St. Paul principal suspended for plagiarizing another principal’s Facebook post

St. Paul principal suspended for plagiarizing another principal’s Facebook post

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“Upon reading this it did not seem like her usual writing which is typically of poor academic quality." Ouch. LOL.


District maybe ought to double-check this principal's resume and make some degree-verifying phone calls. People who cheat like this do it everywhere.


I work for a research-intensive university. You wouldn't believe the number of tenured faculty members who write like a 5th grader and rely on PhD candidates to proof their work before being submitted for publication consideration. ​ It's rampant.


Honestly my writing is why I could never get a PhD. I could do the research and everything but any time I try to write a paper it’s like “first did science, then watched crab for science”


I always have the trouble of being too succint. "Did experiment. Experiment exploded. Cause found to be X causing Y causing pop. Re-ran experiment to account for X. Did not explode." "What do you mean it's not long enough? That's all there is to know!"


why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?


Do trick who?


Teachers/professors requiring arbitary word counts or page counts are so dumb. Lots of good academic papers are a single paragraph/page, because that's all they need to be.


"Guild member?" "Not any more, sir." "Oh? How did you leave the guild?" "Through the roof, sir. But I'm pretty certain I know what I did wrong." -Terry Pratchett


Found Mordin Solus


I have a bad habit of pissing off one friend cause he has to figure out how to word every question in a manner where i can't respond with a single word


Yeah, I can't write an essay without including "In addition to..."


My sister is a teacher. One of her fellow teachers does not know that "you're" is a word. She uses "your" in every situation.


... but it's two words? 🤔


No, “you’re” is one word. It is a contraction- two words put together making one new word. 😊


LOL. True. But she doesn't recognize that either. A typical statement is something like. "Your the best!" "Your the most qualified candidate"


Was just poking you :p But yeah, not using you're at all is absurdly bad for a teacher. Doing that on the internet is a guaranteed comment correcting you.


>Was just poking you :p LOL. I'm internet tone deaf. >But yeah, not using you're at all is absurdly bad for a teacher. I just found it bizarre that in 30+ years on the planet, attending college and getting a teaching license that no one has ever told her.


These examples are making me want to rip my eyeballs out.


Wait till she hears about "yore!"


Rampant is the right word. I'm familiar with what you say. Mediocrity abounds. Handicapping good research and exploiting aspiring scientists/engineers/scholars is necessary in order to preserve The Club across disciplines.


>Rampant is the right word Riotous. Uninhibited. *Hog wild.*






::furiously scribbles words down while simultaneously updating resume::


Haven't seen that word in a while.




Hootenanny Hoedown is the name of my country band.




Amok amok amok


Time for a round of apples to apples.... And the winning card is, Claiming other people's work on your own!


The iron rule. Behaviors that support the power clique are rewarded, while the organizational purpose is ignored. (Research in this case, but applies to nearly every organization.) Eventually you have a beauacracy with the de facto purpose of ensuring its own survival, any original or stated purpose secondary at best.


This is so true of NGOs. I've consulted at so many of them where individuals feel their power in the organisation is more important than the organisation's contribution to humane causes.


My wife works in the medical insurance field acting as a pharmacy technician and prescription drug moderator between the doctors, pharmacies and insurance company. All of their clients are government contracted so all of their notation has a requirement of being written at a fourth grade comprehension level so that *all members involved can understand them.* We're talking about doctors, pharmacists and government officials that specialize in the field.


This isn't a bad thing. 4th grade level isn't bad writing. It actually takes skill to write clearly, succinctly, and accurately in a way that is almost impossible to misunderstand. People from very different backgrounds with very different mindsets, training, goals, and jargon are coming together in this scenario, and this directive is essential to ensuring they can work together smoothly. Big fancy words are great for confusing issues and hiding incompetence. Clear, unadorned language is awesome.


> Clear, unadorned language is awesome this MF throwing out words like "unadorned" smh


Why use a big word when a diminutive one will do


Yeah! Just say nekkid


>Clear, unadorned language > >English Pick one.


Many of these people speak English as a 2nd or 3rd language, so that’s probably a great idea tho.


