This is Baker’s opportunity to show that he can still compete. If he doesn’t have at least a decent showing in LA I would think that he’ll be relegated to a backup role wherever he plays in future years, assuming he can even stay in the league.


Let's be real, even Nathan Peterman is still in the League.


Coaches seem to really like Peterman for some reason. He must be great in practice/the film room or something.


“You can get a long way by being just a good hang” If you show up to work, do what’s asked, be a good team player you can last as a backup in this league


You've convinced me. I'm gonna go get my helmet


Availability is sometimes the best ability. Be punctual, do what you’re told, and keep your head low. The tallest blade of grass gets cut first. If you can’t handle me at my worst you should know it’s also my best. I have tons more demotivational sayings.


Sign me up coach. I feel low and I’m looking to go lower


Backups are scout team qbs. He might be great at that.


He's always looked really good in practice.


yeah mayfield is a #1 pick too, he's gonna get chance after chance


You have a call, Jamarcus Russel on line 3.


too b fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Jamarcus played like one of the worst #1 picks in NFL History, and Baker helped take the Browns to the playoffs and won a playoff game. Baker will get lots of opportunities, also I don't see Baker eating himself out of the league, although if he does I wouldn't blame him, food tastes good


Bortles was 2nd overall and he had trouble finding backup roles


Bortles was 3rd overall and was a backup for 4 different teams after leaving Jacksonville. Josh Rosen was getting snaps last year for the Falcons


Backup QBs like him usually stick around because they’re *really* good *backups*. It sounds funny but there’s a specific skill set that really sets apart good backups. They’re essentially an extra coach, great at learning different looks and how to exploit different defenses, finding weaknesses, etc. A lot of first round picks don’t cut it as backups and fizzle out for eh league quickly where random dudes like Josh McCown and Ryan Fitzpatrick stick around forever


Damn, last time I saw him he was running that magazine seinfelds friend Elaine worked for. He must be old as fuck


Matt Cassel was in the league for 14 years. He had two 10 win seasons, one on the Pats which got him traded to the Chiefs where he had one. Baker has already done more in the playoffs (beating PIT) than Cassel ever did (missed them w/ NE and lost in KC)


As a third-string Bear. Does that really count?


Well he’s getting paid a few hundred thousand dollars a year so… yeah?


Second-string Bear, now that the Semon Demon's on IR.


XFL let's ride


It sucks what hes walking into tho. No elite receivers or running game, a haphazard oline… who tf could be successful? Cuz stafford couldnt this year.


He was pretty good as a playaction reliant guy with the Browns. So we can break out the Goff playbook and see how that goes. Can't be worse than it is at the mo. Get back to lots of WR sweep motion at the snap*, lots of playaction, and then targets to Jefferson, Skowronek and Higbee over the middle. And the classic which we've not made a feature for years which Gurley feasted on: playaction to RB, screen to RB when everyone naturally goes "oh, it's playaction, that means the RB isn't getting it" drops off and then the screen hits. Playaction in-breaking stuff is something we still do well, but haven't been doing a tonne of because we didn't previously need to with Stafford. It creates room behind the LBs for those in routes, it potentially opens up deep shots if the safeties bite, it slows down the pass rush a bit, and if teams play inside leverage it makes it easier to win on out-breaking routes. *This is actually made for Tutu Atwell. Cos he's fast as fuck, but is too small to block or beat press. Putting him in at-snap motion basically makes him a blocker, because the defence needs to account for the possibility of a handoff, but also makes him a moving target behind the line of scrimmage who is basically impossible to press.


Yeah if he can't improve under McVay he's probably done as a starter forever.


Idk if I would call 4-5 weeks with this Rams team a career reset lol.


Rams worst ranked o-line in the league through week 9 according to PFF. Panthers are ranked 21st FWIW. Baker is not gonna fix anything on that awful team even if he provides league average QB production.


I don’t even think the point of the tweet is that Baker will fix anything. Just that he gets a new opportunity with a great coach.


I didn't think it was, either. Sorry if I made it seem that way in my post.


We're not looking for a fix but at the very least this adds some depth to the position. It's pretty obvious Wolford and Perkins aren't it so Baker gets an audition for next season to be Stafford's backup.


