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WTF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taDda9lLaEw


Lmao, this is the real onion stuff right here. I thought it would be real kiddies with toy brooms, it’s actual jocks with a broom between their bumcheeks.


Damn remove the brooms it may be a legit sport


It's lacrosse with extra steps.


Make them e-scooters and we're in business




This was painful to watch.


“Olympic BroomSnatch”? :(




Lol ain't no one paying top dollar to watch people straddle a broom and run around, regardless of what it is called.


It’s hilarious that a bunch of cosplayers think normal people will pay to watch adults run around playing a made up game from a children’s book. Also how are they going to get the rights to this? Doesn’t JK Rowling own that? Do these people think they can just take this because they don’t like what she has to say?


Naw, don't you know that if you say mean things on the internet the people who don't agree with you can take your IP rights. I want to see her just send a cease and desist to the league so I can laugh heartily at people.




The brooms. Case closed.


Only sport with brooms should be curling.


What about broomball?




There are plenty of footballers who need to be brained with a broom though.


That's a strawman of a different colour.


I understand where you're coming from. I think American football is as stupid as the next guy, but they kind of have you with the brooms.


American football is a billion dollar industry with dudes who dedicate their lives to an art from roughly middle school until they go pro and continue on until retirement. It requires, skill, coordination, strength, endurance, physical and mental toughness. Quidditch is a bunch of unathletic college kids who cannot play extreme frisbee, and decide to wear robes and run around straddling a broom.


Jiminy Christmas. Who hurt you? Crazy how much offense you take from something that other people do.


No one? I take no offense to them playing quidditch at all. I simply answered the dude's question. There is a distinct difference between American football and quidditch, which I illustrated in my answer. Additionally, the assertion in the article that if they change the name there is money is laughable at best, in part due to my previous answer. Not everything you read on the internet is someone taking offense or getting angry.


The only sport I could watch instead of simply participating in is Rugby and that's just cause the guys are so hot 😳


That'll show her!


Until she sure for IP theft


Jesus broom-riding Christ


I'm a member of the LGBT community. Not a very good one, I'll admit. But anyway, that's such an empty gesture. You're not a bad person if you still like Harry Potter.


It’s still quidditch and she invented the game. Just performative outrage.


This is entirely tragic and cringe from every single angle.


For fuck's sake


Who the hell would consider this news? I mean I'm a table top dork, and WotC just completely changed the DnD lore of Beholders. Is MSNBC going to run stoplights over it? Because four guys rolled up and mugged everyone in the restaurant two doors down from my work last weekend and literally nobody reported on it. How are modern news platforms even solvent? Who is paying these people?


What did WotC do with Beholders???


[https://screenrant.com/dungeons-dragons-wizards-coast-lore-removal-dd-5e/](https://screenrant.com/dungeons-dragons-wizards-coast-lore-removal-dd-5e/) I mean take from it what you will. I ride 3.5 or die when I DM, but 5e is easier for beginners. I like stupid and violent orcs. I like evil drow. I like chromatic dragons being absolute bastards. **BECAUSE IT'S FUN TO BREAK THE MOLD.** I was like 11 when I played a 2e game (I believe it was a cannon campaign) where the red dragon twists the plot and actually is the good guy. I like that one of my crew rolled a beautiful, charismatic half-orc. I like when the paladin actually winds up being a turd... actually I just like murdering paladins period, but that's a rant for another post. /DorkRant Regardless, you didn't hear about it because it literally isn't ***fucking news***, like what's going on in the Belarus/Poland border, or what we should be hearing in the Maxwell case, but aren't.


Not gonna lie, quidditch is a super fun sport to play. They drifted away from brooms and robes a while ago and now wear jerseys and have small pvc pipes. I didn’t play for long but it was some of the best times I have ever had playing a sport (even better than national level water polo) Not sure at how effective the name change is at getting it away from JK Rowling but will definitely help in allowing them to expand into more mainstream areas.


Plus. If there ever will be an actual Quidditch league then she would own it.


It true (I don't see this on their web site) then these people don't even know what her views are, they are just followers of some current fashion from the woke community. Their site claims 'inclusion' but again, if true, then they are not including people who disagree, or they even think disagree, with their views.


What a lame comment. You even got my hopes up too.




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