[Heavy] Connor Hughes Sounds off With Epic Denzel Mims Rant [LISTEN]

[Heavy] Connor Hughes Sounds off With Epic Denzel Mims Rant [LISTEN]


Tell Connor to calm down and rank some more Marvel movies.


Guardians better be near the top


I feel like celebrity boxing has had a bit of a resurgence over the past year or two with these IG influencers and what not. MIMS VS HUGHES LETS GO


To the ref that said he could cover Mims: Yeah, ok buddy.


Turns out that ref is Revis


Prime revis could. Current and even second jets stint revis couldn't


Sounds like we found the trigger lol


The problem is that he is not just reporting what he sees on the field, which is what he claims to be doing. He is making baseless theories because he wants to get clicks. He brought all this shit on himself. 1) Mims is running with the 2nd team during OTAs. It's known now that he had food poisoning. Conner instead reports that Mims is not a scheme fit and that is why he is falling behind. 2) Start of training camp, he tweets that Mims will be the 6th receiver if he is not cut. Where the fuck did he get the cut angle from? He literally made up this fantasy scenario. What GM in their right mind would cut their 2nd round WR in his second year. Do you know how bad that would make Joe Douglas look? 3) Now he back pedals and says he is just reporting what he is seeing. Really? Even up until yesterday, he again tweets that Mims would be 6th WR if he isn't traded. Where is he getting the traded scenario? Why would the Jets trade a WR with potential making almost nothing against the cap? I stopped listening to this moron years ago. He doesn't know shit about football, he says that much. He talks out of his ass on endless rants on his podcast. He couldn't break a story to save his life. He's just another mindless beat reporter trying to get clicks.


This is spot on. He acts like it's okay to just give up on someone who might not be a perfect fit for a scheme. There's a reason Gase was fired. Cause of that loser mentality. It's Salehs job to figure out how to maximize talent. That's what he's being paid for. Instead Hughes is acting like Mims is worthless. I don't care that Mims can only run 2 routes. He does those two things very well and you need receivers who can win on those go routes. Worst case scenario he's a role player in the offense. Why on God's green earth would you ever think about cutting or trading a useful player in his 2nd year? Connor is easily the worst reporter the athletic employes. He has no knowledge of the game of football and his writing style is so incredibly bland, cheesy and formulaic.


Honestly I don't even care too much about this guy's writing. What I honestly get pissed off about is that he tweets all this conjecture online, none of it substantiated, which is not reporting btw. Then he gets all pissy at Jets fans because they call him out on his bullshit. Afterwards he goes into his, "I'm just doing my job and reporting" bullshit. YOU ARE NOT REPORTING, you are legitimately making shit up. At least Cimini and the other ilk make shit up, but then completely ignore all the replies. He knows his job is to make shit up and get people to read. The only reason I have to put up with this asshat is because he's on my Jets twitter timeline. If I never had to hear from him again, it would be too soon.


Yeah or Cimini will be at least like "look this is just my opinion I'm tweeting if you don't like it then go have your own opinion" which is just significantly better than Connors "lOoK iM jUsT rEPoRTinG wHaT Im sEEiNg" on an obviously subjective tweet.


he's on mine too and it's a simple solution, block him and his tweets dont show up anymore lol


I love when people say “if I never [insert agitation] again, it would be too soon” Well done


Similarly, someone once asked a 99 year old man, "Would you do it all over again?" He said, "Once is enough." Loved that quote.


*Gang Green’s earth


> I don't care that Mims can only run 2 routes. Meh. We were lauding Robbie Anderson who for too long was in a similar boat. Not picking up skills in a short time is a sign of mediocrity. Robbie had a good season with the Panthers, but when either him, or Mims loses 1 second on their sprint, they're not going to have deep veteran experience or new skills to cover for the decline. These guys *are* expendable. The Jets FO prior to Douglas just didn't realize they needed *better* starters, and to keep guys like these on the bench for cheap.


Still, the guy was injured in a COVID year last season. It’s foolish to cut bait on him this early unless he’s clearly washed up or has a horrible attitude, which does not seem to be the case.


