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Koreans be like “tf did we do?!”


Hahahahaha you're so right 😂


Stole his girl, obvs.


They're the guys his girl told him to not worry about.


I am being attacked


He probably sees women on social media thirsting after the guys from BTS (*like Jimin... beautiful, beautiful Jimin*) and he's envious and using racism to soothe his damaged ego Edit: or Gong Yoo. He's been in multiple pieces of media that have made it big on Netflix recently (Squid Game, The Silent Sea) and he's absolutely a Korean heartthrob. I see him posted on r/ladyboners often lol Edit 2: or Cho Seung-Woo apparently lmao (thank you to the people in the comments giving me more people to thirst after, I love this)


I just watched Train to Busan (really good zombie movie) and Gong Yoo plays the lead role in it. He is just so dreamy <3


Agreed!! You should see him in Coffee Prince if you haven't already. It's one of my all-time favorite Korean dramas.


Oohh I need to watch that, thanks! ☺️


Wait, that was him?! I knew I recognized him! I watched Train to Busan way before Squid Game


I have had a massive crush on Cho Seung-Woo ever since I watched God's Gift: 14 Days. Add that to your edit. Cho Seung-Woo is one of the hottest men alive


It's like those videos when someone gets sucker punched and they turn around and retaliate against the wrong person.


The range of emotions is always the same..... They're confused, then sad, then angry, then guilt, then apologize, back to angry. Rinse repeat. Lol


Don’t forget the racism that pops up every now and then!


racism is kinda like the vowels when it comes to nice guys. “aeiou” and sometimes “y” too. y being the racist cherry on top of a horrible personality sundae


It’s a part of being insecure. Needing to feel like you’re more superior than others.


Well put


With the occasional pinch of homophobia


Possibly even a soupçon of trans panic


Took it up another notch, BAM


This one came with a large side of crying, too.


Only as a pathetic attempt to guilt trip


yup - that was kinda left of field


The 6 stages of Nice Guy


"nice guys like me always lose." *sudden intense anger and inexplicable racism.* he seemed super nice


Yet I repeat the same behavior and get the same outcome. It must be the female’s (/s) fault.


He WOULD have been nice if you weren't such a bitch whore korean or whatever.




A friend and I have this long running joke between us where we “fight” and I call him a lasagne pan of lies, and he says he’s a gOoD cHrIsTiAn BoY wHo NeVeR liEs EvEr. Bitch Lasagne makes me so incredibly happy 😆💕


Embarrassed, then confused, then sad, then angry, then guilty, then contrite, then embarrassed and repeat. It's the humiliation that sparks them every time. And there's nothing can be done about that because they're humiliated by their own contrived expectations and perceptions.


Yup. They cannot handle being embarrassed and fail to realize their actions are the cause of their embarrassment, not how other people respond to those actions. So unless you change how you respond to them, they just keep repeating the cycle. It is literally the same tantrum that toddlers have because they don't understand why they aren't getting their way.


"Peace & love, goodbye then, you horrible human being, go suck a Koreans tiny dick, I hate girls" That's not how peace & love works... or Koreans.


I got this exact same “go suck a Koreans tiny dick” when I told a guy I’m not interested.. best part he know my bf.. who is Korean.. and he acts like friend with him.. nice guy.


Why do people think that about Asian men in general. It so not true.


I don't know exactly since studies have proven race has nothing to do with penis sizes but maybe it started with westerners seeing sumos naked & the proportion lead them to believe they have small penises? In all seriousness though I can only assume that maybe it started with the general asian male being smaller framed with arguably feminine features &/or lack of romanticising/sexualising females by comparison to westerners & that turned into jokes about small penises? I mean even some small framed western males with feminine features that don't talk about pussy every two seconds will cop insults like "he must have a small dick!"


Well, they have to pull all the emotions to see what works best for the guilt trip.


Exactly. I don't even think what we're witnessing is a the flurry of emotions it at first looks like... it's really just pure manipulation, or at least desperate attempts to manipulate. They will try every approach possible because they just want acknowledgement. None of it is real...


