Wests Tigers update on Coach Michael Maguire

Wests Tigers update on Coach Michael Maguire


NRL Journo's right now "Mission failed, we'll get em next time boys"


Well, that should shut them up until at least round 3 next year. ​ Lol, who am i kidding, of course it won't.


NRL 360 "alright boys. Madge still has his job - Arthur or Barrett? Fuck we need to get someone the sack".


should be ricky stuart aswell but they are best friends with him so no chance those stories are coming out


Imho he's probably the one most deserving of being sacked. Team falling after being contenders 2 seasons ago, infighting amongst players and players and management and players wives and Ricky and some poor roster management in general. Plus he's been coach for 8 seasons now. All the other long tenured coaches have had or are having success and all the other losing coaches aside from Madge are in their first year at the club


This comment has reminded me of the digimon add from the 2000s with the kids battling in the middle of some children’s riot


Lmao, but all the journos assured me he was gone. Good one Tigers.


Still hearing that Reynolds to the Sharks is a done deal


He'll go great with DCE!


Tigers deadset trolling the scumbag media


This whole shitshow has been extremely frustrating to watch because I recall it happening along quite similar lines to South Sydney in 2018, when the media began to drum up stories about Seibold leaving the club early. And, whaddaya know, it actually happened and spoiled our finals campaign. At the time, we were playing extremely well (and were blissfully unaware that Seibold was secretly a massive fuckwit). His early exit was engineered almost entirely by News Corp - Fairfax being only too willing to parrot whatever shit NC reported. I really feel for the Tigers. NC are clearly pushing an agenda and the club's fortunes are simply collateral damage. What I can't figure out is what the agenda is - to have Flanagan installed as head coach, or simply to spin stories and get people clicking.


Flanagan in as coach = controversy = clicks, so that's probably it. Tigers fans must also be a big part of the newspaper buying/reading demo if they get this many articles. Wonder what data they have behind the scenes.


When I cancelled my Tele subscription, they asked me why and I told them I wasn't happy with the way my club was portrayed. "So, because of the content?" "Yes. The content."


TIL the Tele has content!


Yeah I think any time a coach is sacked it is license to flog articles. Who will the replacement be, where it all went wrong, coach x to be named, exclusive with new coach, former player tells all about coach, CTE suffering legend thinks old boy Z should be made coach. They definitely have something to gain from coaches being sacked


Didn’t Siebold leave because South’s started listening to Bennett over him re the 2019 off season training? Even though at that point both coaches were saying they were going to see out their contracts?


I think the agenda is probably getting the club to move or fold. That's clearly in the league's best interest to get rid of a Sydney club... I'm sure Vlandys would love it. Ergo some of his media mates would be pushing it too


Hoops & co: shit on Tigers all year Hoops & co: Tigers will sack Madge Tigers: Eat shit cunts, we're keeping Madge


So the Board are keeping him out of spite, classic motivator 😁


Following the thorough annual review of club’s football operations, Wests Tigers have confirmed that **Michael Maguire will remain in his position as Head Coach.** In addition, the club has also confirmed several structural and procedural changes will take effect within the football department. These changes have the sole aim of ensuring the club continues to challenge itself in the way it operates in order to become a better performing organisation. Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe said: “While we always understood this review and process would take time, it was the responsibility of the football committee to ensure all information was considered to make the right decisions for the club moving forward. “Michael has been with the club over arguably its most challenging time with the COVID-19 pandemic, has overseen significant change both on and off the field throughout his tenure and, on behalf of all at Wests Tigers, I’d like to thank him for his effort so far. “We are firmly committed to building a high performing club. With our strong financial position, increased investment and recent success of our pathways teams, the new Centre of Excellence and continued work on a South West academy, the arrival of Tim Sheens and his experience in NRL systems, this club is posed to reap the rewards of several years of hard work. “We believe that through Michael’s vast experience and by continuing to challenge the way we operate, we will continue drive the high standards and behaviours needed to ensure we achieve our goals as a club.” Wests Tigers players and coaching staff will return for pre-season training in November.




I now expect at least double the amount of Tiger shit posts now cause of this decision.


