The goalies I grew up watching. I probably could've added Ryan Miller in there. I guess Fleury could be in Quick's place too. :(

Patrick Roy, Dominick Hashek, Eddie Belfour, Martin Broduer were my guys.....


Patrick Roy, Dominick Hashek, Eddie Belfour, Martin Broduer were my guys.....


Vernon and Joseph.


~~Vernon~~ Cheveldae and Joseph. That goalie fight years ago was incredible


man when lil Ozzie took on Roy. Shit was special.


I watched that shit live... God im old.


Dan Cloutier was the GOAT fighter in the NHL. He wasn’t great but I loved that once a year he’d get in a fight one time with a player rather than a goalie. I also feel like I remember him throwing his stick when caught out of position and just hacking guys for getting too close. All in all he took a lot of penalties for a goaltender which as a young kid was perfect.


I had a huge Mt Vernon poster in my room as a kid.




Whenever I tune into a Devils game I'm all like "Who the hell is this jackass?"


"they must have given Brodeur the night off"


Honest to god I still have that thought at least once a year. Same with redwings when it’s not that goofy osgood helmet…


This is the definition of iconic, when you see someone else in the same role and all it does it remind you of the OG.


The rarest sentence in hockey at one point in time...


*The* guys


Our guys.


Calm down there comrade Stalin 😉




Tough not to have Richter in there as well.


I left a few guys out.... sorry


Potvin, Barrasso, Irbe...man I miss those days


Long days and pleasant nights traveler!


And may you have twice the number!


I got stuck in a youtube hole of Hasek yesterday..the man was unbelievable and rather unconventional


The Dominator!


Don't forget Marty Turco ;)


I loved Marty, and he was great, but I think he's outclassed by the guys I mentioned. Still one of my favorites. That 2008 run...man o man.


*Glances at goaltending records*


Mikka kippersoff also


Add in Kolzig and I’m right there with you.


Oli the goalie!


Was just about to bring up broduer and roy


Yeah! Fuck Chris Osgood!


Yeah this post entered me into r/FuckImOld territory.


Was thinking the same thing, holy fuck


Jim Carey. For the novelty. And he had a few good years.


Same, this meme made me feel really old.


Could add a few others but this was definitely my main list as well.




Same. Add Andy Moog for me - as I grew up a Boston fan.


Brodeur, Luongo, Hasek, Fleury and Biron were/are my all time favorite goalers


I only have 2 goalie jerseys. Roy and Hasek.


2002 must have been a special and confusing year for you


Oh it was. Lol. My coworker who is from Buffalo basically disowned hasek for going to Detroit. I'm glad he won a cup. Sucks that it was with Detroit 😉


same :(




Don’t forget Kolzig!


Ah a fellow elder Millennial. Don't forget the Beezer and Olie the Goalie. But Brodeur is the greatest of all time and I'll die on that hill.


Still a Genxer but just barely.


Yep, this. At 8 years old between the red and black jerseys and Eddie's Eagle helmet, I thought the hawks were hella cool. 28 years later I'm still a fan


Cheeses Cheevers


This one is especially true for the 2014-2015 season when these guys were the Top 6 imo. You could make a case for Fleury or Rinne I guess but in my memories, you had Lundqvist who came out of a Stanley cup final, Crawford and Quick who won two cups, Price who won 4 trophies that year, and Rask being amazing (I guess I'm a bit biased for him since he made the Habs/Bruins rivalry spicy)


Man, I hope the Bruins are still good in two years so the Habs and Bruins rivalry can really mean something again.


I hope that berge has instilled enough of his work ethic and the way he approaches teamwork into the younger guys for the locker room to continue to be so positive the bruins vs candiens rivalry is still everything to me even tho its cooled off a bit in recent history


They can only be this good for so long.


I wish crawford didn't get injured so much like he did. He probably could have gotten another cup if those concussions didn't happen


Luongo probably ended up the goalies I watched as a kid with Roy, Brodeur, Khabibulin, Hasek, even JS Giguere when he went insane in the playoffs.


Yeah true. When Fleury will retire soon enough, we could put him in his place. And for those goalies you mentionned, I'd like to add Cam Ward and Mikka Kiprusoff to the list


I would say that kipper was the most raw talented goalie of his Era and one of the best of all time. And this is coming from an oilers fan. Could have easily won a cup if he didn't want to stay with the Flames.


Still kills me all these years later that the Flames never built good teams around Iggy and Kipper.


Just going to toss Ilya (why you hef to be so mad) Bryzgalov In there as another icon of that era


I was hoping someone would mention the Bulin-wall!


I still think his helmet design was one of the best.


