There’s no way this is just for the teams performance. There’s gotta be something behind the scenes.


It smells like a power struggle for me.


Vrabel mad about Brown etc? Edit: Autocorrect to barbel (wish is was Barbell)


A barbel is a carp-like freshwater fish.


*subscribe to NFL fish facts*


The Miami Dolphins are called the Fish despite the fact Dolphins are not fish. This is because Florida.


Fish fact No. 1: The NFL doesn't have any fish-themed teams.


They should have a team called just “The Fish.” Leave it open-ended and they could have whatever fish they want as their logo and change it up freely. Want a goldfish this week? Sure! How bout a Trout next week? Alright. A fucking puffer fish the week after? Oh, Neptune, yes!


10/10 better than commanders.


The Miami Fish.. Fishes? Fisherinos? Eels.


And it’s pissed


I said it because it feels like a similar situation that happened a few years ago with the Chargers where Schottenheimer and AJ Smith were at odds.




And Brown was a 2nd round pick, had great production on his rookie contract, and got traded for a 1st and a 3rd. You can slice and and dice it all day long, but that's not a bad ROI.


Picks are worth less when you’re trying to win now.


They also have to hit on those picks to be considered good ROI


I know it’s hard to analyze teams when they aren’t yours, but to most titans fans this is an obvious choice. We are winning because of our coaching staff despite our personnel. Our oline is horrid, Tannehill is overpaid, we have no receivers, and multiple first round busts.


Oh I can completely see where you’re coming from. The team has some obvious holes and I think that’s why the national media is always hesitant to buy into them. But it’s rare that an owner is that critical of the team. I mean the Saints and Cardinals just continue to burn through assets and yet their ownership loves them. If it is purely for performance than incredible job from the Titans ownership to recognize it and move on. I just can’t imagine that with the timing of it that this is purely due to the performance of the team. I think ownership has had some concerns for a bit, maybe the AJ Brown saga was a bit of a divide, and something came up recently internally that ownership decided to just pull the plug.


Controlling owner is Amy Adams Strunk, and she has big brass balls. A few years ago, everyone wanted Mike Mularkey gone. But he got the team to the playoffs, and then even won one game. At that point we figured there was no way to get rid of him. But “Miss Amy” stepped up and fired him anyway to improve the team. Now she’s doing it again. The Titans are barely over .500 in the worst division in the League. There are gaping holes in the roster to go with a terrible record of first round busts. No one believes this team has any chance at all in the playoffs. They’ve only got one win this year against teams with a winning record. Ownership may be right or they may be wrong. But by God they’re committed to at least trying to put together a team that can actually win the Super Bowl.


She sounds like the epitome of “if you’re not first your last.”


Hell, Ricky, I was high when I said that! That makes no sense at all! "First or last"!? I mean, you could be second, third, fourth--hell, you could even be *fifth*!


National media has never bought into us. That's not why.


Probably trying to get it done early. Nothing can be done from a roster building standpoint now. They can interview candidates and get someone in by the new year to focus on free agency and the draft. Better than getting the new guy in February after the Super Bowl.


It may take a while to find someone that’s willing to sign on to be Vrabel’s sock puppet.


Idk I tend to believe owners aren’t smart enough to really see when a team needs a new direction. I think the vas majority of owners are ignorant enough to see a team win the division for 3 years straight and think they’re doing a good job. Robinson had issues with his performance for sure, but I feel like he’s done a good enough job that most owners would say they’re happy with the team. I mean if guys like Steve Keim and Chris Ballard can stick around I’m shocked Robinson can’t.


I genuinely think it’s ownership recognizing that mediocre (and getting worse) performance isn’t good enough. Maybe, just maybe, Titans ownership is smart enough to realize that despite the wins, this team is heading in the wrong direction.


There was some deep rumours about Ohio State making Vrabel the highest paid coach in CFB and moving Day to a director of the program type role. Vrabel might have hinted he would take the offer if he didn't get more control over personel/front office hence the timing. Do I think Vrabel would actually leave for OSU? No, but that was his leverage and might explain the timing.


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I like that you associate the more male heavy equivalent job to an assistant as a valet


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I've only ever known valets as the guys that park cars. So TiL


Yeah, I’ve never seen a female valet so I figured that was the definition he meant


Agree. This is out of leaf center field.


