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Overnight oats (quick on the second day)


when you say "overnight oats" - you mean already soaked overnight? what if I just add water to them and nuke them in the microwave?


Yea you put your oats and milk or milk substitute in a jar or little bowl with a lid and shake it up and you can add all sorts of mix ins like chocolate chips, peanut butter, mixed berries , nuts , yogurt or pudding etc. Then when you want it the next morning just grab it out of the fridge and it’s a delicious pudding like treat. But also full of fibre and protein :)


I've always heard this but everytime I've tried them they came out mushy and gross I must be missing something


I do a half cup of oats and 1 cup of almond milk. It's definitely a different texture than cooking them in the microwave or stove but I enjoy them with that ratio


I'll. Give it a shot!


I find that chia seeds really help. Something to add a touch of sweetness, like maple syrup, peanut butter, chocolate chips, or fruit is good too.


I use steel cut because quick oats do get too mushy for me. They took a bit of getting used to since I was used to the taste and texture of warm oatmeal, but I discovered they made a good vehicle for protein powder that wasn't a smoothie-- my usual is a 2:1 ratio unsweetened almond milk to steel cut oats (I do a half cup milk, quarter cup oats-- about fills a nit quite 2 c food storage bowl) with a scoop of vanilla protein powder and a Tbsp or 2 of strawberry preserves. Tastes like strawberries and cream to me. Sometimes I add some cocoa powder so it's chocolate and strawberries.


Too much liquid probably; you don’t use as much as cooking it. I think it’s about a 1:1 ratio oats:liquid.




Depends on the type of oats too. I used to use rolled and found that steel cut don’t get as mushy. Those are my go to now.


That would be fine but it is just called porridge.


Even when it’s over night? Lol Edit : oh I see they’re referring to just microwaving it , lol yes that is just porridge. But still, is it overnight porridge if it’s microwaved over night?


There's a weird superstition in parts of the English speaking world that oats need to soak over night/for a long time or be bombarded with heat to become edible. Maybe a confusion with legumes? In reality rolled oats can be eaten after 2 minutes of soaking or even right away after pouring a liquid on top.


Boiled eggs and a pack of almonds


About how much is a pack? I buy almonds in bulk so a handful can easily turn into 4 or 5 handfuls.


A handful maybe? An ounce or about 30g. Like 10-15 almonds maybe. Depends on the size.




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I do about 28 almonds as a serving. Usually when I buy them in bulk I cut and save the nutrition label. The average across brand is about 28ish I've found.


Those are not satisfying foods to eat though


Yeah, satisfying foods curb hunger. Unsatisfying foods really don’t… in my experience I’ll keep searching for a snack that is satiating.


This is what I mean!!


Op didn’t ask for satisfaction


Edamame is my go to!


Cottage cheese with sliced fruit!! Perfect snack with protein that fills me up


Cottage cheese, cherry tomato, and hot sauce 🤌


This. Protein = satiety.


Carrots really are tasty and easy. Those pre-peeled precut "baby" carrots are great. Maybe with some hummus or greek yoghurt


This, for real. I always have a bag of baby carrots on hand and whenever I get munchy I just chomp on a big handful of them. Very satiating, very healthy, very satisfying to eat, and soooo low calorie.


With peanut sauce-yummm


Why do they need to be peeled? I prefer mine with skin on.


They don't have to. Many people find them convenient


Let’s normalize uncut carrots: a snack that still gets the job done




How much PB are you consuming to have any relevant amount of protein?


The entire tub I guess. Bulking season!


Heck yeah, gotta gain some mass




Or the fiber and volume in carrots?


Same!! Or some salted seaweed chips 🤗


Totally carrots! Can add hummus for fat and protein.


Carbs + a little protein and fat are the best for hunger and satiety. Apple (carb) and string cheese (a little protein and fat). Orange (carbs) with Hard boiled Eggs (protein and fat). Dried apricots (carbs) with almonds (a little protein and fat). Berries (carbs) and Greek yogurt (a little protein and fat) Pita (carbs) and hummus (protein and fat)


I like this but do have another suggestion to replace the hummus…


Avocado or guac could replace hummus. Less protein but still good fats


Oh for sure. It was just examples off the top of my head to get op thinking. Vegetables are missing. It’s best when we take it and replace with the foods we normally eat. The formula is the same.


