for Mims: Same deal. Doesn’t play special teams, doesn’t play multiple positions, per Saleh. #Jets

[Cimini] Crowder’s groin injury flared up Friday, Saleh said. As for Mims: Same deal. Doesn’t play special teams, doesn’t play multiple positions, per Saleh. #Jets


Mims played Special Teams in the preseason & according to him he volunteer. Are you saying he refused to play Special Teams in the regular season.


Or, he sucks at that too? This isn't the local soup kitchen, you don't just volunteer for ST and go out there. He can be willing to play all he wants but if he's not better than the other guys on the roster, he's not gonna play.


They like Moore. Cool, I do too. Stick him in the slot, let Mims play the outside like he's familiar with & let's play ball. It's not that difficult unless there's some non football thing here going on no one is talking about. With Crowder out, this should be a super easy decision. No one can tell me Berrios, Cole or Smith are all better than Mims. That's bullshit & I'm starting to feel as if they are trying to insult our intelligence at this point.


These guys you mentioned may not be as physically gifted as Mims but they have apparently proven themselves more trustworthy to the coaching staff. This is more of an indictement on Mims because even while supposedly having superior talent he was not able to impress the coaches enough to get more play time than those other guys Also it's not as simple as "play him outside and everything will be familiar". The responsibilities that Mims had as an outside receiver in previous offenses are likely not the same in the current offense


That's only if you take Saleh's word on this. Mind you, I like Saleh & want to see him here but something doesn't jive. They say he hasn't beat those other guys out & maybe those guys work harder & perform better in practice but Mims does have a promising body of work going back to last season. Even this season, when called upon he makes plays & I've yet to see any of those other guys do the same. When you start off 0-2 you need play makers. Especially when you start 0-2 in the fashion that we have. For example Josh Gordon had tons of issues but when he was on the field he made plays. Multiple teams picked him up mid season and threw him on the field & he made plays. Did he know the whole playbook? Did he out work all other WR after being there a week? I doubt it, but he'd be blasted before games & still makes plays. Maybe Mims is worse than that somehow, maybe it's really like Saleh says it is but what he's telling us doesn't add up to me. I've seen Mims & seen the other guys. Mims is better. If it's a discipline thing then just say that.


This is the NFL, not Google. Plenty of the best starting players in the NFL are not trustworthy at all, they’re just absurdly confident and absurdly gifted athletes. Mims has all the physical attributes and seems to have always shown up and produced when he’s healthy. Play the dude until he lets us down. If he proves Saleh/LaFleur/JD wrong - we can all be happy. If he doesn’t perform everyone understands why we cut him halfway through his rookie contract


If Mims has all these physical attributes and can't outcompete guys like Berrios or Smith for playing time, that should tell him he needs to improve on something. Even Corey Davis implied that he still needs to become the type of player who puts in the extra work that is required to be great. The coaches don't owe him any favors if he isn't willing to outwork other guys to prove himself. He has done nothing to earn any kind of preferential treatment if other players are outperforming him in practice


No but Moore Davis and crowder are all better than Mims. And Davis and mims do the same thing but Davis is a lot better


Crowder is injured & hasn't played a single game yet. So that excuse doesn't compute.


Talent isn't the only consideration. If he doesn't know what he's doing and only knows a few routes, he's not gonna displace a guy who can run the whole playbook, even with a lesser ceiling. Execution trumps talent.


Winning games is the consideration & if you have talent that can't execute, it's on the coach to prep them or come up with a scheme to give them the best chance to do that. Throwing your hands up & trotting out less talented players during losing efforts shouldn't be expected.


How can you prep a guy who won't learn the playbook, the most basic, effort only task? It's not like he's not getting separation, missing blocks, or dropping balls. He literally doesn't know the offense. And mims is by far not talented enough to formulate your whole scheme around. He's not a qb and he's not even a first round, top of draft talent. The fact is that everyone was rightly hyped about saleh and lafleur, but now all of a sudden they are egotistical idiots sabotaging mims. Mims has shown 0 so far. Under two separate coaches and offenses. Sure, some of that may have been the coaching or injuries, but the point is that we have no reason to believe he is better than Saleh/lafleur say he is.