> out of leaf center field. wut


You know, because they told Jon Robinson to hurry up and leaf.


They told him to make like a tree and get the hell out of here.


They told him to make like a baby and split.


Ryan Leaf as new Titans GM confirmed 😆






Yea but that makes it sound more like an emotional, personal decision than a business decision


He didn't re-sign Conklin and we've spent a first, 2nd and 3rd round pick to replace him with no luck so far. He didn't re-sign Corey Davis and we spent a 2nd and a 6th round pick for Julio and Robert Woods on worse contracts to replace him and they were useless. (Corey Davis was a bust too BTW, Jrob sucks in the first round, but keeping him would've been better than the alternative) He didn't keep AJ Brown which is obviously stupid. We wasted a draft pick last year on Caleb Farley who looked bad when he did play and most likely will never see a football field again. The covid draft classes for the Titans were absolutely terrible in general. We will be in salary cap hell next year. Our offensive line is the worst in the league by every metric and he did nothing to address it other than draft a 3rd round rookie tackle. He gave big money to Bud Dupree and Zach Cunningham which may have played a factor in not being willing to sign AJ Brown. Having that much cap space tied up in Cunningham in particular is beyond stupid . So no not just one thing. And I have somewhat of a source with the Titans and he said players in general don't like dealing with him now especially after the AJ debacle and him playing footsie with Jeffrey Simmons contract. Edit: Hell, there's even more if yall want me to go on...like the running joke of the Titans drafting and signing injury prone college/ professional players only for us to find out they remain injury prone and the Titans fanbase being completely baffled as to why our roster is never healthy.


I feel like all of that stuff is way more impactful than trading AJ for Burks. If the Titans have a stronger Oline and a better cap situation he likely keeps his job.


I still have no clue why he let Conklin slip away. That guy has been a lock-down Right Tackle for the Browns since leaving the Titans, and he was still good with the Titans. Why did Robinson let him go?


It was purely a money decision. They saw that we could still have success with Dennis Kelly and decided that Conklin wasn’t worth the money. Then they decided Dennis Kelly wasn’t worth the money or wasn’t actually good enough and let him go as well and haven’t had anyone competent since.


>Why did Robinson let him go? Because Robinson made a lot of mistakes over his tenure


That question probably has a lot to do with why he doesn't have a job anymore


He tore his ACL in the 2017 divisional round, then went on to have a pretty bad 2018 season when he came back in like late-September. They were then put in a pretty rough spot after the 2018 season when they had to decide on his 5th-year option. He wasn't great in 2017, was pretty bad in 2018, so they turned down his 5th-year which was probably the right decision at the time. He then started to play pretty well again in 2019, especially towards the end of the season. They were in a tough spot with Conklin, it would be beyond expensive to franchise tag him, and playing him the top tier RT money he would command on the open market wouldn't have made a ton of sense when they were also paying big money to Lewan at LT and Saffold at LG. They assumed they could get a decent enough replacement for him in the end of the first, which is actually a decent enough bet most years. Unfortunately they ended up taking one of the biggest busts in league history to replace him, and then whiffed on another top 50 pick in 2021. Like most of these decisions that got Robinson fired, it makes complete sense in a vacuum and is totally justifiable. He just did not execute when it came time to actually pick a player to replace a departing player ready to get their 2nd contract. If he hits on the Wilson or Radunz pick, then letting Conklin walk doesn't matter.


It really is, it's just for fans of other teams AJ is such an easy thing to point to, especially with the timing of things. Again, the AJ trade contributed to him being let go but it was hardly the worst of his sins.


Yup. Tbh from what I’ve seen of Burks he seems like he could fulfill the 80/20 rule when healthy. It’s not Diggs to Jefferson but hardly a disaster.






>You could make an easy case to cut everyone on this team except autry? adeniyi? long? mcreary? chig? stonehouse? tart? and those are just the obvious ones lol. i'm glad robinson is gone because it was clearly vrabel or him, but let's not act like we are the fucking texans or something because it's disrespectful to the boys and also just factually incorrect lol


Damn dude. Talk about keeping receipts. That is a pretty extensive list of fuck ups though


I wouldn’t be surprised if he was trying to do the same thing he did with AJ brown to Jeff Simmons and that was the final straw.