Hard cooked egg, a slice of deli meat, a few cashews, a spoonful of peanut butter, a fork full of canned salmon or tuna, some leftover chicken or other protein. I come home from walking my dogs and I'm sooooo hungry, I always grab a fast snack to keep me going while I feed the dogs and get a few things done before lunch. Best for me are fats and proteins, and they're one-bite or two-bite snacks because I'm really pressed for time. I don't avoid carbs but this is NOT the time for them. Everybody's different though. Find out what works for you.


Lots of good recommendations here. I would also add, drink a large glass of water before you start putting your meal together and then a large glass when you’re done.




Hunger is often mistaken for thirst


drinking water before meals can result in consuming less calories at those meals, which can ultimately lead to weight loss. this is probably because the water provides a sense of fullness, so not as much food is needed to reach the point of satiety


Not fact based at all. But when I was growing up dad used to always get mad when I drank a lot of water before or during a meal because he said I was diluting my stomach acid and it wouldn’t be able to be as effective at digestion. Total dad lie?


Sounds like the US equivalent of the Chinese superstition that mixing hot and cold food is bad for you.


thats kinda right, bc if a person drinks (or eats) any hot and cold thing together, then the stomach will have to work harder to digest it. But in exception drinkig water, whether it's warm, cold or room temperature, definitely benefits the body and doesn't harm it at all


I heard about it too, but as far as i know, there is no research or evidence to support the claim that drinking water while eating a meal can interfere with digestion, or have other negative health effects like cause bloating or lead to acid reflux. Many studies and experts say that drinking water while eating can actually aid the digestion process.


I'd suggest popcorn. Very cheap, you can make it yourself and it has low calories if you don't drown it in oil. It has quite a lot of fibre which makes you feel full. Give it a try


I can eat a giant bag with no feeling of satiation at all unless there's other stuff added. It's basically air after all. Better open a can of corn.


Ahhh healthy (air-popped) popcorn has never made me feel satisfied. I need to load up on the butter and even then finish a pound to put a dent in my cravings. A boiled egg on the other hand always does the trick.


Yeah, popcorn is a fun snack, but who in the hell is getting satiated off that stuff?


Cheap & always satisfying


Great suggestion!


Plus some nutritional yeast!!! Yummm


An ounce of mixed nuts... JUST AN OUNCE!


Fat + volume is the secret to hunger management. So typically a source of good fats you can snack on like peanut butter, dark chocolate, peanuts, almonds, cashew and a low calorie high volume food like fruits (watermelon, blueberries) should keep you full


I can eat half a jar of peanut butter, with a protein shake and still be hungry


Because that lacks volume. If you can actually do that tho, it’s most likely that you’re either not actually hungry and binge because of some deeper problem like anxiety or that you actually need a to eat a shit ton of things for your body to understand that it’s full




Trust me I eat enough carbs. I’m just saying that as an active 30 year old who workouts and exercises a lot, eating some fat aka peanut butter or 10-15 almonds doesn’t really put a dent into my hunger


Apples are very filling.


I put peanut butter between apple slices like sandwiches because I'm allergic to wheat.


Anything with protein and a little fat Hard boiled egg with cold cuts or maybe an avocado , or an apple with some (no sugar) peanut butter One of those tuna pouches mixed with avo Peanut butter or almond butter (no sugar added toast) with cinnamon or fruit Cold cut roll ups (cold cuts with cream cheese) Yogurt and nuts or fruit Roasted chickpeas with a little oil and spice


i get full really fast from a few pitted dates with raw almond butter.


Not exactly a snack but I find black coffee and Diet Coke very good at blunting hunger.


Interesting. If I drink coffee while hungry I will instantly feel like an insane person.


Is it black coffee? When I drink coffee with cream/sugar, I get the way you mention. With black, I don’t.


Yes, I only drink black coffee / espresso!


Yumm. I love/hate how different we all react to the same things.


Whole foods rich in protein + fiber is usually a good combo. A bean-based dish would hit both nicely. Bean salad, chili, etc. Eggs, lean meats, nuts, seeds, veggies, fruit, legumes, lentils, quinoa, potatoes, also all good. Meal-prepping can be helpful for quick meals.