John Vanbiesbrook


Man one time in NHL I got *robbed* by Giguere while playing coop with a friend and for some reason yelled "Jiggy stole my milkshake" and we still say that *many* years later lol So I'm thankful for that man lol


Roloson as well


Rollie the Goalie! Loved to hate him as a Sharks fan, but ultimately nothing but respect


For sure I always appreciated his talent but then when he was against us in the conference finals in 11 he was lights out in that series and I became a fan I think if not for tim thomas having such a dreamlike season rolo would've brought them through the canucks


Why would you do this to me.....


Because I had to do it to myself...


You didn't though. You really didn't.


They're not dead!


Once again, they are very much alive


Vokoun, Tim Thomas, Bryzgalov, Nabokov, Kipprusoff, and perhaps the greatest flash in the pan guy ever, Jose Theodore. Edit: And the playoff phenom of early 00s Chris Osgood


Miika kipprusoff, Engeni Nabokov, Vesa Toskola, Dwayne Roloson, Tim Thomas, Chris Osgood, i could keep going lol


Tim Thomas 😔


Carey Price v Tim Thomas - Feb 9, 2011. My favorite hockey fight of all fucking time.


When timmy talks about this in the bruins stanley cup dvd it's pretty funny hes like yea not one of my proudest moments and price was a good sport about it pretty sure he would've destroyed timmy in a fight


I'll never forget this one highlight reel save he made. Got pulled all the way to one side of the net, puck got passed across him and one timered. Mother fucker somehow switched directions and dove back, got the save with his glove. Unbelievable.


He did this so many times. Or got it with his stick


Thomas was a weird fluke and freak of nature. Drafted by **the Nordiques** in 94, didn't hit the NHL until 2002. Wasn't great, not great, alright, BOOM! Explodes into an elite goaltender and making saves few guys can. Absolute sleeper compared to the other greats that were ready soon or immediately after their draft. I've seen people say goalies like (and including) him had to do that because they are out of position. The fact is that if you can consistently save it like that, you're still in position - you just have a larger range than normal. You're cutting the current threat's shot percentage by going more toward them, but can still cover the other possibility's shot if necessary. It's not like EA NHL where a one-timer easily slides across the slot and directly in every time. He's got the paddle and a dive left.


Im not even a Bruins fan but i own his jersey. Thats how much i loved TT.


I didnt know it was my job to pump his tires lol timmy was great


He allowed the weirdest goal I ever watched in person: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DGamH5PGNI


i miss the old nhl with getzlaf hundqvist sedin twins kesler lupal etc


Seeing Jimmy Howard in the broadcast booth feels weird


Franchise goalie is a dying breed. Vasi will probably be the last one.


I could see Shesterkin or Saros be franchise goalies at this point honestly. Maybe Ullmark if he continues to be this amazing for the Bruins in the next seasons




Montembeault is a wildcard pick there, but I could see him yeah. He has the Quebec factor for him too so hey! Who knows!


I would be willing to add Carter Hart to that list, he’s only been up and down because the team is. The kid is a stud. Sorry though, I don’t see Montembeault being a franchise goalie. We don’t have that goalie anywhere in our system…yet.


I seriously hope Knight is.


I know that nobody really wants to think about Winnipeg, but I'd strongly argue that Connor Hellebuyck is a franchise goalie too. He won a Vezina a few years ago and is looking like he's putting up those numbers again this year. They only went deep once in 2018 so that hurts his national exposure. He's a fan favourite and I doubt the organization is going to let him get signed anywhere else without a fight.


100% Bucky is a franchise goalie. He has been for several years and will continue to be.




Surely will not be the last one, but there are fewer. There’s also not as much talent at the top end as there was in the early 2000’s or late 90’s Perhaps more talented (Vasi) but not more talent


Looks at Jake Oettinger, looks at the Wild prospect Jesper Walstedt, looks at Arizona and Karen Vejmelka, looks at John Gibson, looks at Carter Hart, looks at Igor shesterkin. Like we can go on for the number of franchise goalies that are still out there and that are up and coming.


You think those guys will be getting paid 11% of the cap and stay with their teams for the next 8-10 years?


There will always be an iconic group of franchise goalies for every generation of player. Always has been and always will be.


Naw. The days of blowing all your cap space on a goalie are over.


How so? Explain to me why it’s no longer the case? Also yes I believe that some if not all of those goalies will at least get high paying contracts and stay long term. John Gibson is the definition of a franchise goalie already.


He's pretty mediocre. Yeah, he's been with Anaheim his whole career, but what does Anaheim have to show for it? Couldn't they get similar results for less money? They'd be smart to dump him and his big salary if any team was desperate enough to take him.


