This year has been absolutely wild for QB news


He wants the 49ers to grab him but will be the backup to Purdy if they do


Baker: Who wants me? 💯


I do. He literally can’t be worse than Allen.


Bruh bring back Mills. I know he’s sucked this year but so he’s Mayfield and he wouldn’t have to learn a totally new playbook


Oh they both suck. Mills is afraid to throw past 10 yards and Allen is apparently incapable of accuracy beyond 5.


Baker can throw downfield if he can get it above the defensive linemen. Problem is he can't do that with consistency.


Does he have a sidearm delivery?


He does, but you don't want it.


You better hope they don't sign him. Baker doesn't throw the ball he holds for the Sack


If we had just done nothing but gotten sacked yesterday it would have been a closer game.




Nah. Gimme dat shorty.


Baker to the Niners?


*CMC gives lynch the thumbs down*


So does Bosa


What's the connection there?


Baker planted the OU flag at when he played OSU while bosa was there. When the niners stomped the browns a few years ago, bosa mocked the flag plant


I'm pretty sure Baker is the only QB that Bosa's ever taunted on the field too


Weird. Oklahoma kicked OSU's ass that game. You'd think Bosa could just take an L.




"I'll play QB even just, literally anyone except for him" - CMC probably


I mean, we know he can throw and his toss to Aiyuk was a decent spiral that wasn't batted down. He's already 1 up on Baker.


You sure thats not Robbie Anderson


Rams ahead in the waiver wire


Rams going to grab him just so that 9rs can’t!


Also because our qb room fuckin sucks lol


There's a real possibility that Stafford is like done done. Y'all have no picks, and Wolford isn't cutting it. Baker might literally be the only shot you have at a even somewhat passible QB, and with McVey it could work.


Stafford retiring bc of the injuries he’s gotten this season is a possibility. Its also a matter of fact that our backups just suck and they’re both RFAs this offseason. Im hoping we get someone real low in the draft like DTR, Bo Nix, or Bennet Also please stop saying rams have no picks just because we dont have a first its such a pet peeve lol




Depends on if the Rams want to spend 1.4m in a lost season that might not end up making a difference for the Niners. If he sucks then you’re actually helping the Niners


Why though? He’s a historically terrible QB and Purdy looked pretty solid. Ignore the draft capital, now it’s just about who is better at playing QB and Purdy did nothing to show that he won’t beat Baker in a fair competition, and Baker being his backup is just unnecessary drama for a team with title hopes. If you don’t think Purdy gets you there then you can’t believe Baker does either.


Probably. I mean if you're the Niners, why not? They've almost locked up a playoff spot, and they don't have their first round pick this year so there's no use in tanking. The only QBs on their roster are Mr. Irrelevant and a literal AAF quarterback. Why not roll the dice? Baker is not good, but he's probably the best option you're going to have available in December. Purdy looked fine yesterday, but we've seen this before. Some young guy with no tape comes in and lights it up, then like two weeks later everyone has him figured out. The Niners have a solid team that has shown they can win without *great* QB play. Baker would cost literally pennies to pick up and as bad as he is, he's been a starter for years and has postseason experience. It wouldn't hurt to have some insurance. Worst case is you just let him go after this season and move forward with Lance or Jimmy next year.


The think is Baker needs to be acutely aware that this is a this season only thing, and him actively wanting out after Jimmy went down yesterday is..a little suspicious that maybe we wants another shot. No. We have a QB conversation next year but that's between Lance and Jimmy, Baker would just be to get over the hump. That said, Purdy feels a lot more Jacoby Bressett-y than he does Nick Mullins-y. Usually after that first game for a QB there is no tape on goes just like you said and because the young guy doesn't correct the mistakes that those the defense they're playing missed that first week. Purdy didn't make a ton of mistakes. Don't get me wrong he wasn't doing anything spectacular, but other than a few plays this year, neither was Jimmy.


Because he is nothing but drama. No reason to cause that stir for a backup


Zach Wilson is nothing but drama. Baker Mayfield has supported the QB room in Carolina and done whatever he could to lift up the team. I'm not saying he's that good, but not sure what you mean by saying Baker is the drama when he's kept his head down this season.


The media creates this drama at this point. He is irrelevant for one year now and they are still talking about him. The browns has been a shit franchise especially with the trade for Watson and still he gets the whole shit. He still managed to uplift that shit franchise.


Baker looked at all the starting QBs on IR and said "I'm not gonna be your step daddy, I'm gonna be the daddy the stepped up"


**He** asked for his release? Again, I know he hasn’t played well recently but man, this whole saga is confusing.


There were a rash of QB injuries this week, maybe thinks he can catch on somewhere a bit more useful to his long term prospects


Probably saw an opportunity when Jimmy went down. It’s not like he was gonna be a Panther next year anyway.


