I play American Football in the UK, all NFL teams have refused to play against us so far.


It’s MMA rules, your team should start challenging US college teams, to build up street cred.


I don’t think many people understand that some of the worst college teams would absolutely murder “professional” teams from around the world. College football is pretty much professional. It’s not even amateur anymore or semi-pro.


I think some above average high school teams could do pretty good as well


Depends on state also. Average Texas High School teams are utterly ridiculous with their skill level.


Texas Florida Georgia California are all filthy at high school football


Hell, throw in South Carolina as well. They ain’t no joke


Only difference is the players are just smaller on average. That’s why they couldn’t really hold up against NFL teams


Idk, some of the All-Star College FB teams beat the SB champions when that was still a thing


When that was a thing college players were considered the more professional league while what was considered then nfl were more so considered mercenaries in comparison any nfl team could rock any D1 team except maybe the Texans


We want Bama!


Theres a global competition like the world cup, but we usually send the 2nd string QB from Army in 2015 instead of an actual quality team


...and win consistently lol


Usually blow outs too


Only team I’ve seen do well against the US teams is Japan


Germany beat us once by a point


Ok, thanks, missed that.


>Professionals from any NFL or Canadian league were ineligible. Players must have graduated from college—current college players were ineligible. All levels of NCAA and NAIA athletics were required to be represented, not just FBS If you look at the Wikipedia page, most players on the roster don’t have a page of their own because they’re THAT unknown. And since USA joined the league in 2007, the championship scores have been 23-20 in a double overtime thriller with Japan…and then they smacked Canada and Japan off the map with 50-7 and 59-12 wins respectively.


Imagine if teams could field professionals Cancel the tourney, just have Canada VS US every year


That’s kinda messed up, could at least put some linemen out there


There was actually a short stint back in 2004 where there was a failed "NFL Europe" league. I only know of it's existence due to owning Madden 05 for GameCube and looking up who the heck the Scottish Claymores were.


*gridiron football


In the UK it's called American football. I coach several teams here and that's how it's always referred to by those that play or coach it here.


Yeah there’s like four different codes of gridiron football. There’s American, Canadian, Arena, and Flag. Additionally, most of those can be broken down into subsets with different rules. Most other countries playing gridiron football play a variant of American football.


Arena games are really fun. The AFL had it going on before they closed


Yeah, I liked the AFL growing up, and I still like the CFL, too. I like seeing the variety in football; I don’t like the USFL, and didn’t like the XFL or AAF as much because it’s just like worse NFL.


I would maybe suggest the FCF if you haven’t looked into it


You can still say american. Canada plays gridiron as well but different rules and field size




Congratulations for identifying the joke. This is a memes subreddit where people post jokes.


Google tells me England are the defending cricket world cup champs, so they have that at least.


Damn right, in two formats as well


Standard and Modern?


Nope, NZ are champs in standard


Legacy and vintage


Pipe and a crepe


If I remember correctly, though, that was a really big deal for them. India and Pakistan have been the global cricket heavyweights for the last half century. ​ In fairness to England, there's a lot more people in India and Pakistan than in Britain lmao


I'd say Autralia have been the best cricket team over the last 50 years tbh


Easy. The 90s and 2000s were some of, if not the best, cricket teams ever assembled. And that's not even including the greatest and most dominant individual sports athlete of all time from any sport, sir Donald Bradman.


The fact his batting average was a century (well 99.3 but anyway) is just amazing He was so far beyond any other person in the sport he participated in that nobody even comes remotely close


The word soccer is also from England but we get made fun of by them for calling it that


a-SOC-iation football > SOCCER football > SOCCER That’s how soccer got named soccer. England people like to add -ER to things.


>England people like to add -ER to things. Posh English people do. The reason that most English people don't like soccer is that it's always been called football by the working classes who have been the predominant players and fans for about a century. Basically Americans just get caught in the crossfire of good old English class politics.


This is so goofy I refuse to believe it’s real lmao


Lol it’s true


Wonder why it's not pronounced like "kosher"


the nickname originally started out as ASOC (a sock) or something like that


Drives me insane. Anything that ends in -a is pronounced -er I don’t know how or why this started


True but it's always been called Football at the same time


Any football team that the UK could put together wouldn't even put up the fairest fight against the old Tampa Bay or the 0-16 Lions.


NFL team...out of the question. Same with any D1 teams. The question would be whether they can compete with D2 or below, or event that is out of the question and we have lower the competition to peak high school level.