More than a few of the highly regarded specialists I've seen were not the best English speakers. Patel is the most common medical doctor's sur name in the US.


I work in the medical science field in the US on a team of eleven people. Only four of us have English as a first language. Everyone is more than able to communicate, but often verb tenses, word order and other things that'd get you marked down on an English essay are out the window. A lot of the science fields are like this.


I work in this field and this usually applies to member/customer-facing materials, especially for government-funded healthcare (Medicare and Medicaid in the US) where there are varying levels of education.


I'm really good with essays, as my mom was an English professor, and put a lot of work into making sure I knew my shit. This has resulted in me helping other people with their essays. Most people in math and science seem to have incredibly smart brains and write essays that are full of concepts I do not have any hope of understanding, but they struggle with words. Everyone has different levels of skill in different things, and as long as they're willing to put in the thinky work and tell me what parts of speech their field specific vocabulary terms are, I have no problem fixing things.


Yeah, we need to recognize various sorts of intelligence, and skill sets, as people get bogged down in "You can't do basic math? You're a troglodyte." My partner is absolutely incapable of performing basic maths, but is otherwise a very clever individual, and a phenomenal writer. "Don't judge a fish on tree climbing" Wayne Gretzky


Even professional authors have editors!


Even professional athletes have coaches. Editors are a bit like coaches in that they give writers advice on how to get better and generally help them achieve their best performance possible.


Math is pretty much taken as a proxy for intelligence, as in *if you’re bad at math, you’re not smart.* It seems like those with good math skills can get away with poor quality writing but still be seen as intelligent, but the good writers who stink at math aren’t seen as being equally smart.


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” -*Albert Einstein*


I am the opposite, I am extremely good with math and most forms of science, but I struggle with essay writing. I can write tens of thousands of lines of code, but I struggle to write a one page essay.


For me, coding actually made math make actual sense and fun to do. Throw a bunch of formulas and calculus to solve in front of me and my brain just shuts down.


Especially if they are not native speakers. Source: I am a non-native speaker postdoc who really sucks at English.


I see where you're coming from, but I don't necessarily think it's as bad as you are making it out to be. If they are doing good work but having trouble communicating it, it seems completely acceptable to use a resource for help. Most researchers and tenured faculty use professional statisticians or math majors help to understand, quantify, and qualify their data and that's not considered cheating. It's just using your resources. Now, the faculty that put themselves as the primary author on students publications when they have very little to do with it, except "advising." There's a special place in Hell for those people.


I went to college with a girl whose mom was a hs teacher and did all her work for her.


My career was in human services, staff all had at least BA/BS degrees, many had MA/MS or higher education. After seeing peers that couldn't write a decent sentence to save their souls, when I became a manager I made writing a response to a scenario question a requirement for all hiring/promotion. It showed how people would approach a real life situation, but also showed me/us if they were literate. Washed many people with degrees out the door. Initially shocked at how someone could get into and out of college w/out decent writing skills, I later just accepted how poor our schools and colleges are at teaching and requiring these skills, and that many skate by using more literate friends or paying people to write important papers/essays/theses. The academic rigor I'd been raised in is not universal in the US. This principal should have been suspended a good long time, if not lost her job. Plagiarism used to be a "death penalty" offense in education, but now in many places has been downgraded to an "oops." That it was clear she didn't write that well normally (a horrible reflection on how she got promoted to begin with) means she's a terrible role model for staff and students, and now no doubt has lost the respect of many staff she leads.


You can be academically smart but really suck at spelling and grammar. I always struggled with both growing up. I got top marks in all subjects, apart from languages, I struggled so much with them. I couldn't even spell properly until I got the Internet at home when I was 17. I forced myself to figure out how to spell words my spell checker flagged instead of letting it correct me. I also learned to touch type at the same time. Grammar I got better at because my ex drilled a lot of stuff into my head, like where, were and we're etc. The issue is that even with all that, I still struggled to write in an academic manner. I guess I'm more of a fiction writer then none fiction. I always needed my work proof read because I just couldn't see mistakes. It brought a lot of my marks down quite a bit, although I'm still pissed at a teacher taking 5% off because she said Parbold Hill doesn't exist, there is a Wikipedia article about it damn it!


