"How many!?"

"How many!?"


“I’m not even supposed to be here today.” — me, 8 times a year at MetLife


I was thinking about you guys as I was watching the game. I hope you at least had a lot of fun tailgating.


“In a row?!?!?”


At least he didn't throw 37


Give it time, still 15 games to go


5 picks already in 2 games…averaging 2.5 per game… 14 games to go… 14*2.5=35+5=40 So we are on track to finish the season with more than 37


*42.5 17 games not 16




average 2.5 ints per game. 2.5 * 17 = ~43 interceptions in a season would set or tie an NFL record


Even if there wasn’t the extra game, he’s still on record pace


So many overthrown and off target balls, even to wide open receivers. Disappointing.


Even one of his bigger passes to a wide open Moore could have been way better if he put it on target rather than forcing him out of bounds


Absolutely. That play could have been a TD. As I remember, there was lots of open field if he'd thrown to the field side of the receiver instead of right at the sideline.


How many int? Wilson: Yes


“Hey you, get back here”


I don't think people quite understand how far this franchise will be set back if Wilson truly is a bust lol We will be fucked for a decade +


We will just draft another QB after next year, this sub will say “he just sucked, yea our org is a joke but he’s trash gotta move on sry” and then we will keep doing that until we get lucky and someone succeeds in spite of everything


First Sanchez then Geno, followed by Darnold, and now Wilson. I'll bet any one of them could have been a good quarterback if they were developed properly.


Sanchez had potential but he devolved rather than taking the next step. Geno was always a bust waiting to happen. Darnold is proving he isn't a bust considering how well he is playing for the Panthers. If anything, They reflect how poorly run this franchise has been. Wilson is in a better situation than Sam was in for the last 3 years but to me, He really comes off as someone who was taken far too early. I was never a fan of this pick nor did I want the Jets to take another QB when they could have traded down and gotten so much more. Instead, We have another struggling QB on an awful team. The quest for 0-17 continues.


I feel that our org devolved, not the QBs. They all show their skill with other teams when given a chance. How? They learned a lot from the Jets. They learned every way an org should NOT be run.


Sam's stats now are fantastic. He is showing everyone what he can be vs what he was during his time with the Jets.


Darnold is already killing it in Carolina


If only he didn't get Mono. That really derailed his career. Maybe he could have developed like Josh Allen. But for some reason we hired Adam Gase. And that never would have happened if Donald Trump didn't win the presidency and sent Ambassador Woody Johnson to the UK.


Watching the Panthers is like the parallel universe Jets that we could have had


Same als for Wilson, sample size of 2 doesn't relly Tell all that much.


i think u guys got it backwards a few times. gotta build the team first and get the qb for it. not the other way around


Probably all of them.


Talking like Wilson already sucks lol


This is what I was saying last season. The only way the team succeeds is if we luck into a truly spectacular QB like Peyton who can elevate a shitty organization to his level. It's an unfair burden to place on a young QB. Lawrence was the only guy touted to have the ability to potentially do so. Wilson ain't it. I'm sure he'll have a decent career somewhere else once this team is done with him.


This, I hate Wilson but you need at least three years of good drafting before you drop him. Next QB needs to come into a golden situation. Should of took Nelson over Darnold and anyone of the great prospects over Wilson. We would have a dream team that is actually a QB away and then can get a high end vet or a mid first round pick.


You say that as a joke but the Texans rode that train for almost 5 years until they ruined it. It's a legitimate strategy.


One bad draft pick, that we didn't trade up for, if he busts, will fuck us for a decade? This take is a bit hysterical if you ask me.


When it can layer into starting over with a new gm, new hc who can in their own right fuck up, yes.


I mean, if you mean we could’ve traded back for a good haul, I suppose. If one of the other QBs (not Lawrence) ends up better, sure. But, for the love of god, we are 2 games into his career. We knew this year was 5-6 wins, at best. I think his ceiling is *very* high, but his go-for-broke style is obviously horrendous if it doesn’t translate to the NFL.