Pretty sure peak high school teams would absolutely slaughter any team another country could form. You'd have to start creeping down into smaller divisions in high school before you find a competitive game. Football in the US and Soccer over seas is quite similar. Many kids with a real shot at making it big in the states for football are getting all the opportunities starting as young as elementary school. The same thing happens over seas with soccer. The kids with a real shot get opportunities with developmental programs affiliated with the local professional football clubs at a young age. This is also why the US, even though we dwarf most of the prominent soccer countries, struggles with finding talent for soccer. It's been slowly on the rise recently. The US u16 national team just beat the u16 England team a couple days ago. The last hurdle soccer needs to get by in the states is a similar hurdle the US has with hockey. It's predominantly considered a rich kid sport. Soccer has the travel costs at certain age groups. Hockey has that paired with a small fortune needed to keep up with gear for a growing child. Edit: spelling


That's why like half the US team has at least one immigrant parent, or in the case of the german players, an American dad who was in the armed forces. They just culturally want to play soccer over potentially more lucrative American sports.


Assemble their best rugby players and let them practice for a year? I think they could compete. The rugby "linemen" would have to bulk up a bit.


Technically correct is the best kind of correct.




Technically, Soccer and Football are decended from the same sport


Rugby used to once be called football too


I know.


Except everyone plays basketball


And Baseball. And American Football is spreading and gaining international popularity.


Baseball is funny, because it's immensely popular in the Caribbean and east Asia, and it's ~~more~~ now the Americans who don't want to play it* *Statistically it's fallen very hard from when it was the National Pastime.


In our defense, baseball can get really boring


Loved playing baseball but tried watching an actual game on tv and I fell asleep within 15 minutes of me watching it.


So does the average baseball fan.


It’s called the National Pastime because the time passes while you sleep through it


More like National Nap Time, amiright


I thought that was napcar


"You're going to need to make another left. And another and another and another. And one more, wait two more. Cancel that four more."


I can only watch baseball if I go to the games. Fill the time with hotdogs and beer.


Imo there’s too many games and they’ve nerfed scoring too much


Yup offense buff and pace of play buff would help immensely. Would also benefit from lower level of commitment by fans via less games.


Well they're banning the shift next year so that should improve offenses. And they're experimenting with a pitch clock in the minors, so that may come to the big leagues at some point in the near future


The pitch clock is starting next year and cut down games on average by 25 minutes


Only thing I like about the pitch count not being in is at the end of the game. It makes for some very tense moments. Especially if you're there, you can just feel the tension from the field. Pretty cool moments. I wouldn't mind seeing a removal of the pitch clock for the 8th and 9th innings.


They're also limiting the number of pick off attempts allowed. So, not only does that eliminate a lot of pick off attempts (very unexciting plays), but it'll add more stolen bases (exciting play), and presumably more scoring.


wait but then won't the runner just take a huge lead off and easily steal a base after a couple pick offs?


I guess we'll see. The rule is, you're allowed one or two pick offs on a single runner (can't remember the number). However, you can pick them off again, but if you don't get them out, you'll be charged with a balk (basically move the runner one base). So the runner won't necessarily lead off too far because if the pitcher can catch them, they're allowed another attempt. But to an extent, yes, I imagine runners will become a little more aggressive once the pitcher runs out of the allowed pick off attempts.


Most baseball games are about 3 hours long. The amount of time that actually has any action is ~18 minutes. Most of those 18 minutes are pitchers throwing balls lol


I grew up and lived outside the US. there are international fans obvs but it’s honestly seen as an American sport for the most part. A lot of people go to the international games just to say that they went to an event that they’ve seen in American films. It’s basketball that really has a chokehold internationally.


Believe it or not, basketball was invented by a Canadian, and Canadian football was invented before American football.


By a Canadian, in Massachusetts


by a canadian who had only been in mass for less than a year*


Who invented it an American school. And then started a program at another American school. And then became an American citizen…


irrelevant, canadian invented the sport. seethe harder chump


Sigh. Canadians coming out of the woodwork today. Don’t you have your own football league to make memes about?


Not the best time of the year to run Edmonton Elks smack


yes, did you know the first recorded canadian football game happened almost a decade before the first recorded american football game lol


Holy shit I do not care. Your league sucks and you are on an NFL Memes page. We don’t think about you at all


Seasons over. But I’ll be damned if you Yankees try to take away the few things we actually invented


“the first recorded game of Canadian football took place in 1861, eight years before the first documented American football match.”


I mean do you guys always WIN the baseball world cups?


