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I know this post. The original tweeter was not serious; by including toothbrushes, he was trying to show how ridiculous it is to be upset about the other two. Unfortunately, that kind of dude is un-satirizable, so now everyone thinks the tweeter is just weird and gross.


This is exactly how I took it. He obviously put toothbrushes in there to show it was a joke.


I'm shocked how many people don't seem to see that this is satire, and very obviously so.


At least he'll never have to worry about seeing them at home.




Boom. Roasted.


Except from his mom if she wants to put up with the shit. In all seriousness I feel dumb for not realizing this is satire


His mom doesn't have any teeth.




> In all seriousness I feel dumb for not realizing this is satire No need to feel dumb. I think history has taught us that a tweet like this being legit is entirely plausible




The account I'm replying to is a karma bot run by someone who will link scams once the account gets enough karma. Report -> Spam -> Harmful Bot


As a woman, maybe he's onto something. Imagine a store where you know you'd never have to run into men like this in public....


I'm into that idea, but you know it'd be the same dudes who'd cry about discrimination if one were to open...


Or the same ones who won't look at Victoria's Secret when they walk past it in the mall, let alone go inside. Just name it something intimidatingly girly like "womanly treasures" or "lady's moon" or some shit, make everything pink, and put tampons in the window display. No need to actively keep dudes out. The ones that need to be kept out will take care of themselves.


Probably the same person that argued always (sanitary towel brand) are not inclusive to transgender people with having a female sign on it 🤦🏻‍♀️


Men who fear the toothbrushes.


😱 Please censor that word!! I sh*t my pants😖


Seriously a place where you can discuss those normal bodily functions and find the best product for it. Where the retail people are there to answer any question about it with an open mind and without being awkward…


That's why I love bra and underwear stores. No men and usually dimly lit unlike the rest of fluorescent hell that is retail.


Well as a man, I object, because I also need to buy toothbrushes, and would not appreciate having their sale restricted to a “women only” retailer.


May as well have included toilet paper at the rate he’s going…


You know a dude who thinks like this won’t wipe because he thinks it’s gay


You joke, but one time a finger slipped through while wiping and now I can't stop sucking dicks.


You fool! Didn't you know that toilet paper companies are all owned by the gay cabal as part of their agenda! God fearing people know that only the rough and sturdy pages of a Sears catalogue provide the protection you need from Satan's wandering finger.


The sinister gay cabal Cyril.


How is single ply like meditation? It gets you in touch with your inner self. On a stupider note, I was a huge homophobe in high school. I thought touching my dick/ass would make me gay so I wouldn't hold my dick to piss/wash it and I would only do the big ball of TP approach for wiping. Fingers never near ground zero. Didn't work. I think it had the opposite effect. My junk was so gross I only wanted other men's junk. Turned out wicked gay.


I am glad you like your wiener and the weiners of the world!


real mans go in the river


It's the true reality for us SIGMA ALPHA MALES. Born to shit🤠, forced to wipe🤬 /s


"Being reminded that women have female parts is gross." I think you might be gay, my guy.


Better yet, don't have them in stores at all and have them freely available.


>toothbrushes Am I the only one seeing this for the clear joke it is meant to be? Really need that ‘/s’ don’t we, guys?


Yes, because you know there are people out there who feel the same - including about toothbrushes and sadly, they are not joking. *sigh*


He's probably the type of guy who showers in his Y fronts.


Can you at least put it in your own aisle. Like maybe a feminine hygiene products aisle at walgreens /s


It's got to be a joke.


If this level of immaturity doesn’t repulse the people in his life, his breath most likely will.


This is obvious bait/satire


This tweet was satire. The inclusion of toothbrushes was meant to make it slightly more obvious


[Had to scroll too long to find this comment…](https://i.imgur.com/uJk01CI.mp4)


They could've meant electric toothbrushes, the sort that vibrate?


["That was no electric toothbrush"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlHf1Fc0OSg)


He's also not acting like a niceguy


4 real! How can you put toothbrushes in the plain sight of deez bros...? The nerve of some people!


Why does he care? It's not like they're *used* and thrown back on the shelves lol they're in cute little pink boxes. Grow tf up.


Guys this is satire lol


There are genuine people who think like this tho


Oh you’re completely right and the real social experiment this joke poses that it really is something that reasonably could be serious. But I think people who think toothbrushes belong to women alone unfortunately aren’t real. Or they won’t be once I personally kill them




Obvious satire is obvious.


