'Unplanned' outages hit Texas power plants in soaring temperatures

'Unplanned' outages hit Texas power plants in soaring temperatures


“Soaring temperatures” It’s been high 80s, low 90s here in Dallas. It can get to 115 at the peak of summer. If we’re having trouble now, we’re totally Fucked. Luckily I live on the same grid as a hospital.


Honestly I don't get it! The temps have been the same more or less as last year. How the FUCK can we not deal with it now?!


The real answer is that the winter storm had caused a lot of damage to generation machinery from the extreme cold as well as running above safe capacity to keep power trickling in. That damage takes a long time to repair. The grid has still not recovered completely. Capacity is lower right now relative to demand than it has been in the past.


That’s why people are bitching about privatized electricity in Texas now. They were all for it but now we are seeing the failure that is locking Texas grid out from the rest of the country. It’s why it failed during the ice storm. Such a mess.


It's almost like privatizing things is a bad idea. Turning something like a service or utility into a for-profit business never ends well. See, *any fucking internet provider*.


[almost like socializing necessities is the responsible thing to do when building a society, or something. almost like organizations that place currency anywhere near top priority handling the foundations of society is asking for a shitstorm.](https://odditymall.com/includes/content/upload/leo-meme-face-mask-1834.jpg)


In Texas, see: prisons And the people here are totally convinced that the grid failure was just a fluke and it was because the wind turbines and natural gas failure. They now want the wind turbines off their grid. And these people are too stupid to know that they live in the SE part of Texas that is on the Entergy/Louisiana and larger grid. I’m moving out.. let them burn.


And the next time, they'll get told it was a fluke - and they'll believe it. And the next time, they'll get told it was a fluke - and they'll believe it. And the-


“It was totally a one off thing! What do you mean that exact thing happened 10 years ago and all the problems were identified but never fixed?”


The thought of triple-digits with no AC has me begging for death already


Yup. This is just a precursor for people dying when the heat really cranks up in July. If it's this bad now...oh boy.


First, ya freeze em. Then, ya cook em.


What sauce are we using?


Texas Pete


Fun fact: Texas Pete hot sauce is made in North Carolina.


Of course. If Texas Pete had stayed in Texas he would have just been called Pete.


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Too soon.


They won't see it until it's over, though. It'll be just about right by then I imagine.


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New York City?




Not to be pedantic, but it's *NeW* **YoRk** ***CITY?!?***


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But it says Texas on the bottle... good enough.


Texas pulling out the IcyHot


As long as Cruz has a passport


I guess you saw the new John Oliver special on prisons in Texas, eh?


I know an attorney who was directly involved with the litigation from Texas prisoners who just want humane treatment. I was already aware the Texas department of corrections had spent nearly twice the cost of the air conditioning systems they needed just to fight putting them in. It's really appalling.


Damn I missed John Oliver, however, I did spend a few summers in non-airconditioned Texas prison system, for non-violent drug possession. When I tell you it fucked me up... I literally have ptsd from it. I watched people just die from heat stroke. Women had seizures all the time, there is no relief. NONE. For months on end. It was the worst experience of my life, but it didn't help me with my addiction, because addiction is a disease and needs treatment. That wasn't on the table. Fuck treatment, throw 'em in hell and let them broil for a couple years. They get out and do the same thing they always did because they didn't get help; they got punished. In my opinion, it's cruel and unusual punishment. You work all day literally breaking rocks under the Texas sun with guards on horseback carrying rifles. If you see a snake, you better not run or they will shoot you. You strip naked before you leave and when you get back to the unit. Squat and cough. You can't cool off. Ever. You don't get done after a long hot day and get to cool your body. It's evil. When the feels-like temp is 115 and it's so gd humid you never dry off, it's too much to take. I considered killing myself just to stop feeling the boil. Not one single day has gone by in the ten-ish years since I've been out that I don't think about the poor miserable souls there being subjected to cruelty you wouldn't show a dog. I'm grateful every single time I turn on the a/c, and when the power goes out I freak the fuck out. I get panic attacks when I know I won't be able to cool myself. It's terrifying. When you're property of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (they love reminding you that they own you), you live in a poorly insulated tin building. (not all units are like that, but the majority are) There is an area for the officers that is air conditioned. They look out at four dorms of about 60 women each. Each dorm has a vent in the ceiling that blows outside air in for some kind of circulation. They close them in winter and are *supposed to* open them when it warms up. That year, they didn't open until the end of May. By then, the heat index had been well over 100 *outside*. Now, imagine being trapped inside a closed tin building with ZERO circulation. No outside air. No breeze. It was just like sitting in a hot fucking car waiting to die. And I thought I would. I remember laying there trying to catch my breath, certain I would die. A maintenance man came by one day and had one of those guns that tells the temp of vents and things like that. It was 124 degrees in there. And human beings, women, with non-violent drug possession cases were living in it. For a couple months in summer it doesn't get below about 85, even at night. I know it isn't a country club, but what the fuck kind of country are we living in that subjects its citizens to that? We weren't murderers or rapists. Just women with drug addiction. This story is long enough so I won't even begin the way we were treated by the people entrusted with our security.


