„Fucking cunt.. I‘ve loved you this entire time!“

„Fucking cunt.. I‘ve loved you this entire time!“


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Hey everyone, hope you're all well. These are a few of the messages I got this past week from my stalker of 8 years, sorry it‘s all jumbled he makes new accounts constantly. TLDR if you haven’t seen my other posts before: Met a dude from another continent online at 14 and had a toxic "online relationship" until he came to visit at 17, broke up with him shortly after when I awoke from my daze because he was verbally/emotionally abusive, couldn't hold a job/go to school and had substence abuse issues. He retaliated by doxxing me on 4chan and spreading the CP he had of me to hundreds of people, threatening my and husband's life, calling my (now former) job, harassing my friends. I filed multiple police reports (they were super helpful luckily) and he can't legally travel to my continent but no contact orders can't really be enforced. Tried enlisting all sorts of programms, even the government, nothing can really be done unfortunately. So the result is him spamming my business, coming up with nonsensical, insane stories and justifications, because I ruined his life and am super mean. Feel free to check out the other posts about this creep on my profile if you’re bored.


I'm sorry. I'm in a slightly similar situation, except he's here in the states, and it's been going on 15 years. We're in our 30's now. I have no idea where he lives; if he's in the same state or far away. However, luckily for me, it died down to once every couple of years after the first no contact order. I was 18 when I left him, also because he was an abusive asshole. He has since threatened my husband and me as well. Apparently I'm the reason he's an alcoholic and why he'll never find happiness in life. The whole thing is super scary. I'm glad your asshole isn't allowed back in your country now. I hope that's able to give you some peace of mind although it really sucks you have to deal with him harassing your business. I just really hope you're doing alright <3


So sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with your very own psycho for so long, 15 years sounds like an eternity. Is a single no contact order everything they could do? If so that’s awful.. Can he not just fall victim to his drinking already? Are you safe? Thank you for your kind words, wishing you all the best and praying for your nightmare to be over soon once and for all (not religious but you know what I mean) 💕


A no contact order is all they have done. I work at an agency where we have to make reports to police sometimes, and if you don't know where a person lives, it's really hard to get police involved (in the Southern U.S. at least) for a variety of reasons. The first no contact order they gave, they already had him on record for some other crime he had commited in the area he lived at the time (drugs). Supposedly cops have "talked to him" since, but I have no record of it. Anyway, I like to assume I'm safe, but I have a lot of anxiety around it. I know what you mean about praying. I'm also not religious but it's hard to put into words what you mean without religious vernacular sometimes, ha. I appreciate the kind words too. I just really wanted to to let you know I've been in that kind of situation and it sucks.


That’s so messed up and nerve wracking.. it’s unbelievable how little is being done.. Hope you‘ll stay safe and sane despite the fear and anxiety


Sorry for what you've been through and hope everything is well. What I recognized in your story is the blame of addiction ( and probably a lot more). My partner had a former alcoholic friend which have said the same thing (and more), and this started slightly before my partner went no contact with this former friend. It have gone on for a few years now. We got our first no-contact order not to long ago, which have been broken twice. We're going to court soon, this friends have a record for something very similar already. I do hope the punishment will be more severe this time, I've read the former prosecution and I need to tell you. It's a joke.


Well he used to do all sorts of drugs and drink heavily as a teenager, can‘t imagine he stopped so he might very well be an addict. So sorry to hear about what you and your partner have had to go through. The laws or rather lack there of are a fucking joke. Hope you‘ll get your well deserved peace and quiet soon.


Hope you're okay. He sounds like a fucking cunt. Seriously though, hope he gets bored and move on or something. Disgusting, pathetic behaviour! And I hope your husband has been a rock through all of this.


When it started back up again I was terrified but now we‘re giggling about the absurd things he comes up with so we figured we‘d share that with Reddit. The hubs is great and I‘ve been very lucky because everyone (here and irl) has been super understanding and supportive. Thank you for your kind words (:


Hey, if you can safely (emphasis on the “safely”) get some joy out of any part of the shit he’s put you through, you go for it!


Oh no, nothing kind about them. Takes a *real* man to be spouting bullshit online and fucking with your business. I applaud your tenacity and stoicity.


