(Not my messages) Mr 'i know women better than they know themselves'

(Not my messages) Mr 'i know women better than they know themselves'


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What makes it worse is knowing how fucking close he was to getting in, and then he just took a steaming shit all over his entire effort. Such a waste.


I can see 2 places where he could have saved this encounter and turned it into a date. Absolutely brutal and he did it to himself.


These guys crash right out of the gate! Taking it at face value .... So a girl once had issues with his height. Instead of moving on and finding someone who isn't concerned with height (and shutting the hell up about it to her), he poisons any possible future relationships with said girls by whining about how girls only care about height. How clueless can you be, unless rejection and self sabatoge IS your kink...


I think they want to claim they made an effort and self sabotage on purpose because its easier than actual relationship work.


I have a feeling women aren’t rejecting him because of his height


And he’ll NEVER get that. 🙄🙄




"There is no way you swiped right on purpose" "I'm only 5'9 I'm so sorry" "Women want tall men. Your friends will tell you" I mean....women don't want men to speak about themselves like sad sacks? Weird!


I am 5’9” tall and have never had a problem with women, but I always treated them like fellow human beings with their own thoughts and dreams. Strange, huh?


Guy literally went into a tinder conversation acting like he's already lost when he had a match lmao. First message could've been played out as playful self-deprecation/compliment but after that yikes.


Nice guys have blind spots but they fill them with rage


He doesn’t seem so much angry as just.... with low self esteem.


Bitterness then lol


I have the feeling most women aren't rejecting him, he rejects himself first


It's like he's, for lack of a better term, cockblocking himself. "Hello, I'm- I OCCASIONALLY TORTURE SMALL ANIMALS FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES AND HAVE A SERIOUS FART FETISH. Wait, where are you going? Damn it, why don't females ever give me a chance?"


Had a coworker guy do something like this. He would chat up every girl at the store, one girl started responding and chatting him dirty shit. He was in. Doesn’t this dumbass show every guy in the store what she’s sending him. Completely cockblocked himself when she obviously found out.


You gotta admit that's a talent of it's own.


I've been in her shoes (as have many women, I imagine). There's nothing quite as frustrating as a guy so fixated on his height. I'm 5'3. Most men are taller than me and I've given 5'3 or shorter men a chance but it's always the complex. And when I reject them for their shitty attitude/fixation on something I couldn't care less about, suddenly I'm the bad guy. My boyfriend is like 5'10 and he can rest his chin on my head - it's really not an issue. 6' is more work for me since I'm so short.


I’m short too (5’) so guys that are too tall are a little intimidating to me. 5’8-5’9 is ideal for me but height isn’t really what’s important so idk


It's really not lol My biggest issue with tall guys is it hurts my neck to kiss them 😂 I went out with a guy (he's actually semi tiktok famous now 🙄) and he's like 6'5. He put his arm "around" me and basically had his inner elbow at my head. Way too awkward haha


They are rejecting him on the height of his attitude which screams issues.


WHF opens a conversation like that? Height is not the issue everyone makes it out to be. He seems like fun.


...this man shot himself in the foot, literally why??


so many dudes are like this. lacking confidence is one thing but this is woman repellant.


Exactly. Its to the point of being past lack of confidence. If a guy doesn’t have the confidence he won’t approach the girl at all, or he’ll constantly stress about his insecurities, where’s guys like this will announce their insecurities and tell the girl she shouldn’t be interested


His insecurities isnt even the worst thing about this. Its how anti women propaganda on the internet has guys brainwashed with this image of all women are the same, and its an image made to place all their unhappiness directly onto women.


Exactly. People do this and then use it as an example of why "all women just want chads". And their peer group doesn't question it because it gits the narrative they want.


Yeah, the number of times I’ve seen a post about women not wanting to date a 6 foot tall guy hit the front page is at least 3 times a week. Funny how not too many posts showing men give out death threats to women on dating sites rarely make the front page, especially nearly since every single woman I know has received a message like this before.


This dude doesn’t even just lack confidence, literally sounds like fucking eeyore. People like that are so exhausting.


Yup! They love being miserable.


Hey, it takes a lot of confidence to be self depreciative. This guys just being a nihilist.


This man rejected himself thats a hell of a lack of confidence lmfao.