In the John Oliver special he said the U.N. is looking to investigate Texas prisons for inhumane treatment. What really got me too was an interview with an ex-prison guard who said, "I have no love for these people, they're prisoners. But I couldn't do it anymore, this is supposed to be a prison, not a concentration camp. The punishment they've been given is detainment, not being cooked to death while being detained." Correction: He was the former head of the corrections officer union in Texas, thanks to @IamSparticles


This really reminds me of the show 60 days in where in a Clark county jail a sewer pipe burst. The jail had no water and shoved a bunch of inmates in an open room with one toilet then went over a day with no access to water with the guards treating them like trash when they just wanted some fucking water. The prison system here is a joke


And this is to citizens, no less. I keep waiting for them to find the mass burial sites at the ICE camps


Some people just don't see them as citizens. They only see them as criminals, which in their eyes makes them less than human. It justifies stripping them of all their rights and treating them with any level of cruelty.


He uploads the main stories to his YouTube channel. The clip is up from this week's episode about the Texas prison systems and it's very upsetting to see the people in charge thinking it's ok to punish these people to this extent and that they think they should die if they can't handle it.


That is an extremely common feeling in a lot of rural areas


[But the prison pigs have air conditioning! ](https://www.houstonpress.com/news/tdcj-defends-no-air-conditioning-in-unbearably-hot-prisons-in-federal-court-9567996) And I'm not talking about the guards...


How in the world is it okay that they waited an HOUR before calling 911 for this man who is literally boiling alive? He was 109 degrees when they finally got there. What the fuck.


I consider this to be premeditated murder. Preventing someone from getting emergency medical treatment is an attack and needs to be considered as such. This man was murdered.


Wow, that’s awful. I had no idea they did this in the United States. It sounds very much like what UAE does to their construction workers. They finally made a law that employers cannot force their workers to work in the sun between 12.30pm to 3pm, between June 15 and until September 15, 2021. They are still required to work during those hours if shade is provided. Still, in May, the average daily temperature is 99 degrees, and plenty of labourers are forced to work all day in the sun then.


This is by a guy who spent time in both Iranian and American prisons. https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/553182/american-prison-by-shane-bauer/


I can work a 14 hour day, including working through noon, in 110 degree weather on a sunny day on a roof so hot it'll start burning the souls of your feet if you stand in one place for too long. I did it, went through gallons of water and two changes of clothes because I sweated through them too much but wasn't the end. I also had an AC'd van I could pop into though to change my clothes and cool off while chugging ice cold water and when my hands started to cramp from dehydration knew to take breaks. I also do it for a living. Not everyone can. But even though I can tough out the heat, I'd be dead in a Texas prison. I can't sleep when it is above 68. I've tried acclimating myself and went a couple summers without AC when I was trying to save money and just couldn't do it. To offer zero break from the heat is going to kill people.


I spent 16 months in Iraq pulling convoy security. We were on the road a lot when the average temp was 110 and that is with wearing body armor and cramped in hot vehicles. The heat just coming off the engine block of a humvee into the vehicle was intense. We sweated so much we were constantly drinking water and almost never had to pee. I think the one saving grace was that we had access to ice for ice water that we put in coolers and were constantly chugging it and there is like almost no humidity in Iraq, even during the rainy season. I always used to joke that the reason why we never got attacked during the summer is because it was so damn hot even the Iraqis knew to just stay in doors. I don’t remember sleeping at night being much of an issue. We usually slept at various bases in tents and while they got hot in the day I remember it being comfortable at night as it cooled down a lot as soon as the sun went down. This is probably still nothing compared to living and sleeping in humid temperatures all day and night. I’m a big prison reform proponent.


