Some people can’t get FCC subsidy because “Street” isn’t the same as “St.”

Some people can’t get FCC subsidy because “Street” isn’t the same as “St.”


Wonder how they’d handle Saint Street… St.St.?




2 St 2 St


Cul-de-sac Drift?


Imagine living on Street Road, or Road Street.


Oh dear. Karen's gonna bring that up in the next HOA.


No, that'd be 4 St^2


I actually used to live on a street in Baltimore like this. It was Saint Paul Street, which could be written st Paul st. I got into the habit of writing it out to avoid confusion.


I recall in 5th grade our teacher asked us to find mistakes in some addresses and on e of the students said one was wrong because it said "street Lucas street."








Saint station street.


The USPS might disagree.


The USPS has a database which another federal agency could be using to fix this problem completely for free.


>federal agency >free I think I see the issue here.


That's my point. The USPS database would be accessible to the other federal agencies for free via APIs and file downloads.


USPS has an API for this, though in my experience it frequently shits itself


I use that database daily. It's good, but it's been wrong (if it takes too long to respond it comes back with the same reply as a wrong address) and it's even changed correct entries to incorrect ones. It also only contains addresses that the USPS will actually deliver to. Some areas require PO Boxes instead of street delivery due to ruralness or roads deemed to dangerous for LLVs to use and start/stop. Those physical addresses, which UPS and FedEx and others deliver to, won't be in the database.


We have something similar in the UK, you can enter a postcode and pick your address off a short list. It's used a lot on website forms. But most of the time you can edit or manually fill in the form to avoid issues with the address not being listed or being ambiguous. Sometimes you can't, but that's just poor UI.


USPS even has an API for looking up and validating addresses.


The API is horrible and commonly makes these types of mistakes. Unfortunately, the best one is a paid version of UPS APIs.


I don't make enough from my job to rent an apartment, but I make too much to qualify for that subsidy...


Sounds like it's time to get off reddit and fix your shit dawg




He doesn't make enough to pay rent, but makes too much to qualify for the subsidy.


The threshold for the subsidy is just about $100,000 a year. The question mark is probably because there's no place in America where apartments bottom out so high that six figure income isn't enough to rent literally anything.


Where is 135% of the federal poverty level $100k? That’s the threshold for this program.


That's one of the qualifying thresholds. Another is if you lost a significant portion of your income during the pandemic but in last tax year you made 98k for single filers or 196k for joint filers. We don't know what OP's situation is.


It’s “at or below” 99k. In a lot of places, you could be making 35k a year and meet the conditions OP stated.


He said he makes "too much to qualify." Not that he does qualify. And yes, he could meet them making 35k a year, but all I was saying is that the question mark comment wasn't completely unreasonable.


Yeah, and too much to qualify could still be like 35k if it’s only one person. The “significant loss of income” isn’t required if you meet other criterion.


...yes, I also read the website, and we're agreeing. What do you think we're arguing about? I think we may have a misunderstanding.


It is also not the same as Saint in St. Petersburg.


You mean Street Petersburg


Dang I never knew I lived on the street Petersburg Saint, I always just assumed it was ths Saint Petersburg street :o


No one knows where we are anyway till you say Tampa. Even then, half would still put us in north Miami.


So... Central Kansas then? :P


Been through there. Not the worst drive in Kansas going up US 69 from Tulsa, OK to KC, Ks. Fun fact, you also drive through Miami, Oklahoma.


Double the fun.


Is that the toll road with no exits for (what seems like) forever?


No, it's a US Highway that starts in Texas and goes almost to Canada. I-35 merges with it several times only for the two highways to split when the interstate wasn't routed to travel through smaller cities US69 visits. If you are at either end (Texas or Minnesota) and have time to get to the other end, taking US69 is the "scenic" route. If you're on a schedule, I-35 is the faster route.


They must really dislike you if they'd force you to move




Reminds me of St. Sneaky Pete in kingdom of loathing, which actually stands for street


The same city that has 35th Ave N and 35th Ave NE IN THE SAME ZIPCODE. What could possibly go wrong?


That's the product of most of the city being on the western side of the dividing line. Only avenues and streets on the east side of 1st Street carry the E/W designation. 35th Ave N is assumed to be on the west side since 95% of 35th Ave is west of First Street.


My numerical counterpart on the other street and I have a weekly package/mail exchange bc the mixup is that regular.


On a related note, I live near Scranton, PA where they have a street named "Boulevard Avenue"...or is it Blvd. Ave.?


Ah, Scranton, the electric city. They call it that because of the electricity.


Ha! I see what you did there. It’s called that because they had the first commercially operated electric trolley system. They also have [this sign.](https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=eslPE8Kl&id=3473493C699AD2D032D246E44AD15957F7551386&thid=OIP.eslPE8Klx0jGbRQcC0gHGgHaLH&mediaurl=https%3A%2F%2Fassets.simpleviewinc.com%2Fsimpleview%2Fimage%2Ffetch%2Fc_limit%2Cq_75%2Cw_1200%2Fhttps%3A%2F%2Fassets.simpleviewinc.com%2Fsimpleview%2Fimage%2Fupload%2Fcrm%2Flackawannapa%2F218-3-15960_jpeg-9ea40c265056a36_9ea4421f-5056-a36a-07846f3e4121d7f8.jpg&cdnurl=https%3A%2F%2Fth.bing.com%2Fth%2Fid%2FR7ac94f13c2a5c748c66d141c0b48071a%3Frik%3DhhNV91dZ0UrkRg&pid=ImgRaw&exph=1800&expw=1200&q=electric+city+sign&simid=608056090916121681&ck=BBFC4BFBE06BF8989B747062C86A3D29&selectedindex=9&form=EX0023&pc=APPL&vt=4&sim=11&adlt=demote&shtp=GetUrl&shid=793f49e0-497c-49ac-9555-59ca2a39ca5a&shtk=RWxlY3RyaWMgQ2l0eSBTaWdu&shdk=Rm91bmQgb24gQmluZyBmcm9tIHd3dy52aXNpdG5lcGEub3Jn&shhk=%2FXDYx0gAdwWdc3r8%2FJH30lpMH8bQv7zBeyiwmbHF714%3D&shth=OSH.lHfxonwohQ7%252FATyPiaJj8g)