Right, she literally said nothing bad about him. I get not having confidence, but you have to fake it until you make it. A self-deprecating line as an opener is about the worst thing you can say to anyone


And even when he brought up his insecurity, she said "That's tall to me!" What an idiot.


I know she couldn't have been nicer to him! I wouldn't have responded to that opener.


Back before I transitioned when I was a 5'4" dude, when a girl was interested in me, my height rarely was a problem. I got rejected once for being an inch too short (her words), which hurt for 5 minutes until I thought "if she can reject a person for being an inch too short, then she probably wasnt the girl for me." And moved on. Rejection sucks, especially when its something you can't control, but you have to move on. If they arent interested, then its just a waste of time to dwell on it.


>...this man shot himself in the foot, ... And then proceeded to somehow stomp on his own wound repeatedly.


They want the overbearing mother reaction of "please don't feel bad about yourself like that. Let me take pity on you instead".


He started out rough with the "did you swipe right on accident " but then shot himself in each toe individually then in the ankle.


Both feet. Blew em clean off with a shotgun. She started out genuinely interested in conversing.


Yes. Just stop talking about the height! Talk about the weather, or anything else


Because he didn’t have enough feet


This is gold.


Because he was so short which made his feet closer to his pistol.


I'm a 5'9 woman and have dated men between 5'3 and 6'3. Currently with someone also 5'9. His theory is stupid.


No you didn't, you've only dated men 6'0" or more. I know your dating life better than you. /s


Lol definitely 🤣


My girlfriend is 6’3 while I’m a full foot shorter than her. We met in person, hung out for a while as friends, and then I asked her out and she said yes immediately. We’ve been together for 3 years now, the only time we ever talk about height is to make hilarious jokes about our differences. I have no idea what this guys objective is, height only matters if you let it, there are beautiful amazing people out there and I’ll be damned if I let a height difference stop me from meeting someone like my girlfriend.


Exactly! Tbh it's kinda sad to see him self sabotage himself because he assumes all women are the same. Makes you wonder how sad he really is.


Online dating's miserable enough, I guess bio's with minimum height requirements really get to some guys. Have to feel a little sorry for them...


Tbh I’m a bit insecure about my height so I haven’t dated guys shorter then me really but I have dated ones my height or just an inch taller. I don’t think you need someone 6’3 to be happy 😂.


I'm 5'11 and have never dated a guy taller than me. Almost like personality is more important...?


My last boyfriend was 5’4” (only one inch taller than me) and I loved it actually, it was nice being on eye level and not having to crane my neck up to kiss him. I far prefer dating short people.


5'9 is pretty average for American men. My kids mom was 5'9. It was a little awkward for me at first but once I got over it I had a huge confidence boost. Can't be afraid to climb that mountain 😏


Why even go on that website if you're going to self sabotage yourself with every match? What a clown 🤡...


Starting with "There's no way you swiped right on purpose."


I figured that might have been a joke, like "wow, you're out of my league, there's no way I'm lucky enough for you to swipe right on me". Clearly I was wrong


Yeah that alone I would have taken as a joke, had the conversation gone entirely differently.


Right, like that's not even a bad line if it's in jest. Shows your humble plus it shows you think she's very attractive. You just gotta follow it up with a little confidence so it is clear that it's not low self esteem


Nice guys don’t realize that their dating problems are actually a self fulfilling prophecy


he is the impostor


"Why would you want to date me? But no, really, all women want 7 feet tall gigachad druglords. So I ask you again, why do you want to date me? To laugh at me with your friends in your circle of thottery?"


Almost sounds like some weird reverse psychology seminar I overheard at a job fair once "why should you hire me? Is it because I'm broke and steal meals from the break room, no. It's because I'm a go getter " or something to that effect.


vote him out he is sus


How else can I show the world that all women are superficial whores who don’t appreciate a Nice Guy?


-"Hey wanna get coffee some time?" -"Sure, when are you free?" -"DON'T WASTE MY TIME WITH YOUR CRUEL JOKES, WOMAN!"


Feels like someone who gets off on humiliation trying to get someone to have a go


IVE MATCHED WITH HIM BEFORE! Same conversation! I think I still have the screenshots...


Post em please!


No way you swiped right on purpose


Ha! Someone above you said that he gets off on rejection. Probably a joke, but if you had a similar encounter with the same guy, I bet there are a lot more people and maybe it doesn't sound as far fetched.