Mims is going to be "ranked" behind Berrios this season. Mims will have opportunities to prove himself during the season. Mims will be re-evaluated after the season, because contract talks will be on the horizon. I hate this irrational (Jets) hero worship for expendable/tradeable players. There were fans agonizing over Robbie Anderson. He was arguably an above average WR in the league, but he didn't really show it for the Jets. There's no reason to be paying this guy over $10mil/yr. Even if Anderson and Darnold have a crazy, breakout season, RA is just a replaceable WR. Then fans are hollering for Herndon to get more snaps, even though he was egregiously dropping catchable passes and killing drives. Maybe he break out on another team, like Kyle Brady decades ago, but the bottom line is that Brady was expendable (and Dustin Keller, years afterwards) and Herndon didn't even play as well as either of them. Now its Mims. How the FUCK does Berrios outperform Mims and get ranked higher? Answer: Mims isn't performing to his potential or to the satisfaction of the coaches. If he doesn't play like a superstar, then fuck him, he's expendable. I have higher regard for players like Mike DeVito, Leon Washington, Brad Smith, Sheldon Richardson, or Jamal Adams, but when its their time to go, sayonara. Compared to these guys, Mims hasn't proven jack shit.


He didn't say the Jets should give up on Mims. He said he is pretty sure Mims will make the team and LaFleur will find a way to use his strengths even though he doesn't seem to be an ideal fit for the offense All he was saying was, right now, Mims is the 6th receiver in the rotation


He literally said a referee in their 50s can cover Mims, a 4.4 WR, which is outrageous take.


It was said facetiously to point out the extent of Mims struggles early in camp . I seriously doubt the person actually believes they can cover an NFL WR. Even if it wasn't said jokingly, later in the podcast, Connor goes on to state exactly what I said in my previous post


I was pointing out Connor using a referee as a shield and throwing him under the boss for his `beatneck` reporting rather than beat reporting.


The worst part of the whole thing is Connor *himself* said back in OTAs that Mims was really sick hence why he wasn't on the field. Given no TC last yr and his injuries it should be fairly obvious that he's behind everyone else and needs to play catch up. This isn't some end of the world Mims is a bust scenario(yet) dude needs reps and time.


Spot on.


100%. I already starting seeing this guy saying a lot of bs but this one def takes the cake. I read his cut article. That was the reason I started posting in this subreddit that people just need to go look at last year's film. This guy 1000% belonged on an NFL field. And since we all now know there was zero cut speculation, it's clear he made this up to stir shit up. Mehta left a void and this chode filled it.


To add to this, Mims was a better YAC receiver than Corey Davis, who Hughes claims is a great scheme fit. If Corey Davis gets injured, Mims would be the only legitimate outside receiver on this team. Not to mention being a red zone threat. We have a rookie QB- why would we get rid of probably the 2nd best 50/50 ball pass catcher on the team? Why take away a valuable red zone threat?


He’s becoming Mehta


I have a hard time seeing food poising being the reason that mims is wr6. That’s a problem. People are complaining about him saying that mims was wr6 on Twitter when he’s consistently been on the third team and been the 6th receiver to rotate in with Wilson. On your second point again he got that from the rotation if he’s the 6th receiver to get reps from Wilson consistently he’s probably wr6 rn. Idk why we’re yelling at reporters for reporting on the facts. The reason they might trade him is being he’s WR6 RN 6th wrs don’t get playing time and are on the bubble. Your making up conspiracies that the beat are scheming to all say he’s wr6. You can be an idiot and not read into teams and rotation that’s fine with me. But don’t complain about the facts because a player you thought was good isn’t performing.


Was this from his podcast? I get he takes heat, but that’s his job. It took so much of the pod up. It was infuriating to listen to.


Yeah he started getting very flustered when he spoke about Mims on his last podcast. I guess the Jets community started bashing him when he made a wrong call?


life since he blocked me on twitter has been interesting - I just chuckle at Dennis's emoji charts and find out Connor said more stupid shit from this subreddit


Connor fucked up. He made a judgement call based on a lack of information (the food poisoning) and lack of critical thinking (Berrios and Smith over Mims? Really?). Whether he did it for clicks or just as an honest mistake is up for debate. But he was wrong. Doubling down isn't the answer here. Just admit you made a generalization on incomplete facts and move on. I'm not even saying that he's totally wrong. Mims may in fact be a scheme mismatch for the offense. He might not be on the roster in a year or two. But to suggest that he's on the bubble, that there are not one but 2-3 WRs ahead of him on the depth chart based on reps alone is laughable.


The crazy thing is he knew back in OTAs that Mims was really sick he said it on his podcast way back. But writing the facts doesn't drive clicks


But then why the fuck is Berrios higher on the rank chart than Mims? At very least, LaFleur or Saleh is lighting a fire under Mims.


He's not though? According to the Jets website Mims is on the second team with Moore and Berrios. He's behind Davis.


The only WRs that matter are the starters. With a one RB offense, only then does the WR3 show up on the field (start). Mims should be ranked 4th. But some rookie named Cole has taken that spot, and Berrios is getting more 1st team action than Mims. As I said, at very least, the coaches have decided not to make Mims comfortable.