Exactly. They’re as fake as they come. Would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic


It's all manipulation. This guy isn't sad, he's abusive. If he ever tricks someone into dating him they'll be stuck because this is how he'll act if they try to break up with him.


incels and nice guys are just the shitty guys that lack social skills. I would even say they are worse than the assholes to an extent especially in the start.


And they always talk about themselves and put themselves first. "it would make me really happy," or "I really want you," "my hearts gonna break this always happens to ME"


Is it horrible that I wanna see the video of this dbag crying?


I really wish OP ended it with “these reactions imply you are not the “nice guy” you label yourself as”


In my BS opinion, they legitimately feel the emotions separately, but the issue being, they, (we),(whoever), don’t pick one sentiment to flagship. There is a separate text from each point of mind, causing a confused, ruckus of a reaction. There’s the “understanding” pov, “anger” pov, “logical” pov, “sad” pov, you have to pick fucking one, you can’t just send a shotgun spray of texts reflecting each and every emotional state you’re going through during a falling out between two people. Take a deep fucking breath and figure out what approach is appropriate given the circumstances. FFS.


Don’t forget racist


« Why does this always happen to me??? » he asks, while never changing his batshit crazy behaviour…


'is it me who is the common denominator why things fail?' 'no! it's femaleeeees who hate meeee!'


I can come up whit a few good reasons


He actually sent a video of himself crying? HAHAHA!!! What the fuck!? And these idiots love to go on about how crazy women are. Imagine getting so upset that a tinder match didn’t talk to you for one day. ONE. DAY. That you not only cry about it, but record it and send it to the person. This guy is a special kind of crazy.


Not only that but he created a private story and added me to it and it was him crying (very obvious fake tears) saying that women never want nice men. I wish I could have recorded it, totally surreal. Never experienced anything like it !


I wish you could have recorded it, too. Sounds perfect for r/sadcringe


A crying video might be the strangest decision of the whole thing. What if you then were like, oh you're so sad. Lets have a pity date? https://www.google.com/search?q=get+in+were.going+crying&oq=get+in+were.going+crying&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i22i30l4.3628j0j7&client=ms-android-samsung-ss&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=OwM9u2Kfzn6rWM


Block delete. Run


Actually a bit scary. If he searched, could he find you IRL?


"nice men" yea sure, looks like you dodged a bullet on that one


pretty hilarious that he's mad you used tinder again, when the only way he would have realized it is if.....he also went back on tinder?


Exactly ! This conversation took place on Instagram!


The fact he sent crying video made me bristle like a motherfucker. I wonder if it was his first attempt with that particular approach, or if he is just waiting for his consistency to pay off.


I’ve noticed this trend ever since women have said they like a man who can express his emotions (in a healthy way). NiceGuys have twisted this to use emotions to try to manipulate women. 100% this guy will now claim women are liars for saying they want a man in touch with his feelings.


Aaaaah. That makes sense. Not from the stance of “oh yeah that is a brilliant approach” but from a “oh you’re right, niceguys don’t understand nuance like that” stance. Emotional expression is just having total lack of emotional regulation, right? /s


I like men who can express their emotions in a mature, respectful manner. This was neither of those things, and if someone can't tell the difference, I'm not interested until they can learn to be an adult.


i wouldve been tempted to expose him for that to all my friends on my socials


I once stopped talking to a dude I had matched with on an app as well, because he had said some pretty bad things, and I told him as much. A couple weeks goes by and the mf sends me an audio crying and apologizing? It was so cringe I couldn't stand to hear more than a few seconds, deleted right after as well. Such a pity! Would have made a great remix!


That’s the part that made me laugh too, omg. I would have sent him back a video of me laughing my ass off


This is one of the crazier things I've seen on here. The "I'm gonna go cry" was bad enough, but a video? Like what response does he expect to elicit from this?


"Oh no... I made him cry??? I better cancel all plans and pay attention to him 24/7 until he feels better!" What the ever loving...