As I mentioned before, most are operating under the assumption that he doesn't know the playbook because this is what was leaked & what Saleh has insinuated. I say insinuated because Saleh never outright said he hasn't learned the playbook, just strongly insinuated it. These types of games are usually ran because either 1) They want to be polite & save face for the player Or 2) It's something else completely & they want to be able to say they never outright said the thing which was leaked & heavily insinuated. Plausible deniability. Now I can't say for sure which of these two things are happening but I can say, if they were trying to be polite and take care of his preserve his reputation they sure as hell wouldn't have let the 'playbook issue' story leak, they wouldn't lean into said story during pressers & theydon't have to put him in, but they could at least provide a vote of confidence, which didn't happen. So despite what's being said publicly, this reads more like a behavioral incident no one is talking about & the team is using the press in order to send him a message & teach him a lesson. As far as the playbook thing is concerned, he didn't seem to have an issue with learning Gase's playbook, although I suspect it was drawn in crayon. Point still remains, he learned it & had plenty of flashes on the field last season & so I'd disagree with saying he has shown zero. I only have the coach's word for what goes on in practice but I have two eyes & have seen him on the field gameday; & we don't get any wins & losses for practice.


My point is that people are assuming mims is being "benched" for reasons other than his performance and this is the wrong move. But we have no reason to believe Saleh is lying or hiding something and mims is actually good enough to get on the field. Plus, even if what you say is true and mims would be playing if he had not done something we don't know about, what's the problem there. We ate up saleh's talk about building a new culture, so how can we turn around and criticize it/abandon it week 2 for a 2nd rounder that's shown little? This year was always a developmental year. If Saleh wants to make an example out of some unacceptable behavior with a guy who wouldn't be moving the needle too much, so be it. It's not like they cut him and moved on, or they are benching the top 3 qb pick for a journeyman. He was inactive once and didn't play much another game. Look at what shanahan did with aiyuk in SF, a first rounder who put up a good season last year.


I get your point & if we started the season strong I might be inclined to not give a damn about who was on the field because the offense would be showing some promise. We start off different & I'd agree but when you're losing, it needs to be fixed & every option should be exhausted. With that in mind, I've seen all these guys on game day & Mims looks like the best of them when it's time to perform. Now practice is something else entirely, & maybe he is dogging it, but in the words of Allen Iverson "we talking bout practice?!?" the games can't be won on a practice field & the body of work seen thus far by my eyes tell me Mims needs a shot especially since the other options haven't proven to give us much success during these two losing efforts. Mind you, those WR's didn't throw those picks so they can't be held to blame but Mims is bigger, faster & can make plays. Make things easier for Wilson instead of tougher. Further, I can't take Saleh's word for it when he won't talk straight & just say he doesn't know the playbook. He can say that without being disrespectful but he doesn't, he dances around & implies it without actually saying it AFTER anonymous sources in the organization leak that information, which makes me believe games are being played here. No one seems to wants to put their name on the accusation that he doesn't know his playbook & if it's accurate, I need to question why that seems to be the case.


I mean, how often do big receivers like Mims actually play multiple positions? Keelan Cole was invisible out there and Jeff Smith had one catch. I just don’t get this reasoning but what do I know


I have a feeling their is a power struggle and immaturity at the helm here. Mims is whining, and Douglas/Saleh trying to instill order, rightfully so. Just sucks that it has to be Mims.


I forgot Keelan Cole even came back until I just read your post.


Never, does Davis know all the WR spots, more than likely no. They just don't like him. Mims should be the #2 WR, he was drafted for that role but the coaching staff doesn't like him for some reason.


Corey Davis has literally lined up at every position in 2 games, Berrios has lined up all over too. Why speak on it when you have no idea what you're talking about? This playbook and the routes are very complex, Corey already knew them from his time with the Titans who used the same scheme. Mims lack of experience in an offense like this put him behind, then he missed a ton of practice time, that's why he doesn't play. It doesn't mean he's "bad" or a bust yet, he just needs more time in the system and to stay haalthy. It definitely doesn't mean the coaches don't like him.