It’s a win/win for all parties involved, I’m not really sure Stafford has much left in the tank, so Baker gets a chance to prove he’s worth the roster spot next year and maybe a look if Stafford goes done again. He’s still just 27 years old, we saw what 3-4 years on the bench did for a Geno smith type, you can’t rule that out with Baker yet


For sure


That makes a lot of sense. It would be a relatively inexpensive option for a backup that has some experience.


or potential starter if Stafford decides to call it quits with his spinal injury


Sure but getting to work with McVay can very much help him out, he gets 4-5 weeks to work with one of the best offensive coaches in the league, if he *can* be fixed McVay would be one of the few who I think can tap Into it


Oof that's going to be a trainwreck but I wish him well.


He’s resetting his career to become a stable backup. I don’t think the Rams would claim him without wanting to groom him into their #2 next year.


100% this is the move. The Wolford experiment is over.


Can the Perkins experiment be over before it really starts, too? I've seen enough :(


Think the Rams have as well since Wolford started this past week.




No one cares about a 7th round compensation pick lol


You haven't heard the famous [Les Snead quote](https://i.imgur.com/ohAsfwK.png)?


fuck them picks...


Given where the Rams are offensively, bad OL. If Baker is hoping for a revival, it may not be with the Rams this season lol


McVay made Goff look good. I think this will be a good opportunity. for Baker to get a different perspective. Rhule wasn't exactly the best


Weirdly Goff looked good for the Rams, and for the Lions. Its almost like he's pretty good.


Campbell is also making Goff look good, maybe a good QB looks good regardless, Baker got beat out by Sam Darnold and Philip Walker


> maybe a good QB looks good regardless, Tua tho


Goff looked good when he had Gurley and great receiving weapons. This Rams team has no run game, no receivers, no O line and nothing to play for.


This sub never fails to go above and beyond to hide just how not good Baker is….it’s almost stunning honestly


Was thinking the same thing, it’s is a brief stint at most haha


It worked out for Von Miller


Another chance at another chance.


I'm giving you one last change before my next last pre-chance


Then we move on to Northeastern Regionals!


I feel like we would've taken a chance but knew someone earlier would already grab him. Shanahan knows Mcvay well after all.


Kyle probably texted sean yesterday. Kyle: Hey, you claiming Baker? Sean: Yep Kyle: Dick


Well no reason not to. You don't lose your spot or anything if someone in front of you claims him. It would've been trivial to put in a claim even if you knew someone ahead would too


Its so PR wise they can say they never did, and keep Brocks confidence up


But why would that mean the Niners wouldn’t even put in a claim if they actually wanted Mayfield? I don’t think they had any interest if they didn’t try.


They could have been planning to sign him after he cleared wavers, but yeah they probably just didn't want him.


If they know they won’t get Baker, no point doing anything that might hurt their rookie QB confidence.


Baker to save the season and ruin the Lions’


With how decimated the Rams offense is right now he might actually be in a worse situation than he was at the start of the season with Carolina. Ouch!


Nah. No Matt Rhule in LA. Never underestimate Matt Rhule’s ability to fuck things up.


It's more than a little funny that both OBJ and his nemesis passed this way in the same calendar year.


He’s had like 3 career resets.


Baker "The Cat" Mayfield


So your saying he has 6 more starting jobs left in him?


That and he also jumps around all nimbly bimbly drinking milk from a saucer.


The Rick Mirer of the 21st century


Oh God, we're gonna trade a 1st round pick for him, aren't we?


No there's only 4 cat teams in the NFL 3 since we can exclude Carolina now


Ahh, how do you feel about your future QB then?


Well our offensive line is dead so he is gonna need another one after this.


Yeah Raiders are going to pound him into the ground.


He only had one, on one of the worst teams in the league with one of the worst coaches in the league


He lost his job to an XFL quarterback


Idk if we get to call him that anymore if he got an NFL job...


He lost his job to PJ Walker and Sam Darnold, but yes, I’m sure random redditors who’ve been pounding the table about how great he is, know better than almost everyone else with eyes


Also, just the fact that now twice he's been up for grabs and it took months before the Panthers took a chance and now, only one team went for him. It's not even just that he sucks, it's obvious NFL teams think he sucks too.


He basically got hit with the Men in Black memory reset thingy a few times


Just like he's had three teams?




Seems like a good spot for him


Pass knocked down at the line of scrimmage. Leave the pocket - back and to the right every time.


So are we pretending Baker is actually a good qb who hasn't gotten a fair shake? Guy has had multiple "career resets", call me crazy but I don't think McVay magically fixes him


i don’t think anyone is pretending that but it is funny coming from a bengals fan when you consider cincinnati is the one team mayfield destroyed repeatedly


*Nick Chubb destroyed us. We absolutely sell out to try to stop him and it just doesn't work.


oh there was whoopins from baker too man. he owned the ben gals.