The amount of times I’m going to have to hear that it’s all about AJ this week is gonna make me rope neck. He would’ve requested a trade after this season because our o-line let’s Tannehill get ragdolled before he can even find his check down.


Well, when you put it like that...


Right but why in the middle of the season? The timing is weird.


Best guess without knowing details, if you know you’re gonna let him go anyway, why bother keeping him around so he can influence scouts for the draft? You’d rather start the process to find a replacement now so they can come in with as much time as possible to prepare for the draft and next offseason’s FA class, as well as evaluating your own roster.


It's already past the trade deadline, so the GM's job is pretty much done for this season. Everything now is about the offseason and next season, and they know they want to move on they might as well just fire him now.


Vrabel is probably pissed at him tbh. He never wanted to trade AJ and honestly has been covering for Jrobs mistakes since he's been here.


Honestly the Titans are completely overperforming for their talent level. The team is not strong in any one area other than RB as far as I can tell. Credit to the coaching


Ignoring Bud Dupree, D-Line was also a major strength for them last year. Losing Harold Landry to injury makes a sizable difference though.


We were also holding up on the Dline quite well earlier in the season until Autry got injured. Now we it’s more like a D-scribble


Aren’t they the best run D in football right now?


Selling out to stop the run will do that


Again I get that, but why is it an issue this week and not an offseason issue, either last offseason or upcoming?


We don't really know. Vrabel could be pissed and gave an ultimatum. Jeffrey Simmons could be pissed and gave an ultimatum. Amy Adams could be looking at the roster and seeing all these bums she's paying top money for sitting on the sideline not contributing while AJ Brown is whipping her teams ass. It's one of those 3 things. Which one doesn't matter, they are probably all just sick of looking at his face.


Has Caleb Farleys back problem gotten worse?


Yes he’s out for the year. Likely done at this point


> He didn't keep AJ Brown which is obviously stupid. Then used a FRP on a prospect that they hope will become AJ Brown.


Yeah that draft was basically just "yeah but we're getting a 1st round pick! We can turn that pick into anything, even another AJ Brown!" which... I mean sure but YOU ALREADY HAD AJ, PAY THE MAN. (OTOH my flair obviously shows I'm fairly happy with how things went down :D )


If you’re firing a GM because of that one performance I’d say it’s a ridiculously reactionary decision. Everyone knew AJ Brown is a great WR when they traded him, firing him then would have made more sense than now if that was the reason he got fired


It’s not just AJ Brown his drafts have been a solid D- the last 3 that can’t happen regardless of prior success. Our 2020 1st rounder played 4 snaps and 2021 is a solid bust not even 2 years in


We hit on Jeffrey Simmons. And that’s about it. Others have been promising but when you only hit on 1 first rounder, you lose the good will of drafting better in the late rounds. You can’t whiff on your top picks so often. And he always seemed like he was unwilling to use those picks as trade bait.


That’s fair enough, I just don’t think the takes that he was fired purely because AJB had a great game against the titans are remotely true. It would be a crazy way to run a franchise


It’s way more than the trade. It’s just that trade is the easy thing for people who don’t follow the team to point to. Also regarding that trade, Burks looks damn good, two big games last two weeks and looked in line for a third before he got head hunted on that TD catch. Our offense looked completely different without him. The bigger issue is the OL, it’s the worst in the league. 85% of Henry’s yards this year are after contact. Henry is literally working a miracle right now. Also the dude can’t draft anymore, we have whiffed on like every first round pick between Jeffery and Burks (who looks good).


They’re not firing them because of that. Can’t believe that comment is upvoted frankly.


It’s almost like they traded their only receiving option, a top 10 WR at worst, for a first round pick. He should’ve been fired the next day lol. He should be thankful this Christmas that they kept him along as long as they did tbh.


Why? They drafted Treylon Burks with that pick. The guy who made an amazing td catch in that game and who has been pretty damn good the last several weeks as he’s become the lead guy in Tennessee. He’s also $22M per year cheaper. AJ Brown is a great wr but I’d rather have Burks and an extra $22M in cap space


Teams are allowed to have more than 1 good WR


wait, really? Idk about that...