Cole isn't a rookie, hes a 4 year vet with Jacksonville. [Here's a good write up on him](https://www.ganggreennation.com/2021/4/17/22379786/scouting-jets-wide-receiver-keelan-cole). Long story short though, hes earned that WR4 spot. Mims being WR5 has nothing to do with any sort of motivation, its just where he is. Next year he probably goes back to being WR3 when Crowder and Cole's contracts are up. As for Berrios being in the 1s, that probably has more to do with the competition for WR6 more than anything. Saleh himself has said that Mims spot isn't in jeopardy, so I say just take it as is and don't worry about it.


> so I say just take it as is and don't worry about it. I take it as "If Mims wants to have a huge future contract in the NFL, he better start showing something now (to the end of 2021)". That's Mims' problem, not mine.


Well see what happens in the regular season, but the way I see it either he's a scheme fit and they're easing him into the season because of his illness or he isn't a fit and they'll try to up his trade value going into the next offseason. Either way theres nothing we can do about it so I'm not about to lose sleep over it.




Lmao poor Connor just fucking snapped.


Connor is an all time wanker. The type of person to remind the teacher they didn’t collect the homework before class was about to end.


Upvote for "wanker"


I can’t wait to see his mentions when Denzel proves his amateur ass wrong.


Connor Hughes sucks. I’m sorry. I know some people really like him, but he’s just as bad as all of those “sports talk” guys on ESPN who inject their bias into their reporting. He’s not a reporter any more and he’s sure as hell not qualified to be an analyst. He’s a bullshit artist.


I'm just wondering - is their any reporter that you guys like? Because they all seem pretty universally hated. How long until Mehta's replacement get's this level of hate?


I actually like a few Jets reporters, even a couple of the columnists and radio guys. Brian Costello has always done a good job keeping things in perspective, as have Al Iannazone and Mark Cannizarro. I like reading Mike Vaccaro and listening to Joe and Evan was always therapeutic for me after bad losses. Are any of them perfect? Of course not. But only Manish, Hughes, Cimini, and occasionally Florio have really crossed the line into abject douchiness. And then of course you have guys like Craig Carton and Phil Mushnick who are douches for a living. I might be forgetting a name or two, but overall that's my take.


Yeah it’s not there fault this franchise has been a dumpster fire with very little positive to report about.


Connor sucks. Lost all respect for him after his tantrum when mccagnan got fired


Conner Mehta and and the curious case of the cult of Mims


I feel like this sentence needs to be studied and analyzed. Genius. 😂


We've seen this Connor Hughes before. When his sources were fired he had a complete tantrum on Twitter.


I think those criticisms were fair it made absolutely no sense to wait to fire Maccagnan until after he already broke the bank for Bell, Crowder and Mosley.


That's a different conversation. The way he went about it on Twitter was like a petulant child


Mosley was an unhappy fluke. He's a near disaster pickup because of his injury in the 3rd quarter of the 1st game in his contract. Otherwise, it would have been a less than strategic overpay for a team that wasn't going to the playoffs. Our defense that season would have looked *good* if he been able to keep playing.


I dropped my sub to the Athetic because of the poor Jets coverage. Connor Hughes was like the main reason.


What a fall from grace, he was such a breath of fresh air posting here years ago.


Sure, he’s a linear 50/50 receiver, but can he not improve his route running and perhaps be utilized differently in a non-Gase offense? Health and depth are vital to any team’s success too.


Saleh alluded to this in a press conference a week ago. Mims is learning how to tighten up his route running. It's up to Mims to figure this out, but I highly doubt this offense is going to sideline him completely. He'll have his chances and I think he's a guy that will take advantage of them.


I knew that removing Mehta would create a clown vacuum that somebody had to fill, but I always thought Cimini would be more likely than Hughes. Anyways, onwards and upwards.


I laughed at "clown vacuum".


Hughes has turned himself into a tabloid talking head. I unfollowed all his shit and unsubscribed his podcast. He offers no insight that other beat writers aren't doing better and his "opinions" are poorly conceived hot takes. He'll be out of the business in a year or so. I also don't give a fuck about his personal life but he seems hell bent on working in details about it. All in all he's turned into Mehta but somehow less interesting. ​ /not clicking the fucking link either


Yeah he’s so fucking full of himself too. He’s always talking about his upcoming marriage and keeping everyone posted on how his wedding plans are going. Like we give a fuck. Stop talking about yourself and stop making shit up


I mean...what do we do then? He has no value sitting at WR6. He has no special team ability and you cant just put him in on the goal lime because corners will know that itll be a fade. Who are the 5 in front of him? Davis, Crowder, Moore, Cole, Berrios?, Mims. Thats crazy. I cant see a Vyncent Smith or Jeff Smith or Cager taking a spot over Mims. How much can you even get for him? If he fits a scheme can you get a 3rd rounder or 4th? It would suck to see him go without trying but damn. I have to work on getting caught up in feelings with some of these guys because ai thought Mims was close to being a #1 or #1B type guy.