I always have a box of dates in the house. Snack on a couple and you will be good for a little while. But high in sugar so not too much


A small handful of nuts (say 10-15 nuts) plus a piece of fruit or veggies (like a carrot, a Lebanese/Persian cucumber). You want some fat and protein, and a little bit of bulk so you feel like you’re eating something, but not too much sugars


Almonds and water


Almonds are always a go to for me. The flavored ones can really hit the spot , too.


Things high in fibre, and protein generally speaking.


I think coming to terms with hunger is the best bet. Spend some time fasting and observing your hunger cravings.


Shit ton of leafy greens with grilled salmon and half an avocado. Throw in some pumpkin seeds, pickled onions, and carrots and you're well on your way to victory


Watermelon for some reason


no way, watermelon is my favorite fruit; if you split a watermelon in half and give me a spoon, it'll be gone in 5 minutes


perhaps that’s why it stops hunger fast


Not for that guy, weren’t you reading? You put half a melon in front of him, he gonna fuck it… up.


Snickers Bar !! Just kidding, nuts like Almonds and and apple. If you can drink a glass of water before you eat that, it’ll hold the hunger off for a bit


Hard boiled eggs, imo nothing comes close to satisfying hunger




Deli meat - I do a few slices on a half slice of cheese and spinach Eggs - hard boiled is my fav, but muffin tin egg variations are awesome too Nuts + cheese + fruit work for me too Apples are great too As a muncher, I also like the mini packs of popcorn as a quick, mindless, but relatively healthy (at least comparatively) snack


Watermelon Eta: it makes you feel full really fast because of the water but it won’t keep you going for a long time. Watermelon plus a handful of almonds or some cheese would probably work well.


Watermelon with really salty Bulgarian feta cheese!




Instructions unclear, ate cocaine and died


My two go to snacks are protein bars- find one with about 20g protein for 200 calories. Paired with unsweetened coffee it works well. If I know I need to stay full longer I go for a medium banana (100g), one serving of peanut butter (40g) on a small piece of bread. This is about 350 calories but keeps me satisfied for hours.


40gr of peanut butter is around 240 kcal, I would say more like 500kcals


Yea maybe I was halving the serving, sorry. Edit: looked it up and I need to learn my memory is just poop: serving size is 32g and 190 calories. At least this puts my total calories in the right ballpark depending on your bread choice.


2 cashews when you're hungry. Last an hour easily.


Instant ramen I've always found to be quite filling, especially if you add some leftover meat and peanut butter.


You put peanut butter in your ramen?


It’s like a half-asses pad Thai, it’s really good


Just a dollop into the hot water broth yeah, ditch the flavour sachet.


Greek yogurt


dark chocolate or black coffee also black or green tea bitter stuff


Eating enough of any fruit. When I mainly eat fruit and I’m hungry again I’m not in pain like when I was eating cooked food. My stomach does not growl and I stay full longer.




An abundance of assorted veggies and hummus.


psyllium husk powder (metamucil)


Popcorn with olive oil


Boiled Eggs. I boil like 10 of them at a time, and store them in the fridge. They are a great, satiating snack.


Work for me too, but never thought of pre-boiling them before. How long do they keep?


They're good for at least 4 days.


Black coffee, Diet Coke and watermelon are my emergency grabs


Greek yogurt


Bananas and cucumbers


Popcorn. The secret is fiber, not fat. Fat has the most calories per macronutrient. If your goal is weight management and satiation- look to fiber. Look to Greg Doucette: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddpi8wGAWjo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddpi8wGAWjo)




77 yrs young BUT we never get too old to learn - I just learned about the mineral Boron & the importance of it! Tx!!!


raisins have a lot of boron, don't they?