This feels like satire to me But even if it was serious, he didnt say anything that would make him a niceguy


I hate when I try to buy a blue toothbrush and it ends up pink. I’m afraid of gynecomastia if I use a pink toothbrush. Don’t get me started on toothpaste and colored floss. Feminism has gone too far, I say!


I'm with greythegryphon, why was the toothbrush included? Does he think only women brush teeth? He probably doesn't wipe or wash his butthole because he thinks that's for women and gays. It would be funny if this idiot ended up with 5 daughters so he'd have to be near used pads and tampons EVERYWHERE. ALL OVER THE HOUSE. BLOODY PADS EVERYWHERE HE TURNED.


Real alpha males never brush their teeth, they obliterate women's free will by their awful stench


Real alpha males leave the blood of their victims on their teeth so females can sense their alpha male dominance and know their place in the pack.


He'd probably still try to shame them and expect them to hide it. There was an AITA post awhile back where the guy iirc asked his young teenage step daughter not to dispose of her well wrapped (by his own description!) products in the bathroom because it made his like 16 and 18 year old sons "uncomfortable," it's "gross," and they "shouldn't have to see that." Hmm maybe they shouldn't dig through the trash in order to be offended by their step sister's period? He was totally shocked that his step daughter and wife were upset and that the majority of commenters didn't agree that not only are periods yucky but that teen boys should be shielded from their existence.


Hahaha omg! One of my nieces had barely started her period and once she literally stuck used a pad to the wall. I think she only meant to stick it there for a moment while she switched out and then forgot it, but it made me think of her being like "I am woman! See for yourself world! See what I can do!" I'm with you, I hope this is his future.


HA!!! "If I have to experience my blood, SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!"


The purpose of the toothbrushes is to signify that this is satirizing the type of guy who would think this about the first two things.


It's obviously a joke


I’m so against this that I think we should put pictures of blood-gushing vaginas on the front of all of the pad/tampon boxes and stick them right next to whatever these “Bros” come in there for.


Lol this is pretty funny


I feel like people being grossed out by pads and tampons is like being grossed out by unused toilet paper or a plunger. Imagine someone complaining cause the Charmin ultra soft grosses them out


It's crazy how reddit is full of sarcasm, but redditors can't detect clear satire.


Shocking, tumblr users failing to understand an obvious joke.


Niceguys only clean their teeth with their fingernails.


[they ate him up](https://imgur.com/a/MK9NhVK)


Can't look at pads? Then wear this blindfold when you have sex too.


Damn ya'll can't spot satire huh


I’m 99% sure he’s joking and you guys are all getting r/woooosh ‘d


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Fellas, is it gay to brush your teeth? After all, you are putting a hard tube in your mouth and moving it around


I think the bigger question is whether that's a grey hoodie or chain mail he's wearing


I mean I really don’t wanna see your dumb posts. Can you put them in a separate social media platform so us gals don’t have to see them?


This same guy in an alternate reality where they do this: > Why is there a special store for women? Where’s the special men’s store?


Hide the bathroom why don’t you


You just know that dude walks around with his teeth feeling like they're wearing sweaters


Matt O-bnoxious


"Hey! Us manly men don't want to be seeing tampons at our stores because they're for girls!"


Sure, why the hell not. In fact, why not add shampoo, soap, deodorant and bodywash to that list? It's not like guys like him are ever gonna want to USE any of those products...


Lmao toofbwush bad no man want woman buy toofbwush 🥺😔


Surprise he didn't say shampoo or soap too, but maybe he doesn't even know that those exist


My wife makes me go to the store to buy tampons and pads for her and my daughters, because she is embarrassed to do it herself. I make it a point to get wine, chocolate and flowers occasionally, just to create the oddest cringe at the checkout.


Well obviously he just watched the documentary "Teeth" and is just concerned


Fucking women and their…healthy teeth


From watching 90 day fiance, and now this, I have determined that niceguys^tm are weirdly obsessed with toothbrushes and the control or provision of said toothbrushes.


Is it really that much of an eyesore that we need a literal store just designated for them… also does he not brush his teeth💀


Clearly a joke


i mean just dont clutter the bathroom would have been sufficent...and toothbrushes? really


Not really a nice guy just a misogynistic asshole