Depth is valuable.


Totally. Especially for us - our receivers have been decimated in recent years and having quality starters to step up when a guy (or several) goes down, is so valuable.


Depth is the only reason the Eagles won their Super Bowl and Im not just talking about Foles, depth carried that team through the playoffs


True. Very true. I was thinking that but my brain was like "No, starter value only."


Jets are in a tough spot with Mims for sure. But trading or cutting a guy with his potential talent after an offseason where a legit illness caused him to miss a good chunk of team activities and not be 100% for the others would simply be stupid. The best idea for Mims is to keep him and let him compete his way into the rotation. There will be injuries and he will have an opportunity.


Not to mention that guys like Crowder and Cole might not be in the team's long-term plans. There's gonna be room up the depth chart in the future, and Mims has an opportunity to show that he can be a key part going forward despite a rough start to his career.


I understand Connor hasn't handled this the best way, but he's not solely to blame here either. Fans tend to take what reporters say and run with it, jumping to conclusions that the reporter possibly speculated on, but did not actually conclude. To an extent that seems to be what happened here too, though again, Connor isn't doing himself any favors with his after-the-fact reporting on it. Nor is he doing himself any favors by sounding like such a dick. Not much of a fan of his, but emotional fanbases can be pretty unreasonable too, hearing what they want to hear.


He might be wrong about Mims being 6th or what have you. However, it can't be good that our 2nd round pick from last year is already at best 3rd and probably more likely 4th or 5th in the WR depth chart. Not a great use of a pick there by JD if Mims really isn't going to be a valuable part of the offense going forward.


Hyperbole aside, two things are currently true, Mims could be a better scheme fit, and he is currently WR6 (a product of Cole apparently looking great). He’s fighting an uphill battle in terms of being a productive player. He won’t be traded and he won’t be cut obviously, but that doesn’t erase the problem that it’s concerning that a second round draft pick seems to be trending in the wrong direction year 2. Truthfully none of us can know to what extent food poisoning was the cause of his poor play so far this offseason, I’d like to think that Mims will bounce back 100% now that’s he’s fully healthy but realistically things don’t often work like that.


Wait I'm confused, what are we angry about? We can hope it get's better now, but he is still the fifth or sixth receiver according to every single beat writer. Seems all pretty spot on. I want Mims to prove Hughes assessment about his route running wrong, but he clearly hasn't so far? Doesn't mean it can't happen, I just don't get why the media is in the wrong here.


Ppl on Twitter are idiots


Damn Connor is just doing his job and people are after him


I found Connor Hughes everyone


Damn was I that obvious?


Yup. I'll die on this hill too. He's not doing anything wrong or malicious. People don't like hearing reality.


Because I work a job and I rely on the press to find out information on NFL teams and players. He put a lot of personal opinion, click bait and opinion in there. Yes, I want someone to do his job but I do not want his ignorant opinion. At the end of the day he can talk shit about Mims all he wants but Mims was a better receiver with food poisoning than this big mouth clown ever will be.


Where was the lie about mims?


He lied by omission. He was reporting that Mims was working with the third team when in fact that same day it was confirmed that all the receivers were getting the same amount of reps and in fact Mims did work with the first team offense. Maybe just say that instead of trying to be an idiot with click bait.


He lines up as thr 6th receiver consistently. He's rarely getting passes from Wilson. And he hasn't looked good most days. That's the truth as reported by every beat reporter. Every beat was saying they would not be surprised if he gets traded because he's not a scheme fit and isn't impressing in camp. They didn't buy the coaching staffs explanation that everyone is getting rotated because he was never lining up next to Davis or Moore with Wilson. It's completely fair to speculate something is up. Further, why did Saleh wait so long to say Mims wasn't going anywhere? The Jets knew this was out there.


It is training camp, they are doing a rotation. He was ill but your boyfriend had an agenda and lied by omission for clicks. I do not like him and do not care if you do.


Grow up, dude. Are you 15?


This is not a dating site so stop trying.


No actual argument or response and completely ruled by your emotions. Be better.