The board has done something quite good for once by making Hooper and Kenty look like a pair of fuckwits. Revenge articles incoming.


Madge will age another 10 years in 1 season. Poor bloke, free my boi Madge!


He'll look like Bennett by the time we miss the 2022 finals




Longest yeahhh boiiiii ever


Nrl 360 in Shambles


\*Hoops in shambles


hooper remains the basket case of the nrl journalism


NRL 360 Bingo Card for tonight. ​ |"My mail is ..."|"Kenty, Kenty, Kenty"|"The fans are asking ..."| |:-|:-|:-| |"Someone is leaking this to the media"|"I agree with Buzz"|Paul Kent interrupts Yvonne| |Baldy combines two mismatched sayings|"That's not what I'm hearing"|"Someone from the public emailed/called/tweeted to me ..."| |"If I'm a fan - I'm angry"|Paul Kent solves an NRL club's current problem|Presenter raises their own article as evidence of their argument|


> Presenter raises their own article as evidence of their argument This one got me


the buzz special


Don't forget Kenty takes an uncomfortably long pause where it's almost like he's frozen as he struggles to find the word he's thinking of


So true


It's ok, Hooper has already started the backup narrative on Brad Arthur


Thank God


Nice stuff tigers Tigers just played April fools on all NRL media


Fox Sports in dissarry. Biggest non story since last year's false reporting of Cameron Smith, Harry Grant and Brandon Smith. Hooper must be frantically shining his head in disbelief.


Bowed to public pressure


Yeh for real, every single journo basically said he was gone. Where there is smoke there is fire, true practically 100% of the time in the NRL.


The issue is every single NRL journo's source is another NRL journo....


No they aren't, their sources are people in the club that don't want to be on record.


I have a source who wishes to remain anonymous, that confirms this is false.


Yeh because everyone who works for an nrl club wants to be identified when they chat to a journo. That’s great for their longitivtiy.


The point isn't that it's necessarily wrong, but that these journos can and will just make any claim that want to get their piece of the pie, whatever topic is hot right now. They'll rewrite the same piece another journo wrote, slap a 'a confidential source tells me' on there and call it hard days work.


Radical plan, don’t talk to journo…


Please see every article written about what was spoken about on NRL 360


Where there is smoke you find hooper tokin on a blunt!


Yep. If they hadn’t planned on sacking him they would have released this statement a couple of days ago.


Madgic Maguire pulling one last ~~death~~ sack defying trick to guide the tigers to their second premiership on the year of the tiger (2022). Lifting the trophy hand in hand with Sheens screaming "Suck one hoops". Subscribe.


Subscribed for my boi Madge


Absolutely zero idea if this is the correct decision or not but I sure as fuck know that there greater issues than the coach at there


the players aren't buying into his coaching style, didn't they revolt earlier? IMO even if they had the greatest coach in history, if the players don't buy in, nothing will change.


Where did the revolt news come from? Wasn't the journalists that said Madge was getting fired yesterday was it?


A random passer by mentioned that some tigers player were revolting when she saw them out on the street, they actually meant how they smelled (just after training) but smooth brain hoops got it mixed up.


Ages ago apparently a lot of players were turning on Madge. I have no idea what the state of that dressing room is, and it could be complete speculation. My point is just that if the players are unhappy or don't have faith in Macguire as a coach, it doesn't really matter how good he is, he's never going to get the results he wants


They probably were sacking him yesterday .. Then read the media reaction and realised they’d be the next target if the side doesn’t improve next year .. This buys the board at least another 12 months- with less scrutiny then had they sacked Madge… Reckon they’ll be quietly sussing out other options already .. How is Madge / the players supposed to have any confidence in the board ?? Tigers don’t have a board by the looks of things , they have a bunch of politicians .. I see it like if a party lost an election by a landslide but has made the decision we’re still three years out from the next election .. We (M.P’s) could roll the leader now cos we’re not winning the next election with them, but they’ll have a honeymoon period of about six months , then 2 1/2 years for the public to go off them , and we’re then in danger of losing our seats.. So the M.P’s rather than work on fixing a clear problem sit with it (until the threat to them is closer) and roll the leader six months before the next election… The boards the problem at the Tigers , they won’t fix anything but do whatever they need to do out of self interest/ self preservation… Also thing Madge is a sitting duck- and his position is completely untenable … If I was in his shoes currently, he should do a Trent Barrett talk to his lawyers , quit and look for a payout .. This would also out the board as the problem , and make their life more difficult trying to recruit his replacement ..


