Top tier providence system was op and its origin was explained later on unlike most system novels. Also, I am fated villain, had a good system till author disregarded it later on. My worst systems are sign in systems....hate them to the bone as they give daily rewards that author cannot account for or remember except for the select few.


GOD OF ALL SYSTEMS is the GOAT of systems novels.


The strongest sect of all time


I'm still looking for a similar system used in Coiling Dragon, it's very simple to understand but the possibility/combination of power is actually quite vast!


That's not really a system per se, more just Dao rules/mechanics of that universe.


Ultimate Scheming System, of course.


Idk if it counts but i cannot recommend ORV enough


I remember this one "Simulation System" where MC's basically simulate a different life and get rewards from it. There was this one fanfic in MTL where the MC has a system which encouraged him to do bad things even though he's a good person by using the excuse "it's not real anyways", but in actuality the simulations basically transfer to the people he affects as dreams which causes them to have an initial bad first impression of the MC.


The system in 'Realizing this is a wuxia world after cultivating for 300 years' is my favorite system from all the system novels that i've read. just because you need to spend some points or sacrifice a treasure to get benefits from it. it's actually good, after all, the benefits doesnt just fall from the sky.


My favorite system concept is when the system is completely predictable. Like the system shouldn't be a deus ex machina tool, but mostly an interface to do stuff, like looking at your stats, skilling up etc. This is important, not only because the ass pulls are annoying, but also such bad systems let the author to not construct a plot and get away with it. There doesn't have to be a plan, the author can simply create a miracle out of nothing. Chrysalis is one of the good examples. Everyone has the system, and it behaves according to rules. You can see your stats, purchase and upgrade skills with points and at certain points you can choose from evolution options. The evolution requirements are completely transparent, so there is no surprise there, you know exactly when it will be eligible. In this case, system not only hinders the plot, but actually makes it better. You don't simply know about MC getting stronger, but also how, why and how much of it.