Wow, you must be a very awesome and strong person, and I'm super glad you're able to laugh about it.


Wow good thing he’s on another continent or I think you’d be in serious danger. He sounds very unstable.


I'm glad you can laugh about it bit this guy seriously needs putting down


Fucking hell, what did I just read?


The guy already seemed unhinged, but this just makes the whole story so much darker and his behavior more depraved. I'm truly sorry you have to deal with this. Its sickening that thia actual predator is harassing his former grooming victim so long after they escaped. Nevertheless distributing illicit underaged photos. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. You shouldn't have to deal with being reminded of this lardfuckers mere existence.


Gotta love the whole "you ruined my life" shtick all of these guys seem to love to use. Especially when all the girl in question did was break up and typically tell their own friends and family what they did. Sometimes they'll tell the guys mutuals as well. But like, you can recover from that. You can move on and make new friends and get a new girlfriend. Why be stuck on one person and say they ruined your life??? You're actively ruining you life by being obsessed with the girl!


To be fair, she ruined it by going to the police when he started spreading about the CP he had of her, threatening her and her husbands life, harassing her friends and (constantly) calling her place of work.... ... and even said sarcastically it's making me want to vomit.


“Oh no, the consequences of my own actions!”


Well yeah he did do that! But like damn, is he fucking stupid...


Yep, they’re the ones ruining their own lives...


I did check out you're other posts and this dude needs to be on that podcast "Unraveled". Wonder if he's done this to others? I'm so glad he's a safe distance from you!


Could very well be, I pray he won’t victimize anyone else. Tried reaching out to an ex of his that I know of but I didn’t get a response unfortunately.


Hopefully she’s actually okay!


Just checked her social media, luckily it looks like she’s living her best life celebrating Halloween 🎃👻


Great news! Hope you are too and this weirdo gets lost soon ❤️


no idea how old he is - feels like he’s a few+ years older than u? It’s fucking insane how this man is so hung up on u when he only knows you as a literal child. so gross


He‘s a couple of months older but we’re both 25 currently.


The guy needs some serious help and I am not even saying this sarcastically. Sounds like he has some major mental issues.


I'm so sorry if I'm being dense but is CP child porn? Apologies if that's a stupid question: I'm old. I am also really sorry this happened to you. I have a lot of empathy and sympathy


It is, in this context. I feel for OP.


If you don’t mind me asking, did him contacting your job cause you to get fired or something??? I’m sorry you had to deal with this for years. Even reading this seems like a lot to process


No it didn’t get me fired, but I did quit not too long after (was planning to anyways, wasn’t a great place to work). They had just my nickname on the website along with a picture despite my warnings, he ended up calling incessantly for a while bitching about a (in his eyes) „fake“ subpoena and emailed my boss at the time the CP (despite having sworn he deleted everything prior. Surprise. Shock. Horror.) She filed a police report with me.


Does he really work at a hospital? Like is that part true? Cuz if he does, you'd be well within your rights to report this to admin. They don't take harassment from employees very well.


Even if he does (and that’s a big if because he was never able to hold a job) I have no idea which one he might’ve worked at unfortunately.


The world may never know


What the fuck? Like past eight fucking years you broke it, lol. Why this guy keep bothering you, he doesn't have a real life?


Holy shit, spent about 5 minutes going through your previous posts regarding this weirdo and couldn't take it. Hope he finally gives up and leaves you and your fella in peace.


Oh my fucking god, I’m so sorry that you have to endure this. Thank you for the TLDR, that definitely helped put some pieces together. But holy fuck, this guy is so mentally ill and is getting so worked up.


Fuck, that's wild.


Hopefully it gets better, best wishes!


What a fucking nut case. I'm glad you're at least somewhat protected from this psychotic trash fire.


I am bored so thx


Dude, hope you’re well now. It must be crazy to have people like that In your life.


I hope you're okay, I recommend trying to contact the police about this!


At first I thought you were leaving God tier passive aggressive responses to this unhinged bullshit and then I realized they were just automated responses from a business page ahaha. Also what's "accidentally cheating" and how do you do that? Is that when you have really bad eyesight and you mistake someone else for your partner during an entire sexual episode? Or is it when you trip and fall and land on someone and all your clothes just....fall off?