Christ. It just didn’t end!


It’s kinda scary because what if she actually did end up texting him for that day. This would have never happened and she would’ve continued on with the “relationship” not yet knowing how batshit crazy this dude is. How long would it have taken if she chose to continue texting him that day? Days? Weeks? Months?.. kinda scary to think about. I’m glad she found out his true colors now rather than way down the line.


Yeah, and the longer it goes on the more they have access to you. At least a tinder swipe doesn’t know where you live.


I just think it’s funny how women are called emotional and crazy by men. What the fk do you call this?


I've always thoughts it's funny (but cringey) that pretty much all the men who call women emotional have hurt themselves punching a wall, or getting violent with some inanimate object, because they don't know how to handle their emotions.


They're also the type of guys who can't keep their thoughts on track unless they wank it 5 times a day, but women are the ones who are too emotional to handle tasks that require brain power. Smh.


It's because men have successfully rebranded anger as 'not-an-emotion'.


It’s a “manly” emotion. Not like sadness, that’s for wimps. Suck it up cupcake! Never be sad!


Well, that's cuz anger isn't an emotion, duh. It's just men's default position that they have to keep carefully leashed. It's only an emotion when women do it, as it's common and accepted knowledge that women do absolutely everything based purely on emotion. And emotions just aren't rational. That's why men don't have them. Men are logical and rational and do not, WILL NOT, succumb to the foolish trap of emotional responses.


I once argued with a guy under a YouTube video of really triggered right wing men getting angry because women exist. I commented something alone the lines of "men: "women are so emotional" Also men: act hysterical because they were told no."" And this dude legitimately responded trying to convince me anger isn't an emotion.


Knew a guy like this from high school. He got mad in class for some reason and punched the goddamned classroom cactus in half.


Well when your only emotion is anger...


Stage 5 clinger with a psychopath and a asian fetish chaser.


Is "stage 5 clinger" a reference to something? I see it everywhere all of a sudden


‘Wedding Crashers’ is the first thing that comes to mind but I believe they may have gotten it from somewhere…such a funny movie.


They just like to pretend that anger isn't an emotion.


Fragile. A brittle spirit.


Manipulative. This dude only feels anger and jealousy. Which itself is a type of anger.


This is a purely dispassionate, rational response to a woman with the audacity to live and do things.


✨ _projection_ ✨


Uhh, *checks notes* emotional and crazy.


You call this a restraining order.


Dodged a bullet there by being busy, yikes


Honestly I was so blown away by the insults especially after I tried to reply to him respectfully !


Honestly he didn't deserve all the apologies you gave him. You've handled this neckbeard with a tonne of grace go you.


As if these guys pay attention to that. They're 1 dimensional thinkers at best




I definitely needs help. Not your help, but professional help. Big yikes


Kinda scary how quickly he went unhinged. It’s wild people like that can hold it together and seem nice/normal until something fairly inconsequential happens and everything just falls apart.


I like your smoo.


Dodged a nuclear ICBM warhead that's been tipped with a cyanide and ebola tincture.


And Guiliani flop sweat.






I generally disapprove of playing games but it seems like ignoring a guy for a day can really help weed out the crazies. Also, he used an apostrophe to pluralize. Dealbreaker.


Why the random Korean drive-by?


I don't think he quite understands what "bye" means since he said it about five times and still didn't leave 🤔


Truly 😂😂 I kept thinking okay goodbye then! I didnt want to say anything since he reacted so awfully to my first reply


Glad you didn't bite, it seems like he was trying to get attention in anyway he could. Kind of like how toddlers do when they throw tantrums. 🤣


I think you're right! It's a really common thing with NiceGuys, saying "bye" multiple times, not because they're leaving but because they think the thought of them leaving might garner a reply.