That’s crazy! Yes please post if you still have them. Since you matched with him and she matched with, I’ll assume he’s reasonably attractive. Most nice guys on here complain that no one is swiping right, but he’s getting the swipes and still complains. Some are just going to mess it up regardless.


Please post it


This fella gets off on rejection.


In a weird way he got what he wanted. He can now rationalise this as yet another woman who rejected him only because of his height and go wallow in self pity on some incel forum.


I have no idea what’s more sad. Either he is so delusional that he thinks this approach will work, or he actually gets off on rejection.


bro had a shot and fumbled


Bro seppuku'd.


That bit at the end "your friends will tell you" kills me. Like she can't know what she feels for herself. Sheesh.


Or that women are pack animals that always conform to their group AND all the cool kids are secretly laughing at him. There’s too many insecurities in this to keep track of.


Came here to say this. Stop worrying about your conception of "women" and listen to what the woman in front of you is telling you pls. Seems like he's dating for his own confirmation bias.


This dude is so used to deflecting in this way in order to feel as though his failure to snag a date is at the fault of, “shallow women,” and not his shitty personality, that he lacks the self-awareness to see how badly he’s sabotaging himself lmao. Yikes.


i just got my appendix removed and this made me wanna put it back in


"Women have rejected me"... for whinging on and on about his height at every opportunity.


[Fart in a jar martin](https://youtu.be/qI-ZdRuwRXg)


I dont know what I expected


I needed that. Bookmarked for future use. Thank you.


Stop telling me you don't mind ! I'm smaller than other guys and all women definitely hate that!


He got his foot in the door and immediately fucked it up. He doesn't just lack game, he has *anti-*game!


Lmao I’m sick of them saying women reject them, these blind bastards don’t even know when they win. They crash at takeoff, he had a good start and ruined it with his view of women.


Lol he really fucked himself fast 😅


I mean at least someone is


I would have unmatched as soon as I read his opener. Self-deprecation is a major dating red flag for me. I was not disappointed by his follow ups.


That’s become my biggest red flag tbh and I’m a dude. My last gf was like that and would be super manipulative with it. Anytime we’d have a fight she would just curl up and whine about herself instead of actually talking about he issue. I’m sure this guy would be the same way.


The older I get the higher Confidence moved up my list.


Women don't want a lil, assuming, biatch. 😒 if you're self conscious about your height that's fine, but don't act like this. Especially when op clearly said they don't care


The dude signed up for online dating when he won’t even accept that he’s datable. (For the record he’s proven that he is correct)


Wtf is with these guys. I’ve had several guys tell me this on Reddit, that all women want tall men. And you can’t argue with them, it doesn’t work. So fucking frustrating. You just know that if you were to hook up with this guy, he’d start acting out porn moves and tell you that women like it.


I'm 5'1" and I hate this. He's walked into this conversation deciding what you're going to say for you. And what, your friends are supposed to tell you what you like? You're not allowed to have your own opinions?


She even tried to give him a way back in after his whiny apology for his height.


She has the patience of a saint


The other day I mentioned on a sub how guys whine about how all women want men over 6ft tall, and I was told that I must have some sort of issue because that isn't a thing. Seriously, is this like a new fad the incels have come with as an excuse on why their lack of personality is causing them to be single?


I mean, not defending them BUT I have seen A LOT of online dating profiles where the girl has on her bio something to the effect of "swipe left if under 6 feet" or if not over 5'5" don't bother or whatever so there is a REASON they think that but if she isnt mentioning it in the convo, don't bring it up.


There are absolutely shallow women who really are the idiots incels talk about, who do everything in their power to chase down the worst possible men for mind-boggling reasons--I know some myself. They are so rare as to be statistically insignificant, but that doesn't mean anything to incels, since they're looking for somewhere to project their self-loathing. Since any woman at all is like that, and incels need a scapegoat, in their minds every single woman is this worst-case walking stereotype. The same way they think every black man is a huge drug-dealing womanizer and every feminist is a lesbian out to murder all men.


I mean it might be shallow but if you're literally not attracted to men under six feet tall, I think it's fair to put that in your bio. Why waste someone's time? We all have physical characteristics we are or are not attracted to. No one seems upset by the men who like petite women. That's just their preference. For some reason though, women who like tall men are just shallow idiots.