**In a just society, there is at an absolute minimum, strict liability for prisoner welfare.** Your prisoner ends up braindead with "botulism"? Your fault. Your prisoner gets raped? Your fault. Your prisoner dies horribly of dehydration over a week while screaming for water? Your prisoner is fucking cooked to death? Your fault. **We use the same word - "Custody" - for both a parent's role in their child's life, and for a guard's role in a prisoner's life.** Custody involves, at its base, some combination of intent / attitude towards your ward, due diligence, and a degree of responsibility for outcomes. There are a lot of murderers, rapists, and torturers out there wearing uniforms that are probably never going to see justice, never even going to be publicly recognized for what they are. There are abuses committed routinely that we would condemn a farmer for if it occurred with their livestock. Securing yourself a position where that sort of thing is **not** dealt with in strict liability terms, finding yourself as the owner of another human being and having the option to hurt and kill them without penalty, even if one does their best to respect human welfare, is a stain on one's humanity. These people are monsters, or work for monsters, or work next to monsters, and suffer monstrous temptations on the best of days. They're not always going to be wearing a uniform, but they're always going to be, at least in part, what that experience rendered them into. And conservatives have turned that "tough on crime" melodrama of gratuitous infliction of human suffering, of being the one to hold the lash and decide how deep it cuts based on how you're feeling on a given day, into a frequent jumping off point for a political career. Our own Vice President engaged in this shit at the height of the drug war. Which I guess was a selling point across party lines? You should trust someone formerly involved with this system about as much as you trust someone formerly involved in a child sex trafficking ring. At best, you're dealing with someone who has taught themselves to act without any empathy for their fellow man, who feels no moral responsibility for those under their care. **At best.**


Jfc you without a doubt have ptsd as that was cruel and torturous treatment. I feel so sorry for you and all the women suffering this very day. The heat wave that has been going through that part of the country must be unbelievable. It makes me fucking sick when people are glad of that treatment of prisoners, no asshole! The punishment is the time, sitting in 124 fucking degrees is literally torture and depraved indifference. The US is such a shithole in so many despicable ways.


I am feom Texas and wouls say our prisons suck ass. The whole system of locking a prisoner up sucks. The conditions from the county jails to the prisons are horrible. I have been locked up for a few nights and you either freeze in the winter or sweat your ass off in the summer. It is inhumane on how prisoners are treated. And no one in the State government cares. I lived off and on in Texas for great periods of my life and you would always here about lawsuits coming from prisoners over living conditions. This goes back decades. The other problem is that the State government paints in a way that most of the residents of Texas don't care either. If they did, something would be done about it. Louisiana is another state that treats its prisoners inhumanely.


I scrolled past this and caught a snippet and I KNEW it was this- I did too. I remember seeing the news (a friend sent me newspapers) that a few people had died, in the exact year Texas put air conditioning in its pig pens. I passed out due to dehydration, cracked my head in the shower, passed out again while getting up, was told I was faking it by a guard, taken to medical and then told I had to wait to see a doctor. I was half soaked from falling fully clothed on the bathroom floor which had a bunch of standing water, and bleeding. The only reason I got medical care that day was because they had called a paramedic for someone having nonstop seizures from medication withdrawal. The paramedic checked me out and said I definitely needed stitches, and antibiotics. And to be checked for TBI. 5 staples I had to request to get taken out and no antibiotics. They didn't want to transport me, either. I was dehydrated because I had been transported for 6 hours in a van and then put in a two man cell with a broken sink. Same thing. Nonviolent posession. Hell from the sound of it we were in about the same place. Ever do SAFP/IPTC? ETA this is only one instance, I conked out twice and saw much worse.


