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Ah it’s the small government I’ve heard so much about.


American government is so small it can fit inside your bedroom and your uterus.


Thats why they dont want abortions. They are afraid the government might come out too.


The GOP and Supreme Court do look about like an aborted fetus right now… gross




Bro my government is like so small dude


Everyone says it, the smallest, really they're all saying it


A lot of people didn't know, but I have the smallest of them all, believe me folks.


Small government, giant hands. Everybody’s saying it.


I don't know, Little Ron or Texas Wheels might have you beat. They are really trying to compensate for something.


My government tends to shrink any time I'm in the pool


Can't take two steps without stubbing your toe on the GOP's wildly expanding "small government", hard to move with all the freedom blocking the path.


I'm genuinely curious what happens after the Supreme Court determines states can overturn their own elections without the state supreme courts interfering and all the right wing states just shut down all elections. Will the people in those states just go along with it?


Ask yourself what those people are doing now and you have your answer.


If it means they’ll just get Republican winners? Absolutely without a doubt


It will have to be “the right Republicans” though.


They've enthusiastically gone along with everything else so far.


Of course they would. They believe we should still be living our lives based on a book written by infallible men thousands of years ago. Their representatives could tell them aliens are coming to steal their wives and they'd believe it without question. Edit: punctuation


Oh absolutely. These people don't care. It's whatever their dear leaders wish for, and nothing else matters. Bad for you? Bad for me? Bad for them? They don't care. Just as long as something is passed by Republicans, and pisses off everyone else, they love it. Republicans could put a 9pm curfew into Federal law, and these people would cheer for it. Why? Because they would promote it by blaming minorities, or illegals crossing the boarder or whatever other made up bullshit their reasoning is. "Owning the Libs" is all that matters to these people


The Quasi-United Caliphates of America?


It’s only a handful of SWAT that visit your house and then just one person watching the cell block. Super small. Barely an inconvenience.


Subverting political ideals is tight!


Wow wow wow!


It sure is, sir


Gotta love Thought Police. I look forward to replying that my political beliefs are "Fuck DeSantis".


My comment is “Fuck DeSantis” if you didn’t get it the first time.


Small Government = Fascist Dictatorship Doesn’t get any smaller than 1 leader


The math finally makes sense!


This is why state governments need fewer rights.


What the fuck?


Florida decided to not lose to texas in going backwards.


I think floridas trying to take us somewhere we've never been




The GOP is openly gunning to overthrow the constitution and institute a one party theocratic fascist state. That is the fuck.


Time to really start giving a few fucks.


It's really potentially too late. The Supreme Holy Court looks to be gearing up to pre rig the 2024 election. Might not go down that way but honestly America the time to vote was as soon as you could, not as soon as you realise your democracy is in trouble. By then it's usually too late. The numbers of people who are even on reddit saying "I cba to vote before but now I will" simultaneously makes me sad for you all that you let it get to this point just through sheer apathy, but it gives me hope that you might be able to fix it just before it's too late.


Who is keeping the records? The GOP police forces?




You spelled gazpacho wrong


Vichyssoise Regime.


The Everlasting GOPstapo.




Florida is adopting the social credit system like China. No privacy, no rights, just obey or get punished.


Nah, they're just going to start issuing color coded stars you have to wear on your person at all times.


"I dont recall."


And the appropriate answer when asked is "go fuck yourself."


That's just rude. At least say "kindly" first.


Pardon me sir, kindly eat shit and die.


If it’s not too much trouble.


"I dont recall."


You gotta have a scapegoat. I prefer it be my high-priced attorney: "Based on the advice of my counsel, I retain my right to the protections granted to me by the Fifth Amendment." It's like y'all weren't even watching during MCI-WorldCom.


Or put Nazi party. That way you get priority access.


I always give the “With all due respect, I mean all due respect, go kindly fuck yourself with a hornets nest”.


i don't see what the problem is, they could just lie like the supreme court justices did.