I think it's incredibly fair if you want to date someone taller. Im a tall woman and Im not interested in shorter guys. I wouldnt shame them for it, but I'm upfront. I hear all kinds of trash talk thrown at women for height preferences and very seldom do I see guys getting slammed for not wanting to date an overweight chick or someone of X race. If you're not fitting someone's preference, just move on, you'll find someone more compatible to you that is equally attracted to you


There's a difference though between seeking out someone who meets what you're interested in and bluntly insulting anyone who doesn't; that will never be okay, no matter how you spin it.


I'm not in Tinder, but isn't it always a little blunt to just make a list of what you are and aren't looking for? I don't think most women who say they want a man over 6 foot are being insulting to shorter men. I think the problem is that men expect emotional labor from a woman who is "rejecting" them.


Defeatism is HUGE with incels. They believe that their inability to attract women is due to genetics because it means they don't have to change and can blame others for rejecting them for things beyond their control. Then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as demonstrated in the OP and the incel gets driven furrher into that mindset. It's a feedback loop of self-victimization.


I'm six foot and nobody wants me, so there are clearly some holes in his theory.




Clearly this is fake. ALL women are ONLY attracted to height and nothing else. This is why Women are attracted to telephone poles, trees, giraffes, skyscrapers and any other objects that exceed 6 feet in height /s


Some men are going to be alone forever, and that’s ok.


If you think no one likes you, you'll act like no one like you. And if you're acting like no one likes you - not being interested in others, not respecting others - no one will have a reason to like you. But try telling them that...


Yaaa.. it's his height that's the problem. We'll go with that.


Ahhhh yes. The self sabotage method. Women love it. I know because I know them better than they know themselves.




5'9" is above average. What the actual fuck?


Depends on where he lives. In the US the average is about 5 ft 9.3 in. Still nothing wrong with that though.


Which I still find odd, since I'm 5'10" and almost everywhere I go I'm the shortest man in the room. I'm also married, so their theory still doesn't work. Either way, somewhere along the way incels got 6' as the magic number of attractiveness in their heads and good luck dislodging it now.


It happened because they all looked at the same three images of tinder profiles with “must be 6ft tall to ride” in the bio and decided everyone was like that. Critical thinking is not one of their strong points.


Same what I was thinking....


Psst. Most women don't know how much an accurate 6 feet is cause you know, most people don't carry measuring tapes with them. I'm 6'1 (actually slightly under 6'1 but it's close enough that I get by when I wear flip flops or something) and I get routine asked by people if I'm 6'3 or 6'4 whenever talk of height comes up. My dad is 6'5, which is really uncommon in my country, and people have mistaken him for 6'6 or 6'7. It's not a big deal, 6 is just a number that sounds good on paper, as long as you are an average sized person, most women won't care. Exceptions exist of course, but that is just a preference and that's cool, just find someone else.


I thought it was because every man who's 5'9" + says they're 6' so none of them can compare their height any more 😂 I'm a woman just under 6' and the AMOUNT of men who get really offended with my height when they ask is unreal. "You can't be 6' because I'm 6' and you're taller than me" erm no pal, you're just lying about it and I'm not.


>You can't be 6' because I'm 6' and you're taller than me" erm no pal, you're just lying about it and I'm not. I mean, you gotta pick your spots while lying ;)


Same. I'm a little under 5'10" and men have accused me of being 6 feet tall. Like I literally have the measurement from my doctor.


That's because guys round up two inches on their height.


Hey that’s an offensive stereotype. We round up two inches on at least two things.


Predicting someone's height just by looking at them is really difficult for most people is what I was getting at pal.


I mean, women who are 6', or a few inches over or under exist. Not hard to tell the dude you see eye to eye with that he isn't 6'2"


I said 'most people'. Most women aren't 6'. Hell, most guys aren't 6'.




I'm 5'6 and I never once thought "man if I was 6' tall this girl would really like me"


Guy probably spends a ton of time on tinder subreddit


This guy would find a way to feel rejected even if a girl lied naked in his bed with her legs spread open...like ffs homie don't look so hard for the L and take a W instead my guy.


Lol why even start the conversation if your going to constantly torpedo yourself?


some guy i was texting ALSO apologised for being short. and i’m like “i don’t care” and he still kept ranting about it. i think i dodged a bullet on that one.


Why the fuck is even on tinder if he doesn't believe anyone is interested in him?


Damn, that man did not shoot his own foot. He just cut his feet off with a scythe. Dude, you were there! She was interested! Her Dad was short which she mentioned, most likely, to put him at ease about his height!