Meh. Most principals I've know have been gym teachers. Nothing against gym teachers, but it's the Peter Principle for principals.


True. Turns out that my dad telling his gym teacher to stop fucking with his overweight friend back in 11th grade ended up creating an interesting dynamic when I attended the same high school many years later and said gym teacher was now the principal. Fun times.


Nohting says "mature" like holding a decades-old grudge and taking it out against a dude's son.


The same maturity that would lead a gym teacher to bullying a student one might say


No McFly has ever amounted to anything in Hill Valley, and never will! You are a slacker, just like your old man was when he went here!


Snape/Harry Potter. At least Snape had the excuse that it made for good cover.


I've noticed that a lot of teachers I've interacted with tend to be rather immature adults, specifically high school teachers. I think it's a side effect of being around teenagers all day.


I'm surprised he remembered him at all. When my daughter entered high school, I went to her orientation with her. It turns out that her physics teacher was the same one I had 25 years earlier, a well-liked teacher that I knew well at the time (I used to play chess with him at lunch) so I was eager to visit him. The dude was quite frank about not being able to remember anyone he taught that long ago, and said "at this point, you guys are aging faster than me." One of my football coaches recognized me though, well sort of. He saw us sign in and my last name is very uncommon and he said "Did you play ball for me?"


Nothing says "high school principal" like...


In elementary, they hired a new principal who went by "Dr. Smith" (Name is changed). We were constantly told to call her Dr Smith, not Mrs Smith, because she worked hard on her degree and it's disrespectful. Turns out she made her doctorate up. Someone mistakenly congratulated her on getting her doctorate, and she took up the story and ran with it.


On the opposite side, a professor in undergrad make explicitly clear on the first day of class, "I do not have a PhD, please do not call me doctor. I've already gotten some emails addressing me as doctor, but I only have a master's." One of the best classes I've taken.


I tell my students not to call me Dr MyLastName unless we’re in a formal setting. And I worked my ass off to get my doctorate. It’s one thing not correcting people that you’re not a doctor, it’s unthinkable that they actively correct people to call them that…


Wish I'd thought of that a million student loan dollars ago


As a Principal who has a doctorate… anyone who pulls this nonsense is either insecure or has a overblown sense of importance. Someone with a made up one is straddling both columns. The only time I would ever force someone to use the Doctor title is I’ve *really* disliked them, but that’s probably a bluff as I’ve never pulled that card yet.


My dad was a PE teacher who became a principal but he also had a masters in education and taught other subjects as well. He just happened to enjoy sports and coaching.


I had to laugh at this; two of our children's principals (middle and high school) were former gym teachers!!! One of them is now a Superintendent (or Supernintendo, as Ralph Wiggims would say).


My middle school had different vice principals for each grade, and when I got to 8th grade the new vice principal for 8th grade was my elementary school gym teacher.


>My middle school had different vice principals for each grade That sounds like such a waste of money


I guess if it’s a big enough school it’s not a bad idea to have one for each grade. The high school I used to teach at had ~800 students per grade and a vp for each. The school I graduated from had just over 500 total and only one vp.


>~800 students per grade Holy crap


We had 4,000 students total at my highschool spread across 2 campuses. The freshman were at one campus and the other grades at the rest. We only had two 'principals' (one for each campus), but each grade had their own 'advisor chair' which would handle the day to day aspects of each grade.


That's about how big my high school was. 3,000 students for all 4 grades, we only had one vice principal and principal


>had \~800 students per grade That was like the entire town i grew up in.


My middle and high schools were like this. It makes sense in very large school systems where each grade might have over 1000 students. The vice principals handle most of the punishment and day to day things like handling detentions and frees up the main principal to deal with larger operations of the school.


Maybe. But some schools have grades with as many students as other schools have in total. And it could just depend on the admin structure.


The main job of the vice principal is usually discipline, so if you have a particularly big and rowdy school, having that many vice principals might make sense. In schools where there aren’t enough resources, disruptive kids just get sent back to the classroom where they interfere with every other kid’s learning.


They must have been the kings of educastion!


My sons principal is a gym teacher and his communications are always riddled with grammatical errors. It’s infuriating to receive emails from the chief educator of my sons school that are horrendously incorrect.