I too am a nonviolent drug offender, never had to do time in prison thankfully. I was caught with Adderall. BOOM, felon. I never stole from anyone, I never hurt anyone (exccept perhaps myself with drug use). Was it a poor choice for my overall health and happiness? Sure. It was a coping mechanism. To think that half of the inmates in federal prisons are drug offenders blows my mind. That could be me. The disdain that people have for convicts when they are just damaged PEOPLE blows my mind. It hurts my fucking heart. I can't even begin to imagine what being in THAT kind of prison would be like. The fact that prison does actual harm to the people who go into the system by introducing them to an environment that molds them into potentially a worse and more jaded person than they entered as... ugh. I don't know you, vickivinigar, but I am so sorry America is failing so spectacularly like this.


> United States government wastes millions of dollars making people’s lives worse News at 11


DUDE that fucking warden who was like "I wouldn't be upset if my wife was hypothetically having a heart attack and the EMT took a half hour to arrive because maybe she isn't really having a heart attack." I'd be breaking the sound barrier with how fast I'm filing for a divorce.


That's what someone who took out a large life insurance policy on their wife would say 🤔🤔


Dont you hate it when the bad chili causes palpitations :(


Can’t wait to hear r/conservative’s thoughts on how the solar panels and wind mills are at fault this time. Good thing Abbott just promised to put money into the border wall.


That assumes they'll talk about it in the first place


Oh we definitely cooking right now


After those few weeks of rain texas said "ok, time for summer."


And all the insects popped out and said: "It's our time, boys!"


"Looks like meats back on the menu boys"


The power plants have 5 enemies The 4 seasons and the consumers.


Why is Rudy Giuliani now on TV screaming at a Four Seasons?


Must be a Tuesday


There are only two seasons in Texas.


ERCOT: our power grid is made to withstand heat not cold Also ERCOT: oopsies it's too hot


We haven’t even hit Summer yet 😭


Texas if too cold: No power Texas if too warm: No power Just no winning for Texas.


Texas normal temperatures, believe it or not, no power


High humidity? No power. Low humidity? Straight to no power.


You make an appointment with the dentist and you dont show up? Believe it or not, no power right away.


AC turned up too much? No power. AC on really low? No power.


Texas is the most conservative state in the US, because of no power


When we have power going on, you guessed it, no power


holy shit this is my favourite fucking thread of the week


This is outrageous, where are the armed men who take the power away? Where are they?


Texas is where the next great Amish migration will settle.


When there's weather, no power.


Talkin’ out of turn? Oh you bet that’s a no power.


Almost as if this whole national grid thing is a good idea afterall.


But if they connect to the national grid, how are they going to be able to continue ignoring all of those pesky regulations; how are they going to be able to charge whatever they want for power?


That sounds like sOcIaLiSm!


Yeah came here to say THIS ISNT EVEN HOT WEATHER YET. Its, what, 92 in Austin? It hits 108 in the summer. Republicans are so focused on voter suppression they CANT EVEN MAINTAIN OUR BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE TO A FIRST WORLD LEVEL Keeping in mind Texas is not a poor state, we could tackle this problem if we wanted to and it would not be hard


They talk about the sanctity of life while people literally cook to death in their homes


Abbott's too worried about brown people voting and women having control of their own bodies to concern himself with taking care of citizens.


its not even that hot here, we have not gone over 100°F this is just normal weather. i really hope Abott crashes horribly the next election.


Panhandle made 102, 103, 101, 99 last week, which is normal. However, the dew points are Houston style. Normally we're at RH levels of 20% or less and dew points in the single digits. But not this year.


We haven’t gone over 100 but it’s been hella high humidity. Temperature alone isn’t enough to say “it’s not hot”. The heat index in DFW the other day was 109.


People need to learn to take responsibility for their own electricity. Texas isn't some communist State! I mean, yes, you do pay for your heating/cooling but you can't expect the government to just "do stuff" for "regular people"... The Texas State legislature has worked tirelessly to make sure this is the case and the people of the Great State of Texas have voted consistently to enable them to do this. /s


Anyone freezing to death are just lazy no /s from Texas politician [https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/texas-mayor-resigns-after-telling-freezing-residents-to-stop-complaining-about-cold-snap/ar-BB1dLFhu](https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/texas-mayor-resigns-after-telling-freezing-residents-to-stop-complaining-about-cold-snap/ar-BB1dLFhu)


If you are cold, then get up and jog you lazy welfare case!


