Nicolas Cage vows never to watch the movie where he plays himself because it's 'too much of a whacked-out trip' — even for him

Nicolas Cage vows never to watch the movie where he plays himself because it's 'too much of a whacked-out trip' — even for him


Says the man who dropped acid with his cat. Edit: iirc it was actually mushrooms, after the cat accidentally found his stash and ate some. When cage found that the cat had been eating them, he couldn't let the cat trip out alone.


Not all heroes wear capes.


Although Cage actually did when Superman Lives was in development.




Cage does


Oddly wholesome


Maybe he gives him catnip now


Honestly if I caught my dog I'd do the same thing...


Someone call Charlie Kaufman: Being Nicolas Cage could be the best sequel ever.




A fictional Kaufman movie about Cage, playing a fictional version of himself playing a fictional version of Kaufman and his fictional twin brother in a fictional movie about an adaption of a book about flowers... I think it just might work.


Studios will be lining up around the block begging to make it!


I thought the same thing


Just watched Prisoners of the Ghostland... WTF did I just watch?


I don't know what you watched I had to turn it off


I turned it off after an hour. It just makes no sense


It felt like a live action Japanese Manga. In that context, I actually enjoyed it. Not sure if it's an adaptation or something, just reminded me of reading manga.


It was entertaining... it was simply especially weird.


One of my students gave me a manga. I was very confused because I didn’t know to read it backwards. That backwards manga made as much sense as this movie.


Most manga I've seen has instructions on how to read it the moment you open the "front" cover. It goes all "Stop! Go to the other side and read it this way!"


Oh I had no idea. I just asked a student a couple questions about what he was drawing and later he gave me a dog eared copy of whatever it was. I tried to read it but it’s really not my thing, but good on him for trying.


Oooh. He was drawing it and it wasn't a published volume. That'd do it. No warnings there.


As opposed to a Danish Manga


It was garbage. I did finish it out of stubborn will though.


His most tame role was a chemical weapons expert in "The Rock". It is such a fantastic movie, and probably my favorite of all the Nick Cage movies I've watched.


Con air, faceoff, national treasure, gone in 60 seconds, Lord of war, and kick ass all great cage movies.


Lord of War is one of my fav movies


put dha bunneh bac een dha box


.... Raising Arizona?????




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Vampire's Kiss


Gone in 60 seconds and Lord of War are among my favorites…


Do you have the slightest Idea to how very little that narrows it down, Mr. Cage?


I can believe him. There are things I put together that I never rewatch because I see every glaring issue when I was editing them but they had to get out the door otherwise they had no worth. I show them to other people and they say it is pretty good but I just see and hear all the odd ticks and hisses that I gave up on because I wasn't going to redo everything. ​ It is actually not unusual for actors to not watch their own films and it makes sense because it was a 3 month ordeal for them to make and they are fully aware of all the things that couldn't be fixed because of a lack of time.


Wonder if John Malkovich feels the same.


'Willy's Wonderland' was his best role.


Unless he wrote the part of himself as himself, he's still portraying someone else's interpretation of what they think Nic Cage is. Ergo it's still just an acting role.


Did you not read the article. Cage said practically the same thing.


Could it not be said that all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players?


He's a cat... he's a sexy cat.


I have vowed never to watch another movie with Nicholas cage in it, so we do share something in common


Really? Cage has been killing it lately. Color out of Space, Mandy and Pig are all freaking amazing.


The problem with Cage is that for every Mandy there's 4 Wicker Man's....but, as long as you don't watch the Wicker Man's and only watch the Mandy's, it's easy to enjoy.


That's the thing about Cage... Cage works. He doesn't seem to care about the potential quality of a project going in... is it work? Is he going to get paid? Then he's going to show up and he's going to give 110% and give the director whatever he/she asks for. That's highly respectable in my opinion. That puts Cage in the good company of actors like Michael Cain and Ben Kingsley, Have you seen some of the films those two have done? Cain is in some serious stinkers... The Hand is one of my favorites. Kingsley has a legacy of being in some of the worst, bizarre fantasy films ever made. Cage is a tool for a director to use... whether he's good or not depends on what he's being asked for. That's a great actor as far as I'm concerned. One of the funniest damn things about Cage is the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode where at the end it's revealed to Kevin that Captain Corelli's Mandolin exists.


How does one know which is which so as not to waste one's time? Serious question.


Word of mouth mainly. I would've never watched things like Mandy, Willy's Wonderland, Pig, Mom and Dad or Color Out of Space without hearing about it from the grapevine.


Willy's wonderland was just plain fun.


>Willy's wonderland First I've heard of it... adding to the watch list. Jesus... is he making a new film every 6 months at this point? What a machine.


From what I understand he has a massive spending addiction/impulse buying so he's constantly broke and needs a job all the time.


There's a very fine line of whether Nick Cage will be good in a movie as his acting style is so unique, some might say that he plays himself in every movie that he's in, that the movie has to be compatible with his style and not the other way around. He was amazing in National Treasure, he was pretty good in Lord of War, he didn't quite click in Face Off, and he was bad in Con Air. In all these movies he's delivering roughly the same effort, the same skill, and the same quality of performance, it's just that some movies fit his acting style better than others.


Con Air is a national treasure! How dare you! I'm honestly not sure if im being sarcastic or not


If you go back and check the ensemble cast it’s like black hawk down in terms of how many noteworthy names are in it.


Yeah I remember John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rames, Danny Trejo, Dave Chappelle. I'm probably forgetting some its been a long time.


Also John Cusack and Colm Meaney. Hell of a lineup for a simple action flick.


Then u a fool




Because he's an amazing actor. He just takes all roles pretty much. You have to watch his movies with good scripts.


I disagree that he is an amazing actor.


I can't sit through his movies either