Nothing worse than a chef educator. 👍


How old is your son? When did you think he was old enough for chef school?


It's when the sprog made its first cremè brulee at age 6. If the know how's there, you're never too young!


Fun fact: i live in the Netherlands as an immigrant and yesterday there were some Dutch bank phishing e-mails flying around. I reported the e-mail to some colleagues and the first thing they said was “that’s no Dutch its full of errors”. The fun fact being they seemed more upset at the grammar than the bank robbing, as it should be because being a bank robber is no excuse to be illiterate am i rite


I heard somewhere that scammers intentionally leave in poor grammar, so they catch the really stupid and oblivious people. They only want to spend time dealing with the dumbest of the dumb.


Terrible grammar isn't really a problem for phishing, since the people who fall for those scams tend not to be very bright and therefore not notice the egregious errors.


> egregious Fun fact! This word used to be mean remarkable in a good sense. Now it means the exact opposite of the original meaning.


I don't know if it's even the Peter principal, gym teachers also tend to be coaches so they're much more recognizable to the board members Then you probably have an element of teachers don't really want to do admin because they got into teaching to teach, not to run administration Which sucks because 90 percent of my teachers would have made good principals


PE teachers probably don’t have to spend the same amount of time fighting with school administrators causing bad impressions by advocating for the school as most teachers do.


That's funny. I was on a team in highschool and my senior year the coach, who also was a gym teacher, took a job at another school as Principle. I will say he was a great leader. So nothing against him as a gym teacher turned Principle. But you reminded me of that.


When I consider that for all other subjects the divide of teachers is 75% women and 25% men, but gym teachers are split about 50/50 then I'm not surprised that many principals were gym teachers. There's an effect known as the Glass Escalator that says men get promoted to administration positions in women dominated fields more often than women.


My highschool principal was shuffled off to another district where they discovered he had faked his entire education. He was a psychopath with a fake PhD on the wall and forced everyone to call him "Doctor" Fuckstick instead of "Mister."


Well heck, as long as I can address him as Fuckstick, I'm happy to add "Doctor". It sounds way more condescending.


While growing up I had a principal for 3 years, at a private school, before they realized that “Dr. Brewer,” wasn’t a doctor of anything.


My high school had a principal freshman year who did this exact thing and everyone was so suspicious the entire time.


Like when Melania blatantly ripped off Michelle Obama.


See that requires paying people which school districts don’t have money for


Yeah, that made me wince.


So she’s perfect for a superintendent position. Collect that $200,000 salary while gutting academic programs and denying raises for teachers. Like the old saying goes, “If you’re too stupid to make the world a better place, bring them all down to your level instead!”


A pedophile teacher from my school got fired, but now works for the ministry of education...


300k in my district. Teachers had to really fight for a 1% cost of living raise this year, which was a hard year for everybody. Big middle finger.


Lol I literally had the same reaction at that sentence. OOF. Some teacher was saving up for that…


You can tell there's some serious bad blood there.


"Bonnick was given a one-day suspension without pay on Feb. 5." Really coming down hard on this one.


In the article it says that a one day suspension is the same punishment as a student would receive so it seems fair to me.


I mean, not only is the principal a grown adult and not a child, but they are the leader of an institution of learning tasked with the comprehensive education and the proper upbringing of children. You would hope that the principal would be held to a higher standard than an a typical student.


I would hope so too. However it's a Facebook post being used in an email to staff. Not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.. Also being shamed on national news is a punishment in itself lol.


Anyone who's worked nearly any job almost anywhere is aware your average person who moves up into "leadership" is not the best nor the brightest.


Which is exactly the reason they go up the ladder. You don't lose your best worker and you don't get someone that will question any of the company's policies. So sad but so real.


She is principal some how too 🙃 wondwr what kinda nepotism or what happened there to make that happen.


>“Upon reading this it did not seem like her usual writing which is typically of **poor academic quality**. With a quick google search I was able to determine this in fact was not her work and the entire thing was plagiarized from another principal in another state,” "GOT HER" . the lady isn't loved by at least one staff member


Yeah I saw that too. Shots. Fucking. Fired.


