There is going to be minimal performance difference. The 4090 is so closely matched in OC. Go for the cheapest/best looking.


This is the way


I have the Zotac one. My CPU AIO fan is louder


Still liking your Zotac?


Yea, 0 problems with it still. 4 year warranty and still low noise. I think I got a good one.


Like with literally ANY fan its a roll of the dice on if these graphic card fans are silent or not I guess. Hell I have bought room fans that clanked brand new lol


I would probably try to get the FE if you are not pressed on getting it right away, there is no need to get the expensive 3rd party ones anymore to be honest.


The FE cooler is so premium looking/feeling too.


in europe sadly you cant even get fe


I have one and I'm from Europe


By buying it how?


Nvidia site


I assume you live in either the uk,france,germany or spain as from what i found is the only countries in europé which Sells them


Belgium. Got it from the french store


Luck i guess as almost no stores send fe to other countries


The nordic countries get's their fe cards fairly easily as well


not really, im in sweden and i have not been able to find a single one, out of stock or not


Gigabyte is the best of the 3


My last 3 cards were Gigabytes and all had something. They're definitely not the best. Switched to a Zotac and haven't had any problems so far.


Anecdote. No one cares


You don’t even have an anecdote. You just have a statement backed by no data or evidence.


Why does it matter? His comment provides the same amount of 'data' and 'evidence' as my original comment.


Pot calling the kettle black. You call him out for posting an anecdote after posting an unsubstantiated statement yourself. It’s hypocritical. Nothing wrong with statements and nothing wrong with anecdotes as long as both are taken for what they are. But there was something wrong with acting like your statement is somehow more valid than the other persons anecdote. You probably don’t have actual data to back up your statement other than another anecdote either.


Who cares. Stop trying to suck your buddy off to seem like a white night lmao


Do you work for gigabyte?


he fits the rumors of how their customer support acts


Yes! Gigabyte is the Best


Gigabyte has a 4 year warranty.


In my country Zotac has a 5 year warranty(2 when purchased, 3 when registered on their website).


till you need an RMA lol. They still wont admit their power supplys blew up. Gigabyte are experts in denying RMAs. They will use what ever they can to get it denied. Shady as hell man. Refuse to ever deal with them again


I can only speak for the Zotac (I have the Trinity OC) I bought pretty much at launch, it’s been GREAT! I’d love an Asus ROG Strix one though as it looks ace.


The 4090 strix is pretty disappointing IMO as mine had severe coil whine. I didn't even know that GPUs could whine that loudly until I bought it. Exchanged it for a gigabyte gaming oc and it's been a far better experience thus far. Minimal whine in the worst case (dying light 2 full RT & no dlss) which is barely audible with the side panel off.


Ooh right! Glad you got sorted!


Thanks! I've heard Zotacs are one of the better ones with regards to coil whine so you're set as well!


Have the Trinity too. Great card; silent, cool, clocks to 2980mhz at it's 100% power limit. Getting a 4 GPU cable today. We'll see how much further it goes!


I too have a Trinity and it’s been great. Love how it looks as well.


I have the Zotac Trinity and it has been nothing but great since day one. Way better than the previous cards I've had.


I use the zotac 3090 Trinity, a reliable brand with no issues thus far.




They’re all going to be the same. I’d get whichever one has the best warranty in your area. Personally I’d choose the Zotac. It looks pretty with the lights.


The only functional difference across all brands is offered by Asus with 2 hdmi 2.1 outputs instead of one, for the rest you'll have less than 5% of performance differences.


custom brand of 4090 you only pay the look, in terks of Performance they are alle really the same. You only have to really look for the best cooling


All 4090 are pushed to their limits. So the difference between all of them is just cooling and some components that a simple consumer will never know. Chose the one which is in stock and you like more. They all are good.


I’d go with gigabyte out of those as well, this one is huge though so take that into consideration.


I have windforce , the most basic gigabyte one and it's fine. Whichever is fine.


Windforce is nice card


Same. No complaints with my windforce whatsoever. Coil whine way better than my last card too.


