Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 is releasing in 2022

Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 is releasing in 2022


Looks cool, lots of new mechanics. I kind of wish they gave us a name though.


They are probably still trying to pick one that they can really admire. I mean just rehashing Breath of the Wild in some way just kind of seems lame imo. Breath of the Skies etc. Too lazy. Breath of the Wild 2 looks bad too.


No chance they call it BOTW2. Considering Nintendo themselves is distancing themselves from that by calling it “Sequel to Breath of the Wild”.


NEW Breath of the Wild U XL


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The legend of Zelda: Ganon’s inside story.


Watch it be a "*Super Smash Bros. for Wii U*" situation and it releases with what everyone thought was a placeholder title. Bring on StLoZBotW.


No way in hell they name it Breath of the Wild 2 or anything like it. They've never done that kind of thing with any Zelda game ever outside of Zelda 2. Even that had its own subtitle


even for games with the same engine / models / assets as the first one, like Majora's Mask


They did in Japan. ALttP is Triforce of the Gods and ALbW is Triforce of the Gods 2


This comment reminds me of a comment I saw on the old Nintendo forums that Nintendo would never release two 3D Mario platformers on one console only to announce Super Mario Galaxy 2 a year later.


Sigh of the Abyss. Breath of the Void


I might be wrong, but I think I read that they have a name, they're just not revealing it yet because it would apparently give away something big about the game


"Breath of the wild 2: Link is his own grandpa"


They did not seem confident with the 2022 date. They said "we are aiming for" and they made sure to translate that to us in English


They're definitely aiming for a holiday 2022 release and are being cagey because a delay would definitely make them miss the year.


>because a delay would definitely make them miss the year. That's absolutely going to happen. Not the end of the world though.


It's not, but that'll put it at 5+ years between 3D Zeldas. It's a bummer that amazing takes so long some times.


That’s just modern gaming in a nutshell. These AAA games can’t be punched out every 2 years like they were able to 20 years ago.


And if they are, thats only because multiple studios are developing the games in parallel... *Looking at Ubisoft, EA and Activision for no particular reason*


Considering the alternative is one overworked team that really probably isn't even qualified for the job being forced to release a new AAA game every year? *Glances at game freak for no reason*


Those rotating studios are definitely overworked too.


Shhh, don’t let the GF defenders hear you!


But for a sequel using the same game engine? You'd think it would be much less than 5 years.


I feel like that's part of it. Think of BOTW as a product 5 years with new engine and map. If they don't put 5 year's effort here, the recycled section of the game will bring it down to 3 years worth of original content and 2 years worth of recycled. So now instead redefining laws of engine and map, they are spending that time into more npcs, side quests, story elements, bosses, dungeons etc. So the focus is redefined. Because it's always original content that people like to pay for, not recycled stuff.


Probably throwing in a lot of gameplay elements to bend and twist the game engine in ways they didn’t have time to cram into the first game, too. Different items and ways to travel and stuff.


If it’s just a straight rehash of BotW, sure. I’m gonna take a guess and say that isn’t the case. I’m hoping this game will be built around completely new mechanics that are just as comprehensive and cohesive as the slate abilities. On top of that, I’m expecting original shrine/dungeon designs and a whole slew of new monsters to fight. And… doing all this on the same level as BotW could easily take 5 years.


Doesn't matter how long it takes if it ends up being great. Those AAA factory products might be OK or good but rarely great. And it takes a lot to be at least as great as botw was.


BotW still took years and having played the game its easy to see how much Nintendo handplaced in game. They need to make BotW different enough and are changing the world. Covid also already basically cut a year of development time. Remember also that BotW got DLC which was development time aswell.


But you’ve gotten tons of DLC for the original *and* COVID hit.


I think "tons of DLC" is quite the stretch. I can't imagine the DLC for BotW set the sequel back very much at all. Now COVID on the other hand...


Yeah, the DLC was nice, but it was basically filler. Most of it was just simple shrine additions (including the master sword stuff), some new armor, and a couple extra cutscenes. Like 90% of what was in the DLC was re-using old assets. I enjoyed it, I'm glad I got it, but it's low-tier (not "expansion" levels of content) DLC at best. No way in hell it set them back that much. They were clearly doing it on the side, not dedicating a lot of time and resources into it.


I mean that's pretty standard time tbh. Skyward Sword was 2011 and the next mainline Zelda game was BOTW in 2017. 5-7 years is the usual time between main Zelda titles.


If only other games like Pokemon took the time.