I think it depends on why you are hungry and when/what you are planning to eat when you do have a meal. I tend to do OMAD by default but it means I need dinner around 4 or 5 o'clock or else I feel like I'm dying. Sometimes that doesn't always work and I need something kind of carby to last until I have a full, well balanced meal in an hour or two. Easy to digest, fast energy, doesn't last forever but I don't need it to. If it's post gym hunger protein is great since it takes longer to digest and makes you feel fuller. Pair it with some fat and you will be good for a while. This is also great if you arent going to be eating a real meal for a while, for example, a midday snack. If it's the weekend and I'm putting off doing computer work or cleaning because I'm "too hungry" a 100 calorie bag of popcorn scratches the itch because I'm not actually hungry for food so much as hungry to snack and enjoy my weekend. Similarly if I'm hungry before bed while watching TV or redditing, I just need a little something and a low calorie bag of popcorn where it feels like I'm getting to eat a lot simply because I'm reaching for food often is enough to convince myself I'm not hungry anymore (if I even was to begin with.)


Mashed Potatoes


Boiled potatoes!


Tough one. If you’re eating/hydrating properly you shouldn’t have to fight hunger, even in a (slight) caloric deficit. If you’re nutrition is on point for the most part, you could try incorporating some protein rich (+fats) snacks (if your current “diet” allows it).Think eggs, nuts etc. Again if your properly hydrating and following a tailored “diet” and or nutritional plan, you shouldn’t necessarily be fighting to stop hunger. In that case it might be stress. See when these hunger spells play up and see if you can trace it back to a certain stressor, which you can then deal with accordingly. Hunger is often caused by stress, so a small snack won’t cut it if that’s the case.


Handful of almonds with a green tea. Coconut oil teaspoon. Diet Coke and a carrot. Apple maybe.




Yam topped with chopped pecans drizzled with organic honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. Served with a glass of any type milk, milk tea, tea, black coffee.


Peanuts and a Coke


It may sound strange, but spinach. Spinach contains compounds called thylakoids which some research suggests curbs appetite. Here's a video I made that highlights the evidence. [Spinach and appetite impression](https://youtu.be/U70Fa9n2qSg) If you are into making smoothies, add some spinach. I've noticed a difference.


Sometimes I’ll microwave a small baked potato. Or toast or an apple with PB. I keep some cooked brown rice and some black beans in the fridge and stir those together with some garlic salt and maybe a little cheese for a filling snack


Baked cauliflower with some salt, as good as McDonald’s fries


Stopping hunger = Satiety This is an actual function of the human body and it has receptors whose chief task is to monitor and send satiety signals. Some of the most satiating foods are animal source proteins (meat) (hopefully organic). When the body is lacking certain nutrients satiety receptors won't fire, making you still hungry after eating a large meal. This is why consuming a variety of raw organic vegetables is important!! so that you hit all your nutrient needs for your body to carry out all of its processes. 3 Satiating foods: Organic Beef Jerky, Organic Bell Peppers, organic ground beef


Just for my understanding, why is the organic part so important? I thought most research has shown that the nutritional profiles of conventional and organic foods are nearly the same.


Smoothie with chia seeds added to add to fullness


Any kind of oats, preferably rolled or steel cut. So filling.




Watermelon is great in summer, low calories, filling and refreshing.


I just had about a cup of bone broth and I feel super full from it. Made a big batch and the froze a whole bunch in cup sizes.


Any sort of nuts! I opt for cashews, but almonds work well too


Kettlekorn flavored SmartPop! It's 100 kcal for a whole bag.


Cucumber with lime, salt and hot sauce or tajin 🥵


Generally speaking, protein plus a bit of healthy fat, bc of the way your body metabolizes. But the ‘hunger’ feedback loop is driven by hormones that are triggered by both macros and sensory, so foods that ‘crunch’ will often deliver satiety- nuts hit all 3.


Nothing satiates like a little nibble of butter.


Steamed potatoes


Peanut butter and bread (if you’re not allergic).


Anything with fiber tends to fill me up. I usually make chia seed pudding with unsweetened coconut milk and add some raw almonds & pumpkin seeds. Keeps me full. Also, not the most nutritious snack, but peanut butter & apple slices are staple snacks for me.


Peanut butter on whole wheat bread


A glass of water


Raw almonds


Fresh fruit with peanut butter or fresh vegetables with hummus


My protein supplement works wonders ♡ And depending on my calories of the day, sometimes I combine it with granola.




Green beans and hot cacao . Some cacao has like 20% daily fibre and can be filling plus green beans low in calories and filling. Or vegetables in general


Honestly meat is the most filling thing in my experience. Followed by eggs.


