[Costello] Jets WR Denzel Mims will be inactive today against the Patriots, per source.

[Costello] Jets WR Denzel Mims will be inactive today against the Patriots, per source.




Why let him get snaps week 1 and not 2? It’s not a good look.


Because we have Cole coming back this week who’s better than Mims


Sure man, I meant more from a JDs draft picks haven’t been panning out. I know it’s way too early to say that, but where there’s smoke..


It is still too early to tell for sure. To me we'll know by middle of next season how many picks were total flops and which ones worked out. Regardless of who's who I think it's a victory if they can get 3 starters. Also, keep in mind that JD's staff relies very heavily on the types of players the coaching staff tells them they need to fit both the offensive and defensive schemes. JD was very vocal about that fact from when he was first hired, and I remember Saleh giving an answer pretty early on that he and his staff had gone crazy putting together film packages that showed off the types of players they needed on both sides of the ball. It's an excuse for sure, but our coaching staff in 2020 was really really bad haha


Oh I agree there. JD’s 2020 draft class is looking very suspect. The first two picks from that class can’t stay on the field.


There is only one guy (Bryce Hall) who is on the field from that draft class


We had two wrs out last week.




If they can't even activate him then he should be on the trade block.


This was my initial thought as well


JD's first draft is starting to look really bad


Extremely bad


I don’t understand some Jets fans thinking. In what world were you guys expecting to find multiple starting caliber players in every draft? You pray the first rounder and second rounder are legit. And you hope a late pick hits. Between Mekhi and Hall, JD found 2; both in key positions. And in the following draft he upgraded from Mims with the Moore pick. Altogether in ‘21 he found starters in Zach, AVT, Moore, and Michael Carter. So if you guys are expecting 3 or more players every draft, then you’re sadly mistaken. It doesn’t work like that.




Good job of ignoring how many players are injured...


That's because he's an atrocious GM.


At this point, there's a pattern developing, there has to be something more than just "not learning the playbook".


Bad attitude coupled with not knowing the playbook?


How is not knowing the playbook not a good enough reason? You can’t play a guy who doesn’t know which routes to run lol.


You sure can. Shrink the playbook for him, let him focus on just 1 route per play. I don't see why he can't just be wr2 and focus solely on just those routes. He's more physically talented then the group of receivers we are throwing out after Davis and crowder.


Seriously. You can’t use him on 4 WR sets? Instead you are going to use Berrios or Smith over him? Makes no gd sense.


Why would you redo the playbook for the only WR who can’t learn it? You don’t think other coaches would notice Mims only runs a few routes? It’s a terrible idea. Why does everyone here act like Mims is Randy Moss or something? He’s a 2nd round receiver who averaged 40 yards per game last year as our 2nd or 3rd best WR. He’s mediocre.


No one is saying Mimm’s is Randy Moss. He could be Stephen Hill for all we know. What most people don’t get/are frustrated by is that Mim’s clearly has a skillset, it’s up to the coaching staff to properly utilize it. It’s the same energy where we killed Gase for wanting players for “his scheme” and then when he got rid of talented players they thrived without him. Everyone keeps talking about how this year is for player development and evaluations (for the millionth year) But the Jets would rather play Vincent Smith and Kennan Cole over their second round WR? Rather then try to build chemistry between him and Wilson? What is the logic in that? Just because a coaching staff is new doesn’t mean their above criticism. And I am by no means bashing Joe D, but if we’re being fair, he has not done anything to put him above criticism either.


What skillset does Mims clearly have? Being somewhat tall and fast? There’s so much more to being a good WR than that. You can’t play a guy who doesn’t know which routes to run, he’d end up killing your rookie QB.


The abysmal line Joe D has put together (again, even tho he’s a “trenches guy” is going to kill your rookie QB way before Mims supposedly running a wrong route would. It amazes me how fans soured on Mim’s so quick. And all because the Jets (the freakin awful Jets) started putting things out saying he doesn’t know the playbook. Mims was on the field for about 3 plays last week and made one of the biggest most explosive plays. He’s clearly a threat in the red zone and jump ball situations where he can use his height and athleticism to go get the ball. But nah it’s better to have our second round WR rot on the bench in a developmental year rather than play him over *checks notes* Vincent Smith, even though Crowder is also out.


It's not about fans souring on Mims as much as it is everybody defending Saleh/LaFleur for all their decisions because they are still in that honeymoon period. This Mims saga doesn't reflect well on anyone. Mims for not knowing the playbook well enough, and the coaching staff for not being willing/able to utilize a talented second rounder in their precious scheme. It's not like this is some stacked offense that is impossible to find playing time in. We suck. This is just classic Jets bullshit




I agree with you about the OL but that doesn’t change the fact that playing a WR who doesn’t know the playbook is also very bad for a QB.


Another team is gonna trade for him, realize how physically gifted he is and turn him into the next Allen Robinson. Because we’re too incompetent to get the ball to our most talented players


That's a terrible idea that rewards him for not doing his job.


Didn't the jets poison him in the offseason?