Not responding was absolutely the right decision


"Go suck a koreans tiny dick" Let me guess. This guy is a white guy with a massive Asian girl fetish. He thinks he can bulldoze his way into a relationship with an Asian girl based on how white he is rather than how good he is as a person. They always expose themselves to be racists in the end. They deep down inside still hate Asians and think of Asian girls as easy targets.


Asian girl here. I think Asian fetish is disgusting, especially for the reputation it creates - that Asian girls are submissive and easy.


Not even that, they even assume that Asian women are basically gold diggers who aspire to be a docile house slave and sex toy to the whitest man they can find - a white man who doesn't even love and respect their culture too.


Then they come to Asia and see it’s nothing like that (at least in places like China, Korea, and Japan).


Interesting. As an Asian dude, I always thought our cultures made it such that we were "harder", not easier. That is, in Asian traditions, people are looked down on for premarital sex, so I'd have thought fetishists would see us as harder to seduce. That said, yeah, the submissiveness thing is definitely a common view


I get where you’re coming from, I think the “harder” thing is supposed to be transactional. As in, make yourself a “harder” product to buy. Like expecting an expensive wedding and ring, expecting to be taken care of financially in exchange of the marriage, but once someone gives the girl all of that, they have free reign of how they want to treat the girl in said marriage and she can’t said no because she got her expensive ring and wedding, hence the submissive and easy part. It’s weird. :/


'American Dream' tradcon single income marriages are also frowned upon as well for the middle and upper class Asians, the same cool and pretty ones that white westerners go gaga about. The lower class Asians might be convinced to be a docile, restrained housewife who is not allowed to work, study and be forced to have sex even against her own will simply because they are desperately looking for ways to climb the social ladder, but on the other hand they tend to also be deeply religious and insular thus closing the doors for any Westerners to approach them. And given the damages left behind by Covid-19 I doubt anyone would want single-income marriages more since everyone here has learnt the lesson that it is simply incredibly reckless to rely on just one source of income from one person.




Ughhhhhh these men and their fetishizing an entire population of women on earth is *so much* yikes on bikes! Sorry this happened to you, OP, but also kinda glad it did — at least he revealed whom he really is. The video of himself crying was the cherry on top.


I'm a white woman who is dating an Asian man. A lot of white guys get pissed if they hit on me and I turn them down. Their first insult is to always say something about my Asian boyfriends penis. Because yeah your racist untrue stereotypes will make me want to dump my boyfriend for you.


Being racist in general isn't going to make any sane person interested in a relationship. Because racism will also closely be tied to bigotry and prejudice on pretty much anything else.


>Let me guess. This guy is a white guy with a massive Asian girl fetish. 💯


My first guess was the girl said she enjoyed kpop or was a fan of BTS


It was so oddly specific. I mean everything he said is batshit crazy but that was extra weird to me.


Oddly specific is the "short back and sides" comment. Dollars to doughnuts that guy has some weirdly focused insecurity like those incels who think their forehead isn't chiseled enough or wrists are too delicate.


Thank you! Like I understand the Korean thing was out of nowhere but can we talk about the "short back and sides" comment??


Jesus Christ! You dodged a bulle...a cannon ball


A cannon bullet, if you will.


Is this man 13 years old? And they say women are emotional...


I’m not a fan of deliberately testing people in manipulative ways, but after multiple posts like this from so many women, I think we as women owe it to ourselves to add a buffer day or few in where we don’t reply. If they’re chill about it, it may be safe to proceed, if they lose their absolute fucking mind, tell us they “hope men use us up for the rest of our lives”, that we are “bitches/sluts”, “not that pretty”, “fat”, etc etc… then we in earnest know we saved ourselves so much headache. I would rather be single for the rest of my life than ever go out with someone like this… Dude recorded himself crying… like wut? What exactly did he think this string of crazy manipulation was going to win him?


Getting videos of people crying is such emotional blackmail from any gender... like, I get being on a phone/video call and getting emotional. Hell, I've been accused of manipulating when in reality I just cry very very easily irl. Even the cheesiest commercials. But to actually have the presence of mind to sit there and record yourself, and send it is another level. You know what you are doing at that point. Especially when it comes out of the blue like this to some pretty polite rejection.