I feel that though. How frustrating it must have been to work for her when she can't even compose a FB post or a letter that sounds as though it was written by an educated adult.


School administrators are almost universally morons.




Just left my public school teaching job. Can fucking confirm.




The text wasn't even that great. How terrible is her usual writing?


How do these idiots get these jobs in the first place?


They're the only ones that can put up with teenagers going through puberty all day everyday.


Boy, that site is big mad about ad blockers. They have the regular popup that tries to keep you from reading, but they also somehow have the damn page set up to garble the text if you stop it from loading midway. I got this: >To at least one staff member at ... Xbtijohupo Ufdiopmphz Nbhofu Tdippm, uif qsjodjqbm’t xfflmz nfttbhf tpvoefe b mjuumf upp hppe. They didn't have a way to block source viewing, though, so here's the text: *Just before Christmas, the principal of the St. Paul district’s largest school emailed her staff with a heartfelt reflection on leading the school through a pandemic.* *“The job has always been challenging, but nothing prepared me for the stresses this year would bring,” Stacie Bonnick wrote on Dec. 22, going on to describe feelings of isolation, anxiety and stress but also “moments of unanticipated joy and success.”* *To at least one staff member at Washington Technology Magnet School, the principal's weekly message sounded a little too good.* *“Upon reading this it did not seem like her usual writing which is typically of poor academic quality. With a quick google search I was able to determine this in fact was not her work and the entire thing was plagiarized from another principal in another state,” the staffer wrote Dec. 23 in an anonymous email to Superintendent Joe Gothard and school board members, which the staffer later forwarded to the Pioneer Press.* *Bonnick liked the message enough that she copied from it again, without attribution, in a January newsletter to Washington families.* *“Schools are so much more than academics. Schools are places where people come to be loved, to feel safe, and to be nurtured. Educators provide more than teaching and learning. We are sources of stability and calm during the storms,” the letter read, in part.* *Weeks later, Bonnick met with her supervisor and an investigator from the district’s human resources department and admitted she plagiarized another principal’s work.* *“You indicated that this was a poor decision on your part,” assistant superintendent Andrew Collins wrote in a discipline letter the school district released this week, four months after the Pioneer Press asked for information about the incidents.* *Bonnick was given a one-day suspension without pay on Feb. 5.* *That was three days after another Minnesota school leader, Rochester superintendent Michael Munoz, resigned amid charges he used other people’s words in staff communications and graduation speeches.* *For students in St. Paul Public Schools, plagiarism is considered a Level 3—out of five—violation and “may result in a dismissal from school for part of a day or an entire school day.”* *Except for a sentence about her own son, Bonnick’s letter to staff is nearly identical to a Dec. 17 Facebook post by Greg Wilkey, principal of East Side Elementary in Chattanooga, Tenn. His 364-word post has been shared over 1,600 times on Facebook and republished by multiple news organizations.* *Wilkey, who also writes fiction, told the Pioneer Press he wasn’t aware his work had been plagiarized.* *“I am conflicted as to how I feel. On the one hand, I'm honored that my words and my reflections resonated with someone enough to share them. I have always been willing to express my thoughts with the public,” Wilkey said by email Tuesday.* *“I know there is always a risk of my words being used whenever I post or share on any public platform. I do regret that the principal in question did not simply give the proper credit, but at the same time, I hold no ill will toward her,” he said.* *Bonnick did not return a phone message for this article.*


The quote you gave looks like all the letters were shifted down one alphabetically. Interesting!


Wow, I never would have noticed that!


I don’t really have much insight into how websites are written, but could this have just been a parity problem? The world wonders.


My guess is it's a goofy attempt to stymie adblockers. Send the text in "encrypted" form, and then have a line of Javascript go through the text and shift it up by one only after everything has loaded.


This is what I figured too. Especially since the first paragraph or two were fine, and then it mysteriously switched to the code riiiiight about where any website preview would stop, so that no one would see the nonsense in preview links.


also known as a caesar cipher :)


Thanks! That site was awful!


hmm I have ublock origin and the site loaded perfectly for me. No popups, no bs, just a normal article without ads.