I just had a bag of top ramen and it completely eradicated my hunger and put me in a better mood


Zone perfect bars, the salted caramel brownie ones to be specific - like a candy bar for the calories/sugar but higher in protein and vitamin/minerals. I wish they had more fiber, can’t have it all I guess


Rice cakes


A handful of sunflower seeds, and a couple of slices of sharp cheddar cheese


Popcorn. Amazon sells a really cheap, rubbery bowl thing for microwave popcorn. Because it's rubbery, you can put however much popcorn you want in it, a dab of oil and then kind of squish the bottom of the "bowl" with the oil and popcorn in it so every kernel is coated. The lid is made to rise/float up as the popcorn pops. You can put it in the microwave for 5 minutes, keep an ear on it and when it hasn't popped anything in about 20 seconds, take it out. Add some salt, some Parmesan cheese, Old Bay seasoning, whatever. It's healthy, cheap and quick.


A friend from China told me that while workers work and stay at a factory to save money, they keep a sack of roasted chickpeas and a sack of lemon beside their beds. Roasted chickpeas are to stop hunger and keep them full, and lemon to stay healthy with vitamin C. So roasted chickpeas must be one of the cheapest and most efficient food considering the low-cost labour in China.


peanut butters




My go-to lately is a bag of 100 cal microwave popcorn and an Oikos triple zero yogurt!


Cookies. Mushed bananas, peanut butter, old fashioned oats, chocolate chips. Mix together till cookie dough like consistency, put in a pan into 3 in ovals, bake till slightly browned, eat warm or refrigerated. Now you have cookies that are healthy and can eat for the next few days!


Cookies. Mushed bananas, peanut butter, old fashioned oats, chocolate chips. Mix together till cookie dough like consistency, put in a pan into 3 in ovals, bake till slightly browned, eat warm or refrigerated. Now you have cookies that are healthy and can eat for the next few days!


Hard boiled eggs. Nuts. Anything high protein and or high fiber.


I like celery or apple and pb or almond butter. Cheese and pears or apples. Stuff that takes a while to chew so your brain can realize it is full


everything & anything , along as its with a big glass of water sipped slowly but constantly dehydration masks as hunger a lot. Are you getting yr 3 litres?


Apples and peanut butter


brazil nuts, they're the best and they will sustain you. snack on em all day


high-protein snacks such as Greek yogurt, cheese, meats or peanut butter can help to control your hunger, keep you full longer, and even prevent you from eating more later :)


Avacado toast and some pistachios.


Protein + fruit or veggie. My go to is string cheese, almonds, and cut up fruit or veggies paired together.


PBJ sandwich Snickers Bar


Carb promotes appetite. Protein and Fat promote satiation. - BUT Carb + Fat(and/or Protein) promotes appetite and grow body fat. Ice Cream is a good example. Bear loves skin of salmons and berries/honey/... creating body fat for winter hibernation. - If one wants to lose weight, zero carb water/soda can fill up stomach volume fast, but won't last long. Zero Carb block cheese with lots of water can last one for quite a while.


If you aren’t doing it already u can add psyllium husk to ur shakes, it expands in ur stomach and keeps u full, and it’s also a fiber supplement




Dark chocolate, nuts and dried fruit


Apples bro. East two apples and you can't chew anything else.


Peanut butter! Good fats, protein. Fats require the least effort to digest as well, and keeps you full the longest. Good for night snack.


Apple, banana


Peanut butter and strawberry sandwich on wheat bread peanut butter has protein and gives you energy and the strawberry adds for a little sweetness and the wheat bread is both fulfilling and healthy


Hear me out: zucchini. Anyone who grows their own zucchini will know it produces like crazy. It may not be exceptionally cheap in store, but if you have access to it (maybe a neighbor grew about 20 lbs too many and is trying to get rid of some?) I always love eating it as a blank canvas/filler sort of food. Cube it up, stir fry it, and season it with whatever you want! It has the potential to be so flavorful and has so many nutritional benefits. It takes me about 5 minutes to cook up a bowl of it. You can add anything to it for more substance or eat it as is with only seasoning. It sounds kind of weird but it’s quite nice and I’m rarely hungry after since there’s so much volume to it.


macadamia nuts; protein shakes