Bro I’m not sure what world you live in where a career average 0.913 and GAA of 2.73 is mediocre the fact that he maintains those stats when he is on a team in desperate need of a rebuild speaks volumes to his skills. He ticks a lot of you arbitrary boxes but apparently that doesn’t matter to you he’s on a team that’s so bad that they have won only one game in regulation so far this season. Also on a team that’s rebuilding his cap hit isn’t even the worst price for quality in the league. His contract is cheaper than MAF when he won the Vezina or Bobrovsky for that matter.




Yeah it’s a wild ride to watch the new gen of goalies take the reigns


Especially seeing the Kings try to transition from Quick to Petersen.. Whoo boy


No Pekka in this meme makes me upset


Are you surprised? Edit: I meant this as "Are you surprised that the Preds got snuffed again?" That's the story of the Preds every time a post like this pops up.




I agree. I think people saw my last post and thought I was saying he shouldn't be in this pic, which isn't true. Easily one of the best goalies in a long time. But because he played for the Preds, people refuse to acknowledge him.


Which is strange to me because the preds were a top team during this time and that was mostly do to pekka they just never seemed to be able to get it done in the post season


Thanks for making me feel old. I grew up watching Ken Dryden and Mike Palmateer.


You could be my dad! He grew up with them too!


Thanks again! Maybe tomorrow I should be calling a funeral home to pre-arrange mine?


And I thought I was old watching Roy Hasek and Brodeur.


Those guys you mentioned but add in Curtis Joseph, Brodeur, Fleury (my first crush), Miller, Belfour, Thomas, Osgood…. those were my from my childhood.


Potvin, Cujo and Eddie the eagle


Ed ‘the eagle’ Belfour, Felix ‘the cat Potvin, Ron Hextall, Patrick Roy, & the goat Matin Brodeur…just a few from my early days.


Price is my fav


Hextall, Hasek, Miller, Balfour, lots of good ones. Hextall was my guy for sure.


I was especially sad when Lundqvist retired. He was my favorite


How old are you! Top comment is the has the ones I think of, just curious


I'm 20! I'd say that from 2010 to 2017 is when I "grew up" watching Hockey. Fleury should've been in there but he hasnt retired yet


bout to talk about the old school boys....Esposito, Gump Worsley, Gerry Cheevers, ken Dyrden and Eddie Giacomin. There was something about the stitches on Gerry's mask.




Overall Career or based on prime? Prime Price is the best, Overall Career it's hard but I think Quick with his 2 cups and Conn Smythe. Lundqvist i think had the best consistency over the entire Career his 30 wins in 7 straight seasons, also 11 30 win seasons of his first 12 the only goaltender in NHL history to do that.




For both with no accomplishments? I gotta go Lundqvist because of the consistency he had, I think he's also like 7-1 in elimination games in MSG. He's probably the most reliable goaltender in recent history. Quicks run as a top goaltender was short imo and Prices prime was cut short due to the 2014/15 injury vs the Rangers. He was never the same after that, still great but man what could've been the beginning of dominance. I think if you switch Quick and Price teams Price with the cup with LA but Quick couldn't be the MTL team as far as price did. I think if Price and Lundqvist switched Lundqvist could bring MTL as far as Price did, he'd also win the Cup in LA. It's really a toss up for Price and Lundqvist and you can't go wrong with either.


J. Quick 7-0 in elimination games in 2014. Quick>Lungqvist, Price


Tbh 2012 Quick is the most dominant playoff run I've ever seen. That said, I think had the Habs went to the finals that year LA would've had a harder time figuring out Price than they did Lundqvist. Also did you not just read that it's overall career not just 1 year. If it was 1 year Price in 2014 is better than 2014 Quick


I see you are blinded by your Canadian bias. If Price was better in 2014 he would have his name on the cup.


lol no kidding, Quick is and has been underrated most of his career, he's a HOF guaranteed


he never got a chance to because Chris Kreider took him out in game 1 of the conference finals.


One series does not a legendary goalie make. (usually) No doubt Quick had a great 2014 series, but his overall career? Pretty great. However, not 12 30 win seasons great. He's never had more that 3 30's in a row.


I'd just like to point out, that Lundqvist would have likely had, if not for the shortened 2012-2013 season, 12 consecutive 30+ win seasons. Indeed in the 43 games he played in that shortened 2012-2013 season he won 24.


Man oh man. If you ask for the 2014-2015 season then it's literally a coin toss. I guess Price since he won Ted Lindsay, Hart, Vezina AND William Jennings


In their primes (before any injuries) gotta go Quick. Conn Smyth and 2 Cups. Price had the one amazing year, but never really repeated.