Twinned with Avenue Boulevard.


So I looked up my address on USPS.com and used that everywhere and got approved.


I have colleagues that are like that.


So the FCC won't let me be or let me be me so let me see


They tried to shut me down on MTV


But it feels so empty without me


Our street has a compass direction, followed by two words, followed by St. For argument's sake, not the real street, let's say "N. Lime Cove St." That was what was on all street signs since the neighborhood was built in the late 60's, and for the longest time, that was what was in all databases. Then some postal address normalization effort got it changed to just "Lime Cove", or as some databases like it, "LIME CV". So sometimes I have to try it several ways to be recognized. (On a slight tangent, some address-to-GPS databases point to our neighbor's house when given our address, which is even facing a different side street, so I often have to correct delivery drivers from some services, but not all)


Almost all the streets in Chicago are like that. D.C. too...


As much as I dislike programming regex matches I feel like it would be really simple to use a little regex to match various common abbreviation's on the FCC's side. The sort of thing that could be coded, tested, verified, approved and pushed to production in a day by a competent team and in a week by a government team.


Yeah, none of us can actually see the code, but regex looks like a simple fix here. Or use USPS's API to prompt people to select the 'correct' match. Or even on a more amateur level, if-then statements: if user enters St then prompt user to select Street or Saint.


How I hate this system and everyone who supports it.


Mine was rejected for this reason. I'm still working on the appeal 🙄


Street - St. Saint - St. Fuck...


I have always used Str for this reason and never had problems. But then I live in a civilised country


But as an RPGer, Str is Strength.


Good point. May you always live on 18 Str


Sounds like problems my old company had with addressing 30 years ago. There is such a thing as "standardized addressing", which the Postal Service uses. It can be a lot of work to convert, but it can be highly automated if they know what they're doing. I thought most cities had already incorporated the standardized notation. Figures the US Gov is the last to move into our century.


I work in a heavily related industry where I review customer applications, and small obvious typos must be fixed before we can proceed to the next step. for example I reviewed an application the other day that stated everywhere but the diagram that the customer wanted 100 units of A and 100 units of B, but in the diagram indicated they wanted 192 units of A but only 8 units of B. It’s very atypical for customers not to order 1:1 ratio of A:B so it’s probably a typo, but we have to get the customer to fix the mistake before we proceed.


Right. That's part of the manual process of re-addressing, along with reviewing data with corrected labels. We gave our Customer Service reps browse-only access to the Postal Service database so they could correct the entries they put into the billing system. It still took a few years to get it done.


It’s a PITA but it has to be done. The consequences of sending a sensitive letter (like tax return or W2) to the wrong address isn’t pretty. The system moves at a snails pace but recently due to Louis DeJoy it’s been moving backwards. Sometimes I can’t believe the people who appointed him, it’s a clear conflict of interest that anyone with half a brain could tell it’s a bad idea.


You can get a subsidy for this dick for being so goddamn pedantic about a common abbreviation


It's the computer being pedantic. But yeah-- the people programming the system should have really thought about it and had expected that some people/companies would use the common abbreviation and some would commonly not.


Probably one line of code that checks for the word


Sometime Between gas cans and the roll out of healthcare.gov I completely lost faith in all federal agencies.


I have a joke for all of you. The government in this country is excellent, and uses your tax dollars efficiently.


Despite being a bit of a punctuation nazi, as a British-English programmer I wish we'd just take the idea of putting the '.' character after an abbreviation and hoy it clean into the sea.




$50 broadband subsidy for the under privileged. The site is ad cancer saved you a click


It's the first line in the article


ar... ticle? We don't do that here.


But if they didn't ask we wouldn't have the classic proof that no one (myself included) ever reads past the headline.


So, if/when i move into senior housing, i might be bb able to afford an ISP? Good to know.


There is a road near me called "ST STEPHEN ST".


I don't see a problem, nor the onion factor. Just put full names into systems. What kind of idiot would abbreviate them when doing this? Apparently, a common one beginning when bureaucracy was invented, and it caused issues ever since. Not everyone who handles the records later knows your silly abbreviation conventions; especially if there's a language barrier, and recently—automation. It's their fault. Always has been. Stick to a format.


I like that you say you don’t see the problem and then describe the problem. Twist endings are my favorite!


I don't see a problem \[with the FCC system\]. It's ironic how confident you are to act condescending when *your* problem is reading comprehension. You're one of those idiots, aren't you?


I mean, it's a news story about people not following the standards entering the street names. But feel free to remain befuddled and assume that the entire rest of the planet are idiots because they're able to follow what's probably the simplest news story on reddit today.


It was designed to do this, there was no error