Sure. But there’s a salary cap. You can’t just sign anyone for any amount. You have decisions. They drafted Burks with the pick from the trade. Similar to the Bills trading for Diggs. Nobody is saying the Vikings made a mistake. JJ is arguably superior to Diggs and is making a fraction of the salary giving the team more money to spend on a better supporting cast


AJ Brown had more TD catches against the Titans than Burks has had all season. The Titans organization has a horrible history drafting receivers then turns around and let’s the 2nd best receiver in Titans history walk for a draft pick that let them take the 6th receiver. The trade makes sense if the Titans were able to draft one of the top 2 WRs, but they got the 6th one off the board.


> It’s almost like they traded their only receiving option, a top 10 WR at worst, for a first round pick. I'm not saying that it was a *good* idea. But it does work *sometimes.*


The Packers, Chiefs, and Ravens all traded their best WR in similar types of deals. You can make the case that the Titans trade made less sense than those deals but it's hard to argue that it was a fireable offense to make such a trade.


The Packers and Chiefs got about twice as much as the Titans. The ravens got very similar compensation, but AJB is a far better player than Marquise Brown.


And both recievers had way more production and significantly less injury issues. This is the first injury-free season AJB has had.


Brown is also 3 years younger than Tyreek this season and 4 years younger than adams. He doesn’t turn 26 until the last day of June. This was not an aging guy you wanted to move to hopefully not overpay a declining player. He should be elite for several years and be worth the contract he is signed too. That’s the killer part of the trade, outside of injury (which had kept him out of a few games the last 2 years) you are really just choosing not to pay an elite player and try to replace him with a rookie, not really betting on him not being good or starting to decline.


Especially because #1 AJ was always on the sidelines hurt and #2 Treylon Burks looks great


sorry if AJ being occasionally injured is important, why does that not apply to burks? did you even read that sentence before you typed it


Right. But look at the QBs for those teams as opposed to the Titans.


Just to say, Burks has actually been pretty great it's just that he's been injured (or got concussed by the Eagles early in the game on an illegal hit). Ironically, AJ always being injured for us was one of the reasons people thought the trade might be okay lol. People just die when they play for the Titans.


anddd the rookie they took is doing fine and they’re gonna win 10+ games


If they has Brown and the rookie, imagine just how much potent that offense would be. Them trading GM was a clear condition of the GM undervalued the WR position


Our line is awful. And our OC is the worst in the league. The line play is largely due to how poorly Robinson built it. I think the line issues are really what caused this, more so than the AJB trade.


They drafted Burks with the pick they got from the Eagles for Brown. They could never have both because their own first rounder was 10 picks later.


They could have, it just would’ve been a major investment (like maybe future 1 level). Of course you could argue AJ brown is also a major investment (albeit with a bit contract and they added a late third in the deal) but they could have absolutely added a round 1 receiver if they wanted (Christian Watson for example was seen as super raw, but talented, and didn’t go until the early 2nd). Alec pierce was also highly regarded by some and went 53. The point is that they COULD have improved the WR room without moving Brown, if they were willing to pay the contract.


trading Brown will always be stupid and i’m not defending it Burks has shown enough flashes to say he will be a good player in the future


But the titans are built to win now, not the future.


Okay and that’s literally what they’re doing they’ll win 10 games and host a playoff game ???? in spite of the rosters shortcomings


Noone thinks they’re a serious contender imo. They can win games but the lack of a passing game will kill them in playoffs. I really like the titans but burks isn’t there yet.


They make the playoffs but are never championship contenders.


Good enough but not good enough.


Exactly. Our owner, Amy Adams-Strunk, set a clear signal that "good enough" isn't good enough.


The working relationship between Vrabel and Robinson must not have been great after the AJB saga. We just have to feel like Vrabel went to ownership after the Philly game and went, “It’s me, or it’s him.” Ownership took Vrabel’s side and Robinson is gone. A damn good talent evaluator and solid GM but has a horrendous gambling problem that’s bitten this team more often then it’s helped it. Ryan Cowden is Robinson’s protégé and he’ll definitely be the front runner in the offseason.


Then you look at how the 49ers were in the exact same situation with Deebo at the same time. They managed to work their cap and give Deebo the deal he wanted. So it just looks even worse by comparison to see Robinson let AJ walk.


I think all of the teams that traded their WR instead of re-signing them has been bitten by it and is struggling offensively. AJ Brown, Davonte, Hollywood Brown. The price is high but WR talent is way more important than it used to be.