Jog? Like a peasant? Just go to Cancun if you are cold.


Heaters/AC are meant for teenagers working part time. You can't live your life on it! Get a second or third source of heat if you're struggling. Should've studied fire and become a heat specialist if you wanted to be rich in heat. I didn't just fall into this burning ring of fire. I earned it.


> no /s from Texas politician Welcome to r/nottheonion


>I’m sick and tired of people looking for a d--- handout!" What handouts?


To a lot of the wealthy even your earned wage is a handout. "I could pay you less therefore I am generous to a fault" mentality. Ya know, people that really really wish they could outright own chattel slaves.


Expecting basic utility services in exchange for money is a handout. The power companies are doing you a favor for your donations. Duh. :/


Fuck infrastructure they are getting a wall!


To keep the heat out


And somehow this will be AOC’s fault.


Is a New York representative really that much of a boogeyman to Texas state legislature?


Have you already forgotten that they tried to blame the last major power outage on frozen wind turbines, and warned us that the Green New Deal means power outages all the time?


I noticed they are already shoving out the new talking point. They can't blame the solar panels and turbine this time so they are saying it's because of "all the electric cars sucking the grid dry." I wish I was joking, but they are serious, I'm in Texas and all the Republicans I know are posting this B.S. all over social media.


So their unregulated, private electric grid saw increased consumer demand and completely failed to increase supply. Isn't the free market grand.


Can’t win with these clowns 🤡🤡


I wonder what it’ll be this time? “The sun is, uh, too sunny. For solar. It’s too hot. Not because of climate change, which we don’t think is real. BECAUSE OF THE DEMOCRATS!”


They defended Cruz for leaving to Mexico and called AOC a opportunist for raising millions to help the Texans. So... yea.


Yup, she took the OPPORTUNITY to help people that had been abandoned by their own reps. So, fuck her, right?


If Texans wanted help they wouldn't have voted for us!


Democrats are just trying to save lives, Republicans are trying to stop them, even if it’s their own lives at stake. American conservatism is dead; now the right is just a death cult. The fucking insanity the MI governor went through for trying to keep her people alive.


Yea /r/conservative had a ball over someone trolling her on raising a gofundme for her grandma or something. They really don't like these types of "uppity" women.


>They really don't like ~~these types of "uppity"~~ women. Ftfy


They do have a type. https://i.redd.it/w7vj2dtsx9571.jpg


And they sexually harass the hell out of that type. That reminds me - is Bombshell a good watch? Has anyone seen it? I like Margot Robbie.


It's a pretty disgusting display, really. She tried raising awareness for the issues Puerto Rico is still having because of hurricane damage by showing how it had affected her grandmother. Matt Walsh and Candace Owens tried to make a GoFundMe for her grandmother in response, saying that she should accept it because AOC had to be concerned about her. It's an absolutely shitty tactic, used under the veneer of charity. Someone truly looking to help might agree that this was awful, and want to reach across the aisle to do something positive. Walsh and Owens ignored the larger picture of suffering completely and homed in on the crass political stunt they could pull. By making a GoFundMe, they get to spread the completely unfounded idea that AOC could have helped, but didn't. They get to pretend they're on the moral high ground, because they're "helping" AOC's grandma. If this help was actually accepted, of course, it'd immediately fuel hit pieces for weeks about "AOC hates her family", "AOC is actually rich, leaving her poor grandma to starve", "Did AOC embezzle charity funds?", "AOC's grandma buys flavored water - charity fraud conspiracy with AOC?!" And when the GoFundMe failed, because 3rd party drives like this frequently do from either internal regulations or the recipient seeing the obvious coming, it still works for them because now they get to crow about how they tried so hard to help that poor woman, but AOC didn't let them. Either way, it's a week or two of free hit pieces that they conjured out of thin air. It's painfully transparent, and reveals a lot about how the right sees mass suffering not as something to be solved, but something to be exploited.


Republicans/conservatives have been so brainwashed at this point, they'll literally hate someone handing them free money if Fox News/OAN/right-wing radio hosts tell them to. The US is literally fucked.