Exactly what I was thinking. Basketball is a huge international sport, and the US is still the best at it. Baseball, on the other hand, also majorly international, but I don't think the US is the best at that anymore.


basketball is canadian lol


Today I learned that Springfield, Massachusetts is in Canada


the person who invented it is full blown canadian, lived in the us for less than a year when they wrote the rules for the game. you’re coping and it shows bud


I like how you're saying everyone is coping, yet you won't let this go. >the person who invented it is full blown canadian James Naismith was born to Scottish parents, so you're wrong about that. The name Naismith even originated from Scotland. There's nothing Canadian about it. So by your logic, Canada can't even claim the sport.


I’m just replying to people that replied to me lol you sound dumb af because most canadians in that era had foreign born parents, he was born and raised in canada, he’s canadian. the fact you’re bringing up lineage and shit is why I keep saying yall are coping, any and every excuse to say it’s not canadian when it literally is lmao


>most canadians in that era had foreign born parents And? What's your point? Your whole logic rests on "He's full blown Canadian" which he is clearly not. And if you're basing it off of "where he's from" well then where does it end? Only when it becomes convenient for you? The sport was invented in America. It's an American sport. It's literally that simple, dumbass. And find a new word other than cope. I don't believe you can actually make a post without using it.


I don’t know if you can accuse someone of coping from the 16th message you’ve written in this thread


Where was it invented again?


where? america. who? a canadian raised and educated in canada…


Ah, so the sport was invented IN the US by a Canadian.


yes, you’re not making the point you think you are lol where it was invented is pretty irrelevant imo, who invented it is what matters lol mass didn’t invent basketball, a canadian did. the cope is real good lord


yEs, YoU'Re nOt mAkInG ThE PoInT YoU ThInK YoU ArE LoL WhErE It wAs iNvEnTeD Is pReTtY IrReLeVaNt iMo, WhO InVeNtEd iT Is wHaT MaTtErS LoL MaSs dIdN'T InVeNt bAsKeTbAlL, a cAnAdIaN DiD. tHe cOpE Is rEaL GoOd lOrD


hahaha mald


My dude, nobody cares.


living in mass for less than a year doesn’t make you american lmao


That's not my problem, that's your problem




that was invented by a canadian though


Do they force feed that BS in Canadian schools that everyone feels compelled to reply to every comment on my thread that same idiocy? Or are you just r/mysteryman447 alt account? Or, #3, you just don't know people don't care where he was born?


"am i so out of touch? no, it's the canadians who are wrong!" only one here compelled to spread BS is you. the man was 29 before he moved south. cry about it as much as you want, he was canadian.


Dude lives in Canada for 29 years and didn’t do shit, spent less than a year in the greatest country on earth and invents basketball


oNlY OnE HeRe cOmPeLlEd tO SpReAd bS Is yOu. ThE MaN WaS 29 bEfOrE He mOvEd sOuTh. CrY AbOuT It aS MuCh aS YoU WaNt, He wAs cAnAdIaN.


yes, exactly. you have no argument to stand on.


I mean whatta bout luka


‘Be Bad At It’ as a Brit I felt this on a new level. Pain.


Soccer is globally popular simply because of how accessible it is as a sport and not necessarily how much "better" it is than other sports. Change my mind.


And it’s that exactly reason why baseball and hockey are falling in popularity.


Literally all you need is something round and kickable, and at least 2 people.


So people like it because it’s not elitist? Got it


Technically English teams always win the EPL 🤔


Japan has an American football league that's actually pretty good.


It just means we have a more unique culture


Was soccer not invented in France?


The first report came from a british monastery, because a monk died while playing and they asked the pope for forgiveness. Roots further back are not known or at least not verified.


The first report came from 15th century Mongolia. Back then, they would kick severed human heads at each other.


Different forms of it have been played for centuries But the rules etc of modern football were put together and created in England in the 1800's




If you really want to be technically specific, it was China that “invented” the sport, and their men’s team is far worse than England’s. Source: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/228587-history-of-football-cuju


It is such a simple sport I’m sure it was “invented” many times over


Lmao applies to baseball, skateboarding, snowboarding too


Once again, winning without noticing.


What sport did they invent???


A ton Tennis, golf, cricket, football, rugby etc


But the US is successfully exporting their national sport "gun violence" to all over the world through their military!


You say that like gun violence began in the US. England brought gun violence here & it was defeated with opposing gun violence. Hence, the USA was born. Do your research before spouting useless gibberish next time


But Gun violence is not the national sport of the UK. The USA developed their game by themselves.


It's not the national sport of the USA either. Check your sensational sources you wild thing you


Really! You guys are playing it almost everyday, and it has phenomenally wide coverage. This is confusing. :-/


I don't even own a gun. I'm like 70% of Americans. The other 30% are 100% of what you're judging the USA by. Check. Your. Sources.


Nice edge you got there.