Nintendo would not have had a big game for 2019 holidays or even this year if Pokemon took the time though, so they're probably very happy to have one franchise that can put out many game and always sell very well.


Yeah, but the reality is that it just isn't healthy for the franchise. The games come out loaded with controversy, and then they're only updated if there's actually a game breaking bug, or with a new game or paid DLC. Look at Monster Hunter. Regular updates to further tweak the game, free updates that add new monsters and quests, and only paid cosmetics (and free ones too!) until a new, full story is released later. From a business stand-point I see why Pokemon releases nearly every year, and why it makes the company happy, but we, as fans, can't beg for yearly releases of games just to, "Have a big game this year," when we know that it isn't necessary to have a big game every year and that there are plenty of smaller name games that we could (and should) try instead of the bread and butter. Because when the bread goes stale, and the butter sours it's only the devs that get hurt for rushing the product, or cutting corners. We either need to outspoken about being okay with longer in-between periods, or we need to take our outrage to the appropriate authorities when we have a problem with a rushed game. For example. Dex cuts because some models were glitching out (I still don't believe that story for the record) that's a company issue because that's what happens to rushed products. The models feeling lifeless? That's a Gamefreak issue since they checked off on the models back in 2015ish.


If 5 years it what it takes to produce BotW quality I will happily wait.


Better late than bad. At least we got Metroid(s) to keep us busy. I was honestly almost more psyched for Metroid than Zelda.


Cyberpunk being the go to example right now, better to take the time needed to ensure a proper standard instead of farting out a half baked mess to keep the shareholders happy.


Yup. Kinda bummed Metroid will be the only game I buy on Switch all year, but I'm also pumped I have a new 2D metroid to play at all.


Well Skyward Sword to Breath of the Wild was 6 years (2011-2017), and Twilight Princess to Skyward Sword was about 5 years (2006-2011) so it’s not too crazy of a gap in between games.


Remember when the OoT came out, and it felt like they were taking forever, but it was fully baked, and more or less perfect... And then a year later, they used the same assets to make an equally great, (IMHO better,) game?!? That could never happen today 🤷‍♀️ Games are just more complex now


yeah, BOTW's physics engine is very complex as well. I kinda saw a sort of water mechanic, that also could be stalling development


Also worth mentioning that the development team for that second game is kinda traumatized for being overworked due to a strict deadline


AFAIK, MM is a legitimately haunted game. It's essentially a parable of healing trauma, the horrors of persistent dysmorphia, and overcoming climate denial. It's arguably informed by the real emotions of the developers, and can be seen as Nintendo's high-water-mark in social commentary. For good or for ill, they made a game which inspired a generation. Plenty of lesser games have ruined the lives of their developers 😅


I can't tell if you're actually advocating for the devs to take their time with the sequel, or saying that there's no excuse when you use the same engine in the sequel.


Makes sense though. Breath of the Wild is huge. And Nintendo has always had the policy of "delays should be used until its good"


I will gladly wait however long I need for Nintendo to sharpen and hone this sequel. The first was my favorite game of all time probably. I’d rather them not rush it.


Bet you it still releases before Metroid Prime 4


Without a doubt. That game is due for until 2023 at the earliest and 2025 at the latest.


The pandemic. Even the direct started saying that release dates on everything might change


Even before the pandemic this is how things go. Breath of the wild 1 was originally planned for a 2015 release date.


Considering Nintendo history of taking forever to release their main titles, i would say late 2022 is a very good estimative


Yeah I'm thinking holiday 2022 at the earliest. We'll know the release date at least six months before release because they'll want to steadily release a ton of merch to build up hype. Also consider that Pokemon Legends Arceus is coming in late January. If you were Nintendo would you release two big open world games from your biggest franchises close enough for them to compete with each other? I wouldn't.


I'd love to play it today of course, but I'll gladly play it in 2023 or 2024 if that's how long it takes. I don't want them to rush, or cut corners. I want a beautifully realized and bug free (to the extent that's possible) game. I expect Nintendo to deliver on that, so all there is to do is be patient.


So is Ganon getting rehydrated?


Breath of the Wild; Rehydrated




Nah I think I saw him get thrown in the Lava.


That's why he's so dry.


Fucking Calamity Kazuya strikes again


So the Direct started with Ganondorf then ended with Ganondorf…


Wait, it’s all Ganondorf?


It always has been 🔫.


*moves coke bottles to one side*


The Legend of Water : Breath of H2O


They said "aiming/planned"


Dev/product speak for we are trying to have it done by then


With emphasis on "trying"


Very much so, 40-60hr work weeks constantly churning out features and fixing bugs. Scope is hard to determine in software development. Scope is even harder to get right for a massive undertaking such as a videogame


It's also the nature of development to go over that.