I gave you my response and then you gave your emotion and some deflection. It has also been reported that Mims is the Jets breakout player this season (speculation) and that he has been the best player in camp for a few days. Robert Saleh also stated he has no interest in trading him and as far as I know has never said anything negative about Mims. So just because you do not like Mims (perhaps because he is not 15?) does not mean that Connor Hughes is a good camp reporter.


Connor should have just kept reporting that Mims was running with the third team, which was true and left it at that. Trying to add "he's not a scheme fit" and shit like that, he just dug his own grave. Mims is probably not an ideal, scheme fit, there's truth to that, but that doesn't mean he's unusable or that he's on the roster bubble. Now more context comes out in the form of Mims having food poisoning so that adds to the reasoning to why he was behind in camp. It's just best not to make the sweeping generalizations in the summer. Now if Mims is still the 6th WR as the season rolls along THEN it's something worth really looking into.


Every reporter was questioning whether he was going to be traded because he rarely played with the first team and looked poor for the most part. It wasn't until two days ago that Saleh clarified Mims isn't going anywhere. And let's be extremely clear; Mims does not fit this scheme. Period. That's fine. He can still be used by a competent coordinator. His ability to win 50/50 balls can be used in any scheme.


It's always something with Hughes. Has he learned nothing from Manish? Report the news, don't become it.


That Connor gives me the creeps! Always hanging out at practice! Always secretly writing things down! What's he writing?


Huh??? A beat reporter??? Taking notes??? At the team facility??? Alert the authorities immediately!!


Golly. I didn’t realize all of you go to all the training camp practices. You fucking tools. Even Cimini wrote an article how Mims was running with the 2nd and 3rd teams 5 days ago. https://twitter.com/richcimini/status/1424129872713162755?s=21


That's not what the issue is tho. Both Cimini and Conner insinuated as recently as Monday that Mims could be traded or in danger of losing his roster spot. Which isnt the case at all. He was really sick in OTAs and fell behind Mims will get worked into the rotation once he's caught up MLF and Saleh has been very clear on that. But they wanna stir up drama out of a non issue


Cimini is awful


I don't know why, but I feel like Mims is gonna look like shit at first then come back hard


Are they any actual good beat reporters who give good info?


Connor's Becton rant was way more epic.


Anyone have the tl;dr version of this ?


Connor “I’ve covered 8 Practices” Hughes Connor “I’ve never missed a practice accept for 2 because I went to another wedding” Hughes Connor “I take things personally” Hughes.


I stopped following Connor after he tweeted how Darnold missed a receiver when he got hurt against the Broncos. Not that I’m a Darnold truth er or anything it’s just that when a guy gets slammed on his shoulder and looks like he’s done for the year, I really don’t want to hear “hey he missed a guy over the middle” smh. For your own sanity please do not follow these people, they don’t know what there talking about and feed off our frenetic fan base.


So, Connor is butt hurt because he posted a tweet about a player being demoted to the third string unit without asking a pointed question to the staff about those observations? Go back to playing Call of Duty and getting dubs, Connor. Actual beat reporting involves getting the beat - the pulse - of the team you are covering. You don't get to invent the beat.


what an idiot


I know nobody wants this to be true, but he’s not really off base here. His speculation about getting traded or cut is coming from how rosters work. If he’s WR 6, that means he needs to be contributing to special teams, which he doesn’t do, and that’s why Berrios and V Smith, or players of that mold, would make the team over him. Also, yes, he’s *not* a scheme fit. He’s correct there. Could they figure out how to use him in this offense? Of course. But that doesn’t make him a scheme fit. He’s not a precise route runner. He’s not a big YAC guy. To say he is is just ignoring his game completely. It is what it is. Nothing will probably happen, but the reactions here are acting like he’s been lighting up camp and is obviously going to start when the complete opposite has been going on so far.


Why is anybody getting emotional about Mims in the first half of August before they even play a preseason game? This conversation is for October or November at the earliest.


imagine giving theathletic any of your money.


Hughes is a loser. If he was better at his job, people wouldn't be shitting on him.


Like most men names Connor, dudes a tool.


What makes you say that? The dude gets slammed on Twitter and has his work shit on bc he reports what he’s told and what he sees? He has a right to be frustrated. Connor is a good dude check out the podcast.


Change my mind: Conor is the new Mehta.


let's not forget Mehta was borderline stalking / threatening JD. Connor can be annoying, but he's not MM levels clown


You just don’t know Connor bro lmao. I implore you watch the can’t wait podcast. Dude has been so optimistic about jd saleh and zach. He’s very honest.


That's why they don't like him. Because some of the truth just isn't convenient.


Who the fuck is Connor Hughes?