Just checked if that was Avail for the iPhone. Nope :/


Which add blocker are you using? Ublock had no pronlems clearing all adds and addblock-blockers for me.


Oh, interesting. I'm on adblock plus. I'll check out Ublock.


Ublock origin is the only adblock worth using


NoScript is great for removing ad blocker blockers


Unblock origin, not ublock. There's a difference, and Ublock Origin is the best I've ever used. It's even working in Firefox on Android, no pop-ups or ads or adblock complains at all.


ublock is WAY better than ABP


Adblock plus takes money from advertisers to allow some ads and things through. Would recommend ublock origin!


TL:DR Principal sent out a plagiarized note to the staff about how hard leading them through the year was.


She should double down Shia Labeouf style and plagiarize her apology


"I do, I offer a complete and utter retraction. The imputation was totally without basis in fact, and was in no way fair comment, and was motivated purely by malice, and I deeply regret any distress that my comments may have caused you, or your family, and I hereby undertake not to repeat any such slander at any time in the future. " - Not John Cleese


Also not Wanda.


Next time he should hire a FullLegal


“Poor academic quality “, school principal, so very sad!




It's who ya know not what ya know. And I agree.


On one hand it's just a repost on social media not a peer reviewed paper. On the other hand post plagerism is setting a poor example for the students. She did get suspended for plagiarism so there's that >Bonnick was given a one-day suspension without pay on Feb. 5.


It's wasn't a repost on social media. She sent it out in a staff email and then again in a newsletter to families.


Sharing the post on your social media page vs sending it out in email and newsletter is very different lol


yeah, at the very least, sharing something on Facebook tells people who you got it from.


Meh. A staff email and newsletter are closer to social media than academic work. It’s all embarrassing for the principal, but it seems blown out of proportion. It’s more of a goofy gaffe than some great ethical breech.


In the legal field, we all plagiarize from each other all the time. Copying emails, or paragraphs of legal filings, or well-written contract terms, is rampant. An argument could be made that not doing so is unethical: because we charge by the hour, it’s wrong to draft something from scratch when you have a perfectly good language you can tweak in less time.


I feel like this is true for most professional organizations. I'd never assume that the person sending a newsletter actually wrote it. Hell I wrote my own promotion announcement and my boss sent it to the office.


I've done that for just about every reference letter I've had in my adult life lol


I think the difference with law is that there’s no expectation for our writing to be original to us because we are speaking for our clients. We aren’t authors of pleadings and legal documents. No one cares who drafted a brief or motion. They just care what it says.


I agree with you, even though I recognize there are hours of my life I’ll never get back that have been spent making pedantic edits to signature blocks in response to demands made by certain individuals who appear to care **way too much** about whose name appears first in a stipulation. Ah, the joys of legal practice; it would be a wonderful profession, but for the lawyers.


In reddit terms, it’s like reposting without credit rather than crossposting. I think we all know how redditors feel about reposters.


If a Principal cannot type out a simple email, newsletter or address herself, what does it say about the education quality? A 10 year old child could deliver that ideally.


Principals don’t actually have much do to with educational instruction. They’re just managers.


Some schools require their principals to teach at least one class. Source: My wife is a teacher who works at one of these schools.


At my school the principle would act as a substitute on occasion when they couldn’t get one in time.


At my school my principal told us to dress up like Mexicans for cinco de mayo




Ideally, this is false. Administrators are supposed to be the instructional leaders of the school and help research and implement new instructional methods for teachers. Of course, in reality they often are just managers


It's simple enough to say "this person said it better than I would, I've reprinted their words here...", and if it's a public post, should be totally acceptable in that context. It's never OK to wholesale copy someone else's words and pass them off as your own - anything more than a phrase or sentence. Even if you just preface with "I once read '...' ", or something like that. And when you're a school principal, you're the one who should be setting that standard. Honestly, that's the reason this response is *not* being blown out of proportion. If she were in a non-academic leadership setting, I'd agree with you. As it is, this is what's expected.


I dont think it's a big deal at all but the article explained that if kids were caught plagiarizing at this school they get either a full or partial day suspension. It's only fair to uphold the staff to the same rules and I fully support the decision to do so.