Confirmed March 2023 at the earliest.


November 2023


That final landscape shot was definitely supposed to have a title card over it but they clearly changed their minds at the last minute. No other reason to sit on that shot for so long otherwise.


Good hypothesis.


Yeah it really felt like I was waiting for the title to pop up there and then it just faded out


Yeah because it was there for a good 7 seconds and I was expecting something.


Apparently the title is a bit of a give away. I think they never showed shiekah armed links face because he has a robot eye. I think there's a regular link and a shiekah link from the past who has the arm


Interesting theory!


[Concept art](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D8zFZtjUIAA7tXt.jpg) showed him with a weird face doohickey.


Interesting theory, but Link is shown using his weird magic-tech-ghost arm while wearing the Champions Tunic (so modern Hyrule) so idk if it really stands up


Excited to see what that artificial arm can do


Probably combines Shiekah Slate functions


Also looks like some new powers too. Watching the trailer, you see link reverse a spike ball, throw fire at an enemy, and pass through solid ground. Maybe all of those are part of the arm?


He didn't just reverse the spike ball... he reversed *time*.


It looks like the past events of things are stored, so reversing time then shows the 'path' the object took. Pretty cool stuff honestly.


The fire thing was on the other arm.


if you look closely i believe it was a shield, a strangely long shield EDIT: https://i.imgur.com/OJnEsDt.png


Gamexplain: Write that down! Write it down!


I demand a MGS V style arm launch button: "ROCKETTO PAUUUUNCH!"


Let Magnesis work on enemies wearing metal armor or something, so we can hear Link scream "HAIDARA!" trying to CQC a Talus


And the new mechanics. Looks like the Stasis rune has been updated and the others will do as well.


So in conclusion, Link loses his fucking arm, but gets a prosthetic that lets him reverse time(or whatever the hell he was doing with that spiked iron ball), phase through walls and use a fucking flamethrower. ... *sigh* Ight. Take my money, Nintendo. Just for that.




So it is. Whoopsies lol. Regardless, still some very good shit. I look forward to seeing what other features we'll get to have fun with, and what kinds of new places we'll get to explore.


"Alright team, we had lots of allusions to Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa in the first one. How do we add even more Ghibli references?" "Actual castles in the sky and a cursed arm born from hatred and malice?" "Perfect, we have a game." This sequel is giving me even more Ghibli vibes and I'm all for it.


You know there's gonna be an AI in that arm to talk to us, either Zelda puts herself in it, or there's a Sheikah's spirit already inside.


Will it yell at us to listen? It may also be a good Navi-gator


So much hype, the trailer looked amazing and I can't wait to try out all of the new things we saw!


December 2022 (I would bet)


That means March 2024.


BotW was originally planned for 2015. So 2024 checks out.


Breath of the wild: Wild?


Legend of Zelda: Wild Skies


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Wild.


Yeah no confirmed 2022 date didn’t exactly inspire hope for me. I feel like it is either end of the year or Q1 2023.


Yeah the way he said it "aiming" for 2022 did not give me a lot of confidence. December 2022 is the earliest I would expect it, likely pushed to 2023 knowing how things really go.


Totally fine if they take their time to ensure the game is ready to go. No need to push it out to meet some obligatory timeline.


> no need to push it out to meet some obligatory timeline. *Cyberpunk has entered the chat*


Sounds like it could be Q4 or delayed to 2023.


Oct 2024. Got it.


Holiday 2025 incoming.


Coming soon, summer 2026


Check out our launch game for the next-gen Nintendo console in 2027!!


I'm inconsolable over them being like "yeahhhh Zelda falls in the hole in the first cutscene and you never see her again." I guess I should have expected this but still.


Yeah her falling pretty much guarantees she will not travel with us


They could still do it like in The Witcher 3 with Ciri, I mean, she's only falling in the trailer, we can still hope


And then we play with her only to NEVER see her again post-game? Sigh


You have absolutely no context for her falling. Could be a premonition or dream.


Tbf they could have two playable characters like Yakuza 0, with Link in the sky and Zelda down below


Or like GTA V. Imagine switch back to Link and finding him trying to recover from a hangover


*Uggggh, alright that does it I'm never touching Chateau Romani again*


Oh man, you could have her down there hitting switches to make stuff happen in the sky.


That would be hype but they did show Link on the ground with the Bokoblin Mounted Talus.