Yes. Look at Ted Cruz. See the rat growing on his face. This motherfucker bailed to Cancun last time the power went out. Y’know, Mexico! The place he’s told his constituents we need to be scared of, full of nasty sorts of people. And it won’t dent him in the slightest with his base. Not that it wasn’t in his wheelhouse before, but since Trump proved it worked, all Cruz does is doubles down on whatever fearmongering memes are making their way across Republican Facebook. He picks Twitter fights with those terrible “Hollywood Elites.” He blames AOC for all sorts of things. He takes videos at the border to claim it’s just so damn dangerous out here. And it’s all nonsense. No substance at all. And his base gobbles that shit up, because “fear” is the platform he runs on. Fear of all those horrible things that keep Tucker Carlson up at night, like anyone who isn’t white. It works, because his base is a bunch of gullible idiots who will buy hook, line, and sinker that AOC is somehow to blame for the power outages even while he’s trying to vacay in Cancun while she’s in the trenches raising funds for another fucking state because their reps won’t do anything but bitch about Democrats.


My favorite part is when Cruz blamed his 13 and 10 year old daughters for begging him to take them to Cancun. It was all their fault he got caught!


I loved how he needed to pack a huge-ass suitcase for an overnight trip.


I do not like that man Ted Cruz, I do not like his far-right views. I do not like his stupid chin, I do not like his smarmy grin. I do not like him with a beard, I do not like him freshly sheared. I do not like Ted Cruz at all, That man Ted Cruz can suck my balls. Edit: need to give credit for this to John Oliver from Last Week Tonight


Texas if not enough water: No power. Texas if too much water: No power.


Any photos of Cruz trying to go to a cooler place on the internet yet?


I feel like it's time for a trip to Canada. For Senate business of course.


Nah his daughters just really want a vacation to Banff. He's gotta buy a 2k round trip so he can take them there. ... unless no one notices, then he'll stay there with them.


Looks like it's 76 in Moscow right now. Seems like an appropriate place for him to visit.


Republicans only visit Putin directly on the 4th of July, like proper patriots


In case anyone missed it, since it was buried so quickly under the tsunami of shit that has been last 5 years: [The quisling caucus.](https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/07/05/gop-senators-mocked-for-spending-july-4-in-russia/) Even more pathetic, they *wanted* to meet with Pooty, but he wouldn't give them the honor. These same sad sacks who abase themselves to Russia on the world stage also have the temerity to accuse democrats of doing "apology tours."


Anywhere he goes is immediately less cool.


Might shave the atrocity of a merkin he's got on his face.


They gonna blame this one on Solar? You see! Look! The energy and heat from the sun is terrible for the environment, look it shut down the grid!


It’s too sunny, the solar won’t work.


Local news stations are already talking about how “variability of output” from wind and solar are well known. Nevermind that they’re not the actual problem here. Edit: y’all do realize that if all of our thermal power plants were operating as they’re supposed to be, this wouldn’t be a problem at all, right?


They've been fed their talking points by the oil industry down there... quite possibly at gunpoint, given it's Texas.


I had someone blah blahing about variability of output to me once and I said, "It's like one of your neighbours keeps putting somewhat random amounts of free gas in your car at night. You might not exactly be able to plan your gas budget for the month, but it will be way smaller."


Windmills melted in a cancerous blaze!


Make these the banner for r/agedlikemilk: TX senator and real human being Ted Cruz https://twitter.com/tedcruz/status/1296134869320380419 > California is now unable to perform even basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity. > Biden/Harris/AOC want to make CA’s failed energy policy the standard nationwide. > Hope you don’t like air conditioning! TX Lt Governor Dan "Grandma would want to die for the economy" Patrick https://twitter.com/DanPatrick/status/1296586576068317184 > This is what happens when the Democrats are left in charge. Why California’s liberal climate policies are causing electricity blackouts: TX AG Ken Paxton, currently under criminal investigation by the FBI https://twitter.com/KenPaxtonTX/status/1302739251847626752 > California’s politicians did this, not the heat.


When the fuck did climate become a liberal thing. Peak ridiculous


Oh that's simple. It's basic math. If CLIMATE = THE ENEMY and THE LEFT = THE ENEMY then CLIMATE = THE LEFT It's your basic Transitive Property of Political Equality.