Yea and I mean it’s a one day suspension. It’s more about the message


I assure you, she would not care about setting an example. I edited and wrote textbooks for a well-known, international company. We hired experienced teachers with PhDs to contribute, mostly so that we could use their names on the books. Not only did we have to internally re-write almost everything they sent us, an astounding amount was plagiarized. Teachers would send us Wikipedia articles with the footnotes from Wikipedia left in or cobbled-together essays in which the font changed with each passage they pasted in. They would almost always refuse to revise the work, refuse to acknowledge the plagiarism when confronted with concrete evidence, then demand payment. It was hilarious and infuriating.


This is actually terrifying. The future is bleak.


Yeah, there aren’t usually laws or rules about how many words you need to change in trite sentimental mass emails before it’s a really great email. It doesn’t bother me at all, this whole thing seems silly.


Yeah I dunno why she just didn't cite her source. Then there wouldn't have been an issue.


the college I work for plagiarized parts of its plagiarism policy from another college in another state


Ummm I live in Nashville and it’s REQUIRED that all our principals have PhD’s……what is happening here?


Next we'll find out there's no such thing as "Minnesota nice", they just copied courtesy from TN.


We actually changed it, It's no longer "Minnesota Nice" It's "Minnesota Passive Aggressive"


It’s more like Minnesota nice to your face, talk shit the second you turn your back.


Mickey Rourke has had a wild career trajectory


Ouch! That being said, just rewatched The Wrestler last night for the first time since it was initially released. Such a tremendous performance. Can't remember *feeling* a character portrayal like this one.


There are situations where an educator or another worker might copy materials. If it's a good lesson plan, if it's a boilerplate announcement about something specific, maybe copying it would not constitute plagiarism. But once she was passing off heartfelt words and sentiments to something directly tied to her name, nope. That's plagiarism.


>heartfelt words Most letters sent out in that vein lack sincerity and are more about PR than anything. That was definitely the case here as well.


Reddit, they're calling you out. Reposts are about to be a thing of the past.


Reddit, they're calling you out. Reposts are about to be a thing of the past.


These two comments are not yet representative of Reddit. If they were, the 2nd comment would have hundreds, if not thousands, of upvotes more than the first comment.


i made sure to do my part by downvoting the first post and upvoting the second post. In addition i gave the second post an award, clearly the second post was better.


working on it.


Reposts aren't the problem as they relate to this article subject. The problem is when people *claim* the content as their own. Like how redditors love to quote standup acts like Bo Burnham and John Mulaney with no quotations or citations.


It’s a Facebook post who gives a shit?


I don't get the big fuss here. I mean yeah, plagiarizing is not cool, on the other hand it wasn't anything important. Plagiarizing when writing a paper or something else of academic quality is very much a big problem, but in a personal speech or motivational email? It's something to laugh at, and not really something to be fired for in my opinion


what a stupid thing, not the principle, just the overreaction to her reposting someone else's covid message... The individual who she took the message from said it best: "I’m honored that my words and my reflections resonated with someone enough to share them." In this world of retweeting and reposting old memes as one's own, something as simple and innocent as regurgitating someone elses words that isn't for any official capacity, should not matter, and definitely should not wind that person up in hot water, put their job into question, or get them suspended. Now if she had stolen someone else's work for use in an official school document, employment papers, or whatever, then 100% understandable for there to be disciplinary action. Her reposting a covid message as her own, is no different than a student passing a note to someone they like that says "roses are red, violets are blue..." or when students post fliers (i.e. for class president) that lifts copyright images for use in the flier's graphics or such, as students don't get suspended or expelled from school for copying work that's not an assignment, i.e. homework, report, or test.


Geez, if this happened with reddit posts a lot of people would be out of jobs.


Bro, if this happened with reddit posts a lot of people would be out of jobs!


She pulled a Melania.


Damn that Principal Valiant! Always sweeping the "Princie" awards.


"Bonnick was given without pay on Feb. 5." YEAAAAAH that'll teach her. /s


Serious question: Who gives a shit about plagiarized Facebook posts?


Who cares if someone copied a Facebook post? That's such a dumb thing to get suspended over. Imagine getting suspended for reposting shit to reddit.