And that’s if you even believe the line the coaching staff is parroting that “he doesn’t know the playbook” Jets fans amaze me. The team has been terrible for 10 years now, yet fans will still bend over backwards and give the team every benefit of the doubt on ever move they make. It’s legit laughable.


So the alternative is that they are purposefully holding him back? Does that make any sense? Gase played him so I guess we should bring back Gase? Ok back to reality. Mims dropped to the late 2nd round because he wasn't a perfect prospect and he's still learning. He's still young and can and hopefully will improve.


You know what generally helps young players improve? (wait for it….) actually playing! Crazy concept I know! Do I know what the coaching staff’s logic is? Absolutely not. But I will say until they start winning games, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt. Would you rather Mims get some lumps in and develop/improve in a year where it’s clearly all about evaluations/development. Or next year when you’d like to think the Jets are competing for a playoff spot?


We're just going to talk circles around each other. With a young player, you reward good practice reps with game reps. Always has been. You don't believe what the coaching staff says and that's your opinion so it's fine.


Yea you can, but why would you? The only player the playbook should change for is Zach Wilson. It should be as close to fully expanded as he can handle every week. Anything else slows his development down IMO


Special teams


When did Mims become some special teams stud? He’s a WR who only played a bit of it in preseason because there was nothing else for him to do.


He apparently told the coaches he would play special teams since he's buried on the depth chart. A 6'3 guy with 4.3 speed should be useful at least on ST


There’s a hell of a lot more to playing special teams than being tall and fast.


> You can’t play a guy who doesn’t know which routes to run lol. Ocho Cinco.


Okay I know I’m just a fan, but I swear Mims just seems so unenthused every time I see videos of him. Is it possible he just isn’t in love with the game?


Agreed. I actually find it amazing how everyone has rallied behind this one concept where all the blame falls only on Mims. Nobody questions the coaching staff at all or gives them even partial blame.


Everyone is blaming the staff wdym. I think it’s a combo of them not liking mims and him not knowing the book. Everyone before the year already stated how he might not be a fit in the system and now this. So idk if by the middle of the year he’s not playing something is wrong.


Just look at this thread & check out the threads on Mims all last week. The most upvoted comments are all on Mims not learning the playbook. That is putting all the blame on Mims. Where do you see the coaching staff being blamed in that statement? If the coaching staff felt that Mims was this hopeless then he should have been traded.


Those are the most upvoted comments because that’s literally what multiple coaches have said about Mims. Do we think our coaches are total idiots or is there a chance they’re not lying and he just doesn’t know the playbook well enough to play? Let’s not overthink this.


I think our coaches are first year HC and OC and we should legitimately question things when we see it. They have no track record of success. I will listen to them when they score TD and win games. Until then I’m free to wonder what Jeff Smith offers over Mims except pulling short on slants because he’s afraid to get hit.


Thank you.


I’m not saying they’re beyond criticism but our coaches have been in the league for a long time, it’s probably safe to say they can recognize when a WR isn’t running the correct routes. We act like Mims is Justin Jefferson or something. He’s a fairly tall fast receiver who hasn’t proven much yet. That’s it.


What’s that expression about a horse and water?


Yeah seems like he's getting coached like maybe he's just a shithead who needed to take a week off for some issue at practice


Lmao this thread will be fun.


Not cancerous at all :)


He’s not gonna get more than 10 catches this year. To my knowledge, he’s WR7 Davis Crowder (Berrios replacement in slot) Cole Moore Jeff Smith He’s not going to have a good season unless there’s a rash of injuries


Yeah honestly the top 4 are clearly better than him right now, Berrios is underrated for the value he brings us, and only Smith could be interchangeable with Mims. So at best, WR6


Is Cole actually better than Mims? I've never been impressed with him but I also haven't really paid attention to him either.


Clearly better than him how lmao


It's obvious this is disciplinary. Mims was unhappy with his role and how's he being treated vs other receivers. Mims won't be on this time next year


Not surprising, but still disappointing. If Saleh and Lafluer believe this is best, i trust them, they know a lot more than any of us. Hopefully he can learn the playbook, put the work in, and be the player he has the potential to be


Dude needs to learn the playbook. Does he not know it's part of his job?


Honestly just trade him while he still has value. I’m sorry, I love Mims as much as the next guy, but if you can get a 3rd for him before his value depreciates too much, I’d take it.


We can't get a third for him lol maybe late round pick


He has looked the part every time on the field. Not sure I am buying what the jets are spinning on him.


I took a lot for saying this, but he was lucky to make the team.


I feel you bro, I said this when he was drafted. I watched all of his tape and nothing stood out to me. People were saying he was a steal….lol.


Wow an NFL team should hire you


I don't think it's as simple as not knowing the playbook anymore.




Not trying to sound pessimistic but it’s looking like the 2020 class is another wasted one. 2nd and 4th round picks gone by the end of their second season. Becton has been injury prone so far. Joe D really fucked up the draft


Yup, I also remember when he was hired he also brought in a veteran scouting staff with a bunch off respectable names………and yet still the same result.


Free Mims.