Oh I wish I could troll him and respond but that’ll just add fuel to the fire, not interacting is supposed to make them lose interest.. 0/10 advice, hasn’t worked at all. That theory sounds about right actually.


It usually does. I have had two stalkers in my life. This guy is a whole other unstable.


So sorry to hear that, are you safe now?


Yea absolutely. Like I said, just surprised. Usually after a year or two they peter out, absolutely shocked this person is still going.


I'm just scared he won't stop untill he has found someone else to obsess over... and I'm really sorry for that person... But yeah, don't respond at all, but these corporate automated messages are gold. Don't even turn them off for his sake.


Yeah I really wanna know how you “accidentally” cheat on someone. That and also “it’s not abusive if I tell you I’m working on it”........... cunt, what?!!! Abuse is abuse


MTV did an informational campaign on accidental sex back in the 90’s (00’s?). I highly reccomend it.


I thought the same thing til I read your comment? Lmaoo. Maybe because I’ve done that before, but my situation was also more of a “ugh seriously this dude? He needs to move on” than a full blown entitled, abusive psycho.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the power move of only responding with corporate pre-scripted responses. That's better than any insult. Basically says he means so little she won't even bother taking the time to write a response. Absolute savage


This made me giggle, thank you! They’re automated and I thought about turning it off so he won’t get a response at all but he‘s entirely not worth it.


Yeah, there are so many times that I think “ok, this is where you should have stopped responding.” But this is genius, maybe even art.


Nah, this is better than no response at all.


Happy cake day! :)


I'm considering how he would respond to "glitched" bot responses, like he's so insignificant that he's not even worthy to fix the system for him :D


honestly its a great way to go about stuff like this. when im really, truly done with someone, i'll send a kind of final goodbye as politely as possible then just completely ghost. not block, ghost. to the point where i will just delete their messages without even reading them.


Exactly this. When I had to get police involved in my case, they told me never, under any circumstances, reply to the messages I was getting. I wasn't replying to those messages then, and I haven't since. If you have to get LE involved, you've got a better case if you don't engage.


So sorry to hear that you’ve had to have the police involved. Are you safe?


Are you? I hope you are OP. Cause this dude seems truly out of whack.


Yeah he's giving serious stalker vibes


Any response is a win for a guy in this mode of self-destruct. That explosion of anger at the end is an attempt to get attention via offending.


I only hurt you because you made me, I only threaten you because I love you. Niceguy gold.


Also, don’t let it freak you out that I know exactly what’s admissible in court! That ought to inspire confidence.


Fairly sure he’s wrong about that at least


Also he keeps talking about how horribly she treated him (his thoughts not mine) and I kept thinking "if she was so horrible, you should be glad she is gone!" I mean, a part of me wonders how he would react if she replied "OK, I will leave my husband and be your girlfriend if you agree that you will be faithful but I can cheat as much as I want. I can call you whatever I want and verbally abuse you but if you say the wrong thing I'm kicking you out. Oh, and it is just a trial relationship, if I am not happy we will break up and you will never contact me again or I get to castrate you. Sign here please." Not saying she should, just...he makes all these (obviously bullshit) complaints about their time together, but wants more of that? It is delusional.


He's trying so hard to downplay and normalize abuse and it's scary.


Not to mention trying to gaslight the hell out of her. "You make me do this", "it's actually your fault", all that shit.


Ah yes, accidentally cheating


"Honey you wouldn't believe it! I was walking down the street, slipped and accidentally fell penis first into some chick's vagina! It was the WEIRDEST fucking day!"


And somewhere nearby, there’s a woman saying, “crazy day! I was lying supine on the concrete with my legs spread eagle, as one does, and out of nowhere this guy….”


Nothing says “I love you” more than threats, harassments, and general dickheadery. Also wedding invites when?


Working on getting my divorce finalized atm, will let you know when the new wedding is taking place bestie.


"You think someone would threaten if they didn't feel love or extreme feelings?" That is a dangerous person. Justifying his threats by feeling love for you. My 2nd EX was a lot like that. He said very similar things when he was "in trouble" for being a total dick. This one who keeps repeating he's not dangerous is damn dangerous and I would never be alone with him, ever. "Accidentally cheating?" Sorry honey, I just tripped and it knocked all our clothes off and my penis somehow got in her vagina! Totally an accident."