Quick and Lundqvist representing the West and East respectively. Quick gets the edge for bringing the cup home twice, and honestly it's just a tragedy that Lundqvist didn't get one. Two top tier franchise goaltenders that I miss seeing play against each other


The boys 😞


I remember when Thomas Vokou left the Predators and I thought that we would never land a goalie as good as him again. Lolz


Pekka Rinne for me


Y’all are young. Goalies I grew up watching are Roy Brodeur Belfour Turco Luongo Cujo Cloutier Salo Osgood Kolzig Hasek all them greats. Just to name a few from top of my head


All of them greats? Nah dawg. Cloutier, Turco, Salo and Osgood really werent that good.


It was hyperbole and personally I’m a huge Cloutier fan cause I grew up watching him as a Canucks fan. I’m simply naming all the goalies in my era.


No you arent. Hextall, Richter, Kidd, Fuhr, Irbe.... tons you are missing, if you are just making a list of goalies from your era.... and all of whom were better than Dan fukn Cloutier.


Are you fucking dumb? You must be young or something read my first post or do you have reading comprehension? Do you know what hyperbole is? If not go back to school and stfu. Don’t try to start shit with me I got time today.


Hahaha yes I am so young that I know all those goalies and that Cloutier wasnt good. Be mad all you want 😂😂😂


Tf is Corey Crawford doin in here??


I mean technically Price isn’t retired


Ron Hextall beats his way into the chat...


I would personally add Craig Anderson to the “still kicking” list. He’s been my favorite player for a while, and although he hasn’t had the success of the other guys up there, I still feel like he deserves a lot of respect


It's a shame how many of them didn't win cups. The king with no cups should be illegal


I don’t mind that Luongo doesn’t have a cup 🙂


Don't sleep on Kari Lehtonen


Why you hef to be sad? Universe is so hewmawngus big.


God damn do you make me feel young.


Yeah I know some of those words


Is that a bubble gum guard from adventure time?


What show is this from


Y’all disrespecting my boy Ben Bishop in here


For real


It's strange as I grew up I added more to my guys. Joseph, Roy, Hasek, Price, and Fleury we're all my favourite growing up. I tried to take a little bit of each of their style and put it into mine. Cujo is my ultimate favourite though.


Fingers crossed we see Price again. Personally the game will not be the same for me without Quick.


They are all still alive?


Yeah but the gravestone ones all retired or aren't playing right now while Quick is the only one who remained a starter. I guess you could put Fleury in Quick's place but Quick remained an LA King for his whole career


You know his name was walks ?


This meme is so depressing


Crow :(


As a Habs fan I’m so disappointed that we got a generational goalie in Carey Price and got 10 years to build a cup worthy team around him and the fact that that never happened is an insult and a disservice to him and all that he’s done for the team


Felix Potvin was a treat


I talked to a guy I know. He used to play goalie in the juniors for Tappara here in Finland. He said he was pretty good but that he decided to forgo a hockey career since the age group had the likes of Tuukka Rask that shadowed anyone else's performance.


No mention of Nabakov in here? Dude was a stud!


Really miss watch Hank and Roberto play. Tim Thomas too. :-(


Roberto Luongo was my favourite goalie and favourite captain.


Don’t forget niemi…


Oh that thought hits me with the sad :(


Where is Pekka Rinne?


Late to the party and I know the writing is on the wall but I really, really hope to see Price on the ice at least one more time.


You didn’t need to remind me of how much I miss Crawford :( . Even when he wasn’t on his A game, he was always a good teammate.


Fuck corey crawford


This so much


When your done your done. Go out winning.


The zamboni driver went out on top. Smart man. Lol


God I miss Carey Price


I know fans of other teams relate, but the only Rangers holdover from that era is Kreider and that’s been a lot to take in. Can include the goalie coach (Benoit Allaire) and the medical trainer (Jim Ramsay) but Kreider’s the only player who was around for all four ECF trips and the one SCF trip. I’m excluding players who were in the Rangers system but weren’t actually playing for NYR, ie Shesty since 2014.


Mikka Kipprosoff I'd throw in as well. Lord help my spelling, Finnish as close to alien language there is on earth.


Dark horse pick for one of the best goalies of the decade (although there are a lot), Devan Dubnyk was pretty good with Minnesota for a while, just not franchise i guess


Can’t forget Jose Theodore, Tim Thomas and Miikka Kiprusoff


Quick is still playing, but he is not playing like Quick...


Nabokov :(


Wasn’t sure if this was posted on Nhl or regular show subreddit haha




Don't forget Curtis 'Cujo' Joseph


Ron Hextall…….


Sawchuk, Plante, Hall, Bauer