I meant more along the lines of below the ground, under Hyrule


Oh that would be even more hype! We might not get underground if sky stuff is the new hotness though.


Both would honestly be super awesome though!


I'm kinda expecting the underground to be the dungeon equivalent here - more Hyrule Castle-y type dungeons, some of them maybe even being cave systems flying in the sky and stuff. Without Divine Beasts (and presumably without shrines) they're gonna need some new stuff for sure.


Sounds very Pikmin 2


I could see real potential for this! Maybe they give Link the typical shrines as normal, and give Zelda new temples underground which need to be completed to help link do something on the overworld. I think it's pretty unlikely but half the fun of a new Zelda game is to imagine the possibilities!


It'd even make sense to have two different characters, since Link gets gear that is made for getting around the overworld. Zelda could get a different set of gear for getting through dungeons. Link would have to do various things in the overworld to affect the underground dungeons, like unlocking doors and unsealing treasure chests. Zelda would fight bosses underground in order to unseal treasure for Link to use. Throughout, they communicate using that weird arm thingy, which they both get. Then they both fight Ganon. At the same time.


Yes! That would be absolutely amazing! A different skill set between the two would most definitely make things more interesting and exciting! Zelda is a researcher after all, so handling puzzles is likely way more up her alley. I'd also like to see how fighting could be handled with Zelda. I want to see her fight but it would be really cool to see her start off weak and grow to become better at combat as the game goes on. Kind of like how Link always needs new abilities but is always a very good fighter Zelda could have a ton of abilities but gain combat abilities. No idea if it could actually work in the way I described, but it's fun for me to think about anyway! I just really want a playable Zelda.


I know RIGHT? I’m still extremely excited, but seriously, this is the best iteration of Zelda yet, USE HER! Allow her to at least tag along like Midna if you don’t want to make her playable.


I’m still a fan of the way spirit tracks handled it. There was a lot that that game got wrong but I really enjoyed what it got right


Use the Dad of War system but a bit stronger for contextual situations.


Zelda as a mage casting spells ftw


Sometimes I’m glad Nintendo doesn’t listen to their fans.


I'm really disappointed at them making her a damsel in distress again. Even the first time it didn't at all gel with her backstory or personality that they built up. It feels like a boring step backwards, I was really hoping for something better.


You do know you could really jumping the gun on this right? She falls to the underground, while Ganon rises with the castle. So she's not been captured by him. It might be something else. I'm betting that the rumored "underground playthrough" might come with her then, while Link roams around the land and sky.


You’re jumping to conclusions


What if she falls into the hole, but saves herself by putting herself in Link's fake arm, and acts like a Jarvis? She would provide a voice for the normally silent protag, and could even give input on landmarks and such.


The way that scene with the closeup on Link's arm played out that's a definite possibility! Didn't the first trailer also show the green stuff going to Ganondorf's arm? What if Ganondorf is the voice in the arm lmao


"Link! You can *totally* make that jump, go for it!"


Link had longer hair in some shots and has his tit/shoulder out. I can pretend he's Zelda


The whole “Zelda disappears and you spend the whole game finding her” trope is *fine* but they’ve done it a dozen times! In the past few years they’ve been giving so much more character to Zelda in games like Age of Calamity, so they should use it!


seems like must get, expansion to sky? new power to pass through solid rock? enemy camps riding golems? world seems to be larger than botw even if not counting sky which doubles area essentially ,darn, 2022 cant come fast enough


> new power to pass through solid rock? Was it just me, but coupled with the reversing water drop maybe it's a power to rewind small bits of time?




Looks like a prince of persia turn back time mechanic too


Considering the hints of time-travel in the trailer, I think we play as the ancient hero. When you think about it now, it makes perfect sense. Among the story elements we were introduced to in BOTW, the only open story element is the backstory of the ancient Shiekah war to seal Ganon, so it kind of demands to be told in the sequel.


Let's goo




Looks Fantastic, I didn't realise that the additions to the world would be this good, it looks like we've basically got a whole new overworld, the Game looks superb, can't wait for more info.


Yeah, I didn't expect all this new stuff at all! I think most people would have been happy with a less ambitious sequel but it seems they're going all out and really experimenting with this new version of Zelda. I can't wait to see what's in store for us all!


Better delayed than rushed


Just gotta hold


Better delayed than 2077


Breath of the Sky-ld


That final shot of Hyrule Castle looks like it was intended for a title / date reveal




Dataminers will take that screenshot and turn the brightness up and find out there's a hidden 4 and so it says 2042.