Playing calling was garbage. The game plan looked like garbage. I watched the other rookie dink and dunk down the field while Wilson was off-script 90% of the time on passing downs. IMO OC has got to get his act together


The problem was the quarterback.


Watch Rodgers tape from last week and you'll see the same thing. Yes QB skill is a massive component of it, but even HOFers struggle when the gameplan is completely, utterly, soul-suckingly shut down by the defense.


We are fucked either way.


[Wrote a blurb about this actually a while back](https://www.reddit.com/r/nyjets/comments/n06at3/good_jets_rant_by_rich_eisen/gw4wxu3/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


Thanks for that. Surprised to see my blurb from 144 days ago, “If Wilson is another bust and Fields is the star, this could be my last rodeo with the jets. Wilson’s highlights look great, but fields stats were better during the season, he played against better competition, he can run for a first down, something a rookie QB with a weak line needs to do. I will be rooting for Zach. If he is unfortunately a bust, this time, this fanbase would be getting what it deserves. Hype should not be driving a draft. And that’s exactly what we’ve experienced the last 3 months.” Fields may not be the star, it may be Darnold, who was actually looking good the end of last year but we were too busy being gaslighted that a minor conference QB was the second coming of Joe Willie. Zach may succeed eventually but it looks like it’s going to take three painful years to get there.


This is a great write up. I know it sounds dramatic but jets will literally never recover


I have it saved cause I genuinely believe it too. The millennial/Gen Z Jets fans have never dealt with incompetency this bad before. Hell, even my baby boomer Uncle believes this is the worst he’s ever seen the franchise. In a place like New York? There are far better things to do, and games to watch, than the Jets. It’s becoming too expected how much this team sucks now. People won’t put up with this.




It’s not that they’re gonna leave and never come back. It’s that when they say “we’re gonna rebuild and be good”, fans aren’t gonna believe it and stick around and wait. They’ll come back once the Jets actually start winning games and prove they’re worth watching.


lol the irony is i saw him walking to the parking lot after the game.


If we had C. mcCaffery the story would be different


Jesus Christ could suit up for us and this franchise would ruin him. Please.


It wouldn't. CMC is great but give Sam credit, they were not winning with Teddy B last year and they are winning now. Only people that don't think Sam is playing well is the Jets haters that can't admit they were wrong.


panthers fan here CMC was out 90% of the season last year. he's the most dynamic player in the game. we would be trash without him. he bails Darnold out a lot.


We are just poison for anyone. I’m convinced you could bring in whoever you want at QB and this franchise will turn them into a bum because it is run by a circus of bozos put together by the biggest bozo of them all, the owner.


Not 100% true. We made Sanchez look much better then he was, same with Fitzpatrick. The problem is after that we had a GM who could draft in first round but didn't take offensive players into a GM that cut/traded all the talent away of the last guy, and didn't replace any of them properly.


You are saying this like Teddy B is a great QB when he isn't. He is a journeyman.


Think he was being sarcastic...


He's also the guy that lost the ball down the storm drain.


He'll be ok. This is literally his second game.


Wait..we’re allowed to not give up on the rookie qb 2 games into his career?


i thought this was going to be the tom brady 4th down????? meme pic


He made some bad throws, but Pats secondary is pretty good. They baiting him into some of those throws: and Zach obliged them.


That safety bated him by not moving at the snap and waiting for it to float into his hands xD


peyton manning threw 28 picks his rookie year


Bad day for sure. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. He's 12 years old playing in his second NFL game. Gotta crawl before you can walk.


Run game is non existent


133 rushing yards from our backfield today, but...okay?


I liked what I saw from Carter today


Carter ran well but committed back to back penalties blocking


that chop block that really wasn't one? Trent Green was struggling on the broadcast to provide analysis on why it was an illegal play because the center wasn't engaged with the defender


They showed it pretty clearly. It wasn't a hard hit and the guy they blocked barely flinched but he absolutely hit him low while he was engaged.


I don't know, to me looked like Carter was the only one who made contact, center never touched him.