Huh? What? Oh, OK, I belong to the Go Fuck Yourself party.


A party is born.






Oh? I belong to the "DeSantis is a shit-stain" party. We should form a coalition.


Careful. Saying that this time next year might land you in prison.


Or oh, let's say early 2025..


I belong to the kiss my ass party. I think we could get some bipartisan work done!


I would take the survey just to give shit results. Lick my asshole will be my standard reply for any fill in the blanks.


I think the Ron DeSantis Sucks Moose Cock party will wind up being the most popular.


Rutting bull moose are some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. I don't think DeSantis has either the skill or the courage to pull that off. He'd go for low-hanging fruit. The DeSantis Red Rockets Dachshunds party is more plausible.


Where do I sign up and when do we get to hand out flyers?


We believe in personal freedom, my friend. Print up whatever makes you happy.


Lmao I literally said this under my breath before reading this


Not your business, Ron.


"The legislation, which goes into effect July 1, also aims to ensure students are being shown ideas that they “may disagree with or find uncomfortable.”..... Except, of course, for CRT and slavery (my bad..."involuntary relocation")


This is from 2021. It’s already in effect




It doesn't surprise me that these clowns don't know the first thing about designing a proper survey


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was with survey monkey.


what were the political options?




A) Republican B) Undesirable




Don’t worry. That phrase is only a Texas thing. Probably once Florida hears they can do the same thing they will though. It’s laughable that the party that likes to use the term snowflake to describe the other team are themselves very easily offended or upset by words and phrases.


> Except, of course, for CRT and slavery Because that makes their parents uncomfortable. Whole different thing.


Don't call it CRT. It's just history. It you call it CRT, you're letting them control language


One fascist state passes law *requiring* students be forced to listen to stuff that makes them "uncomfortable" and another fascist state *bans* making students "uncomfortable". Let the race to fasciest fascist state begin!! What if the students refuse to answer the unwarranted invasion of their privacy? Will they be expelled if they refuse to tell the government how they voted? And what the hell will DeSatan do if, no matter how much the state of Florida threatens students, those students refuse to believe that fascism is the new freedom? Will they take those students to forced re-education camps?


“We do not want them as basically hotbeds for stale ideology,” he said Says the leader of the states stalest ideology


GOP: "We don't want them forcing their ideology onto our kids." Also GOP: forcing theirs onto the kids.


Also GOP Rep Mary Miller: >You know, if we win a few elections, we’re still gonna be losing unless we win the hearts and minds of our children. This is the battle. ***Hitler was right on one thing. He said, ‘Whoever has the youth has the future.’***


He was right about that. She is also right about what she said. And, her fears are also right. The youth [appear](https://iop.harvard.edu/youth-poll/spring-2021-harvard-youth-poll) to overwhelmingly support the left over the right.


Each generation is a little smarter than the last.


Thanks to a lack of lead, among other things.


We’re full of microplastics instead!


We will be well preserved for future archeologists.


Until the education system they're tanking finally fails. From the end of the article: >Other measures included an expansion of civics education for K-12 schools... Great! What's the catch? >...including instruction about the perils of communist and totalitarian governments.  There it is. My guess is "totalitarian" doesn't include much right wing history.


What a difference one year makes. >A national poll released today by the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School indicates that while 18-to-29-year-olds are on track to match 2018’s record-breaking youth turnout in a midterm election this November and prefer Democratic control 55%-34%, there was a sharp increase in youth believing that “political involvement rarely has tangible results” (36%), their vote “doesn’t make a difference” (42%) and agreement that “politics today are no longer able to meet the challenges our country is facing” (56%). President Biden’s job approval has dropped to 41% among young Americans, down from 46% in the IOP Fall 2021 poll and down 18% overall in the past year.


It's not her fault that Hitler is the *only* person to ever remark on the important role children play in our future. Her hands were tied! Those trickster Dems took her kind words about Hitler out of context!