I would have done the same thing myself


Wow he seems like a very mentally stable guy.. 😀


The dude has issues that you are not qualified to deal with. Nut job.


I don’t know of anyone qualified to deal with that shit. Like even a professional would see that and just nope the fuck out…wow 😳


He would make a GREAT case study.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking…all female staff!! 😈


Who are a little too busy to speak in full sentences to him. I studied psychology in uni, and none of the fun case studies we reviewed would even hold a candle to him.


My life has been surrounded by case studies. So when going to school for it I just laughed at case studies they gave us. But agree no full sentences, cut him off and make vague comments like “interesting” or “huh” while tapping a pen annoyingly…Then not come back for the longest time and never fully explain anything to him.


Hmm... not sure why but I don't think he is actually a nice person


So many people have really bad rejection issues. This is also prob mental health problems. I hope he gets help and becomes a stronger person. Still, you shouldn’t have to go through this. Glad you dodged that bullet. Maybe always don’t reply for a day or two to check a person’s mental stability?


Good idea. Basic sanity check, can they handle a day or two's silence without a meltdown?


After I met my ex and we exchanged numbers, he didn’t even reach out to me for two weeks. Sure, I was bummed about it after a couple of days, but it never occurred to me to behave in such a delusional manner.


Video of crying is something new on this thread, let's give him couple of points for being innovative


I wish people would post these demented interactions on r/tinder so those poor saps understand why women don’t bother the moment it goes sideways


Does he want some cheese to go with that WHINE? Jayyyysus. You did the right thing, Fam. Dodged that bullet.


Is no one going to mention the video? Like a step above crazy!


Yeah, that sent me. Wild shit.


Holy dodged bullet, Batman


I wanna know where Korean men came up, usually they fixate on black men


That dude did not deserve any sort of apology because you did nothing that warranted giving one! It’s not your fault he’s a hysterical man baby who has the emotional intelligence of a potato. Good riddance!


the best part is that he blows up ur phone then proceeds to ask "why does this always happen to me?"


That Asian h8 came out of left field 😯


The "I didn't want to act like this" is a huge red flag. That's one step below "you made me hit you"




Geez don’t throw engineers or trains in the heap with this guy. They don’t deserve that.




Dude this is so cringe. Just stop talking dude.


Exactly, it takes literally zero effort to *not* be like this. He shot himself in the foot so bad.


A video of him crying?!? Sweet mother Mary.


What on earth did you change your tinder info to, "fuck this guy in particular"?!


On a completely unrelated note, I love the name Rosie


Thankyou ! ☺


And yet he will genuinely believe - and aggressively tell the world - that he doesn’t get girlfriends because he’s not a “chad”. It’s women’s fault for being superficial and not at all his vile personality.


Holy shit, he's like the MAIN Nice Guy. Like, if you slay him, all the other Nice Guys turn back to normal.


Awww mate.... (pats shoulder) Don't do that. Don't video yourself crying. That's next level pathetic. It's you being pathetic and manipulative and extra salty manipulation peppered on top of this sad muffin. Good thing you dodged this one, Rosie.


The fact that we still have to be gentle to these people and apologize for our own discomfort in order to de-escalate danger is so fucked.


Not related to dating, per say. But I play fortnite, right. I'm in multiple fb groups for fortnite, and sometimes we team up for squads, or duos, what have yiu. Simple right? Mm. Yeah. So I met this one dude, call him Leo. He's nice, chill, married, has like 5 kids, cool whatever. And we play like 2-3 games together. Everything is great. And then I tell him, "listen I won't be on the next few days, cuz xmas and family and whatever, but we can play after." Cue to me sending him a msg after xmas, as promised, him never responding, and since I felt like playing, I posted to the fb group asking for someone to join up with me. No one did and then I went to bed. Nbd. Apparently Leo saw this, sent me a flurry of msgs akin to OP's. "Oh I see how it is I guess you wanted to play, just didn't want to play with me. It's fine. Have a nice life." And I was *immensely* confused. And said as such. But he continued on his little waaah-mpage, in the end telling me "fuck you, you whore, you were just using me. Enjoy your life, you'll be alone forever." I had the screenshots, but recently deleted them. Now I feel bad for deleting them cuz like that was... Wow. And he's ALREADY married! With 5 kids!


