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Right. And who handles the roster construction?


Ok. Who’s job is it to draft the talent


he didn’t hire an OC lmfao


Fuck you


Reading this felt like it came from my own heart


The coach is *always* accountable for the staff he hires. Always. The greatest coach is not infallible. Just see his drafting issues.


You do realize that Belichick is also the GM right?


Who is the GM?




Lamar Jackson, is that you?


Bill is the type of guy to make you believe he hates the internet, smart phones, and social media…. But then secretly be super active on Reddit


No Brady slander? You’re getting soft u/BlueEyesPurpleDragon


Mac Jones looks like the exact same player he did last year. Guy hasn't progressed at all and Belichick is part of that progression. His decision making has done his offense 0 favors.


Yes he does. He's the GM that built the roster. He's the coach who promoted someone that hasn't coached offense in two decades to offensive coordinator


Jets are more talented given they have lost to the pats twice?


That's due to coaching. If Belichick had the Jets roster, they would be one of the top teams in the AFC.




He is for sure to blame. The only you can’t blame is Mac


Lack of roster talent huh? Who is the GM there genius?


Yes he does.




So, essentially "Don't blame Belichick for the team that he was given, it is Belichick's fault for the team bring built this way"


The guy who builds the roster and hires the coaches doesn't deserve criticism because the roster and play calling from coaches he hired aren't good enough. Right... Guy has 6 Super Bowls, he already gets enough credit for having the Goat QB for 20 years. Are we only supposed to bend the knee and kiss his rings no matter what from now on? Can we not criticize that fact that without his Goat QB his teams, roster wise or otherwise has been very mediocre?


They have a good roster they literally do not have an OC, is there anyone out there whos name doesnt rhyme with Shmill Shmellichick that thought that was a good idea? I think theres more to it than we think. Bills a smart guy always has a plan. Is it his way of saying “I’ll leave the light on for ya” to McDaniels? Is he hoping for someone else and planned on using the inevitable failure of Patricia and Judge as a bridge? Gotta be something more bc this was so uncharacteristically stupid..


If it makes you happy OP, whether the criticism is valid or not (which has nothing to do with the bad argument presented in your post lol), I sincerely doubt the opinions of Reddit, or even broader sports media, weigh heavily on his mind.


Bill's solely to blame because he is at the center of it all. Fatt Fuck Patricia was his doing. Lack of roster talent is his doing. Obviously the immediate issues ARE the coaching staff and roster discrepancies. You're even seeing special teams starting to fall apart in the midst of all of this which is fucking unheard of in Pats nation. He IS at the center of all of this. But yes, I think we're looking at 3-9 right now with just about any other head coach.