The one exception is KC. While clearly they miss Tyreek their offense statistically has been just as potent.


Helps that they have one of the greatest TEs of all time. I hear their QB is pretty good too


Don't forget Reid is one of the greatest offensive minds in NFL history.


I hear their head coach might know a thing or two about how to run a good offense as well


Great TE and the talent they acquired to replace him and the other wide receivers were known commodities that could compete right away. Titans and Packers got rookies who were studs but took a while to become NFL ready when they are in win now mode.


In some ways KC feels better off. Less relient on 1 guy. They brought in a couple of guys and now have more options.


Minnesota worked out. I actually think Watson and Doubs could be a good tandem that will be good for GB since our QB won't be staring down one WR every play, even if that WR was the best player at his position in the league.


Minnesota got kinda lucky landing Jefferson.


Can’t argue with that. In my opinion it made mahomes even better, and seeing as mahomes is arguably the best to ever do it, that’s terrifying.


Packers offered a bigger contract to Adams than the Raiders did, FWIW


Losing coop hasn't been great for us either. We are still winning games, but our passing game isn't as potent as it was with COOP IMO.


Also helped you guys have other good WRs with CeeDee Lamb and Gallup (even if he was hurt and maybe hasn’t been himself) plus Noah Brown has had a mini breakout. Much more of a luxury when you look at the Cowboys WR group and still feel it’s a good unit vs the Packers and Titans who already didn’t have deep WR units *with* Adams and Brown.


I'd toss in the Chiefs too. Good defenses give KC trouble now, and they've got the best QB in the league. Without Tyreek, teams can man up on them and they've got no receiver that can win a route. They'll be fine obviously, but I think they'd be heavy favorites with Tyreek right now.


Yeah they’ve retooled successfully generally speaking, and I do like that they’re a little more ball control oriented, but they definitely are feeling the effects of losing Hill big time still.


I think you are just talking about last off-season but Diggs is the only time I can think it paid off. Never trade stud WRs


Vikings are lucky the Eagles pulled one of the biggest draft blunders of all time in selecting Reagor. (I'll put it in that category cuz even at the time they were universally mocked for making the pick). If that draft pick is anyone other than Jefferson I think they are struggling.


Agreed. We were super lucky; it's pretty obvious that JJ would have sound success on any team/scheme and should have been taken much sooner than he was. Besides the point, Darrisaw is the same. The last 2 big picks that Rick made look amazing, but we traded down a fuck ton and lucked into CD because the Raiders thought they were smarter than the room taking Leatherwood. The Diggs trade, and the draft trade down the next year (that Vikings draft was fucking awful) are the only thing separating Slick Rick from having 5 years of fucking terrible evaluations


Yeah there has to be more to this.


You mean after seeing AJB shred them and realizing that they traded him for a Mystery Box that *might* contain AJB?


AJ Brown is AJ Brown but the mystery box could be anything!


It could even be a receiver like AJ Brown! You know how much Tannehill needs one of those!


We'll take the box! *picks up a box in the exact shape of an injured corner back.*


Well then why don't we just take the AJ Br-


Pretty dimwitted if you think this was the point


People just love that line. It’s right up there with “living rent free” in terms of annoying cliches.


I was probably the biggest AJ Brown trade opponent in our sub, but “mystery box that might contain AJB” is a bit bad faith imo. Burks didn’t need to be AJB. With him being a lot cheaper he just needed to be *good* to be worth it from a value in/value out standpoint. That said, I think we could have and should have gotten more value for AJ (compare the value we got for AJ to what the Ravens got for Hollywood Brown *minutes* before)Also, I think trading AJ while our window seemed to be on an obvious countdown was a questionable choice.


Burks was the wr I wanted most with out pick (since I assumed Jamison Williams would be gone) so if anything it would be the straw that broke the camels back even if it's not a big straw like every other reason listed above


Treylon has shown several times this season he can be just as impactful to our offense as AJ was. Our offense completely changed after he took the human torpedo to the head on Sunday. And he had that "oh of course" case of turf toe that kept him out for a month. But when he plays he's looked legit.


Deciding to fire your GM because of that game would be a sigh of extremely poor decision making lol


That trade made no sense at all. You have a proven receiver in Brown, and IIRC they were not struggling that much with cap space to even entertain the idea of trading him.