Yeah he‘s totally off his rocker, he goes through phases where he „realizes what he did was wrong“ and „apologizes“ but those obviously never last. Sorry to hear about your crazy ex, I hope you’re save and that he leaves you alone?


Oh yes. I have not laid eyes on him or heard from him since 2010 when our divorce was final.


Awesome, that’s great to hear! :)


So I work in a company that specialises in helping drug addicts reintegrate themselves with society, by getting them temporary housing and helping them get into the job market. Those guys can be really fucking whacked out sometimes. And many of them are straight-up arsonists. And yet, I'd rather spend a day with one of *them* than *that* guy.


What, why though? He‘s such an >honest, intelligent and articulate person


How do you "accidently cheat" Like did he turn around in the bathroom before zipping up, slip on a banana peel, ride it like an ice skate into some naked chicken bending over?


The image of that is cracking me up lol.


>*Naked chicken* I'M DYING


Naked chicken, LMAO


Naked chicken 🤮


Usually I find posts here over the top funny or entertaining, like yeah some asshole goes from marry me to fu bitch in one sentence.... but this scary and sad. That guy is seriously mentally ill, I'm so sorry he is harrassing you :(


I really hope this man isn’t actually working at a hospital.


If I had to guess, he brings his laptop to a hospital courtyard the way other people bring theirs to libraries or coffee shops. Lol


I work on the tool he's using to harass you. THAT'S NOT WHAT IT'S MEANT FOR!


Oh really? That’s super cool, it‘s a great feature! I don’t think there’s anything that could be done to stop that sort of behavior though, if there were a email block feature.. he‘d just make a new one, if there were an IP block feature.. he‘d just use a VPN.. It‘s not the only way he‘s reaching out though, don’t worry, we still got email, phone (no idea how he got my number, must’ve been trying to log into somewhere), Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram (all company related) AND my husband’s now deleted social media and email. Oh and other random people in my area he messages to contact me.


"Babe I only accidentally cheated on you with someone else honest!"


"You think someone would threaten if they didn't feel love?" Yeah, it's called being a stalker. It's not love. It's a shallow form of jealousy and obsession.


I lost it at ... "because so many unfair things happen to me" ... I could hear the fucking violins 🙄


Dudes serious unhinged, but honestly your default responses had me laughing despite how dark this situation must be for you. I don't know if that was an automatic bot or you, but that's probably the best way to handle POS like this guy. He doesn't deserve human contact. It's clear he's a manipulative predator, and from the sounds of it, a groomer and sex offender who can't handle losing control over people. The fact that by merely living your life, being happy, and getting married is torturing this guy should show as much. I must admit, a part of me takes schradenfreude in seeing manipulative abusers like this fall apart just because their victim escaped and found happiness. It's a kind of retribution that is entirely self inflicted, and without requiring victims to even confront their abusers back. Although he should still face true legal justice, it's still a way for them to know a fraction of the pain they caused.


The responses are automated, I thought about turning them off so he wouldn’t get a response at all, but decided against it because he’s entirely not worth it. I agree, it’s great when victims can break free from the abuse, it‘s just a bit scary to know that your happiness is likely fueling his anger against you even more, you know? I’m not posting anything about my life but he‘d still make assumptions about it.


I accidentally cheated on you but YOU did it on purpose!


Do I understand that this guy tried to maintain romantic interactions with a bot via the store's chatbox and managed to argue with it? Life is crazy. /s


Wow, I just read your previous posts and he sounds, exhausting. 8 years of this you've endured? Bravo for finally finding a bit of humor in his ridiculousness. He is not clearly not well and what you've had to put up with would break a lot of people. Stay strong!


"I don't waste my time with words". Hmmmm, then what are you doing now? 🤔


There comes a point where the best way to prove you're not dangerous to someone is to leave them alone completely


It just keeps on going!


A gift that keeps on giving.. that fucking no one asked for.


"Accidentally cheated on you". I've heard that one before. What a creep.


Lol dude had a whole conversation with himself.