Same woman in the same week thanked Trump for his efforts to rig SCOTUS, calling the overturning of Roe a great win for "white life." The dog whistles are out the window now, they're full on screeching.


Conservatism is *by definition* stale. Unreal.


"Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world." \-Lauren Bacall She wasn't talking about conservatives, but this quote is very applicable to their ideology.




But fascism has already been done.


He said, the irony staring him back in to his dim, slow blinking eyes.


Critical thinking leads to more Democratic voters. Gotta keep everyone stupid.


What about: “It used to be thought that a university campus was a place where you’d be exposed to a lot of different ideas,” DeSantis said. “Unfortunately, now the norm is, these are more intellectually repressive environments,” he added. Because religion has shown itself to be the anti-thesis of intellectually repressive. /s And: "The legislation, which goes into effect July 1, also aims to ensure students are being shown ideas that they “may disagree with or find uncomfortable.” Something tells me that they aren't thinking about critical race theory here. Because we don't want white students to ever feel uncomfortable. And finally: "Other measures included an expansion of civics education for K-12 schools, including instruction about the perils of communist and totalitarian governments." And by totalitarian governments I'm sure that there will be in depth discussions of how the Republican party is aiming for a totalitarian government through removing voter rights, appointing judges who rule based on religion rather than law and precedent, and support of an armed insurrection aimed at overturning an election.


They'd be fine with them having conservative ideology and that shit is stale asf


Every day I get sadder and more scared for America. This is utter madness.


The pace is breakneck, isn't it? It's overwhelming.


Trump made evil "cool." and now they're just going all in.


Ever since Trump was elected it's been like an alternate reality. I can barely comprehend it.


Blame Republican voters. They keep endorsing fascism as an official party platform year after year


Don’t worry, I do blame Republican voters.


It's almost as if they think people won't lie about their political beliefs.


Why lie? Tell them to fuck all the way off


Makes sense for a student with an open mind and on their way out of the dystopian hellhole, but I assume that in the case of faculty this is designed for packing as many likeminded neocons into their little echo chamber


I read that as necrons for some reason


My Will Be Done


Then your name goes on the list for removal when they take over.


I see this as being beneficial for them even if people lie about their political beliefs because by lying, they falsely inflate the true numbers of right leaning individuals. "See! Our survey showed over 90% of staff and students are conservative!" It'd be used as propaganda in one way or another.


My second thought, my first being along the line of an obvious violation of the first amendment, which our trash S.C. will ignore.


I believe in End Ron DeSantis


I didn't hate Ron at first. He can eat a bag of dicks now


They're creating registries of political opponents and nobody is freaking out about this? Americans, you should really be freaking out about this.


Believe me, I'm not anywhere near Florida, and I'd be freaking out, except there's so much to freak out over that I've gone, well, kind of numb with aghastness.


Of course the belief is in the present ruling party. And if another party takes over, I will switch to the new superior belief of the new superior party.


That's when they start encouraging "True patriots" to grass on other students, teachers, neighbours and parents.


What the actual fuck. This shit is getting weird.


This isn't constitutional. It is a law that can only be intended to have a chilling effect on free speech in violation of the First Amendment. Stop willfully betraying the constitution.


Super majority in SCOTUS will find a way to allow this.


Do you think this suprem court will.do anything about it? Republicans know that there is no laws stopping them anymore.


"The legislation, which goes into effect July 1, also aims to ensure students are being shown ideas that they “may disagree with or find uncomfortable.” " Great, I couldn't agree more. Here we go, critical race theory!


No no you misunderstood, not THAT kind of uncomfortable, just the ones about slavery being “involuntary relocation” and vaccines containing aborted newborns


Was literally just thinking this in my head


College is not meant to be comfortable the students should hear differnt vantage points, but they should not be indoctrinated with qanon conspericy theorys or other known factually incorrect viewpoints. Its a learning instatution, not a regression capm.