Oh our cap is/was a mess


And I still like Burks and long term could see that move very much so working out. The OL is the real issue.


They’re over the cap at the moment for 2023


It’ll be $15m over and we still have to figure out Simmon’s future monster contract. From a cap perspective letting AJ go was the right call.


In that one instance, yes, but the idea that a team should ever have to choose between keeping AJB or Simmons is malpractice worthy of getting fired over.


Especially when you’ve got a decent QB on an appropriately decent contract.


Definitely don’t disagree. Especially with a roster with this many holes.


It was only the right call because of the previous horrible decisions lol


Incorrect. We have well over $100M in 2024. AJB could’ve had a small cap hit in 2023. We are going to cut several bloated contracts and have well north of $30M this coming offseason…


They have a lot of easy moves to clear room. Such as these cuts Lewan: $14.8m savings Dupree: $9.3m savings Autry: $7.2m savings Robert Woods: $12m savings Zach Cunningham: $9.2m savings Looks dramatic and like a complete tear down. But this is a lot of bloat that isn't really contributing much if anything right now to a team that's easily winning the AFCS with a 7-5 record.


Of all those Autry should be going nowhere. He's actually been Robinsons best FA signing of the last 3 years


But could you imagine if the mystery box contained a better receiver than the one you traded away?


Makes sense to do it now if you were going to do it in the offseason regardless. Have heard a lot of stories about new front offices having to use the old front office's draft board and scouting profiles because they were all hired in February.


Assuming he was fired for his performance and not person stuff, I really liked JRob and I’m sad to see him go. He had a lot of hits and a lot of misses. Like he brought Tannehill in for a fourth, he couldn’t re-sign AJ. His 2019 draft class is legitimately one of the best I’ve ever seen, and his 2020 class has one hit and every other pick is a complete whiff. My big fear is Vrabel getting full roster control and a yes-man. I love Vrabel but GM and HC are full time jobs and should be treated that way.


We can both be grateful for Jon Robinson for bringing us back to relevance and be glad to see change come after he has been unable to sustain his early draft performance and free agency decisions.


Vrabel and co 100% rage-fired him after that L


Maybe they reached the celling with this GM and want to try something new.


My guess is a personal conduct thing. Timing makes 0 sense otherwise


Vrabel said they were at a crossroads on Sunday. Now the GM is fired. You don’t need to look beyond that here.


Doubt it, why keep Downing who got arrested for a DUI but fire Robinson for “personal conduct”. Nah this comes down to missing on 1st rounders recently (Farley, Wilson) and trading AJ brown for a 1st and 3rd which is just awful. Even if Burks turns into Brown it’s just awful


More likely than personal conduct or poor drafting being the reasons is the GM losing a power struggle with the head coach, which is something we’ve seen time and time again. The Chiefs fired their GM after going 12-4 and having four straight winning seasons. It happens when there’s a power struggle and the head coach wins out.


I mean Personal Conduct could mean anything, he could have done something much worse than a DUI


Yeah, his personal conduct being mismanaging the hell out of his roster.


Why do people repeat shit ad nauseum without actually thinking about it? If they know they want to move on, firing him now makes perfect sense. It gives them a chance to get an early selection on the next guy who will have ample time to prep for the draft


Dude got rid of all of our good players except Henry and Byard. We all wanted it to happen


Not us that remember the 2-14, 3-13 seasons.


I do too but that 2016 draft was his best draft and w have yet actually address the needs on the team over the past 3 years. All of our success is on Vrabel at this point


No it isnt odd timing. The AFC South is terrible for years now. You can't just make the playoffs and be done. Firing him now gives the new regime time, also they have no competition on jobs right now. They probably can't officially hire anyone working for a team right now, but can probably agree for after the season. But yeah, you can't stick with mediocrity in this league. Teams are so scared of being bad that they don't try to be good. Like fuck...I'm not even completely sold on McDermott 100% to be able to win a Superbowl.


Consistently win the AFC south and not much else ✅ Coach wins a power struggle with the GM ✅ ——————->Mike Vrabel is here. Trade away future assets to win now ❔ Tank the franchise ❔ Alabama Coordinator ❔


McDermott ended the drought my guy. If he wasn’t a bill he would be a HC somewhere else before he left the building. This is a shit take


Well you didn't understand what I said apparently. I never said he was a bad head coach, at all in fact I said he might not be a good enough coach to win a Superbowl...it's two totally different things. You think the Broncos regret firing John Fox? No, they knew they needed someone better despite his accolades


Same with J-Rob in Tennessee. Ended years of mediocrity for consistent winning seasons, but I think most Titans fans will agree we aren't poised to break through to the next level.