Somehow, I feel like he's going to assume he was rejected because of his height again...


My ex was shorter than me by like 3 inches. He was the most normal ex I ever had, and I still care deeply for him. All my tall exes are abusive asf. This guy has a lot of other issues smh


This guy started off weak with I know you didn’t swipe on purpose crap. And just kept digging that hole. This girl who tried to give him a shot the real MVP tho


Jack black is a chubby 5ft 6 man, and I bet that MFer could get almost any woman he wanted. Confidence is the sexiness


I legit have a crush on him and I’m a 6ft woman. I just hope he likes tall women and if not, that’s okay, there’s still plenty of small fishes in the ocean who loves bigger fishes 😉 Being this insecure about heights definitely kills confidence and that makes them less sexy.


I'm a 5'3" guy, when I was using dating apps I put my height in my profile to avoid awkwardness if someone didn't want to date somebody shorter than them. I have a long term girlfriend now who is taller than I am and height has never been an issue because we didn't make a big deal out of it. Basically the only time it's ever been discussed is she doesn't wear heels around me usually even though I've told her it doesn't matter to me and she can wear what she wants.


Nice guys are pros at blocking their own shots.


Tip for men: NOTHING is more attractive than confidence. I’m 5’3 and exclusively attracted to tall men, yet my first husband was 5’2. Women absolutely loved my ex, which is the reason we separated 😂 couldn’t keep it in his pants! Get some self esteem, and stop setting yourself up for failure by saying crap like this. Sounds like he has a shit personality, but he thinks it’s all about his height lol


I'm 5'8, 5'9 is dream size. As is anything not too short or too tall. still depends on the personality but.. do these guys know like 6 foot hurts the neck(or feet)? Imagine trying to kiss when standing. The poor guy & girl. Maybe I'm weird bc I have RA and mobility is what I think of most. Also did he try to make the girl doubt what she thinks? Like wow. She was trying to reassure him and he just runs all over that and says "No, no no. Stranger, you don't actually think that, you're like every other elitest height girl! I know this because girls who were not you rejected me for it!" uh, what? There's trauma and then there's being a butt about it. Remember try not to assume negative things about strangers, mr nice guy. Will help you. Better ways to go about this.


Be funny. Have hobbies. Listen when people talk. It's not rocket science. I'm 5'8" and I'm doing fucking fine.


Yo…all he had to do was stfu. Men really ruin shit for themselves 🙄🙄🙄🙄


Wow what kind of douchebag rejects himself?!?


When you want to start talking to real women but all of your information about women came from red-pilled reddit or 4chan sourced by other clueless trolls aaaand you get this guy.


“Women want tall men, your friends will tell you. You, as a woman, are not behaving like a woman behaves and they’ll fix you.” is how that comes across to me. I’m the same height as him, but I couldn’t care less whether I’m taller or if she’s 6’5, it is what it is. I can’t imagine going on a meltdown over height.


I've had dudes say this to me. Like, I'm 5'0. Wtf am I going to do with someone over 6'0?


Climb like a tree 🌲


I'm 6'7'' I can guarantee the height thing does not affect your chances with women.


I married a 6’7” guy. I had to buy a bigger tent when we started dating. He has ruined my fantasy of one day living in a tiny house. Lol. I don’t mind it but I was not actively seeking a giant. Back when he was single his little niece asked him where his wife was. He told her he wasn’t married so he didn’t have one. To which she replied, “oh. Cause you’re too big.”


I mean, it totally does. But it’s one of many, many factors. Most women prefer a man taller than them. But, most men are taller than most women. The dude in the screenshot is *seven* inches taller than his match. He clearly was overreacting


Little man syndrome.


Even when women *do* say they want a "tall" guy, that doesn't necessarily mean 6 ft. It can for some, sure, but I think most women who prefer a taller guy just mean taller than *themselves*. That's how I am - I like the idea of dating a guy taller than myself or the same height (approximately - I'm not greeting anyone with a measuring stick, lol). I'm 5'4. *Most* men will fall into that category. And there are absolutely women shorter than me who feel similarly. I actually might find 6'+ might be a bit *too* tall for me, tbh. While I really don't hear my friends or family say "gosh, I really want a tall guy...", even when a woman does say that it doesn't mean she demands 6ft or taller.