We’re *supposed* to teach critical thinking, or rather *how* to think. That way when we’re finished teaching people *what* to think and it turns out that the science is outdated /wrong / whatever, they can figure out for themselves what is correct and what is snake oil. The problem is that this makes snake oil salesmen *very* unhappy.


So they’ll be reading das capital in schools then now? Or is it so they can just shove conservatism into peoples faces


Isn’t this the same state that pushed the ‘don’t say gay’ law in its schools?


Wait, so we can say gay? Because saying gay makes them uncomfortable; it's covered, right?


This is straight up nazi shit


Big Brother is in Florida and has much bigger plans down the line.


Fox News would literally explode if a democratic governor ever did something like this. There would be 24/7 updates.


Ower raaaahts! Tha libruls are comin fer yer keeeyyidz!


Idiots are going to vote for this idiot to be President. Its going to suck.


Yep. He only started to act this when Trump amassed power doing the exact same thing. Deathsantis is a power Hungry asshole and will do whatever will get him in power


I saw him speak for the first time yesterday. He's literally just Trump. Stupid hand gestures, bad speaking rhythm, meaningless buzzwords. It's the same fuckin guy except this one is smarter.


He's at least smart enough to mimic Trump's mannerism and gesticulations because that's what the low IQ voter base wants. They can't get Trump as pres again, so they'll take Diet Trump.


And younger


The problem is, he's not an idiot. He's just posing as one to amass power. Which actually makes him much more dangerous than the former...


This is something I hear a lot, but I gotta tell ya, living in Florida and watching him closely, I can tell you he's a fuckin' idiot.


It's a bit. He graduated from Harvard and Yale. Trump is too stupid to know when to act civil. Ron knows how to put a plausible veneer of respectability over his christo-fascist racism. He's much more dangerous.


Can we just get this guy on something preemptively so he can’t run? We know it’s going to happen


Can you legally say, “prefer not to say”?


You've got a first amendment right to not say anything.


Wait, wait, they can use the official GOP answer, “I plead the 5th.”


Next, they can make the Democrat's wear blue stars on them so everyone can recognize the enemy (I mean the Democrats)


Sounds like an invasion of privacy. Oh right the Supreme Court doesn't think we have a right to privacy


Republicans always upholding the Constitution /s


I came here to mention this as well. I just don't get it. I really don't. The only way this makes sense is that it's a stepping stone for another coup attempt. Like that's the only connection I can make here. I know it's an exaggeration but what else am I supposed to think?


They really don't like that people become more liberal the more educated they get.


Answer: go fuck yourself.


Just do what republicans do. Lie to get the job and push your shit when you get in.


>Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Tuesday signed legislation mandating public colleges and universities survey students and faculty about their beliefs in an effort to **promote intellectual diversity on campuses** No, that's a witch hunt. This is as close to Nazi Germany we're going to get before it turns into actual Nazi Germany. Teachers in Florida will now have to declare if they are with or against the fascist party. When people look back on this era a hundred years from now, it's moments like this law that will exemplify the rise of fascism in a country that once prided itself in fighting against that very thing.




That article is over a year old. June 23, 2021.


> The legislation, which goes into effect July 1, also aims to ensure students are being shown ideas that they “may disagree with or find uncomfortable.” I can’t wait for critical race theory to be on the agenda! Except they’ll probably ban. “No, not *that* kind of uncomfortable!”


Don’t tread on me while I tread on you.


Oh great. The ole litmus/loyalty test. This guy is the heir apparent for the GOP in 2024. Good luck, America.


Gotta get records of who to go after in the pogroms.


Imagine being a republican voter and thinking…wow this fascist clown is one of the likely front runners of my party. Amazing to me that there are people dumb enough to vote R these days


If you’re still a Republican after 2016-20, you’re either too stupid or too evil to ever come around. These people are lost.