Valid point except the McDermott take. So bad. You guys legit almost almost made it to the SB outside of losing OT. And always, I wonder who the arm chair redditor has in mind for replacing their very successful head coach. Usually their thinking/logic doesn’t make it that far though….


My guess is Vrabel wanted him out. Vrabel we know did not want to lose AJB. And if your choosing between Vrabel and Robinson I think most of us would go Vrabel


They had an elite WR who was vital to the way they play and they traded him essentially for a rookie. And that guy absolutely nuked them on Sunday in front of their owners. The timing is not odd. It’s just become very clear over the last 5/6 weeks how limited this team is on offense without an elite game changing WR who could alleviate the pressure on Henry. Robinson tried to do what the Vikings did but didn’t get a Justin Jefferson.


Idk why he traded AJ Brown.


Everyone says this and the reason is AJ wanted a bigger contract from us that he got from the Eagles. The titans could have made it work if they wanted, but Robinsons idea was try to recoup and build a better base at the expense of letting a star go. Keep in mind this came back when WR salaries were exploding, so there were plenty of people who defended him trading Brown. We knew we’d see a drop in production if you compare the 2 receivers but the point was saving cap space and trying to keep looking forward


We know the reasons. They just aren’t good enough lol


An all-time head scratcher


I’m hoping it’s just for making a bad trade rather than whipping his dick out at a hotel check in desk or some other shit that happens sometimes


Maybe Vrabel has more to do with that than the GM?


Yeah it is weird. Titans aren’t even a bad team


Word around Nashville is that Amy took a sip out of the liquid death can he was spitting his dip juice into.


I've been a J Rob defender since he's arrived. His first round draft record is sketchy as hell but this organization hasn't seen success like this since the late 90s/early 00s. We are going to regret this.


I hope for the best but expect the worst outcome from this decision.


This reminds me of when the Chiefs fired John Dorsey. He has done a pretty good job but made a few mistakes that have prevented the Titans from taking the next step.


The 12 year olds in here thinking this has anything to do with Sunday are hilarious. This isn't the NBA. Something much larger is at play here.


Sunday was likely the straw that broke the camel’s back, it was evidence that retaining your high end talent(something Robinson has failed to do repeatedly now) is better than filling your cap space with average to below average players like Zach Cunningham and Bud Dupree while also failing to draft or sign replacements for any of the talent you hemorrhage every offseason such as Conklin, Davis, and especially Brown. Robinson has repeatedly gambled on injury prone players and surprise surprise they stayed injury prone. Nothing has been done to stabilize the interior of the OL and everything done at RT has failed this is a roster nearly devoid of talent and entirely lacking in depth and really there is one man to blame for it.


How about the fact that the Titans roster is overall horrendous.


They should hire me tbh where can I apply


Everyone knows they won’t contend right now, losing AJ Brown was a huge blow. With AJ Brown this year noone would want to play them. With Henry and tannehill only getting older they don’t have time to wait on rookies to develop at WR. I have a feeling vrabel watched his GM shut his SB window.


A lot of people saying it’s the AJB trade and I’m sure it’s a big part of the reason, but we have let go of great young talent such as Conklin, Jonou, Corey Davis and other solid players like Jackrabbit or Adoree.


I'll preface this by saying that I'm talking out of my ass here on this as I don't watch or follow the titans all that closely except when it's relevant to me, but it seems to me that they're short just a bit extra to push themselves further. I don't even say that as a stupid fanbase thing, since I think the Bills are includable in that category, but it seems to me the problem is that they can win games up until someone creates the same exact scenario wherein Henry is dialed in on and doesn't break an out of the blue long TD, leaving Tannehill and the WRs to carry the team on their backs. And in those losses, Tannehill ends up with a bad or subpar game. Feel free to tell me this is something else like a Vrabel power play, but it just seems to me like the team couldn't get where it wants with the status quo continuing as is.


If you're going to fire your GM then now is the time. In depth prep for 2023 starts next week.


He’ll be hired in no time