Barrett was about to be sacked at the end of the year but got sad, threw a tantrum and quit


Finally some sense from this club


Fucking suck shit Baldy and Chammas you agenda driving fucks


Good shit, he deserves to be there


I hope we get a Madge update on the Wests Tigers next


They’re shit




Suck it journos 🖕🏽


Hahahahah sucked in Hoops you bald fraud. Probably means the Fox Sports media will be relentless on the Tigers, but good to see them stand strong.


Bad time to be a car parked anywhere near Hooper's residence


Or any stones lying around near him, or his cat.


Conversely though, a golden age for all the local bottle shop owners!


he's aged about 40 years over the last two, give it one more and he'll look like he could be wayne's dad


Madge Leashed


The Tigers, showing common sense? I’ll just check outside to see if the world has ended.


I wanna say this is the correct choice but fuck me I don't know if this changes absolutely anything going forward. Good to see the club actually not just choose the 'easy option' in this and employ the revolving door technique.


It doesn't fix anything, but it doesn't really make anything worse. The problem is the board, coach is just a punching bag for them.


Yeah Madge! Eat 1000 bags of freeze-dried dicks, Hooper, you shined-up turd.


The way he was discarded by Souths was brutal and deserved better. Stoked for him that Tigers didn't do him dirty too and doubt they could find a coach who is as committed in their job as he is. Add on that he takes all the media fire for his team/club and never passes the buck despite being warranted at times. He's desperate to succeed, I hope he will.


[but hooper said he would be gone](https://i.imgur.com/giF08SE.png)


I'm glad the Tigers are sticking with Maguire, he deserves it. He hasn't deserved all the scrutiny that has been brought upon him though. He is the last thing that is rotten within the Tigers.


Glad they’ve kept him, hope he turns it round Think next year is gonna be tough though- the teams below them and eroding them are getting much better Bulldogs, broncos definitely trending upwards Their recruitment team really needs to pull something off big here


Finally some common sense shown from the Tigers board.


Fuck yeah, rooting for the tigbros and Maguire here


There’s more tigers articles than all the other teams still remaining out together.


Haven't played finals in 10 years and still the biggest talking point in September lmao.


Exactly. Maybe we can get back to talking about the current finals again.


The level of Bronco wank was massive towards the end of Siebolds time there. The media are crisis merchants, it makes them happy to whinge.


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Not then, ya dumb cunt


What a terrible result... For Maguire.


I thought Maguire would be kept on for now despite his performance 🤔. It would have been expensive, destructive to morale and left West Tigers in a bigger mess. But if 2022 is as bad or worse than 2021....


> It would have been expensive, destructive to morale and left West Tigers in a bigger mess. Which is exactly why I expected the Tigers to sack him.


Depends on what these structural and procedural changes are and whether they are auccessful or not.


Preparing myself for some almighty spin from Hoops


He has 4 games to prove he is the man for the job article being typed as we speak.


Hes gone


I'm happy Madge didn't get the axe but really his prize is more suffering and most likely a reduced role.


Now the CEO and football committee to resign and the club may have a future


This circus is better entertainment than Stardust or Lennon Bros.


Eat shit hoops and chammas go fuck each other


In the end it's probably the right decision but if the reports were true that they were going to sack him what player is going to want to sign with them knowing the club has no faith in the coach.


Even if the reports weren't true, it's still the same result. Damage done regardless


Right call.


This must be terrible for his mental health Imagine knowing you were this close to being sacked, and having to front up at your job and continue to face all the public and media scrutiny


But were they…


Now maybe they can focus on sacking all the players that purposely threw the game against the Bulldogs to make sure Madge got sack. The players and head office are the cancer at this club. They have tried 5 different coaches, so sacking another wont fix it, they have to sack long time underperforming players, and head office staff.


