Although we heartily support the goal of the protest, /r/nursing will not be going dark.

Although we heartily support the goal of the protest, /r/nursing will not be going dark.


Thank you! This subreddit is my support group after watching people suffocate to death all day in ER and ICU.


That's exactly why we refused to black out.


I agree, this is my support group. Thank you mods.


As one of the mods who blacked out I want to give support to the mods in here for their decision. Our subreddit is fairly active, but it's just entertainment. It's not serious, it isn't a *need*. We support any subreddit that acts as a necessary lifeline to stay open. Be vocal about the problem we are standing up to, but don't cut off if it hurts people.


I feel like blacking out subs is just giving the misinformation even less opposition. Reddit admins don't care and in the end it's just punishing the people who are on the side of truth.


Well it's [worked as planned](https://www.reddit.com/r/redditsecurity/comments/pfyqqn/covid_denialism_and_policy_clarifications/), so there's that. The subreddits are revenue for Reddit. Little teams that push content and keep people engaged. Adverts are viewed, awards/pro are purchased, reddit makes money. But echo chamber subreddits are dangerous. The most exciting and extreme posts/comments get more traction. The more extreme the content gets, the more moderate people either adapt to the new tone or leave. Fresh members are recruited, the extreme grows. Then you get problem cases - like NoNewNormal encouraging a teen to run away from home because her parents want her to get vaccinated. I mean, if you have completely bought into the idea that vaccines are poison then that approach seems reasonable. So the public subreddits go private. People looking for their fandom or hobby need to go to a different website. 2x 10Million+ member subs closed. 20x 1 Million+ member subs closed. Lots more in the lower ranges. That's what hits reddit the company. That's what hurts. It's one of the most effective forms of protest around.


Wait, they encouraged a teenager to run away from home?! How old was the kid? That’s fucking insane! Assuming the vax is evil & dangerous; how could it possibly be more dangerous than running away & putting yourself in danger of physical/sexual harm. People are fucking nuts! As if our phones aren’t already tracking us & are shitty processed foods aren’t killing us.


>Wait, they encouraged a teenager to run away from home?! How old was the kid? The downside to the sub being wiped is I won't be able to find the original thread to confirm. 13-15 from memory.


This sub is a valuable tool in battling misinformation, going dark would just mean one less source of truth. Going private gives the toxic subs less opposition, and is just cutting off our nose to spite our face as the saying goes. I have no faith in Reddit admins to do the right thing so it would mean this important resource would be shut down indefinitely, basically punishing nurses. Knowledge, communication, and experience are the best tools to battle misinformation. Silencing nurses to make a point against Reddit is not the way to go about changing things!




I'm a veterinary nurse in a critical shortage of staffing and overload of patients. I come to this sub when I'm feeling frustrated to remind myself at least I'm not a human nurse, lol. Just kidding, I love you all and support you ❤️


Hang in there. There aren’t a lot of people who can do your job. I’ve been very proud of all the young people the last couple years. (I’m 47) Millennials and Z kids get a lot of grief but your resilience has kept this pandemic from becoming a total gong show in places. I’m here for you, be here for each other.






Thank you. I agree with the mods' stance - /r/nursing has been a place to commiserate over the difficulties of the past 1.5 years as much as a place to laugh with people who share the same sense of dark humor. It is a great outlet. The mod team has been fantastic at curbing any misinformation that tries to sneak in here, as well. Again, thanks, mods, for everything you do!


The best thing we can do at times like this is be here to support one another and provide information to those who lack it.


The nights watch. That is what the mods are


That admin reply is such horse shit. They'll ban subs on any flimsy pretense they like, sometimes even skirting around finding a pretense by banning all the mods of a sub and then banning the sub because it's now unmoderated, but they won't ban subs based on spreading misinformation that is actively and directly contributing to the rising body count of Covid. I was already sick of people painting the Typhoid Mary doctrine as a difference of opinion, but it's especially galling coming from those people. Thank you for keeping this place open. It's a refreshing oasis in the ever-expanding desert of stupidity.


They didn't even ban CP subs until it was put under a news spotlight. If misinformation isn't actively hurting their profit margin, it is gonna stay.