This is exactly the sort of thing that Republicans like. This is how they've always been. How anyone can identify as a Republican and think of themselves as a good person or even simply not a bigot is a mystery. This is the kind of thing that they vote for.


They have been led to believe they are in a war and that liberals are the enemy. Once you understand that, everything else makes sense.


Keep ‘em poor. Keep ‘em uneducated. Keep ‘em angry. Don’t let them have abortions, don’t let them learn anything you don’t want them to learn, and open lots of military bases to recruit the young, uneducated poor with hungry mouths at home waiting. GOP 101.


Next is witch burning.


Jesus FL and Texas are dead set on becoming an Evanglical theocracy huh?




This “freedom” is sounding awfully fashy.


"The legislation, which goes into effect July 1, also aims to ensure students are being shown ideas that they “may disagree with or find uncomfortable.” " ​ Usually they try to avoid being shown ideas they may find uncomfortable, or is this another one of those "one rule for me, another for thee"? Regarding the survey, what is stopping people from flatout lying on them?


Well, considering they want to ban any references to LGBT and CRT, I'd say its squarely in the 'rules for thee' category.


yeah, go fuck yourself is the right answer. why exactly do you need to know that? especially from the students? i think that politics needs to be kept out of the classroom, and there's channels to complain about that if it's a problem. But starting off with being asked to declare your "allegiance" to a party is bullshit.


Lmfao jesus this guys a moron. This law is blatantly unconstitutional


It's not, because the Republican SC will say it's not, and therefore it won't be. Anything their intrusive government wants, it'll grant. Anything that their intrusive government doesn't like, it won't - even if it would fly under constitutional rights as written. ​ The fact that it's *logically* unconsitutional doesn't actually mean anything (:


To stay humorous I hope a lot of people say Jedi, but it's hard to stay funny when a state has gone so far into facism and people are okay with it, even people living in Florida who FLED countries with dictators and facism being okay with it.


The world will be a better place when he gets terminal brain cancer.


Desantis the Fascist


Interest in The Satanic Temple will grow, mark my words.




Username most definitely checks out.


no worries, grab a colander, and let his noodly appendage touch you ... RAMEN!




Nah, that’s just a good idea.


What do the people of Florida think of these laws? I haven't read anything about polls or articles about the opinion of the people from Florida.


Reminder that this turd has the ethics of trump, but isn't a total idiot. If he wins he won't be held back by personal incompetence like trump was.


Sounds like someone should create a party named 'none of your business' or to be more aggressive 'freedom of association is a right' and open affiliation to anyone and everyone who wants to join.


The Republicans are just taking notes for the People they are gonna send to the Trains as soon as they got all the Power


Yeah, Republicans aren't playing the Nazi playbook at all.


Probably unconstitutional


But with scotus on his side, it doesn’t matter. So he believes.


“The bill does not specifically say what will be done with survey results, but DeSantis suggested budget cuts could be imminent if universities and colleges are found to be “indoctrinating” students.” JFC


How much do you want to bet these lists get “accidentally leaked” to groups like the proud boys and patriot front. This is gang tactics and intimidation. The kinda stuff that happens in failing democracies.


How it's going: [https://floridaphoenix.com/2022/04/06/fls-new-college-survey-on-political-leanings-may-have-flaws-that-could-invalidate-results/](https://floridaphoenix.com/2022/04/06/fls-new-college-survey-on-political-leanings-may-have-flaws-that-could-invalidate-results/) "The potential for anyone to submit multiple responses, whether or not affiliated with a Florida college or university, spells doubts about how the state might use the survey responses."


Conservatives: “why do you have to go and make everything political?” Also conservatives:


Fuck Ron DeSantis and his stupid fucking roast face. What a price of shit that man is. God damn. Every time I see him it's never because he choked on a McChicken or fell down some stairs, it's because he pushes his bigoted ass into the spotlight to pressure and remove peoples rights. You could say I'm annoyed with this man.