Isn't Eagle the most basic?


Eagle is the 2nd shitty tier, windforce is the shittiest tier.


With the 4090s, the cheapest you can get. The cheapest one I could find in the EU was the Gainward Phantom non-GS from LDLC. And it's great. No need to overpay for looks, RGB and miserable performance gains at the expense of your power bill.


I'd go with KFA2, you might not recognize the brand but it's the sister company of Galax which is a OG Nvidia AIB partner and that says alot. And I have a feeling that not many have that specific AIB card which feels a bit exclusive xD


The Zotac one runs the warmest but its the best looking of the 3. It looks like an alien space ship inside your PC. The other 2 looks very generic. [This GPU looks like a freaking space ship! - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4REHFWaWxzM&ab_channel=JayzTwoCents)




All cards perform the same within an error margin of each other. I liked the look of the Zotac the most because of its curved design. The Gigabyte and Asus TUF look like generic square slabs from the past few years


Gigabyte Gaming OC 4090s have the best memory temps (same as Strix), so the master would be the same I think being the higher end sku https://www.techpowerup.com/review/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-4090-gaming-oc/37.html


and what are "the best" temps?


Asus but apparently they have issues with coil whine


Well i have gaming OC with terrible coil whine.


from extensive experience with the 30 series I would say don't touch MSI or gigabyte, both used shit thermal pads, gigabyte had bad coil whine. the best quality 30 series I tore down and used was a palit gamerock


You may want to to see this. [https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/y5x5pg/buildzoids\_gpu\_pcb\_breakdown\_of\_the\_palit\_rtx/](https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/y5x5pg/buildzoids_gpu_pcb_breakdown_of_the_palit_rtx/)


Wait for Asus tuf or strix


Aorus master is a much better trim than the other two.


Can you post the link to the store?


The Anus Master! I mean, the Aorus Master!


Gigabyte is the best of those three, brand wise. Performance wise it doesnt matter.


I have the Aorus Master and is simply a superb card. The Zotac one is also great, I would say on par. It all comes down to which one looks the best for you.


Just pick cheapest one, no need to spend hundreds of euros more for top models. I picked gainward and it is fine.


Gigabyte, any but the waterforce, which is shit. I have a gaming OC and it’s perfect, amazing thermals all around


I have the gigabyte gaming oc and haven’t had any issues with it.


Gigabyte not even close: Biggest cooler 4 year warranty Best support bracket


They are all 3 years in the US. 4 year is EU


I missed out last week when Best Buy restocked the FE. My second choice would be the regular TUF.


Gigabyte, best memory temps.


Gigabyte, best memory temps.


Gigabyte, best memory temps.


The only 4090s that are ''better'' internally (power phases and controllers) than the FE is the ROG STRIX and MSI SUPRIM but they cost a lot more. The ZOTAC is slightly ''worse'' than the FE and Gigabyte are the cheapest to produce (not taking the cooler into consideration, just the board). I got the Suprim and it's nice and does everything perfectly but I have the feeling that the KFA2 would have done equally good, since there is no practical improvement going from 450W to 600W... so a ''basic'' card like KFA2 would do equally good in day to day usage even if you won't win any overclocking contests with it.. But the 4090 is already pushed beyond the ideal perf\\W point even out of the box, so actually you should even undervolt\\power limit the card to 350-400W..so Kfa2 is more than enough.


Don't need to overthink this. Buy whichever one is available, or if you're willing to wait a bit, whichever is cheapest. Some cards have better thermals, but all 4090's have overbuilt coolers so temps are not an issue so it's not really worth overpaying for a couple of degrees cooler when they're all cool. Same goes for the OC cards. OC performance doesn't really offer much performance gains so it's not worth paying hundreds more for a 1-2 fps advantage over the stock cards.


I'd go from the AORUS if the prices are similar, cheaper Gigabyte models are not the greatest but the AORUS is their premium brand and those are usually pretty solid


Definitley the KFA2!! It's one of the cards with the least coil whine and runs very quiet and cool