People are taking matters into their own hands (hooves?), the Ivermectin sub is being flooded with furry/cartoon horse porn and horse paste memes to drown out the anti-vaccine misinformation being posted there. The sub got set to NSFW because of it, so it won't show up on r/all. There's a thread over in r/SubredditDrama about it with examples. (It's *extremely* NSFW. Also just a heads up if you go there, don't comment both in SRD and in any thread linked from there. They call it "pissing in the popcorn" and it'll get you banned from SRD.)


A) That is fucking hilarious. B) I gave up commenting in most subs, but thanks for the heads up!


I have to admit I’m confused and worried about how much horse porn people seem to have at the ready.


Thank you so much for not going dark- I’m only a nursing assistant but I don’t know what I’d do without this subreddit.


You’re not only a nursing assistant, you’re the backbone for us. We all work together.


Black out, don't black out - none of it will change minds. I've gotten to the point where I stopped educating with patients, it's not worth the fight. If people are still on the fence about this, the only way that they'll change is until they personally experience a tragedy whether it be themselves or a loved one.


I'm not speaking as a mod anymore here, just as a nurse myself, but...I agree. I can't keep trying to pour my energy into cups that are already full. No amount of educating, sweet talking, bribing, or threatening will change a person's mind. The number of times I've had a patient teetering on the edge of intubation say *'I didn't know it was this bad'* makes me want to kick something. Really? You didn't know? You thought the world at large came to a screeching halt over nothing? You thought we just like wearing full PPE for 13 hours straight?


I agree, it's as frustrating as it is heart breaking.


Exactly the same. I can’t even comment about anything to anyone anymore. I just don’t have it in me.


Great! Happy to still have this community. It’s been great seeing that my unit and friends are not alone in the struggles.


Thank you for this decision. I need this sub. I need a safe place to vent and feel not so alone. Stay strong nurse family!


I'm retired now, but I am behind you 💯. Power! ✊


Honestly when I read how nurses around the world are going through the exact same thing my coworkers and I are going through it keeps me from feeling completely isolated. You guys truly get how much it sucks to not be blissfully ignorant like so, so many other people seem to have the privilege to be. And when the camaraderie isn't enough, the dark humor keeps me going. I think if r/nursing went dark, losing that link to each other could be devastating.



Thank you. I need all of you right now. It’s all I have to rely on in this insanity of the frontline. There is nobody that can say anything to me right now other than someone else who is feeling it.


Thank you, so sincerely, mods! I don’t envy the task you undertake for us, daily, but I believe I speak for us all when I say that we admire and appreciate your hard work, so very much! I’ve been watching this effort closely, wondering if we’d see our sub go dark in support. Even though I appreciate the sentiment of other subs greatly, I feel that this sub, this safe space, is far too essential to be included in the protest. We need a place to vent, to support, to share our collective experiences. There is incredible power in our solidarity! I don’t believe I’m exaggerating by stating that this sub is incredibly important towards promoting our mental health. I believe that this sub is prolonging and saving careers. I wholeheartedly believe that this sub, and the support we find here, is saving our lives! Thank you, again, mods, for the exhausting work you do on our behalf. You are so very appreciated, more than I am adequately able to express


Thank you. We need a place to connect and vent.


Honestly, thank you. I go on this subreddit and it makes me feel like I'm not alone.


Y'all are awesome. There's so much we've given up already. Not trying to go all martyr or anything, but a place to vent, or read others venting, ask for or give advice even just shit talk a little about the shit show we're all performing in...its therapeutic right now. I understand the spirit of the protest, but I think we need each other here more than we need to protest. Or to say it a different way? WE need each other in the light more than THEY need us to go dark.


I really don’t understand subs going dark in protest. It doesn’t lessen my interaction with Reddit. 99% of the time I don’t even notice it. Do a significant number of people primarily directly browse subreddits?


It's not supposed to affect you. It's supposed to catch media attention and force Reddit to take the problem seriously since that's the only way to get their ear.


Fuck anti vaxxers. Perma ban them from reddit and leave it open for the rest of us