I can't wait to hear the explanation about how this is somehow wind and solar's fault also.


*If it wasn't for all the windmills stopping God from blowing the wind Texas wouldn't be overheating.*


Honestly I don't even want to imagine it. I've seen people say things like 'well idk about nuclear power. You day how it is so reliable and all, but they froze in Texas so idk man.' What kind of mental gymnastics are necessary to reach such a conclusion?! Gas plants and coal plants froze too yknow! Sorry I'm ranting. If my power goes out again I'm leaving Texas. This is too much.


Why would AOC do this???




... Oh ...


Thanks Obama


Totally screwed the pooch with 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and now this




Damn him sitting over there eating his burgers topped with mustard, in his tan suit, using multiple syllable words.


Dijon? How fucking dare he?


I know you are joking but Obama actually did head to Houston in the immediate days following Hurricane Katrina to meet with survivors and see what he could do as a Senator for them.


You're joking but they're 100% going to blame windmills for this because part of the issue is some turbines being maintained


I’ve already seen this happening saying it’s the fault of unreliable renewables even tho Texas is still 90%+ fossil fuel power


In the ERCOT announcement yesterday they specifically called out wind for having lower production. The numbers they cited were that we have an overall deficit of 11,000 MW and Wind is producing 3,500-6,000; which is 1,500 MW lower than average. They pointed this out despite the fact that's only about 15% of the lag in power output.


I'm sure those windmills will keep them cool


AOC rearranged is O AC. 0 air conditioning. Big if true.


Did ERCOT learn nothing from six months ago? Like maybe get some bosses that live here and who want to make sure the whole fucking state has power.


"Damn, we *can* actually just get away with it" They did indeed learn


And look, surge pricing, yay! We can make these fools pay for our poor planning! Now THAT'S a win/win!


Turns out they can just charge the few people who retained power $17,000 and get away with it. Turns out it's not getting away with anything, it's literally how the system was designed.


They learned that the consumer still gets stuck with the bill. Why would you bother doing anything when you can just let the problem solve itself? When the grid collapses, the consumer will get shafted with the cost to repair it, and the creative accountants will make it so the bosses can pocket most of the money. System working as designed.


Wasn’t just Texas consumers either. That spike in gas prices used up 80% of our power companies budget for gas in 3 days. We have a 31% higher bill to cover it. In Colorado. Heard the same from some small communities in Kansas as well where a friend is a city council member.


They've learned they can do nothing and still get paid. Why would they want to make sure the state has power?


Yeah. Fixing stuff costs money and why would they want to spend their money to fix shit. But as I said in the winter, this is the system Texas wanted. Weird how the rest of the states around that have government oversight and linked systems didn’t have any problems.


"its only killing poor people, and they don't count as human, in any case," Texas gqp


WTF guys we haven’t even hit 100 yet and there are blackouts?


"Unplanned" is incorrect. When you DECIDE to not build your infrastructure to code and standard YOU ARE PLANNING. NOW ACT LIKE THOSE BIG TEXAS MEN YOU PRETEND TO BE AND OWN YOUR MISTAKE.


It was planned, providers have been sending emails out to warn against this... its not unplanned they just don't want to fix it, while at the same time blocking funding for infrastructure.


"Texas power grid is not designed ~~to handle 'extreme' heat or cold~~"


FFS half of our year IS extreme heat. I truly do not, can not, and will not ever understand these fuckin idiots.


"a failure to plan is a plan to fail" (Winston Churchill)


They aren't prepared for snow. And they aren't prepared for heat. What are they prepared for?


It's not even hot yet... mid 90's is normal.


This is just pre-summer. Late spring, almost. I am less than excited for August. My house was thirty-eight-fucking-degrees for about three days in February. I'm pissed.


Voter restrictions


…those pesky females getting pregnant …,


ERCOT (in winter): our power grid isn’t set up to handle the cold. It’s meant to handle the hot Texas summer. ERCOT (summer): please stop using so much electricity to cool your houses in this hot Texas weather or our power grid is going to fail (again). Gov. Abbott: let’s raise money to build a (small section of) border wall!


Texas needs to sort it's fucking energy infrastructure out. Snow I can kinda understand being an issue, but heat. Texas is made of fucking heat. Honestly, parts of the US seem like third world countries.