> Never, does Davis know all the WR spots, more than likely no Soooooo, you just straight up haven't watched the games, have you...


I thought Mims literally asked to play special teams?


Mims is wasting away here


Our leading receiver today was Berrios. He knows the playbook. Averaging 10 yards a catch for something like 70 total yards. Cole had zero catches. He knows the playbook. Davis two catches for 8 yards. He knows the playbook.


The Mims stuff is starting to piss me off. Build your playbook around your players. Give him a package of 10-15 plays where he can just run a go, dig, post, hook, corner etc. It’s not that fucking hard. It’s like Lafleur’s ego is getting in the way. “My offense is super complicated and I need the WRs to know every single route from every single spot”. Suck my ass dude and put Mims in the game


Yeah I’m starting this is an ego trip on the coaches too. Especially the way that Slaeh answered the question in the post game interview


He’s getting released at this point.


That would be awful but not shocking at this point tbh


Nah doesn't know the playbook Jet fans via last week know it all


Lol when we lost Chad was it? Then the backup as well probably fielder. Then Bollinger I think also got Hurt We signed Vinny T and with no practice the Bucs made videos mocking us finding him on his couch at home on their official team site. Vinny literally called out routes to wrs in the huddle. We won that game.




Was explaining that the mims not having the playbook down is dumb reasoning to not play him. We literally had Vinny in at qb at like 45 years old just calling out routes the entire game. And we won.


Fair enough. Yeah after 2 games it seems to me that either Lafleur or Saleh or both have a massive ego and can’t just say fuck it and let Mims play


It was so long ago that I kept adding to the post, the more I added the less sense it made. We literally lost chad and fiedler in back to back plays against the Jaguars. Chad went back in to finish the game with his arm hanging off. Then we signed vinny when brooks got hurt too I think. Vinny had no time to practice at all. I’ll never forget the cartoon video that the Bucs put on their site cuz it blasted us so badly, even though it was wel made, and we still beat them.


I wish the Jets could get my groin flared up.


What, you haven't had enough kicks to the groin yet?


But mims does play special teams, he was pretty good at it too in preseason, if he’s volunteering for it during preseason I can’t imagine he isn’t begging to do it rn


Mims should play however berrios is solid. Been solid since being an unknown. Hes better than keelan cole and smith.


Aka Crowder FU to the front office for making him take a pay cut.


Didn’t Mosley literally miss an entire season because of a nagging groin injury


? Mosley looked awesome today though.


Yeah. That’s not the point. The point is, Mosley literally missed an entire season because of a nagging groin injury that he came back from too soon. I don’t think there’s any reason to talk about a pay cut being the issue, because groin injuries are lingering problems. If it’s acting up and he comes back too soon, that could very well torpedo his season. This is an injury he’s dealt with since camp.


Apples and oranges kid. Lets not act like Crowder is going to play a little bang up if he got a pay cut. Mosley had all that guaranteed money.


As u were saying…


You are *really* creepy




This is ridiculous. The fact that our beat writers accept that response about Mims without follow up, shows they are inept group of hacks. The Jets do not have weapons on the field. There is no NFL caliber starting TE on this roster. The only threat is Corey Davis who was effectively neutralized by Belichick. Berios is great, if he is your 4th option. Berios is not your 1st option or 2nd option. Moore is struggling. Mims on the field adds a new dimension and target for Zach Wilson. But he pissed off someone on the coaching staff, so why help the rookie QB. There is not footballing excuse for keeping Mims of the field. Period.


well corey davis kind of sucked from the first snap today, it would of been smart to have mims and see that and sub him in....all that kid has done is produce with what little opportunity has been given him


I’m looking for him to play wide receiver tho.


I understand and accept the rationale of Saleh and the coaching staff for Mims not playing; But something tells me that if you gave this same exact roster to Andy Reid, Sean Payton, or hell even Kyle Shanahan for kicks, they'd find a way to get Mims on the field. Wouldn't even have to be a lions share of the snaps, but something.


At what point does it makes sense to try to trade him for a better fit somewhere else if he’s never going to crack the field unless Davis goes down?