Agreed, my preference is taller than me in my highest heel, which for 5'3" me is somewhere about 5'7" so which is about my current beau's height I think.


I wanted to think this is fake but there’s even one of these guys on this post. These types of people really need therapy badly. Things will only get worse.


Did he have "super humble" or "🤪" in his bio? Lol


"I know she's going to reject me so I must preempt the rejection and giving a bogus reason to make myself feel better when she ultimately does reject me, proving me right"


Why even be on the app at that point holy shit


Sounds like this guy likes his complex more than going on dates with women 🤷‍♂️


Did he just mansplain women's desires to a woman? That's pretty damned even for a Nice Guy.


She was actually starting to flirt with him and he fuckin ruins it


She didn't even reject him, she seemed alright with the vibe, this man rejected himself wtf


I wonder if this guy even realizes that this is just a self fulfilling prophecy. Most women don’t care about his height but he’s so convinced they do he blows his chance by complaining about it before she even has a chance to get to know him. I wouldn’t continue to message with this guy, his whoa is me act turned me off instantly.


I don’t mind a short guy. I don’t even mind a short dick. What I mind is a guy who is so fucking hung up on his height and size that his insecurities become a third entity in our relationship.


This guy could have been having sex, but instead he’s just confirming his own biases.


Man even had an out at "I'm 5'2 that's tall to me"


Why swipe if this is how you gonna act when you get a match


did he literally get on the app to confirm his own self-loathing?


I think this deserves to go on r/facepalm as well. I never seen someone sabotaging his own chance for a date like this guy.


I'm apparently not a woman, according to this deluded nice guy LOL. I guess I should've asked my friends before marrying my husband 25 years ago - he's a few inches shorter than me and nowhere near 6 feet tall.


This guy walked in there already shot in the foot


"what is a complex" that's your turn around and walk away moment. This man is legitimately upset he's not over 6 foot and it's a problem he's made up in his own head.


Then why have I dated dudes that are 5 ft 3? Dang. I guess I'm not a real girl.


Dude was in the CLEAR


This is absolutely wild. He blew off a woman who was attracted to him and tried to reassure him that she was attracted to him.


I'm so sick of this "feel sorry for me" baiting. Self deprecating humor is one thing, but if a guy seriously keeps talking about how he's not good enough then I'm happy to go find someone else who is. If he doesn't like himself then why should I like him lol.


This belongs to r/sadcringe


Dude doesn’t even know what the word complex means. He’s got bigger issues than dating.


I’m sure there was one or two girls who rejected him for not being tall enough and now because of that, he shots himself in the leg every time he talks to a girl when in my experience 8.5 out of 10 girls don’t give a shit if you aren’t like 4”11 that’s what an actual dumbass


Holy crap! You missed your shot! She was literally interested! And then you decided to open your mouth while your head was in your @ss! I don’t know why but it just makes me cringe. My boy sets himself up to fail.


Did he just give an entire STATE as his current living location? What’s his matching range, 2000 miles?


“There’s no way you swiped right on purpose” — what an attractive conversation starter


Now how does this fit the sub? He never claims to be nice nor does he insult or lash out. Its doesn't even fit r/creepypms it's just sad


For fucks sake, bro. Fake it till you make it, even if you aren't confident until someone brings it up, don't worry about it


"You're rejecting me." "No I'm not." "Yes, you are. Ask your friends."


She literally told him, he is tall for her….


My friends are lesbians so they aren't gonna tell me anything about what they want in a man


Woman: I want you This guy: no you don’t, ask your friends


This happens a lot. My partner is a good-looking guy. We met on Tinder and he asked me if I liked tall guys. I thought it was a weird question to ask but said I was short so everyone is tall to me and left it at that. When we met one of the first things I've thought, "Ahh, that's why". He's short - about 5'6" and has been rejected because of his height. On one date he was supposed to meet this girl at a tube station and then go for drinks. Walking away from the tube station she said something about forgetting or dropping something at the station and went get it. She never came back. It's an insecurity and he brought it up awkwardly. He was only doing it to see if this was a thing that would bother you. If it would have been then he'd know to not continue pursuing this further. I don't know why you'd call him out for it though? He's still somebody you don't know and it's unfortunate if women have held his height against him before. If you haven't met him then you hardly know him well enough to challenge his personal experiences. I don't know if he's a nice guy. But he needs to have better chat.