He wasn't going to get anymore playtime in Carolina. Yes, due to his play, but also due to the fact that the percentage of snap counts he gets makes the 5th we traded into a 4th and he hasn't met those yet.


It was impossible for him to meet that after this week. He could have started the rest of the way out and it would be a 5th regardless.


When Walker’s healthy he might be the 3rd string QB, think it’s fair for him to try to latch in somewhere where he at least might be active


If the Panthers gave up on him, doesn't make sense for him to stick around. With injuries someone will pick him up and he has some chance of getting a start somewhere. He really has limited time to flip opinions on him and secure a starting role somewhere. I don't think he will but I think he's making the right call probably.


He sees an opportunity in SF. Don’t blame him. They would be silly for not grabbing him with his salary this year. Worst comes to worse they have a cheap backup.


49ers fans, would you rather have Brock or Baker? I'd personally roll with the guy who's been there all year and knows the system, especially after how he played Sunday.


Big Cock Brock all the way. Was hoping Baker would ball out after the whole controversy with Watson but he's looked so bad in Carolina, I'd rather see what Brock can do after yesterday.


Brock but sign him. I don't want to be starting fucking Jacob Easton if Purdy goes down and that's already happened twice this season. Like this team is good enough to withstand a lot of tumultuous QB stuff, but I'm not sure they could overcome that.


Brock. No question.


Baker is the anti-Shanahan QB. He'll ignore all the designed offense while trying to improv, only to end up checking it back down to CMC but with less YAC than had he followed the offense.


Which is funny because Shanahan liked Baker coming out, particularly based on his good throwing mechanics stemming from baseball. Goes to show how far off the rails Baker’s gone.


Brock. There's no way I'd want Baker.


He saw opportunity around the league. The door has closed for him in Carolina as well. If he can't beat out a QB2 for a job (assuming he gets picked up by a QB needy team) then he'll know where he stands in the NFL.


Outside of the "backup-with-upside" potential, his suitors fall into \~3 categories ​ The "it-makes-sense" teams: \- 49ers \- Rams \- Ravens \- Texans The "that-would-be-hilarious" teams: \- Broncos \- Saints And the "we-do-as-the-hoody-demands" teams: \- Patriots \- Raiders \- Titans ​ ... I am rooting for the Broncos to swoop in and take him, but I bet the Rams or Saints pick him up


Why would the 9 loss Rams take him?


To keep SF from getting him in waivers maybe?


I guess, but the Niners probably wouldn’t even start him if claimed. And would the non-playoff bound Rams really do this just to spite a division rival?


"For only 1.3 million? Yeah, fuck the 9ers." -rams, probably. 😅


I think it would be a high-upside, low-cost insurance policy for Matthew Stafford. He's 34 years old and has taken a lot of hits. If he plays another 3 years for the rams it will be a mini-miracle


Yeah but Baker’s a free agent next year. I guess it could still be worth it but I think Baker has a very particular idea where he wants to go right now and where he has a legit chance to lead a team to a ring this year if given the opportunity, and possibly even win the starting job since Lance is still in limbo. Guess we’ll see.


He ain't getting the starting job. If Lance isn't ready, we'll resign Jimmy to another similar deal, but with more upside for him to do it.


I’m talking we sign Baker, he balls out under Shanny’s scheme, 49ers dominate the Super Bowl, etc. If I’m Baker, I know that’s what it would take. I don’t see the Rams benching Stafford under any circumstances.


Tyler Huntley is pretty good for the Ravens to start with right? You can kinda keep the same Lamar offense going. If they brought in Baker they'd have to change up a bunch of stuff


I bet USFL picks him up in April


If not, the CFL in June


We need a South-American league to really solidify the name American Football ... Baker could probably start there


Nah he wouldn’t make the cut there. Oscar Poisterous would end him.


Didn’t Watson get in a lot of trouble for asking those women for the same thing?




Broncos have to pick him up right?


Nah gotta ride or die with him until the end of 2023, at the very least.


Nope they are fucked with Russ. Can't pay him all that money and not have him play. Plus they have absolutely no chance at the playoffs so it wouldn't matter. Just stuck in a terrible situation


Indeed. Best case scenario would be he plays well at which point the Broncos can't afford Baker anymore cos of Russ. Other scenario is that he is still terrible there and doesn't improve the team enough


"Mile High Stadium, lets advertise."


Absolutely not. Baker would never fit with Wilson.


Nah really? You mean super entitled chip on his shoulder guy wasn’t ok with getting benched despite him deserving it? I said it then and I’ll say it again the fact that he came out with that bullshit ass statement when the browns hadn’t even replaced him yet proves he isn’t mature, he isn’t a leader and he’s still the same dude he was coming out of Oklahoma.


Weird ride for Baker. Not happy for his downfall but also not sad. So much unearned arrogance from day 1 in the NFL