Nooo, maybe this is the same reason he slipped to us in the draft


It looks like the coaching staff doesn’t know what they’re doing. Not surprisedz


People on Twitter really don’t understand that both outside guys have separate plays and want to hand Mims WR1 status after 23 catches. Wilson’s development is the clear priority for this team. They’re not gonna let a year 2 Wideout run wrong routes and stunt his growth


Absolutely hate this, I do look forward to finding out what’s really up in a few years tho when hes landed as a solid option elsewhere. If the whole playbook thing is to be believed then I guess I would just assume in this situation that Saleh and Lafluer are being extremely scheme rigid and the game plan today is to send a ton of guys slanting and play small ball to allow Wilson to dump the pass off quickly. Wouldn’t necessarily surprise me if they were moving away from long developing plays where Mims thrives after last weeks OL debacle


Joe Douglas misses again.. at what point does he rightfully get some heat for shitty drafts?


Dominated jets number 1 defense this week, gets rewarded with a scratch This guy lafluer is good. Can’t adapt to players




I think this is 100% on the coaching staff. Let's be honest none of the players on offense looked ready week 1. No one knew their assignment. The fact of the matter is Mims still looked like the 2nd best WR out there besides Davis. Not knowing the playbook seems like a really bad excuse right now for not playing him.


Wow, Jets went 2-14 last year & now we have a whole new coaching staff & we just gone let our 2 round WR just be inactive


In a year that’s suppose to be about developing young players and not just wins and losses


Yea I really don’t care bout wins right now I just wanna see our young guys play that’s it we are the Jets we shouldn’t be picking & chooses when to play guys lol


I’m glad everyone here knows exactly what is going on in the locker room and in practice. Either you are willing to believe in this staff or you’ve given up after 1 game.


Good thing we are coaching to our players strengths instead of forcing a scheme.


Good thing we are playing people who take the time to learn the playbook and routes


Yeah. Really helped Jeff Smith get 0 catches last week. You think Mims doesn’t know how to run a go route or a slant? If you are playing players because they know your scheme over more talented players, you are just Adam Gase running Frank Gore up the middle because that’s all you know how to do. I like Saleh as a coach, but this situation is not just Mims not knowing the playbook. He’s either got some sort of beef with the staff or vice versa. Because there is no way you can put Jeff Smith over Mims. Production wise that makes absolutely no sense.


Ya we should totally change our whole philosophy to suit our only WR who can’t learn the playbook


Who’s talking about changing your entire play book? I don’t buy this he doesn’t know the playbook crap. If you want to believe it it’s your prerogative. I’ve seen Mims play. The guy can ball. He doesn’t need to play every snap. But you are saying he doesn’t know how to run a go route or a slant? You can’t use a 6’3” guy who knows how to use his body and has a huge catch radius? Then you are not a good coaching staff. The good ones adapt to their personnel year to year. The bad ones keep their guys because they know how to run their system.


Mims averaged 40 yards per game last year as one of our top options. You seem to have overrated him hugely and now can’t accept that maybe he’s just not that good.


Did I say make him WR1 or 2? I'm saying he should get play over Jeff Smith. Not knowing the playbook is a dumb excuse. Let's say you plan to play him 5 - 10 snaps. There is no way he can be an NFL player and not know how to run the routes on those 5 - 10 snaps. If that's the case, you just cut the guy. I've seen Jeff Smith play and I've seen Mims play. I can say without a doubt Mims is a much better player. If they can't see that, I don't know what to say.


It’s not about knowing how to run a go or a slant. It’s about if Wilson says “Poker Right Stack Z Jet 60 Action” in the huddle does Mims know where he’s supposed to line up and what he’s supposed to do. And right now, according to the coaching staff, the answer is no.


I thought that’s what we had coaches for but hey remember he was a second round pick


You can’t getting better sitting on the sidelines


You also can't get better on the field when you don't know what you're doing.


You can get worse and make those around you worse if you don't know the playbook.




Damn we could've had Claypool!!!!!


Throw the ball away


A turnover he would be fucking awesome


We can’t ever get a loose ball


Waiting for something horrible to happen now


I also think the whole food poisoning thing what a made up story. I just think from the jump once the new coaching staff was hired, they knew that he wasn’t a good fit for the team. This is what happens when you have constant turnover in the front office and coaching staff.


I think the food poisoning was real but our idiot fans used it as way too big an excuse. Food poisoning lasts 2-3 days max and you regain the water weight you lost due to dehydration a couple days after it ends. We had people citing it 3-4 weeks after it happened as this huge thing that held him back.


I mean a reporter asked what was up with Mims & while I love this coach, he chose to go with food poison for obvious reasons. He didn't want to cause a bigger issue/story... But then he returns from poisoning & is still running with the second & third team, the season starts & he's still missing on game days so yeah, it's going to be a bigger story. Not only that, it's going to look like the coach sidestepped the story because he has issue with the player whether it's warranted or not. I see why he threw the poisoning out as an excuse but idk if the fans can be blamed when he could have just said 'Mims just isn't where we expect him to be right now; there's a lot of reasons for that including a recent illness' 100% better & then later down the road when someone leaks his trouble with the playbook, it doesn't look/sound as sinister as it's being made out to be.


No Mims ,No Crowder. Lets throw the rookie QB to the wolves.