Yeah really, before he got there you guys lost 7 straight to us, since we've been 1-8. If that's the price we have to pay for a super bowl contender so be it


i don’t blame you lol. browns have been bad for as long as bengals. idk if we ever get our turn. beating cincy is our one thing we got lol.


No the Browns have been much worse since division realignment than the Bengals. You guys have hit lows we can't even imagine.


lol sure have. you don’t get to be the worst by winning games here and there. you gotta lose em all baby.


I'll see you guys next week, best of luck


Baker 'Geno Smith' Mayfield


r/nfl was writing conspiracy theories yesterday about how he planned this and was texting cmac to be able to go to the 49ers, of course they’re not gonna just come out and say he’s not good, we have a whole summer of bullshit koolaide to back that up


He’s not, but he’s better than the QB’s we have now.


yeah this is less about Baker getting an opportunity and more about needing warm bodies to take snaps. No QB in the league looks good behind our current OL


I just want to see him succeed. Idk why but i do


Baker to the CFL after this






Hell, I want Baker in the ELF, I would unironically be hyped as fuck DO IT, RHEIN FIRE!


McVay going to turn Baker into a perennial!


Hopefully he can redo what he did to Stafford


It’s probably not going to happen these next 5 games given the injuries to the o line and their WRs being done for the season.


Just need to sign obj. Baker and obj on the same team. Wow


Stafford was *never* comparable to Baker. Most people knew Stafford was a stud on a bad team.


I suspect this was more about keeping him from the 49ers than anything else. Although I honestly don't know why as the Rams are already out of it


Yes, I’m sure the rams were so terrified of a guy who just lost his job to an XFL QB going to the 49ers and winning a SuperBowl….r/nfl and baker Stan’s sure do go above and beyond to make baker look better than he actually is


Literally a Cowboys fan who could give a fuck about Baker Mayfield. Divisional opponents blocking each other on the waiver wire is as old as the waiver wire


Does this mean Baker Mayfield will cost another HC his job?


Are we really pretending that Hue Jackson, Freddie Kitchens, and Matt Rhule were Baker Mayfield’s fault?


The fact that 2 of them should have been fired prior to the season shows the incompetence of the organizations


And the third should have never been hired as HC


You're probably right. To be honest, I don't know too much about play calling and all of the formations still look the same to me so I can't speak too much on coaches. But after watching some Panthers games this year, Baker didn't look so good in my amateur eyes.


He didn’t, but then again no one did… including CMC who started dominating again the instant he got traded to the 49ers. Baker won’t have that kind of a turn around, but I do expect him to play a lot better under McVay than he did Rhule


I’m not saying Baker is great but I don’t think it’s fair to call him who he is based on his Panthers run, lol. I think there’s potential for Baker to be a starter in the league, even if lower end.


No. McVay is safe. Usually coaches get a few years after a Super Bowl win.


McVay would have to have multiple 4-13 or worse seasons in a row before his seat gets warm. This is the first season the Rams will be under .500 since he got here, and that's mainly due to everyone dying. If everyone gets healthy next year and the year after and we're still ass, then maybe it's time to *think* about moving on, but even then I'd still give him another year.


There’s a better chance that he decides to bounce after next season than us firing him even if we go 4-13 next year


Got it thanks. I personally think McVay is a great coach and couldn't help but think of how Doug Pederson got fired by the Eagles in like 2 seasons after the super bowl win.


49ers didn't make a claim? Interesting


They very well may have known the Rams were gonna put a claim in and then there's no point in putting a claim in


Well no reason not to. You don't lose your spot or anything if someone in front of you claims him. It would've been trivial to put in a claim even if you knew someone ahead would too


Signaling. If they put the claim in it gets spun as they don’t trust in Purdy. In fact they would be better off him not getting claimed. Could then renegotiate contract after waivers


My thoughts are that if he fell all the way to the 9ers odds are he would’ve just gone all the way to free agency and they could have gone and gotten him then anyway. Not putting in a claim could’ve been done to show support to Purdy moving forward. So now it looks like the 9ers are all in on what they have and the locker room isn’t unnecessarily awkward with Purdy feeling like his coaching staff and front office doesn’t believe in him.


Baker and Kim K?


It's not like we're gonna keep him.


Baker va bosa twice a year? Sign me up


Why rams why?


Well for starters their back ups are trash


Their starter is on IR, their backup didn't practice on Monday (and was limited in practice today), and they play on Thursday. Signing Baker's better than going into a game with only one healthy QB.




I guess that closes the door on OBJ back to the Rams


Career reset or career hospice?