Poor guy. He got stuck with a real freak show of a conversation partner.


Wow, he seriously tried the "I only threaten you because I love you" bullshit. This guy is emotionally eleven years old.


"I'm here here" "F U C K"


The automatically generated response after all his vitriol was hilarious - like adding fuel to an already raging inferno.


Man, do i have things I wish to impart to this fellow. So many, many things.


Very blunt things...


If blunt is code for 'verbal evisceration', then yes. Or blunt as in blunt force trauma. That works too.


I was thinking blunt force trauma, because I doubt blunt words would get through to him, but I'm not actually advocating violence, just wistfully thinking about it in this particular situation. 8 years of harassment and doxxing with CP. Jfc.


Oh, I'm terrible enough to advocate violence. And this guy. So much violence. All the violence.




Quite the mental gymnastics. He‘s currently 25.


OMG this guy will *never* stop isn't it? Gotta admire his tenacity even having only bot responses back.../s That I would say in any other situation, but this is just pathetic. Is painfully obvious that his skull is empty as hell. He really needs a straightjacket and a comfy room with soft walls (?) I'm glad you seem to be better enough to laugh at this nonsense :'D Hugs for you <3


Breaks my heart when you have an update, OP. I was really hoping that he would’ve stopped by now, but at least he can’t travel, so one small silver lining.


Thanks for sticking around for the shit show though haha


This guy can talk for the town


Holy shit I read some of your other posts and jeez, this dude needs to seek help A S A P.


The fact that this guy is having a whole conversation with himself .. wtfff


This is like one of the worst ones I’ve seen! Like… there’s just so much. And like everything he turns back on you like “I feel bad I did this, but it’s your fault though.” So glad you got out of that situation! What a loon he is.


“I don’t make assumptions about you, but you’re going to drop your husband like a hot dish.” Classic. 😂


To be fair, Elon musk is a giant joke


Oh totally, it‘s just peak irony that this psycho is calling out Elon Musk for his supposed mental issues. Pot calling the kettle black.




Funny seeing all the Elon fanboys replying to this. Who’s going to tell them about the emerald mines and slave labour?


You, I guess. I didn't even know about that.


The ultimate r/niceguys meltdown


Holy shit, you dodged like… all the bullets, like Neo in the Matrix. This dude is UNHINGED.


The corporate bot responses to this guy’s unhinged rants were amazing.🤣


Wait he accidentally cheated on you? How do you accidentally cheat on someone? Was he walking around naked and slipped and fell dick first into some lady or what?


Wow, he needs to get a life. And an education, he clearly doesn't see that he's talking to automatic responses? LMAO


Adding in the gate keeping of stress and false cheating accusation? Massive store of red flags


Damn that shop bot has him fucked up


How can he monologue for so long ? Doesn't he get bored or something ?


Did he trip and his dick fell into a pussy is that how you accidentally cheat ?


I only threatened you because my love is just so uncontrollable!


>It hurts to see you living a life without me. Glad that's not the scariest thing I've ever read...Oh, hang on a sec...


>You think someone would threaten if they didn't feel love? Yes, buddy, that's how sane people work, they don't threaten people they love


I’m assuming your safe based on comments so that’s good. My love to you for enduring this. You’re a very strong person. Just wanted to say that. Thank you for allowing us to join you in mocking this completely unhinged individual. Gold stars for having the automated replies! I can just imagine him screaming and spitting at his scream reading it!!! Best form of gray rocking I’ve seen (even if it wasn’t intentional.) again your a dang bad as$ and high five from this virtual stranger.


Aww thank you for your kind words! :)


What a whiney bitch he is. “It feels like no one sees things from my point of view” That’s because you’re a psycho and your brain isn’t working like everyone else’s. Also, nobody can read minds, especially when your actions are so completely bat shit different than what you mean. He needs to get a grip and take anger management.


like he is saying: 'fucking cunt I cheated on you, but just one time and + it's normal if when I'm angry I call you a little slut' 'but it is your fault because you didnt give me all the attentions I wanted bitch, I'm a nice guy and you need me' lmao he needs some help


also how the fuck can you ACCIDENTALLY cheat on someone like wth???