That Bulldogs performance was pathetic but it's a very spicy take to say it was the result of players throwing the game. They were already missing two of their best (and competent) players in Doueihi and Laurie pre game, they lost their back up full back in the week and then got like 4 game-ending injuries in the first half and early second half. Occam's razor would say it was the result of fatigue in a game with nothing to play for more than a mutiny.


It is just that ALLEGEDLY the West Tigers have history with players revolting against the coach. And ALLEGEDLY the main guy (Robbie Farrah) is still at the club. Wasn't he accused of trying to get rid of Potter and Taylor (according to Gordie Tallis)


That's the just the media (Tallis) stirring up shit.


I really want a season 2 of Tiger Town now


Imagine making an announcement that you are not sacking the coach


When it is all said and done probably came down to a financial question for the tigers is it worth paying Madge out on his $400 to 500k a year coaching job and then having to pay another guy the same if not slightly more for next year and hope that the return on the results sides of things is worth it or realise that it just doesn't add up as they don't have the players no matter how well coached they are - probably the latter.


Good call, but I wonder if they asked about and everyone said... FUCK THAT.


Tigers going to keep the same coach, same players and same board, but expect a different result next year. Sorry Tibros but would not be surprised if you guys end up with the spoon next year.


Would that technically make it a success since a wooden spoon is a different result


Should have signed Shane


Fuck off!


"We were gonna fire Madge but everyone called us morons for doing it so we decided not to."


Sanity prevails


Great sidestep by Pascoe and Lee H; first left foot swerve: there's a board meeting to decide his fate, then no board meeting. Second right foot step: He's a goner to announcing he will stay. Third right foot step: announcing Josh Addo Carr signing heads of agreement to him joining Bulldogs.


They need to turn a corner very quickly or he’ll be gone before halfway into 2022


Madge to Lee and JP: tears up, "You got me there, with that announcement."


Hahah I hope madge quietly has a few cold ones tonight and laughs at the idea of Hooper the bald cat being in shambles over this


Thank fuck


They are really jerking him around.


By they, you mean Journos, then yes.


Keeping Madge on to own the ~~libs~~ journos


Hoops is accurate as he always is. He's about as accurate as a preacher guessing the day of the apocalypse. He's hopeless


This is just to create buzz for the soon-to-be-released Tales of Tiger Town Live right?


Look upon my field of sackings that I can give and see that tis barren.


I couldn't imagine them making any other statement. I bet they actually think they've saved face.


Wow I can’t believe Madge got kicked out of the tigers and then got instantly signed by the tigers. Thanks hoops


He's been axed, or retained, or extended, probably.


MADGE LIVES!! The ole Chimmy Chammas and Baldy tried their best. I still think he gets sacked like Morris a few rounds into next year. They are just delaying the inevitable.


Buy a lottery ticket Madge. Clearly they couldn’t afford to pay him out. This is only going to end in a train wreck early next derailing another Tigers season!


I can hear Luke Brooks swearing loudly now after that announcement was made


Couldn't make this shit up. 1 days they're firing him the next he's got keys to the kingdom




Hey so: what if we all start viciously attacking the club for not sacking Madge? It’ll mostly be for laughs.


TLDR .. We’re operating in a completely reactive manner so we (board members) can read/watch what the media thinks so we know what our next move is


I’m still trying to work out how to fix the Tigers and am at a complete loss. Sure, you can say Madge is the right man for the job, but the recruitment stories make my head spin. The positives: Douehi, Laurie, Stefano. The Negatives: BJ and Jimmy the Jet who were both so clearly cooked. Joe Ofa is the definition of a plodder. MBye is now being paid to play with elsewhere. That’s also not including the reported signings they couldn’t land in Finucane, Latrell, JAC and TPJ. They’ve got a reported $1.5M to spend and have no one worth spending it on. I don’t know if it’s the board/ admin, Madge, or a combination of both - but there’s clearly something not right at the Tigers. To put out a statement not even 12 months after announcing the signing of Madge, singing from the rooftops that he’s the man for the job is just amateur hour.