I’m still trying to wrap my mind about someone seeking exclusivity on Tinder. Dude played himself.


35 messages and 1 video of him crying after the initial ‘goodbye’ text. I guess “niceguys” really have no clue how to move on.


Don’t ever apologize for being too busy to reply to some random dude on tinder.


"That was a video of him crying" lmao


I’m not sure why you apologised, you don’t owe him anything. Also, it’s a dating app, the entire point is to talk to different people and see who you vibe with.


Oh my god. It just keeps going and going and going and going and going…


While I agree that stopping contact with someone unannounced can be rude, his reactions is why sometimes we do that. You can sense someone going off the rails and being so obnoxious and overbearing with rejection so dipping out is just best. You were very respectful with rejecting him, you explained your reason and were kind and not insulting. He had no reason to act like he did. I pity any other women after you, yikes, poor souls.


It never ceases to amaze me how these people can sabotage themselves so quickly. She even said she liked you!


I’ll never understand the drive to: A.) have a one-way conversation with yourself via someone else’s inbox B.) Blame another autonomous adult whom you’ve met for your interpretation of life C.) insult someone in hopes it will win them over D.) use pity as an aphrodisiac


I always thought that the phrase ‘nice guys finish last’ referred to men who ensure their partner finishes before they do. But the way I keep seeing it used by these guys is making me doubt myself…


Dodged a bullet harder than a Matrix character. Guy has the emotional maturity of Spongebob


Damn and he got racist


Ugh. I’m so glad I am old and married. I would not survive in this dating world. If my husband dies, I’m alone. Not dealing with this garbage.


Peace and love Fuck you


Obligatory “*Nice Guys finish last*” mentality while being an asshole


I’m starting to think not responding for one day should be the standard litmus test for weeding out batshit crazy guys. Yikes.


What a fucking lunatic. But to apologize 3 times, and tell him that you "completely understand" why he's upset that you didn't talk to him for one day is completely unnecessary. In his neurotic mind it probably rationalizes his behavior and proves to himself that you were in the wrong. Which, WE ALL KNOW, is not true. Girl, own your feelings - don't apologize for them to anyone. Stay safe out there.


Goodness, now THAT is mental.


The only thing nice about a Nice Guy is that they take themselves out. Holy shit. This was a reaction after one day during the holidays?! lol


This is so psycho that I can't even be entertained. I wish there was a way to take people like this of the street. Imagine what happens once he actually gets a date and it doesn't work out


I'm starting to think all men on dating apps need to be ignored for 1-7 days to see how they react before ever getting face time. Seems a valid technique for weeding out a lot of the shitty ones


My Korean bros catching strays for no reason.


These apps need to develop a protocol to report these guys for their rage-fuelled stalker behavior. Something that remembers their IP so they can't just make up another profile under a different name and profile. I would even support what may be the one appropriate use for facial recognition software, to catch when banned individuals just pop up under another name. With these guys acting so unhinged after a single week, one can only imagine what a fight or post-breakup separation behavior would trigger. I just picture geocached shallow graves everywhere.


The amount of manipulation with the “I’m crying” is gross


Go suck a Koreans tiny dick LMAO!!! I wonder why he chose Korean specifically


It. just. Kept. Going... Omg 😂


An idiotic, narcissistic, racist… What a piece of shit


Tomorrow: "hey"


Whoa there partner, settle them spurs. They’re a jangling a bit too loudly and frantically.


I'm gonna go CRY 🤣🤣


What's with the random jab at Koreans? I've always been amazed at how quickly these conversations devolve.


I hope you are okay. Totally not ok