Well, I had my dick out and the floor was wet and I slipped and accidentally landed inside her


Man’s out here tryna project himself out to be Bruce Banner tryna control the Hulk when he’s an abusive scumbag😂


I mean you're spot on about him being an incel. They always seem to have a weird obsession with the one girlfriend or girl that was nice to them forever and never move on from it. "The one that got away" becomes this horrific fantasyland back to when their lives were the best they had been.


Imagine being such a prick that you get banned from a fucking continent


it's like he's talking to himself lmaooo


At first I thought the “Hey, thanks for reaching out, we’re working on beautiful scents right now” spiel was not a legitimate auto msg and was in fact a new, genius way to reply to unwanted msgs. If I ever get an opportunity i’ll be tweaking that and creating a fake luxury candelabra company to offer polite business responses (and dazzling exquisite candelabras)


>Dude has serious mental issues Is this guy seriously one to talk?


All the other things aside, how do you accidentally cheat on someone?


is bro sending those through your work email? that guy is down baaaaaad


Sounds like you've encountered my ex he also "accidentally cheated" me several times, split up with me and then proceeded to stale. Hope you are ok x I love the automated replies, he must have been livid you weren't giving him attention


"i'm not an evil person, i just get so angry some times" tells you all you need to know about the guy.


Never back doon. Double doon.


Right, and women are the irrational ones???


Nothing to say to what? What was he saying before this? I mean, he's totally unhinged for sure, but I'm dying of curiosity.


Just more of the senseless gibberish tbh, but I looked it up just for you. > and you still have nothing to say. probably because you are recording everything to give a transcript to someone else. well, just so you know, that's not really admissible in anyway because you can alter transcripts. These are the sort of things that happen when you hurt others carelessly. > Ask your husband how he would feel if he got nude photos of you with another guy. > How would your husband feel if you went to clubs and kissed and touched other guys, hm? > You're shameless > Hello?


I’m so happy that I don’t know this person.


Im astounded this man just sat down and actually yelled at a brick wall for who knows how long! Whatta cunt


I was so hoping you would have just responded with "k" at the end lmao


Dear God it just keeps going


Holy shit, dude needs a visit to a closed psychiatric ward.


The accidentally cheating comment finished me off, what a loser. I’m so sorry this happened to you and hope you’re safe. ❤️


"Accidentally cheated" bish whet???


Just started watching the show YOU and honestly as a guy I worry.... Stay safe


Its shit like this that reminds me "thank God im not a girl." Like what the actual fuck.


What a little worm of a man. So sorry.


oh my sweet lord, there’s SO much to unpack here


God, men are scary.


What the fuuuuuuuck?




Jesus fucking Christ this guy has issues, and that is an understatement.


This dude is fucking *unhinged*.


Dodged a nuclear fucking missile with this one. I hope he leaves you be soon, he's a massive dick.


those were the cringiest 20 minutes of my life


What a loser lol


Wow he sounds high


Geez, this guy wrote up a whole novel about his complaints about a past relationship, to a woman he’s been broken up with long enough for her to be married to someone else, and he claims to be a reasonable person.


> I've tried and it doesn't work because I'm stuck on you. I'd hazard a guess that this is *not* the reason. Just a hunch...


Sorry you have to deal with this relentless asshole. I was exhausted after reading through this post, then I looked through some of the previous ones. This guy needs to be locked up. I hope he leaves you and your husband alone


Hold on He's been doing this since he was 17? Has he forever stunted himself?


I agree with one thing from what the douche wrote there. Elon Musk does have a ton of issues.


TF is that?


Fella needs to sort himself out


He just had an entire conversation by himself that’s almost impressive


Oh my god I didn’t read the extra info on it until now I’m sorry he’s stalking you. That’s so fucked


"accidentally cheating"… there's obviously no such thing


At first I was thinking _okay, he's a little bit much but we need more context_ Then he didn't stop, at all. Holy crap hope op is safe.


How does one “accidentally cheat” on somebody?


Wow he really pulled all the manipulative asshole tricks out of his ass for that one sorry you ever met this person


bro needs to jump and get it over with fr


"You're nothing but rude" "You manipulated me" "You're an a$$hole" "We should get back together" Wth did I just read?