I'll be honest, I was originally hoping for a Majora's mask situation. Reuse all the assets, add a few new things, and push the game out. I would have been completely happy with that. After this trailer though, I'm beyond ready to wait. I really hope we get it next year but BOTW2 is looking to really expand on the first and I hope they take all the delays they need in order to make the game as great as it looks!


Glad to see it. Probably will be a winter launch but nice to see the gameplay. Waiting to see what lore people will co.e up with later today about the fresh new skills, and the corrupted looking hand. If there's no delays to the games, and it's a massive if, then 2022 is looking to be a huge year for gaming on all platforms.




This looked cool and all but I'll be disappointed if they give us the same map we just explored but with some sky areas. Would like to see some dungeons make a comeback


I hope there will be lots of new areas in the normal world such as caves


Exactly my thoughts. If it is the same map, there better be sky-regions AND underground regions to explore.


Last 3 notes of the trailer are the start of Epona's Song. I'm calling it now: Pegasus Epona. Edit: I misheard, it's Zelda's Lullaby. Still though, PEGASUS EPONA.




I fully agree! I loved the earlier parts of the game where I was scrounging to get by.


I know, I know, pandemic and all--but I'm sad that after two years of waiting we still only get a fairly short trailer and no title for the game. The new mechanics look really interesting, and if they set up the sky right, it could make up for how sparse Skyward's felt. Imagine if they bring back Loftwings! Other than that, the main things I'm crossing my fingers for remain to be seen: - More biome specific enemies; I love finding new weird monsters in different parts of the world, and BotW largely recycling the same few with different colors was one of my biggest letdowns with it. - Some solid expansive dungeons to go alongside the shrines - More emphasis on interacting with Zelda, plz don't just leave her missing all game again! I saw a few people suggesting maybe she controls underground while Link explores the sky and that would be legit fantastic. - LEMME PET THE DOGS




Yo bro, it’s goouigi


Can’t wait to defeat goonondorf!


Zelda, Elden Ring, Starfield, GOW2. Better start saving up now lmao.


Alright, 2023 it is! Nice.


I'm sure this will be great, but I'll be honest, I just really want Zelda to actually play a big part in the story/gameplay. This doesn't give off that vibe. Kind of frustrating but is what it is.


Ah, wouldn't it be sweet if Link's adventure was in the sky and Zelda kept exploring underground, and you could switch between the two??


That'd be amazing, but I didn't see any indication of a POV outside of Link. So that seems like a pipedream as of now.


Don’t want to drum up hype too much, but with the game this far out I could see them holding that information for now. If that was a mechanic of the game I don’t think they would show it this early, we’ve barely gotten glimpses of how link plays


Breath of the Wild was Zelda's story, though. She was the only one with a significant character arc and internal conflict. But she was also locked away the entire game so I can understand what people mean when they say they want her to be more active in the story. And I agree, if she falls into some pit and gets stuck there for the whole game, that'd really suck. Regardless, game looks exciting.


I really like Zelda as a playable character in Age of Calamity, but I get that it's not mainline.




I read the title of the post as “breath of the wind waker 2”. And to further my stupidity, my brain went to “link’s awakening”, making me think that game was getting the sequel.


Am I the only one who noticed that there are two separate Links in this trailer? Blue tunic Link with his hair in a pony tail, normal arm, on the ground with no visible floating islands, and the other Link with his hair out, prosthetic arm, walking on the floating islands. My guess is you can time travel to before the floating islands appear with blue tunic Link, and after the floating islands appear with prosthetic arm Link. Blue tunic Link didn’t appear on the floating islands, and prosthetic arm Link never appeared on the ground.


Nope you not the only one. It looks like link can control time this time too.


Those Zelda as a playable character/protagonist hopes and dreams getting shattered with this trailer


GOTY 2022, you can put money on it.


More like GOTY 2023 when it barely misses the deadline for goty 2022 lol


GOTY 2024 is a better place to put that money.


They stole my boy's hand. :(


Sad that Zelda pretty much instantly fell in the pit. I was hoping we’d get to adventure with Zelda instead of her being locked away somewhere




Probably Q7 of 2022! :P


Eh I'm not sure about the sky thing. It looks really cool but I wonder how much content is being added there and how long it takes to get up there. The rest I'm pretty high on.


I mean it's not like TLoZ doesn't have a long history with content in the sky.


It’s probably different dungeons


That'd be a solid and safe approach. Dungeons are definitely an area that BOTW2 can improve on too.


Praying for more expansive real dungeons, not just shrines or divine beasts