Not gonna happen with the new anti voting laws. Texas is run by corrupt politicians and now if you try to vote them out, they can just overturn the election without evidence.


> Honestly, parts of the US seem like third world countries. I remember being in Juarez and realizing that the roads in the dirt poor murder capital of the world are better than the roads where I lived in Michigan. People excuse it by saying they don't have ice there but I've been to other states that have ice and their roads were fine. People tolerate our fucked up infrastructure because "that's just how it is".


Do they not understand the concept of temperature in Texas? I feel like the UN is a chemical explosion or a natural disaster away from sending humanitarian aide to Texas. Just Texas. Which the US would probably deny, anyway.


Remember it "climate" so its not really happening.


> I feel like the UN is a chemical explosion of a natural disaster away from sending humanitarian aide to Texas. Just Texas. They'd get shot. I'm not kidding. The right wing fringe loves conspiracy theories of blue-helmeted UN soldiers invading their country. During the Obama Administration routine military exercises in Texas were rumored online to be a conspiracy to round up patriotic American citizens into FEMA camps, and the Texas governor actually sent state militia to "monitor" the exercise. https://gawker.com/texas-state-militia-recruiters-jade-helm-conspiracies-1729674950 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jade_Helm_15_conspiracy_theories


My grandpa literally drove me out to a local military base to show me "Where Obama is going to lock all the white people up." when I was in high school. We got up to the gate and were told "You need to leave right now." and he took that as proof. It was the saddest most cringe inducing thing I have ever seen him do. I lost a lot of respect for him that day.


Can y’all taste the FREEDOM!? We’re free from that oppressive federal oversight making sure we don’t have a more stable power grid! FREEDOM! YEAH! We’re free to figure it out for ourselves if shit hits the fan, just as (totally not a brown person) Jesus intended! If you are old, poor, sick or disabled god doesn’t actually love you. That’s your fault for not being born differently, why didn’t you just grab those bootstraps dummy? If your power goes out at some point this summer and you die from heatstroke that’s *your* fault for not being rich enough to go to Cancun or have your own power source. But not that renewable stuff. GROSS! Just remember patriots, this is the best state in the best nation in the whole Christian world, and since we don’t have that dirty socialist gay agenda “regulation” that Biden and the rest of those DEMONRATS want to keep us down with, we don’t have to worry about not being FREE to be abandoned by our leaders who are supposed to be representing us and ensuring our basic needs are being met! Thank god we don’t live in some commie nightmare state where a society takes care of it’s most vulnerable and makes sure it’s citizens have access to basic needs! Whew!


Fan isn't spinning anyways, its fine if shit hits it.


fun visual thx


Post this in r/conservative and see how many upvotes u get


I got banned from that sub a long time ago. I think I posted a Trump quote after someone said he didn’t say the outrageous thing that he said.


Getting banned from there is like a rite of passage for sane politically interested Redditors


I just looked at the posts, didnt actually read anything. Holy shit its literally all just propaganda and conspiracy theories. It's odd how that sub went full crazy in just a couple years.


The worst part is that the federal government eventually picks up the bill anyway in the form of disaster relief. Texas gets to have their pie and eat it too. Take for example Houston. Houston's city planning is a fucking joke and they let you build wherever you want with as little regulation as possible. It's good for business and cheap! And then when a hurricane comes along and predictably puts half the city under water, FEMA has to come in and foot the bill. You might have heard President Trump complain about this with regard to California's wildfires (he claimed they should have done more to prevent them) but you will never hear a Republican say this about a Republican governed state.


When satire is too real.


Sadly I feel like this post would be shared unironically by many on facebook...


Texas in winter : "we are not used to this kinda cold, we have high temperatures here" , Texas now:


"No one thought it would ever reach 90 degrees in Texas, this is truly unforeseen!"


Kind of like "No one thought the GQP terrorists would storm the Capitol on the day they had been saying for months they were going to storm the Capitol, therefore we don't need additional security that day!"




No no no it's *jewish* gay space lasers. Get it right man, Soros ain't paying us for nothing!


Wow Texas really fucked themselves with their shitty grid. Hot temperatures in the summer? Who could have predicted that??